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Well holy sh#t, I was about to post the old "what chu talkin bout Willis" line, but thought I'd do a quick Google first, and wow 😲

This is HUGE news, and I'm a little miffed we didn't hear it first from the company we have supported and trusted for many years. I personally hate what Canva has done to the design industry, however I can only assume they have the $$ and resources to actually give Adobe a run for their money, on top of that we may finally get image tracing!! Speaking of money, we should prepare for the inevitable subscription-based model, and / or price increase to return the unconfirmed billion-dollar acquisition to investors pockets.

Overall, I'm quite torn about this news, yet not surprised.

The honeymoon is over.

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This does appear a little concerning.

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It definitely feels like we've been played, lied to, burned, on sold if you will. But, unfortunately, it's a timely reminder that entire the world revolves around money. And as a business grows to the heights of Affinity, it's no longer about "satisfying end user", it all about satisfying the wants of investors, and lining the pockets of those at the top. Us mere peasants serve no purpose but to buy into the startup story, and consume, over and over again. The sad reality is, most won't switch to the competition, because they're just as bad, so instead we'll stick with the lessor of two evils. But only time will tell, I guess.

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This brings me memories when TheaRender was bought by Altair, they said the same exact words... at the end they killed many software support and stayed with two only out of 5 (I think). Or when old adobe's CEO became C4D's CEO and the software went down the drain into a subscription model only.

I think Photoline will be the only one standing up.

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the statement reads as "nothing changes regarding v2" (pricing , licensing, updates) ...until the next major version (v3?) is released. So, we are maybe one or two years safe?

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Look at it from a positive point of view. Functions that are missing in the Affinity programs could now be developed faster! Sure, there will be changes, many positive, some negative.
I sincerely hope that the Affinity programs will not come as a subscription model and that new functions will not be offered as "pay-to-win" options.

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2 minutes ago, Komatös said:

Look at it from a positive point of view. Functions that are missing in the Affinity programs could now be developed faster!

From an article in Business Wire:


Canva … is now used by more than 175 million people across 190 countries and in more than 100 languages

Is it too much to hope that their multilingual experience could be leveraged to address the Affinity apps’ current lack of support for Indic and RTL languages?

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Sad news ----- I wonder how many users will stick with affinity when it requires a subscription? A lot of us have been here before, I remember eagerly awaiting CS7 and getting a kick in the nads, although I still do occasionally use CS5 so I suppose Affinity 2 is gonna be the end of my journey, maybe we'll get another year before the canva subscription becomes the only way forward. Now the search goes on for a replacement = NO SUBSCRIPTION


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You helped us start a movement. Today, that movement becomes a revolution.

Stop yourself, Ash. We're not children. Rhetoric doesn't change reality, nauseating rhetoric just cuts away all credibility, adding insult to injury.

We've seen this twenty? forty? a hundred times? before. A few years ago, German Gravit was acquired by Corel, and Corel wrote "Welcome to the Corel family". It's not a family. I followed the individual German founders' naive optimism on their LinkedIn profiles, but today they are FIRED and Gravit is no longer being developed. A few years later, Corel changed plans, and the little fish discovered the concept of restructuring and downsizing. That wasn't family. It was melting down and minimising.

Serif, I have long urged you to become mature and professionals as a company internally, to survive as a company or to avoid this happening. You lacked the ability or will to do so, you have fundamentally failed in developing the company's culture, structure, and professionalism over several decades and now we see this business bullshit and we well know where it ends! You have simply failed monumentally, and if you had read a bit in both business history books and general history books, then you would know how tragically many revolutions have ended.

I am not afraid of subscriptions like the others. I see far more serious things happening within a couple of years with the products, and I'm starting to take my precautions today. Thank goodness I only use Designer. Maybe I and we are lucky, but precautions are there to ensure the worse scenario.

And to all you fanboys in here I have chided for years: this is where a lack of professionalism ends, and you also have a part in it. I hold the mentality accountable for it ending here.

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I really hope that Canva never applies their pricing model to Affinity...

It's actually quite a shame that they haven't learned from the history of other software. Thinking of Aldus Pagemaker in the late 80s, acquired by Adobe = it no longer exists shortly afterwards, and there are many more that could no longer keep the name and identity afterwards.

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