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  1. Thanks Sean. You don't know how long I've been mucking around with it in both versions(obviously 1.6.5 has it unchecked) I even unchecked that option(in BETA) but expected it to happen live before the Snapping Candidates box closed so rechecked it. Now my motto makes real sense!
  2. Hi, in the AD BETA all elements/objects have a pinkish outline around them with "No Stroke" selected, just a gradient fill in what I'm working on(5 objects/elements). When the project opens it's fine but once the element is selected the outlines stay Is this the same issue I found here This is all I could find on it in the forums, it doesn't happen in 1.6.5. but in the linked post it says that it isn't new to this beta. Very frustrating. I understand it's BETA. Cheers
  3. Hello, I have AD and AP for Windows and decided to buy it for my daughter for her "iPad-Air" that is running "iOS 11.4". However once downloaded it says it is not compatible with her "iPad Air" I have attached an image from the AP for iPad page here that says it needs "iOS 11.2" or later which we have. We have applied to Apple for a refund. Have I missed something or should it be able to run on her device mentioned above? If I missed something or I'm being a tad stupid then I think the Requirements/Compatibility part needs updating for people like me(I don't and never have used Apple products) Thanks
  4. Sorry this image might be better at showing the canvas. Cheers
  5. Hi R C-R, sorry for the late reply(been in hospital with my daughter) I read the this Wikipedia article but still believe AP & AD should behave like Fireworks. Attached is an image showing right & bottom alignment of 2 text objects in Fireworks(top, left & middle works the same too). This is what I think should happen in AP & AD. You certainly wouldn't want the fonts clipped off the canvas this would be pointless, & short seems wrong too. It seems(I hope I've got it right) FW uses ascender & descender heights Do you not think this is a good way to address this? It works great. With the canvas selected & one click of the align tools the fonts align correctly to the canvas, not short or past the canvas, right to it, & is very quick & easy. Then if you want you can fine tune from there. I will let my comments finish as I don't think I can add anything new. But I have appreciated the feedback. Cheers
  6. R C-R the font used is "Edwardian Script ITC". This is what the Client had on other graphics and wanted & once a previous graphic was finished, looked great. My issue is with aligning to the canvas. Even with "Arial" font it doesn't align where in Fireworks they all do without having to change the modes & only one click of the canvas icon, in fact it works perfectly. It would be good(I hope I'm saying this right) to have the "canvas" icon & for the fonts, no matter what they are, to do what the snapping does(align to the canvas) when dragging like R C-R mentioned above. I would believe (correct me if I'm wrong) that changing to curves would make fonts no longer editable which would not be a desired option in my case. But now I'm aware of the answer & what is required it won't be such an issue & my computer will get less four letter words thrown at it. Thanks for everyone's help & input. I.m sure if anyone else has a similar issue, this thread will supply some good feedback. Cheers
  7. Hi R C-R, I think I understand what your saying yet I would think the Fireworks example would be a good standard practice rather than no actual reference point of the font at all(with the canvas). In Fireworks when using the "g" as an example it uses the bottom of the g as the reference point so it is not clipped off the canvas which would be the correct way as you will want to see the whole "g". But also with the align right in Affinity, why does the font hang outside the bounding box and then therefore get clipped off the canvas. I hope you don't think I'm annoyed or anything like that as I have found this very useful. I'm just learning Affinity and believe this may help others too. Sorry about my descriptions as I don't know the technical terms I just know what I like in other programs while trying to avoid using adobe(I use Fireworks 8 by Macromedia. Have cs6 version but like 8 better). So moving forward I'm trying to switch to Affinity rather than adobe. Thanks for the responses.
  8. R C-R thanks for replying again. I think I understand, the texts or fonts don't align properly to the canvas. Is this correct? It seems clunky to have to turn snapping on & off just for the fonts to align. It also seems odd that you would want to align the bounding box(using the align tool box) how would this help? But I did try dragging with snapping turned on as you suggested & it did work. Be great if they could apply this function into the align tool box. In the new image I've attached it shows how they align in Fireworks perfectly, be great if it worked this way in AP (I presume in Designer too). Cheers :)
  9. Hi guys thanks for replying, R C-R I have tried this with the other settings (spread & margin) & a different font(Arial) but the result is the same. DWright how do I send the .afphoto file to you? Thanks
  10. Hi, I am having issues aligning text to the canvas(Affinity Photo) I have read a thread here and also here and they seem to say that the text doesn't align properly. Is this correct? Or am I doing something wrong? I have attached an image showing what I mean. The right hand "L" is aligned to the right & bottom of the canvas, and the left hand "L" is so you can see the bounding box but also aligned to the bottom of the canvas. They however are nowhere near these settings, the right align is off the canvas & the bottom align is the opposite & well above the bottom It is very frustrating that I can't align them. Is there a setting I can change to adjust this? Thanks
  11. Timespider

    Fully lock layers

    I like the way Alfred put it. A locked layer should be a locked layer.
  12. Hi christovw66, are all the layers hi-lightened in the layers panel? If they are then they will move together. Try selecting just the one you want to move in the layers panel or maybe un-group them. I have attached an image showing what I mean. Sorry if I'm telling you how to something you already know.
  13. Thanks Alex_M, I don't know how I missed it (Auto follow topics I reply to). I actually went through that section before I made the post. But excellent, I have now checked that box. :)
  14. Hi ItsQuesoTime There is another post here about this issue. It seems people would like this scaling effect on by default which makes sense to me. Unless I'm missing something
  15. Yes +1 from me. I really like AD & AP & I'm using them more & more but they still need a lot more work. For quick fast web graphics I'm a Fireworks fan & still use it as my go-to app, but as adobe wreaked that along with other great software I would like to move to something new like AD. The people here seem cool & I like their philosophy.