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  1. The sign_design.afdesign file on my system doesn't have an artboard associated to it as in, artboard1 isn't written on the canvas until I do the resize as you showed and then it says artboard1 . Also this image artboard_b4_after.jpg is the first time I've cropped, resized and exported from AD or AP since you've showed me that resize canvas trick, I usually screenshot and do it in Fireworks, so I guess I'm moving up in the world. Are you in the southern hemisphere or just working late?
  2. SOLVED Thanks Arceom, yes that worked for me too, thanks for the video, easy to follow(what software did you use to make the video?). Also what's the difference between the original file I sent you( sign_design.afdesign ) that had no artboard associated with it and then when this resize happens it then is attached to artboard1? I'm not up to date with artboards and have never created one by default. Chris
  3. Hi Arceom, sure, here you go. sign_design.afdesign
  4. Hi and thanks Arceom, well holy heck, I never new that Clip Canvas was in Photo. Is there one of these in Designer? Designer is what I've been doing my thing in mainly. The Artboard Tool in Designer doesn't behave like the Clip Canvas tool in you showed me in Photo. Also the Convert Object To Artboard is greyed out in Designers Layer drop down menu. It's odd, I've opened both AD and AP and the tip is not behaving like I posted.(Not much of a tip then) It now doesn't fit the canvas/document around the graphic properly, it pushes it out to the side of the canvas like in image attached. It was(when I posted and for the past 10 or so times I used it) kept the graphic in the center of the canvas. But Clip Canvas in Photo is what I'm talking about and looking for.
  5. Just in case it helps, similar to carl123 above I did this one with text on a path(Used A Hyphen) then converted it to curves. You can then adjust each one in the group and the gradient.
  6. Not sure if it helps but you can use a "Dashed Line Style" but the gradient is limited in here. I haven't applied one.
  7. Hi anyone who's interested, I have added a feature request for a "Fit To Canvas" or fit to document feature for both AD and AP ages ago like Fireworks has, but thought I'd add this quick tip that works pretty well. Once you've got your graphic how you want it or before. I group it if I can(but not necessary and sometimes affects the layers) then copy it(ctrl or cmd C) then go to file at top of page and choose "New From Clipboard" your new doc will be trimmed to size with your graphic in it, then choose "Save As" then click the original document if you have saved already, else give it a name, Save, and your done. It even works to enlarge the document/canvas. I draw a line to get the about size I will want, then do the same by copying the graphic with the new line, then go to "New From Clipboard" again then "Save As" and save it. It's a bit little slower and cumbersome than the Fit To Canvas in Fireworks but it's pretty quick(quick enough for me and I use it all the time) and does the required job. I wish Serif would put this in as a button/tool the code is already done with the "New From Clipboard". Hope this helps someone.
  8. Hi community yep I skipped a lot too, to get to here. Affinity Team, I understand your small and I love AD, AP, APUB, but is there an update for this thread other than "Ready when it's Ready"? 5 years seems like a hell of a loooong time & it seems there's a lot of professionals here requesting it. +1
  9. Hi lbohen´╗┐, yes you can. I usually copy and past the first one then you can reverse the new one, change font, colour etc. Did you watch the video above from souacz? It's shows what you need to do. Remember to adjust start and end rotation points.
  10. Hi lbohen, try using the reverse text path button at the top and also the baseline slider if your text falls inside the path/shape.
  11. Timespider

    [AD] [AP] Misc illustrations

    Thanks for all the graphics, sketches and the video. 10/10
  12. A Bit Of Extra For Noobs Like Me. The images and questions above are about a shape that can't just be overlapped to achieve no line in the join . Being on an a roof type angle, the rectangles create a V if overlapped by even 1px. But basic shapes can just be overlapped to achieve the correct result. The image below demonstrates this
  13. SOLVED Hi again Alfred, (thanks for sticking with this) your quote above is the key. Since I've processed your tips in the lump in my head, I've been "BOOLEAN ADDING" all over the place. Changed shapes and angles and it has worked every time. For anyone else who like me is having a battle with this Convert your shapes to "CURVES" When aligning your new CURVES objects/shapes next to each other, use the node tool to overlap them a little Then use the "Boolean Add" button in the "Geometry" tools to create 1 object "CURVE" Image below show result. Thanks Alfred.
  14. Hi Alfred I have edited my post above to not solved. In the image below (Normal 100% Zoom This Time) the green one is the fixed one from image above. The pink one is a new one with a different angle. I don't know what's going wrong but in the layers panel after using the Boolean Add´╗┐ there is a line again, and the layers are called different things. The new one is called "CURVES" the old correct one is called"CURVE"?
  15. (NOT SOLVED) I had marked this as solved but have since found it isn't Hi Alfred, thanks so much, what an easy fix. (I Suppose I Should Read My Own Motto!) Can you explain why that's needed or why that works? Image included of solved example Thanks again.