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  1. It works the same way on Windows, R C-R, though with the Windows dialog one can override Publisher's filtering and open the files directly. I've never considered this to be a bug, merely a preference (intended workflow) to open a document file rather than an image file. The full filtering list on Windows has these entries: But we'll see what Serif has to say
  2. There's no default keyboard shortcut for View > Rotate Right (or Left) but you can define your own via the Keyboard Shortcuts part of Preferences.
  3. Sorry; I have no idea about that.
  4. Can you share a sample image and a sample .afpub file to demonstrate the problem, @djs? Having actual files that have the problem often facilitates finding a solution.
  5. I could be wrong, but I think all brushes must be in a category. I don't think there's any way to have one that is outside all categories. In any case, you can right-click on a brush and move it to a different category. So in the worst case you could create a new category, and move (or copy) each of your custom brushes into that category. Then export that category from Photo and import it into the Photo Persona of Publisher.
  6. Not for me, but perhaps there's something different about your setup than my experiment. Can you share the document?
  7. walt.farrell


    Thanks for the tip about using the Node Tool to draw out the guides. That will be useful. It works for curves, but for shapes the nodes are still not shown, though. The behavior in your example is, I think, what @MEB was talking about. The odes that the guide snaps to are the corners and midpoint of the bounding box. In my example file, as long as the shape remains a shape, the guide will snap even to the off-center vertex of the triangle. Once the triangle is converted to a curve the guide will only snap to the bounding box points.
  8. Placed document files (PDF, .afdesign, .afphoto, .afpub, ...) work differently from Placed images (JPEG, TIFF, PNG). One of the differences is that you can edit embedded document files or linked document files, but you can only edit linked image files (not embedded image files).
  9. Check the Text Frame studio panel while your caption Text Frame is selected. You should find an "Ignore Text Wraps" option there that should solve your problem.
  10. Very nice discovery, Laganama. The Edit Image button should be present when the Placed file is Linked, and missing when it is Embedded. As Designer is not supposed to be able to create Linked files, the Edit Image button should never be present for a file that you have simply created in Designer. Apparently, though, when one is working on a Print (Press Ready) file the Placed files are Linked rather than Embedded. A number of users have mentioned that Designer was creating Linked files for them, and perhaps that is how it has been happening. @Gabe: Is this the same problem that you indicated was fixed in the beta in this other topic? This variant still seems to happen in Designer (Windows).
  11. walt.farrell


    Or I'm not understanding what you mean Anyway, one of the nodes is on the bounding box, but the snapping is to the node in the example I experimented with (but failed to share) earlier. triangle.afdesign A vertical guide will snap to any node of the triangle, as well as snapping to the midpoint of the bounding box.
  12. walt.farrell

    Truetype Fonts - no BOLD option

    You seem to have ended up with two nearly identical posts. You can hide the first one to help avoid confusion. You'll find the Options for doing that at the bottom of your post.
  13. walt.farrell

    Document resizing query

    Please clarify whether you imported it (File > Place) or opened it (File > Open).
  14. walt.farrell


    In my experience those snapping options allow one to snap Guides to some of an object's nodes. Not all of them, perhaps, but some. So it seemed somewhat incorrect to say that Guides couldn't snap to anything but an object's bounding box. I agree it's probably not what jackamus wants, as it won't help much with nodes on curves drawn with the Pen Tool.
  15. walt.farrell


    The Snapping Options include Shape Key Points and Object Geometry, which allows snapping to some nodes, though not all, I think:

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