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  1. That comparison may not be enough for Serif or other forum users to help you. Having the actual photos, as Dan requested, is often critical to resolving issues. If there's some reason you can't share the originals here then Serif can provide a secure upload link so that only they will have access.
  2. When you create your document you can specify Transparent Background as one of the options in the New Document dialog. If you didn't do that, you can specify it later using the Document dialog (Photo) or the File->Document Settings dialog (Designer).
  3. Perhaps SketchUp Free (web-based) or FreeCAD (which has a drafting module for 2D work). I don't have personal experience with either, though.
  4. You should probably use the list of supported lenses that Serif shows in this forum, not the list shown on the lensfun site, as there may be updates to the lensfun list that are not yet incorporated into the Affinity products. The official lens list for the Serif raw engine is here. It shows some Samyang lenses, but I'm not sure if the one you have is one of them.
  5. walt.farrell

    Cannot Install Customer Beta - (split)

    Have you looked for a .log file in your Windows Temp folder? If the installer runs at all it may have created one with more information.
  6. walt.farrell

    Folder content

    I'm a bit confused. How did you get from "having a map with a lot of text boxes" (which sounds like one document) to "needing to change all the fonts within a folder" and "updating a complicated folder structure"? Perhaps you could explain your requirement and your document and file/folder structure a bit more?
  7. walt.farrell

    Photo Workbook

    If you type the complete URL (as shown in the book) into the location bar of your browser and press Enter you should be able to access the resources. Don't make the mistake of trying to search for the URL, or of selecting one of the browser's suggestions for what you might want. Just type the URL and press enter. If you've tried that and it doesn't work, can you tell us what error you got?
  8. walt.farrell

    Affinity Designer Customer Beta -

    Perhaps you're thinking of your comment to this other thread
  9. But it may be worth mentioning that one should buy from the Serif Affinity Store, not the the Windows Store, to be sure of being able to get the refund.
  10. It would help if you could attach one of the original pictures so we could see what you're starting with, and experiment ourselves. Also a screenshot of what you see when you use the inpainting tool so we can be sure we understand the problem.
  11. My guess: You have two accounts at the Mac store, and you used one of them to purchase Affinity Designer but the other to purchase Affinity Photo.
  12. walt.farrell

    in painting brush

    Welcome to the forums. The Inpainting Tool is in with several other tools, so its icon may be different depending on which of them you last used. If the wrong one is showing, just click on that white triangle and choose Inpainting.
  13. The beta install will not interfere with your current version. You will end up having both.
  14. walt.farrell

    How I get affinity account?

    Dan's question was "why do you want an Affinity Store account?" You bought your Affinity application from Apple, via their store, and you'll receive updates from them when they're available. How do you plan to use an Affinity Store account?
  15. walt.farrell

    Affinity Designer Customer Beta -

    Rebooting the PC seems to have allowed the successful installation of both applications. [Edit: That has not been necessary for prior betas, in my experience.] [Edit 2: when I finally found the log from the earlier installation attempt, it claimed there was an interruped installation of Adobe Acrobat Reader that needed to be resumed or canceled. Presumably the reboot took care of that.]