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  1. Opening it on iPad (Designer and Publisher) there were no warnings. But on Windows I got a warning about missing fonts and the broken links. Resource Manager agrees the images are all embedded. It's got to be something related to Symbols, I think, or other forms of linked layers (such as Photo supports).
  2. It's automatic. When you update a Text Style anything using that style changes immediately. The only thing I can think of off-hand is that you have some local override applied that is counteracting the change you're trying to make. If that's not happening for you, then something odd is happening. OS? Affinity app and release level? Can you replicate this in a document that you can share?
  3. And, to be clear, Publisher allows a quick way of doing that for the main Personas of both Designer and Photo, in addition to the general capability provided by all 3 applications to switch to another one.
  4. And I have provided many such links to users. But they must be created by right-clicking in the results list and copying the link there, or by right-clicking on a "see also" topic and copying the link from the Help page. They cannot be obtained from the browser Location Bar. I agree it's a bug.
  5. Thanks. Yes, with that description I can see that I misunderstood you, and how this would be a bug.
  6. Yes, that's how it is marketed, but it makes a good platform for working in general if you have all 3 applications.
  7. That's how the online Help worked for me in V1, too. The location bar is never updated when selecting new topics, and never has been.
  8. You wouldn't need to. The MSI/EXE and the MSIX versions use exactly the same support directories (which hold the user-related options).
  9. Or (on Windows, not sure about Mac) right-click on the file and choose Open With and pick the application you want.
  10. Welcome to the Serif Affinity forums. If you have a firewall active, that probably explains the issue. Perhaps this post will help: @Patrick Connor: Perhaps this should be in the FAQ?
  11. But sometimes when they do, users complain about that, too. I think I've gained a better appreciation for how difficult application development can be.
  12. I think you're saying that the address in the browser's Location Bar is not changing. And yes, that's true. It does make it difficult to get a true link for posting elsewhere. You need to copy the link before you follow it. Thanks for reporting this. I'm not sure why I never thought to do so.
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