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  1. Welcome to the Serif Affinity forums. That is not a function provided in the Affinity applications. You could ask for it in the Feature Requests part of the forums (here, for Publisher) or perhaps find one there to concur with.
  2. The problem was reported as occurring for PNG or TIFF, but the "Save Affinity Layers" is not applicable for PNG. So something else is probably happening.
  3. It's subtle, but there is a distinction in background color in the tabs bar between active and inactive. Here, for example, is a Dark UI example. The Appearance tab and the right-most document tab are lighter, and therefore active. You can make them stand out a bit more in that UI by adjusting the UI Gamma in Preferences. Here it is with the Gamma adjusted downward, though it remains subtle. Here it is in the Light UI: Again, the lighter ones are active.
  4. Look in your Designer Preferences for things related to graphics rendering that might change what video settings Designer is using. I can't help further, as I'm on Windows and have no idea what the Preferences related to that might be in the Mac version.
  5. Thanks. I see the same behavior you're reporting, but I cannot explain why it is happening. You are pinning the table into text that is in a text frame from a Master Page, but I created a new document and I can do that successfully in my new document. In my document it works both for text frames from a Master Page and text frames created directly on a document page.
  6. If it is actually present in what the OS thinks is being displayed, it should be (I think) visible in the screenshot. Another possibility, perhaps, is that's something your graphics card is doing, perhaps some residual data in its buffers? If so, changing your Designer preferences to use a different graphics rendering method might help diagnose this further.
  7. I see nothing in that screenshot, which should indicate a problem with your monitor or its settings. (Unless it indicates a vision problem on my end, I suppose.)
  8. Can you supply the actual .afpub file, or a subset of it that illustrates the problem? (Or an entirely different sample document that illustrates it?) It is often easier to figure out a problem with an actual file, as there are usually several possible answers and without the file we need to guess.
  9. Sounds like a monitor issue. If you have MacOS capture a screenshot, is it visible there, too? Can you provide the screenshot?
  10. To me it's unexpected that Yes offers the automatic relocation function, and Resource Manager doesn't. I think that many users probably have missed finding that function
  11. For future reference, this forum provides support only for the newer Affinity line of applications. The older (legacy) Serif applications are supported at https://community.serif.com.
  12. If you rename the folder containing the graphics. and then Open the Publisher document, you should get a popup offering choices of No, Yes, and Resource Manager. If you choose Yes rather than Resource Manager then you'll be able to locate one of the images, and at that point Publisher will automatically locate the rest of them. This function is not available if you choose Resource Manager.
  13. And if you have subscribed to (Watched) the appropriate news topic you'll know when they're available: iPad, MacOS, Windows.
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