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  1. Check your Baseline Grid settings, which can be set for the Document, for a Text Frame, for a Paragraph Text Style, or for a Paragraph.
  2. Be aware, though, that reverting from 2.3 to 2.2 would mean that you will lose access to any Affinity files you Saved using 2.3.
  3. Welcome to the Serif Affinity forums. This has been reported on iPad when Stage Manager is active. Perhaps it's also a problem with macOS? According to the FAQ, Stage Manager isn't supported by the Affinity applications yet
  4. However, it probably will mean you cannot Open any Affinity files you Saved using 2.3.
  5. TIFF files do not have layers, as part of their format definition/specification. They can have vendor-specific data, which is how Photoshop saves layer information into TIFF files when you ask it to, and how Affinity applications save Affinity layers into TIFF files. This basically gives you, from Photoshop, a TIFF that contains a PSD file. From Affinity applications it gives you a PSD that contains a .afphoto file, or a .afdesign file, or a .afpub file. Affinity applications understand how to parse much of the PSD specification, so they can open TIFF files with PSD data (if they could open the corresponding PSD file). Very few applications other than Affinity understand Affinity files (.afphoto, etc.) so mostly other applications won't understand the Affinity data in a TIFF file, and will just show the image with no layers. It is unusual that an Affinity program cannot Open a TIFF file (compressed or not) that had Affinity layers embedded. Something is wrong there.
  6. You have the choice when you create the .afphoto document of Embedding or Linking files that you Place or Paste or Drag into the document. Sounds like you want to Embed. You can change that choice later via one of the Document menu options (but I'm away from the PC and I don't remember which one) or you can use the Resource Manager to change it for individual files that you've added to your document.
  7. I'm not sure I understand that. Generally, within the Publisher document, pages will be in the order 1, 2, 3, ... 8 and text will flow in that order. If you're printing a booklet, you will generally want to print 1 and 8 together, but the text does not flow between them. The text still flows from 1 to 2, and ultimately from 7 to 8. The process of putting the page data into the right order so that the printer does 1/8, etc. is handled by an imposition process. That can be Printing in Booklet mode within Publisher, but if you're Exporting to PDF it can't be done in the Export dialog. You could, perhaps, use Booklet mode in the Print dialog and Print to a PDF driver. Does that help?
  8. It's not clear if you're saying that File > Edit in ... doesn't work, or if you're saying that you Saved a .afphoto file in Photo 2 and you can't Open it using Publisher V1. It is correct that "Edit in" won't work unless the versions (and releases) match. It is also correct that a .afphoto file saved in V2 cannot be Opened in a V1 application. If that's what you mean, Export the file as JPG, PNG, or TIFF and Publisher should be able to use it.
  9. You must use dictionaries in the Hunspell format. You can create your own, but I've never tried it. There are articles online about doing it. You cannot have an additional user dictionary (on Windows, at least, though perhaps you can on Mac) without assigning a different language to the text.
  10. Yes, it should be fixed at some point, so you don't need to manually Embed these files. And you don't necessarily need to delete temporary directories or files, as that can happen automatically.
  11. Did you install using the MSIX version of the installer, or the EXE version? The path will be different for each.
  12. I suppose it could be a V1 issue that doesn't happen in V2. I had forgotten you are still on V1. I only have V2 and thus I can't test V1 on Sonoma 14.1.2.
  13. I'm not sure what you mean by "Abstand vom Text". Can you provide a screenshot showing the original text, the text as pasted, and any relevant Studio panels (Character, Paragraph, ...) please? Or perhaps two sample .afpub files (original, copy)?
  14. There is another complication, though. For some purposes (specifically printing or exporting to PDF) the order and layout on the workspace is not relevant. What is relevant for those functions is the order in the layer stack, on the Layers panel. The lowest Artboard in the stack will be page 1, the next one up will be page 2, etc.
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