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  1. walt.farrell

    Slices persona bug, problems with scaling

    If you mean the exported file is 1px larger, that is generally caused by having slices or artboards that are not positioned (X,Y) or sized (W,H) on integer pixel boundaries. For example, something positioned at X=26.5 px rather than 26 px. You can see this in the Transform panel if it's happening. If it's happening, just nudge them so they're located on integer boundaries not fractional.
  2. Do you have a pure drawing, or are you applying any layer effects? Can you provide a sample .afdesign file that demonstrates the export problem?
  3. What format are you exporting? If JPG perhaps you're seeing compression artifacts, since that format used a "lossy" form of compression.You might need to choose a higher quality setting, to get a larger file. Or choose a different format.
  4. walt.farrell

    Wont Open

    That's a rather old version of Designer. Have you considered downloading the current version from the Affinity Store and installing it?
  5. Of course they use buffers. But they have told us they do not load all of the file into memory, nor transfer it all into a local file. That's why the loss of the connection to a network file makes continuing impossible. They have a local file, but it's the auto-recovery file, which just saves changes to the original file to allow recovery after a restart if the program crashes.
  6. Not sure what documentation you're referring to. You can get a Hunspell-compatible Australian English dictionary that should work with Publisher here (more info about it here) but I have not tried it. Unfortunately, they do not supply a hyphenation dictionary to go along with it. A (perhaps different) Australian English dictionary can be found here among the LibreOffice dictionary files. Still no hyphenation dictionary, though. For automatic hyphenation to work you might need to create your own by modifying the UK English hyphenation dictionary appropriately. That might simply involve making a copy and renaming it. Also, it's possible you could "fake" the Australian English dictionaries by copying and renaming the UK English dictionary directory and the files contained within it.
  7. Of course, but Photo is what we're talking about. It does not work the same as Photoshop, and Serif has no intention that it should. It is, though, confusing that Serif allows Save to work for saving JPG, TIFF, and PNG, but does not allow Save As to work similarly. I think that either both Save and Save As should work, or neither.
  8. What language have you told Windows to use in your system-wide settings? Perhaps that has an effect? Or, perhaps you set (or reset) some of your default settings at some point? If that's the case you could try setting the Language to UK English in the Character panel, and then using Edit > Defaults > Save. Or, if that doesn't work, possibly Edit > Defaults > Factory Reset.
  9. walt.farrell

    Character and Paragraph Panels not working

    Good point, Gabriel. Sorry for missing that distinction and for any confusion I've caused. In Designer or Photo there are no functions for adjusting the background color of a Text Frame, as far as I know, except manual ones involving adding a rectangle behind the frame.
  10. walt.farrell

    Node Tool Curve Selection Accuracy

    Yes, that works for Designer 1.6 using either the Node tool (which the OP is using) or the Move tool. But, as a point of possible interest, in 1.7 beta the Node tool functions seem to have been changed, and that selection method only works for me using the Move tool.
  11. walt.farrell

    Google fonts

    Fonts are not text styles. You would install a font using your system's font functions. For example, on Windows you can double-click the file in Explorer, or right-click and choose Install. And yes, it's legal, assuming you use them according to the documented usage/license terms that Google provides.
  12. walt.farrell

    Character and Paragraph Panels not working

    View > Studio > Text Frame.
  13. No, the beta forums are over here, and the Photo Beta forum, specifically, is here. Thanks for the clarification. I became confused when you first mentioned Photo Beta then just referred to Photo without saying Beta.
  14. Two thoughts: 1. It also doesn't help anyone viewing the forums on a small screen, as the responsive forum design omits the signatures. 2. You can hide specific user's signatures. It doesn't have to be all or none.
  15. walt.farrell

    My Affinity purchase

    Welcome to the Affinity forums. At that time, I believe you would have purchased from the Mac App Store, and Serif would have no record of your purchase. All you should need to do is sign in to the App Store using the same identity you originally used, and it should be installable from there on your new machine.