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  1. walt.farrell

    Affinity Designer Customer Beta -

    On anther post one of the Serif staff mentioned that the betas releases use customizations set up by prior betas, and production releases use customizations set up by prior production releases. That should mean that the 1.7 beta will read any shortcuts you made in the 1.6 beta, but but not ones you made in the 1.6 release version.
  2. How is it better (or even significantly different) to use Explorer rather than the Place dialog? It's just a variant of Explorer.
  3. It's listed in the first post in this topic, isn't it?
  4. Sounds like a good proposal to me, too. Would definitely help when searching.
  5. Thanks. In that case I'll defer to someone from Serif
  6. walt.farrell

    Voronoi filter

    Shouldn't this discussion be in the beta forum?
  7. Do you own both computers? If so you should be able to uninstall on one and install on the other.
  8. walt.farrell

    Affinity Photo Customer Beta -

    To give you a choice between live or destructive? Because live filters have more of an impact on performance than destructive?
  9. According to this Mac post that quotes from the Mac Help it should be accessed via View > Studio when in the Vector or Pixel persona. I don't see it either, Petar.
  10. I'm not at my computer right now, but perhaps this discussion in the Mac forum will help you figure out if it's available and how it works.
  11. walt.farrell

    Affinity Designer Customer Beta -

    As far as I know the beta Designer and Photo builds should be quite close between Mac and Windows, though not using Mac I have no way to be sure. But people have been, for example, talking about the icons ever since the Mac betas were provided on Thursday of last week.
  12. walt.farrell

    Affinity Designer Customer Beta -

    The Mac customer betas for Designer and Photo have been out for several days now. Look in the Designer Beta on Mac forum (and the corresponding one for Photo).
  13. walt.farrell

    Beta .178 asks for Valid Product Key

    Worked for me. Also purchased directly from Affinity Store.
  14. walt.farrell

    Text styles

    It's not clear from your description how you pasted the pages in. The simplest method would have been to create one document page, with an appropriately sized text frame, paste all the text into it, then shift-click the red triangle (lower right of the text frame) to have Publisher duplicate the page and flow the text into new linked frames. But however you did it, as long as you ended up with linked text frames then you should be able to (a) click in the first one using the Text Frame tool, then (b) ctrl+A to select all the text from all the linked frames, then (c) apply your style change.