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  1. There is no keyboard shortcut for Personas, as far as I know, and no possibility for you to set one.
  2. When you start Affinity Photo, it will open with a Welcome screen. I think that one of the items on that screen is a link to get the free extras. It will take you to the Affinity Store where you can setup an account, and then do the download.
  3. Welcome to the Serif Affinity forums, Mambo77. It sounds from your description that this was working properly, and then stopped working. If you create a new empty document, is it white on your screen? Did you make any software changes, changes to system options, or hardware changes that might have caused the problem?
  4. Yes. Why not install the 1.7 beta and play with it? Arrowheads do not change if you change the length of a line by moving the endpoints. For reusability you can create an Asset from a line.
  5. There is no progress bar, but there is a status message "Loading 1 document..." displayed on the upper-right part of the menu bar (on Windows, at least).
  6. Also, check that the ArtBoard is aligned to the pixel grid. With the Move Tool selected, click on the Artboard name and then look at the X & Y positions in the Transform panel. (Note: you may need to increase the number of decimal places for pixel displays in your Preferences for the User Interface.
  7. Extremely unlikely that Serif will document the format of their files, in order to enable Quark or InDesign to import them. In any case, why would Serif want to do that when they have their own layout program, Publisher? They would be hurting their own sales.
  8. Yes, the Wrap Text can cause problems if you copy/paste from the Notepad window into another application.
  9. Good point. But if done prior to cropping, you have the input field. You can also use the move tool and drag the rotation handle and the Transform panel will give you the feedback on the number of degrees you've rotated. (This does require, of course, unlocking the background layer to allow it to be moved.)
  10. Which release, and where did you purchase it/them? Is this a new installation, or a problem which just started occurring?
  11. walt.farrell

    Brush settings RMB + CTRL

    You're probably missing LMB in there. It's a Drag that you start while you have Alt and RMB pressed, so, any of: RMB + Alt + Drag (which requires LMB) Alt + RMB + Drag Alt + LMB (or LMB + Alt) then RMB, then drag. You can release the RMB as soon as you start dragging.
  12. The Transform panel can be used for rotation, and has in input field to specify the exact amount if you know it.
  13. The Affinity applications use Hunspell as the spell-checking engine. All you need to do is locate a set of Hunspell-compatible dictionaries online, download them, and install the directory into the folder shown in Preferences/Tools near the bottom (Additional Dictionaries). This page has a Greek dictionary that may work for you.
  14. Have you reported that as a bug? At a minimum I would expect it to apply your chosen greyscale profile, if VueScan has not supplied an ICC profile within the image.