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  1. walt.farrell

    Photo persona in Designer

    Yes, you could copy/paste to add more.
  2. Try: ^.*? {4,}.*?$
  3. You have been affected by some combination of three different things: $ basically refers to the end of a paragraph, not the end of a line. Though, if you have inserted line breaks (shift+enter) it will match at them, too. The . expression can match the end of a line (line break, or paragraph break). The .* expression is "greedy" and will match as much as it can. So if you have two paragraphs, and use ^.*$ you match all the text, including the middle paragraph break. You may want to use .*? instead, as the ? makes the expression non-greedy, and it stops the first time it can rather than the last time it can.
  4. You can use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+W, or the menu File > Close.
  5. walt.farrell

    Import styles panel

    Thanks. The "Select All/Deselect All" function you've asked for is already there, I think. Just turn that option off, and they're all deselected. Or turn it on, and they're all selected.
  6. Just a lot of experimenting
  7. You may need to share (attach) a .afphoto file that shows the issue. Without that we're having to guess about exactly what you did and what you want.
  8. It should work fine as long as you set the Left indent first, then set the First-line indent. If you do it in the other order, setting First-line indent first, then it seems that when you set the Left-indent the First-line indent gets the Left-indent added to it. I'm not sure if that is correct, but it's easily fixed. If you think you've found a bug you should probably post in the relevant Publisher Bugs forum for either MacOS or Windows.
  9. If you're saying that you need to have separate personal lists for German and for English, Publisher already works that way. When you "Learn" a word while spell-checking it is learned for the current language. It will still be misspelled in other languages. So as long as you make sure the word's language is set properly, your personal words should remain separate. But you're right, if you wanted separate lists for English medical words and for English art words you can't do that. It's all English to Publisher, and the lists are based on the text's language.
  10. If you know you have an incorrect entry, type the word into a text frame, select it, right-click, and choose "Unlearn ...".
  11. walt.farrell

    Import styles panel

    That sounds like it might be an interesting suggestion, but I'm not sure I understand what you're asking for. Could you provide a screenshot, especially for your last point, to show what you're seeing now?
  12. walt.farrell

    Possible bug in Publisher with ligatures

    You will need to use paragraph styles.
  13. Do you also have the relevant CM* fonts installed in Windows?
  14. walt.farrell

    Possible bug in Publisher with ligatures

    You might try: Creating a new Publisher document. In the Text Styles studio panel, double-click on the Base style to edit it. Turn off all the Ligatures under Typography. Click OK to save your changes. Use the Text Styles panel's hamburger menu to save the current styles as your defaults.