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  1. That file crashes Publisher Beta if I try to Open it, so it's more than simply being a file that was created in Publisher, I believe. There is a known bug that trying to Paste an Artboard into a document will break the document. Some of the symptoms: The Paste operation doesn't result in a layer being created. Once the Paste has been tried, the Artboard tool will not work, and claims the document has pages or a Master Page. If the document is Saved and reopened, the Page navigator will appear. (I had not seen that effect before, but I just reproduced it.) I suspect this is an occurrence of that problem, and that at some time Eddy tried to paste an Artboard into the document. (Or, perhaps, there is another path that leads to the problem, but I know that trying to paste an Artboard will do it, even in the Beta, so apparently the bug has not been fixed yet.) Recipe: Create Document1 in Designer. Add some content. In another document, select an Artboard in the Layers panel and Copy. Back in Document1, Paste. Try to use the Artboard Tool. It will fail. Save Document1. Reopen Document1, and it will have a Page navigator.
  2. Interesting. That kind of failure (in my experience) is usually due to either a Windows system error, a driver error, or (most often, for me) a hardware error such as memory that is beginning to fail or something that is overheating perhaps due to a fan failure. It's not something that an application such as one of the Affinity applications can cause.
  3. So far only in the Mac version, but we can hope that it will make its way into the Windows beta soon
  4. For exporting to PDF you could try clicking on the More... button, then scrolling down to the Embed Fonts option and choosing "Text As Curves".
  5. Your .afmacros file doesn't import into 1.8.5 for me, Roberto, so I don't think it's a problem with the beta. Photo hangs ("not responding") when I try.
  6. Works fine for me, and it does not matter whether the Publisher document is RGB or CMYK. What is the full name of the .afpalette file? Can you provide a screenshot showing the dialog that should show the file, but doesn't?
  7. Snapshots and Channels don't really seem to interact at all. For example, you start with the Background snapshot. Make some changes, and create Snapshot2. Now add a spare channel and create Snapshot3. Now restore the Background snapshot. If you look at the Channels panel, your new channel is still there. Same happens if you restore Snapshot2. The spare channel has an existence independent of which snapshot you restore.
  8. If Publisher is creating new Text Styles for you when you import a document, then those Text Styles will be used for the imported text. If you delete the Text Styles, you won't have any Text Styles assigned to that text, and it probably won't look as you want it to look. The text in "Copy 1" is not No Style; it is Magazine Style+ (for the Paragraph text style) and either Hyperlink+ or Internet Link+ for the Character text style, depending on where I insert the text cursor.
  9. It's RGBA/32 when you're first in the Develop Persona. Then, when you press Develop it will end up as RGBA/16 or RGBA/32 depending on what you've told the Develop Assistant to do.
  10. Thanks. Have you tried restarting Publisher? Or perhaps restarting your system?
  11. You're welcome, and thanks for confirming that it worked.
  12. Both of those display in Publisher identically for me, @trevorm. Can you provide a sceenshot from the one with the problem, so we can see what you're seeing?
  13. Sorry; I was busy with other things. Your example of what you expected confuses me: You'll never see a TOC from Publisher in that order. TOCs are in page order (2, 3, 4, 5).
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