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  1. You need to look at (and show us) which attributes are unlinked. That determines what will happen when you change the Master.
  2. walt.farrell

    View tool double-click

    For whatever it's worth, both of those still work on Windows.
  3. The broken orange bars mean you have unlinked some attributes of each of those layers. If you hover the mouse cursor over the layer name you'll see which attributes are unlinked. E.g., Also, the History panel will show something, for example:
  4. You're welcome. Glad it worked.
  5. If you made any changes to that page using Edit Detached (such as manually moving the Text Frame there, or changing any other characteristics of the frame) then you have disconnected it from its Master. What do you see in the Layers panel for that page? And if you expand the Master layer on that page, and hover the mouse cursor over the layer names within the Master layer, what attributes does Publisher say have been unlinked from the Master?
  6. walt.farrell

    GREP Styles

    Basic regular-expression Find/Replace processing has been there since the first release of Publisher. Styles based on regular expressions are not (yet?) possible.
  7. If the iPad version works like the desktop version, for Kerning you need to have the text cursor placed between two letters. Kerning is a letter-pair property, and without the cursor being placed between two letters Affinity can't know what it should apply to. For adjusting a complete word (or more), you would use Tracking not Kerning.
  8. You should be able to contact Simon via Udemy, and he will happily answer questions about his tutorials.
  9. walt.farrell

    Not able to edit layers

    Layer > Rasterize & Trim... or right-click in the Layers panel and choose Rasterize & Trim....
  10. Video did not upload.
  11. I don't think there's a way to see the Guides on a non-selected Artboard. Nor is there a way to copy/paste them. You might try View > Guides Manager, which will give you a numeric display of their locations. You could then create Guides on the other Artboard at the same locations.
  12. No, it's only in Publisher.
  13. If some programs display it correctly, perhaps the bug is in the programs that don't, rather than in AD? In any case, a quick test just worked for me in Firefox, so how about a sample .afdesign file and the exported SVG to demonstrate the problem? Also, perhaps some details about the Export settings would be useful.
  14. walt.farrell

    Linking Files

    Sorry; I can't help with your problem. But I have a couple of comments for the future. You could have posted this in the original topic, or even edited the original post, deleted the old video, and provided the new one. It would be helpful to have a basic text description of the problem, in addition to the video. For example, Publisher is crashing if I try to hyperlink to a file (note that "hyperlink" is different from "link", too )
  15. walt.farrell

    Linking Files

    I experience the same loss of audio, @cjebccanada. How about just describing the problem here for us.

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