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  1. The area in which an element gets selected is bigger than the layer itself. Perhaps because of the FX-styles? I attached the file so you can try it out yourself. If you watch the attached video, the item gets selected way before hovering and clicking the item. If approaching the Item from bottom - this COULD make sense because of the drop-shadow of the item. BUT: Same behaviour when approaching from above. Strange thing: Not that great gap when approaching from left/right. Expected behaviour: Click to select an item that is clearly visible and should be clickable even if it's underneath another item in the layer-panel. Actual Behaviour: Selected the item above instead. 2017-09-19_19-15-48.mp4 bug-selection.afdesign
  2. Using 7-zip (x64) - full install, not portable. I also get the "No" cursor when trying to drag'n'drop it to an opened file - BUT: It show me this "insert" cursor when trying to drag'n'drop it to the upper bar of the affinity-HUD - as if I would want to open the dragged file as a new file inside affinity and not insert it to an existing/opened one. When going this way (drag'n'drop to open as new file) I get the error message. Same with WinRAR - latest version, full install/not portable, x64
  3. @mattb5906 oh boy... this thread can be deleted... how the hell did I overlook this...
  4. Example: Import AI or EPS file directly from ZIP/RAR via Drag'n'Drop Expected Behaviour: Corresponding file opens up as new file inside the active window of affinity designer. Actual Behaviour: Error message occurs "File not found" with path "C:/Users/Username/AppData/Local/Temp/SomeSortOfHash/" - file is not imported.
  5. See: Example: Input at stroke-width-panel: 0.05mm or 0.25mm or any digit with more than one decimal. Expected behaviour: Stroke width rendered correctly as 0.25mm and input shows the correct input set to 0.25mm Actual behaviour: Stroke width rendered correctly as 0.25mm but input transforms to rounded 0.2mm. If set below 0.1mm it always transforms the given input to 0.1mm: 0.03 is rendered correctly but the given input transforms to 0.1mm
  6. Damn - I knew it: Sorry, this version of the file no longer exists I'll try to reproduce it with a new file and get back to you ASAP! Edit: got it! Seems like this bug only occurs when setting the stroke to "align to outside". (Saved history with file to provide a better tracking of what I did - although the interesting actions are the last few) bug-rendering-stroke-original.afdesign
  7. Yes, absolutely - when dragging the handle (both directions) the free spaces inside are properly filled/rendered. Yes expected it to be solid black.
  8. Any info on this one? Do you need further files/data/information?
  9. @nezumi from something that the developers call v1.5 without the "beta" appendix I really expect it to be a final build ready for production use (see Yes sure a lot of stuff is realizable with it - but it's tedious and frustrating and for a final build too much crashes and bugs appeared in front of me... The bug fixing and updates for the beta is nonetheless quite astonishing - still I would be even happier if the v1.6 tag would be eventually appear on the master-branch (speaking in Git/VCS language)! But also: Quality needs time. You see I'm a bit torn back and forth
  10. Render AND export bug: Take a look at the stroke-panel in attached file "bug-1-screencap.jpg" - expected the space inside the letters to be filled. Seems like they're not only properly rendered but also not properly computed because the problems persist on export (see "bug-1-export.jpg"). And then there is this strange stroke render bug on different zoom levels. Edit: Using a nVidia Graphics Card and the Windows-Scaling is set to 125% on the used Monitor.
  11. You're absolutely right - but I'm depending a lot on some stuff they only provide in v1.6. Due to the lack of some features and some other bugs v1.5 is not even usable for production use either. JMO.
  12. @Sean P So I managed to reproduce the bug - you can see a video of the steps here: Seems like this bug occurs only after adding another element. Which is the case most of the times (e.g. icon-set with multiple artboards and elements) I added all exported files and the project-file itself as seen in the video. untitled.afdesign
  13. I don't have the test-file anymore. Sorry. Strange... could not reproduce the bug so far...
  14. Any statement on this one? It really drives me insane!
  15. Export dimensions still do not update when trying to quick export selection without background. The whole canvas is about 1000x1000 px - the selection clearly is recognized as 700x500px in the transform-panel but the export-dimensions do not update and are recognized as 14x18px - which could be the dimensions of the first element after the software-update I wanted to quick export. the export itself is then distorted: the elements are squished into the 14x18px.