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  1. Thank you, this was very helpful! - I have no idea what got overridden there, but setting to 'no style' and re-formatting the text has fixed this, and the spacing now responds as expected to 'leading'. Jack
  2. Hi, I can't seem to figure this out...How can I reduce the spacing in the cells in this table? The usual 'Leading' setting doesn't do anything when I change it. Thank you, Jack
  3. Hi Dan, Thank you for getting back to this - Yes, the issue seems to be with Vistaprint and that particular style of card...just sod's law that that was the first style I tried. I tried playing around with their own online designer and the elements I added were treated the same way, so it must just be the set style for that type of card. Glad all ok on the Affinity side of things! Thanks again, Jack
  4. I think it is that specific Vistaprint design - if I changed the background colour, the text remained in the same erase blend mode style....I tried in other products and the design behaved as I would have expected. I could change the background colours of the product, whilst the text at the bottom remained white on black. Sorry, I just couldn't understand what was happening, as it was the only product I had looked at and I didn't think the website would override my own file! So, I guess the style I wanted in that product isn't possible... Thank you for your help! @GarryP
  5. Thanks for checking that out! - Hmm, perhaps it is just Vistaprint then. I see the same results as you in Affinity, so is it possible that Vistaprint is doing something specific with the file for the specific product I am looking at? Could it be applying its own erase blend mode or something? Export settings below. Thanks,
  6. Thanks @GarryP - I tried those options but was still running into issues...very strange! I have attached an example file. Thank you, Jack Example Design.afdesign
  7. Hi, The text in the image below is exporting as if it is cutting out from the black rectangle below it (showing the background). Is there a way to export this text in an SVG so that it shows up as white on the black background? Not sure what I am doing wrong here. Thank you, Jack
  8. Hi @NathanC, Thank you for getting back to me - Ahh yeah, I tried this, but it didn't reduce the nodes all that much...there are so many haha. I was just playing around with this text and I wanted to try stretching parts of it, so I am assuming that the Warp Group functions will probably be the best way to do this at the moment. A simplify curve feature would be nice though! Thank you, Jack
  9. Hi, Is there an easy way to reset all of the nodes in the 1st photo so that this group of letters (curves) will collectively just have the basic corner nodes around the perimeter of the shape as a whole without rasterising? (as in 2nd photo). I would then like to be able to manipulate the group as a whole by adding in new nodes to the outside of the group. Or is the best way to do this using the Warp Group tools? Thank you, Jack
  10. Hi, Apologies if this has already been requested - I did search around for a while for this, but there were a lot of varied results. I would like to request proper vector brush support. I feel like this is probably quite a fundamental feature for a lot of people and would be a highly valued addition to the Affinity suite (which I really like, by the way!) Thanks, Jack
  11. This helped a little - so I am led to believe that the issue is probably being caused by the font itself. I thought a decent workaround would be to create a circle with no stroke/fill to go around the whole logo so that everything remains aligned and the outer circle can be aligned to the centre etc without messing things up. Jack
  12. Thank you for the reply, @v_kyr - yes I just noticed this too, so I am thinking I may play around with setting to ALL CAPS or SMALL CAPS to see if this helps balance the bounding box/alignment better...I hope so, as this is doing my head in haha
  13. Thanks for the reply, Walt - much appreciated! So, with this in mind, do you think that the best thing would be to convert to curves and then align to centre afterwards? It is strange because even before converting to curves, the text seems out of alignment somewhat, despite the handles both being aligned to the centre...you can see the uneven spacing in the attached image. Thanks, Jack
  14. Hi again, Ok, I am still facing issues, unfortunately! Does anyone know why the text is centred correctly as a shape text path, but then is not aligned to the centre when converted to curves?! Which is the correct alignment...surely it should be the same? Thanks, Jack
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