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  1. Hi All, I’m pleased to say that we will be pushing 2.3 live to retail this morning. The beta versions were updated yesterday to the same build ( as detailed in Patrick’s post here. This means the beta versions are in effect exactly the same as the retail versions we will push so you can keep them installed if you wish. As always it’s been a pleasure working with you all on this release and cannot thank you enough for all the bug reports and other feedback you have given. I mentioned at the start of this beta we are working towards a shorter cadence between updates to help us release improvements and bug fixes sooner - and I hope you agree this has worked very well. With that in mind we will be starting 2.4 beta very shortly (hopefully in just a couple of weeks). Looking forward to seeing you all on here for that! Thanks again, Ash
  2. Hi All, We have just pushed another update to the 2.3 beta ( which is considered a potential release candidate and should be available to you on auto update shortly. The list of fixes included in this build are listed in Patrick's post here. Thanks, Ash
  3. I think on Tim's screen recording it's not showing the move data entry dialog where he's controlling the scale and rotation of the duplicates. See screenshot below. Create circle Set dash pattern to be 0-2-0-0-0-0 in stroke panel Set balanced dash pattern to on Set "scale with object" to on Hit return to bring up move data dialog Set scale to e.g. 90% Set rotation to e.g. 4 degrees Set duplicates to e.g. 30
  4. Hi All, We have just pushed another update to the 2.3 beta ( which is considered a possible release candidate and should be available to you on auto update shortly. The list of fixes included in this build are listed in Patrick's post here. Thanks, Ash
  5. Hi All, Another update to the 2.3 beta has just been pushed and should be available to you now via auto-update. Various fixes are included in this which are listed here. Thanks, Ash
  6. You can hold cmd to select different objects in the area tool. Shift + cmd will add additional objects to your current selection.
  7. Actually wonder if this should in fact be a transform panel thing and that if you have "transform objects separately" checked and type in an absolute value into the transform panel (e.g H=100px) then all the objects in your selection should adopt that height rather than it working proportionally based on the key object size? Also we'll get round to adding a "Size to Same" function at some point!
  8. Hi All, An update to the 2.3 beta has just been pushed, and should be available to you now / shortly on auto update. Fix list for this build is available here. Thanks, Ash
  9. You actually have two options in pen tool. The default behaviour is that when you start a new curve any existing selection is lost. Alternatively you can "Preserve selection when creating new curves" which will keep everything selected as you create new curves with the tool (e.g. after you draw something in pen and hit esc / double click on last node drawn / close the curve and then start drawing another curve the first curve remains selected). This is useful to be able to edit properties of all drawn curves in that session at once, or go back to edit the position of any nodes drawn on a previous curve (e.g. by pressing cmd to switch to node tool). Additionally there is another option of "Add new curve to selected curves object" which will add additional curves you create to the same object (i.e. will appear as a single object in your layers panel rather than multiple objects being created for each curve). This is more efficient in than to draw the curves separately with and then use Geometry -> Merge Curves which achieves the same thing.
  10. Yes, absolutely - apologies that was in fact one of the intentions when implementing this but wasn't in the first beta build. It will be like this in the beta update next week.
  11. Yes, you can only initialise the function while using certain tools (Move, Shapes, Artboard, Frame) The thing with node tool is that we do intend to offer a similar option specific to the node tool, i.e. so if you have a node(s) selected in node tool you can hit enter to then move those selected by a specific distance. It will be slightly different as the duplication options for example will not be relevant in this case.
  12. Yes, that's on our radar as a possible feature in future...
  13. Hi All, Thanks for these comments. I think for this release we are just focused on making sure the pixel grid works as expected. Discussion around wording / function of snapping options is something we'd have to come back to another time if we feel it important. I think the main thing is that our intention is the pixel grid is purely a visual cue / help, when editing images in Affinity Photo when you are zoomed into areas which have little colour variance so you can easily see where the pixels are - but of course also has some use cases when working in Designer and Publisher which is why we have included the option in those apps too. It was not designed to be a grid which is snappable, as we have have existing options for that (whether or not they need improving is separate to this feature), and also fundamentally that pixel snapping is something you should be able to do without having the pixel grid turned on.
  14. Auto changes with your light / dark UI preference. So yes if you are on light UI then Auto and Light will look the same. However, if you set to light background then when you switch to Dark UI your asset panel background will remain light.
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