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  1. Hi All, We're thrilled to announce that Affinity Publisher will be launched at Affinity Live on the 19th June - and it's also available to pre-order now with a 20% discount. We are going to live stream the event keynote at 6.15pm (BST) which will also include announcements on our future plans and perhaps a few surprises. For more info check out our spotlight article here. Would be great if you could join us... Thanks, Ash <EDIT> Here is a video of the event </EDIT>
  2. Hi All - not sure if this has been said already, but we will be putting a slide in the Publisher Beta welcome screen (Help -> Welcome) which will offer the pre-order for the additional discount for beta testers. This should go live tomorrow late afternoon / evening. This will allow anyone using the beta to claim that discount in the event they haven't received the email, and will also allow you to claim twice (or an additional time if you've already used your email voucher) if you want to get both the Window and Mac version at the beta tester price. Note - there will be a pre-order offer slide appear in Photo and Designer tomorrow too, but it's only if you follow the link from the slide in the Publisher beta where you get the extra 10% Hope that helps with some of these questions. We're incredibly grateful for all the support you have given us during the beta and are really keen to make sure you all get the opportunity to get the extra discount, and figured this was the best way to make that happen. Thanks, Ash
  3. It's all ok - plenty of apps do not have material difference between iOS and Mac anymore other than the rounded corners which we are obeying. Unlike some.
  4. To offer some explanation on the icons. One of the completely unique things about Affinity is that we have our apps on iOS, Windows and Mac. More than that, they are exactly the same apps - same back end, same features and same file format. It’s important for us to be able to talk about the apps without always having a hard distinction between iPad and desktop and so it doesn't make sense to have completely different icons on those platforms (other than the rounded corners Apple give all icons on iOS). On top of that, we felt the current icons don't work as well when they are very small or on darker backgrounds as the silhouette gets lost, or indeed on Windows where the start menu and MS Store is a lot more set up for square icons. Hopefully that gives you some insight into our rationale, and if you're not keen on them you can forgive us! We knew it was something which could be a little controversial. Thanks, Ash p.s. we are making a few tweaks to the size on Mac - as has been said by a few on here they are perhaps a few pixels too big. Also we decided to not worry about having a beta indicator on these - the main reason we have had that before is to distinguish between the beta and retail version when you have both installed, but as the icons have changed on this round that isn't needed. We will have a beta indicator on them for any future beta versions once the 1.7 versions have shipped.
  5. From the welcome screen you can also long press the document then drag and drop it into Photo to open and then edit in Photo. Can see it here on this keynote from about 19 minutes...
  6. Bleed can now be visible in the latest update ( Mac: Windows:
  7. For the first version yes. Appreciate your other feedback. We understand the first version of the app isn't going to have the functionality some people need, but we are listening to all the feedback and suggestions which are made. I'm comfortable we will be making the right calls in terms of prioritisation of what new features we implement in subsequent updates and future versions over the coming years, but it is very much a long term project. Thanks, Ash
  8. For us the default shortcut is control-W to hide all guides / text frames, etc.
  9. Hi - actually all I was talking about was an improvement to the Page Studio UI in the sense of it not taking up as much width on the left hand side rather than any specific page set up features. In terms of your question, we do not support spreads of more than 2 pages. I think for the example of the book jacket it can still be accomplished by having a single wide page (dimensions set to double page width + spine width) and then set up guides to mark spine folds (as well as probably guides for the centres of the front, back and spine). Realise that doesn't have the same simplicity of doing a 3 up spread, but other than a slightly more involved set up I'm not sure what drawbacks there are to that method? I'm not an expert in this type of work by the way! Thanks, Ash
  10. You can hit ctrl+shift+h (cmd+shift+h on Mac) to hide all studio panels - although admittedly that does also hide your studios on the right side of the UI. Also, hitting tab hides all studios and tools.
  11. Yeah we agree - expect some improvement to the pages studio soon...
  12. We have just set up a YouTube channel for Publisher. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCnw-cXN3oqAg7YXZVMKN0dA This set of 16 was just there to give a brief overview of the basics. They'll all have to be redone too, considering there are likely bits of the UI which will change during this beta period. There will be a much more comprehensive set of tutorials completed before launch...
  13. Hi All, We're over the moon to announce that Apple have selected Affinity Photo for iPad as their App of the Year 2017! We weren’t really sure this year could have got any better. From our big launch on stage at WWDC in June, to all the amazing reviews and feedback we’ve had from many of you – we’ve been totally blown away by the response our app has had. It's important to say that to create an app like this has only been possible with all your support. Not just help with the beta and development of the app itself, but in making Affinity such a success over the last few years to enable us to invest in the development of a big project like this. If you haven't yet got the iPad version of Affinity Photo we are running a flash sale, just for the next 48 hours, to get it with a 50% discount. We can't imagine running such a big discount again for a very long time(!) so don't miss out on that. More info on our iPad page here. Also we'd love you to help spread the word about this for us. It's been a while since we've done a competition like this, so if you: Like our Facebook page and share or comment on this post or Follow us on Twitter and retweet this tweet You'll be entered into a free draw to win a 12.9" iPad Pro! The closing date is 12pm GMT on Saturday (when the flash sale ends), and we'll announce the winner on this thread. But more than anything, thanks again for all your continued support. Ash Edit by Patrick. The Winner of the iPad (mentioned in this post) is in a reply to this thread here
  14. Hi All, If you follow us on any of our social accounts you may notice that we have just changed our handles / usernames to @affinitybyserif. While we've grown pretty fond of @MacAffinity over the last few years we have to admit it's not the best handle when one of our big things is being multi-platform across Mac, iPad and Windows. You don't have to re-follow us or anything, you'll just now be automatically following us under the new username. Of course our display names are all still just Affinity and that also means you will still see us appear as an autocomplete when wanting to mention us. Only thing is if have got used to manually typing "@MacAffinity" you might want to try to get out of that habit! That said we have set up new accounts so we still own the @MacAffinity handles, and will of course monitor that for mentions for the foreseeable future. Other main thing is the custom URLs to our social home pages have changed. If you have bookmarked us for any reason, you may wish to update these too. Our URLs are now as follows: facebook.com/affinitybyserif twitter.com/affinitybyserif vimeo.com/affinitybyserif instagram.com/affinitybyserif We'll be updating any links on our sites, emails, etc. over the next few days. By all means if you spot an incorrect link from next week anywhere please let us know. There are some links to our social accounts in the apps too - they will be updated in our next patch which is due pretty soon anyway. Thanks, Ash

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