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  2. firstdefence

    Monthly Calendar Template

    You could use the Power Duplicate feature to create the date squares and day strip. Power duplicate is Cmd + J (Ctrl + J On Windows) For the dates Create a square and have it with no fill and a small stroke maybe 2-3 pixels Type a number and position it in the top left corner Now group the shape and the number You can now power duplicate this by pressing Cmd + J (Ctrl + J On Windows) If you move this duplicated group over until it snaps to the right side of the first group and power duplicate again it will duplicate and move to the right.
  3. I'm not sure. Those strings worked fine for me. Maybe Chris will find something.
  4. I found, that exporting to PDF with bleed works whet I choose "Whole document" and not work, when I chose specific artboard to export.
  5. Me personally am hoping the squares are for beta use only. Just to differentiate them from the original triangular ones.
  6. I suspect we both still use old money and ft and inches!
  7. I tried to replace This with Now. I tried it again and it froze. Could it be my computer?
  8. I can try- it is 85 MB. (Do not worry about copyright - I have published this freely on the internet anyway. I am not trying to make money out of these Logs) Try to find the word Teal, and italicise it I have uploaded the apub file where I was able to reproduce the fault. When I went through the pdf, the fualt did not reappear..If you want it I can upload the pdf tooo 2018_Teal_Log_FINAL_BOOKLET_V2._corrected.afpub
  9. Worked fine for me. What do you suggest as Find and Replace strings that fails for you?
  10. I created this file and tried it again. It seems to work well if there is only one text box in the file. When there are two the programs freezes on 'replace all' Test file.afpub
  11. Old Bruce

    Crash when opening layers

    Are you holding the Control button until the Clear User Data screen appears?
  12. To me it appears so not-understandable that I only can imagine it was not in purpose but simply forgotten to get coded. Similar as the absence of the gradient-color-nodes window in swatches panel to edit gradients colors. The feature, the panel, the code which makes it work – all existing, but just not marked to appear in swatches panel?
  13. blacksonville

    Crash when opening layers

    The recommendation did not work, using the CTRL button. Any other options. The Clear User Data screen will not open.
  14. It's really a kind of Preset that you can create to gather together a set of print options that you use frequently.
  15. Yeah I get it, but isn't that a super simple calc? (not that we should be, in any shape or form, required to jump through a hoop like this) 50.8/10=5.08 so multiple 300 by 5.08 and you get the dimension changes. (just wanted to make sure he was aware of the option. On MAC, depending on the elements of the window sometimes the new dimensions don't immediately update in the dialog box... so there's no feedback to the user that the change will even take effect.... until the commit button is hit.
  16. I've been using Dark Theme myself for some time, but recently I switched to Light Theme, because it's too black and the controls don't make a big difference. Tutorials, especially when watched in lower resolutions, definitely need to be in Light Theme. +1 from me.
  17. @Psenda, For a guy how plays with photos, i must be blind :B how can i miss those units... Thanks :) For crop and mesh tool, your answer is not what i mean, C for crop tool is Ok for me, I mean for the apply and cancel buttons. Enter key works for applying Crop, not for mesh, why ? And Escape key would be nice for the cancel button for both tools.
  18. I have tended to ignore this, but now I wonder. The print dialogue box has 'Profile' at the top and 'Printer Profile' at the bottom under colour management. Now, Printer profile is what I know about from PS, IE, a custom made ICC profile or a Generic one (from Epson or HP or whatever) or simply your RGB generic. This is what that is for. But what is the Profile tab for at the top of the dialogue box please?
  19. Today
  20. I think the gray and the blue rectangle exactly do this. The gray shows the spread in the main window. If you single tap another page in pages pane, that gets a blue rectangle – without influencing the gray and the main window yet. Now you may move the blue marked page around, still without change of gray frame and main window. Only if you let go of the blue then this side/spread gets the gray rectangle and moves into the main window. However, this is not my problem. I'm more interested in a trustworthy "Current" setting in print or export options !
  21. You could try posting a file here and see if anyone can edit it.
  22. You can do that on a PC, too. But it sounds like AdrianB knows the final physical dimensions needed, and doesn't care about the DPI. It would take some math to take the current dimensions and DPI and calculate a DPI that would give the desired new dimension
  23. Thank you for welcoming me and for your quick response. I wonder how many requests would be needed to nudge Serif into considering it?
  24. It has been said, but not enough since it hasn't been fixed yet.
  25. malarkyarts

    A few horrible bugs

    Thanks Andy
  26. Hi Errorl It's something we've had a number of reports for but it's not something I'm able to replicate at all. Are there any file or anything that does this you could provide at all for me to try and look into the cause? Thanks
  27. GrahamMYC There have been a lot of issues reported with the find and especially replace all. Are you crash occurring on the find or on actually trying to replace? Would you be able to provide the PDF you are using so I can try and replicate this? Thanks
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