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  2. If you merge curves and then apply the Line Width Tool, it applies to all objects 2024-04-20 07-12-26.mp4
  3. Certainly, many of the issues described here are already known to management and development teams. However, testing for known issues, even obvious ones, is also important because it helps them analyze the impact of these issues on the overall customer experience. So keep testing and share your feedback, even the obvious ones. They certainly don't take them lightly😉
  4. Shapes change their geometric shape when you use a Layer-->Geometry-->Merge Curves
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  6. Command + J works fine for me, but if I were to try it with an image layer it would not work - it would copy the whole layer. Try using a pixel layer - that should work.
  7. Command J no longer makes a new layer from a selection. All it does is make a new layer of the whole page. Used rectangular marquee to select a portion of the image. Then tried Command J and got a new layer, but it copied the whole image as a new layer, not just my selection. Same thing with Layer>Duplicate selection; duplicates the whole image, not just the selection. How can I fix this?
  8. Thanks for checking @MikeTO. I have the same performance settings... However, I just rechecked the file on both beta and retail versions and the performance seems to have returned to normal... perhaps my system was low on memory or running something in the background, I forgot to check Activity Monitor to see what was going on... I guess I will keep an eye open and report back if the issue resurfaces....
  9. Select all cells in the table Go into the Paragraph panel and toggle the "Align to Baseline Grid" check box to on then off The vertical alignment options will then work as expected
  10. Yes, but it's finicky to fix otherwise. Try this instead. Edit Body and change it to Times New Roman and Regular (not just Times New Roman) and then select all the text and choose Times New Roman Regular.
  11. This is typical of GFs own fonts. But for most fonts the upstream repository is going to have static TTF fonts without overlaps. And OTF fonts too. OTF static fonts never have overlaps, so that is the easiest work-around. And you can remove the overlaps yourself - I used FoundryTools-CLI (in GitHub) to remove the overlaps on the Roboto Condensed fonts above. And you could use it to convert the TTF fonts to OTF fonts.
  12. Select the Clone Brush then tap it again to display additional tools.
  13. One last tweak and edit in Affinity Photo with the G'MIC Polaroid plugin. Test added in Affinity Photo using Artistic Text tool.
  14. I also get artifacts like that. Also some jaggies and cusps as seen in the video. I see it on iPad and Mac. It seems to happen mostly on the pencil or pen tool, which draws a path with essentially no stroke width. I don’t see it on the vector brush yet. its a nice feature though! RPReplay_Final1713572906.mov
  15. Wouldn't this mean that I would have to manually re-italicize everything?
  16. Detrimental Effects of Begging Customers For the customer: Frustration: Repeated requests can be frustrating and demoralising. Waste of time: Time spent pursuing a resolution could be used more productively elsewhere. Loss of trust: Begging for a resolution can diminish trust in the company's ability to deliver reliable products and services. For the company: Poor reputation: Frequent complaints and visible customer dissatisfaction can damage the company's reputation. Financial loss: Resources spent on repeated fixes or customer support could be financially draining. Strain on resources: Constant demands for corrections can strain staff and divert focus from new developments or other customer support issues.
  17. In that case, did anything else on your system change when the problem started occurring? You said that it worked reasonably well until recently and now you can't even move a text frame in a new document without it crashing. Did you install any updates to Windows, change any of your hardware, install a new font, or anything else? Have you tried resetting your user data (start the app with Ctrl held down). It's a long shot since you're having the problem in both 2.4 and the 2.5 beta but it's worth a shot.
  18. There's no Base style in this document so the text styles aren't based on anything. It's a best practice to base your styles on something because then you change everything in one place. If you were to select the frame with the Move tool and choose Edit > Defaults > Revert and reapply the styles, everything would be great. If you don't want to do that (and who would), you'll have to edit the text styles and define the weights. For example, you can fix the problem if you edit Body and change it to Times Regular (not just Times) and then choose Apply Body to Paragraphs and Clear Character Styles.
  19. I changed it to Times New Roman if you wanna play around with it. Thank you for this though! What's weird to me is I've never had a problem like this before and I have another document with basically the exact same settings for text styles (save for font) and this doesn't happen at all. So I'm really not sure what's going on... The ideal solution is there's minimal Word formatting and then text style strips an extra stuff and just keeps character styles (which is what has worked in the past). Bold why.afpub
  20. Hi, your screenshot doesn't show the important part which is the File Settings section of the Export window. It's hard to know what you're exporting from this. Also, check your section manager. Did you accidentally deselect the Include on Export checkbox for the cover's section?
  21. One other thought… again, if you’re using Word. If you create a character text style in Word for italics and use the character text style instead of the italics button in the Ribbon, the character text style will be brought into Affinity Publisher. Having a character text style applied to italic text would enable you to apply a different paragraph text style without overriding the italics.
  22. I installed the beta just in case it fixed the issue. I uninstalled it and installed the newest regular release and it's 100% reproducable. The event viewer has one for the beta and one for the regular version. They are perfectly identical.
  23. The log indicates that you're using the 2.5 beta. Can you duplicate this in 2.4.2? If not, you should report this in the beta forum rather than here.
  24. @dantaylr I don't think you do need those extra Nodes. I was able to create those angles by setting the "Join" value in the Stroke Panel to a bevel per the attached screenshot. Try this for the beveled edges, and if necessary, adjust the miter value. I also wondered about the scale being so small. Glad that worked for you, but the above may also work and be a simpler, more elegant solution (assuming the angles and sizes work for you).
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