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  2. I assumed that the inspired, professional, creative and fast users of Affinity would put two and two together, and if not, ask Google.
  3. Many people (also in this thread) don't seem to realize that the fact that you don't notice a colour management issue depends on many things, including the gamut of your monitor and your perception of colours (and I assume that everybody here calibrate/profile their monitors and use colour-managed programs set up correctly). In order to take the subjectivity out of the equation I suggested testing the Affinity Photo plug-in support with specially prepared files, which should give everybody a visual cue whether the embedded ICC profile is transferred from the host application to the plug-in or not.
  4. I am new here but as I am going through trial period I would like to help out but pointing out some issues. Hope this is the right place. Mac Trial - Help - Affinity Photo Help - THEN I TYPE IN a search field Keyboard Shortcuts and and 2 results are shown - click on a result and BAM back to the Get Answers fast screen. It is a loop with no real answers being shown. Also Clicking on "Tutorial" under help menu on Mac gives a a web site with 404 Error --- https://affinity.serif.com/forum/index.php/?/forum/9-tutorials/ Hope this helpful. Should I post elsewhere as I find or is this good?
  5. As a matter of getting your point across, I would suggest that you would have been better to put it like this: On their web page [link] Serif has claimed that John
  6. Hi, I searched the forum, but couldn’t find if someone already mentioned a small problem here. I have few one-page spreads originally set as A4. When I resized some of them to A5 or A3, there’s no visual change or indication on the preview panel - it would be useful if pages in preview had different sizes or some other information about their dimensions.
  7. I've read through the help files for Designer, but I can't find a way to use the Pen or Pencil tools to extend and existing curve, either to create a new open curve or to create a new closed shape. All that I'm able to accomplish is to draw a separate curve starting from the end point of the existing curve, and there's no way to create a closed shape. Am I missing something? Help appreciated.
  8. And soon it won't even be a Mac thing: the Media Browser has been removed from the Mac 1.7 customer beta builds & they say it won't be coming back. I'm not sure why but I think it has something to do with compatibility issues with later versions of the Mac OS.
  9. Where are you trying to save the document to?
  10. My suggestion would be to check the integrity of the downloaded installer file before redownloading. To do this, right-click the installer file in an Explorer window and choose ‘Properties’. In the Properties dialog, go to the Digital Signatures tab and click on an entry in the signature list to highlight that entry. The ‘Details’ button will become enabled, and when you press it and wait for several seconds you will get a message telling you whether or not the digital signature is OK. If it’s not OK, you have a corrupt or incomplete download and you need to download a fresh copy of the installer file (and if it is OK, the problem lies elsewhere and there’s no point in downloading the installer file all over again).
  11. LionelD

    Can I specify Pantone colors?

    I too want to use the Pantone Colours - there’s a set of 15 of them for this year. I tried to import them in the form of an Adobe Swatch Exchange file, but that failed, and then I saw some comments that led me to believe that functionality is not available in AD for iPad (Word of caution: I’m very new to Affinity, so I could easily be mistaken about the functionality in AD for iPad). I’ve seen discussions on this topic that suggest photographing the swatches, but I don’t favour that approach because parts of that pathway are not color managed. I guess it also depends on how accurate you need/want to be. So I went to Photoshop, created a JPG with 15 squares (and an embedded color profile), imported that into AD, and created an Application Swatch from it. I now believe that what I did had an interesting side effect, because the ProPhoto profile is available in AD. I guess AD grabbed it when I created the Application Swatches. Can someone from Serif confirm my inference? I also discovered that if you display the swatches in list form, you can edit the names, so I added the Pantone names to the RGB values that are the standard name in AD. Regards Lionel
  12. That second one was the ticket! I was trying to hard and simply had to allow it to be applied recursively. You sir have made my day and were super helpful.
  13. Patrick Connor

    Thank You Affinity

    @Darren deNova Welcome to the Serif Affinity forums Thanks for the "thank you", and please keep the criticisms of other software houses to a reasonable level.
  14. Patrick Connor

    Thank You Affinity

    duplicate of this thread
  15. I would like to print at 600 DPI which my Xerox Phaser 6180 printer supports but I cannot set a DPI higher than 400 in Affinity Photo for MAC OSX. Whether I create a new blank document or load a 6000 x 4000 pixel image, the only values available to me are: 72, 96, 144, 192, 300, and 400.
  16. Are you using the ‘Place’ command, or are you loading/opening the images? (The term ‘upload’ usually refers to putting a file on a web server.) Check the layer designation in the Layers panel. If it says ‘Image’ instead of ‘Pixel’, you’ll need to right-click it and choose ‘Rasterize’ to give you a layer that you can work with at the pixel level.
  17. Nice suggestions Leigh. This is not an Affinity issue it runs perfectly fine on both my new-er desktop any old MS Surface pro 3 with windows 10. My suggestions would be to re-download the program, maybe it got interrupted? Or perhaps you do not have your .NET runtime set up correctly. This was a good post to check for .NET runtime errors
  18. All, For the "a and m" version, so far, I get no joy. Got it all set up, added a curves adjustment, turn the mask on and off and = no effect. I put the curves layer above, below, nested, every place it could go and find no change switching the mask layer on and off. Perhaps one of you could post a 'next step' for this. What did you do next with your creation? I didn't try Max's version as he has me completely lost. Way too much "short hand" in the post for me. Again, please post the 'next stip' or 'how to use this' step. Does M simply get replaced with L? Best regards, Clifford Rourke
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  20. “There is a trail version” ”Your welcome” My apologies, Dex, but that invitation was too tempting to decline!
  21. David Caush

    Healing Brush Tool

    What I mean by intermittently is, I upload an image to edit which I do successfully. The next image I upload, when I attempt to use the healing brush tool, I can’t get it to work!
  22. Patrick Connor

    Affinity Range Mac Beta Release Notifications

    These are the latest beta builds. Please follow this thread for forum notifications of new Mac beta builds Affinity Designer Customer beta build for MacOS Affinity Photo Customer Beta build for MacOS (NEW) Affinity Publisher Public Beta build for MacOS (withdrawn)
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