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  2. OK, this will be a long one. In the 2 years since I first posted this feature request a few things have changed in my workflow. Before, I liked to do my color grading in Capture One before exporting a tiff for skin work, etc in Affinity Photo. I now like to not have the color grade baked in, so that I can easily change it without losing my skin work. I could always just export from Affinity Photo back to C1 to do my color grade at the end, but it would be much more helpful if I could intuitively and quickly do my color grade in Affinity Photo. Below are 2 videos showing the difference between color grading in C1 and Affinity Photo for me (no retouching has been done yet, so please don't judge image). As you can see, C1 makes it much easier to preview looks I've created using the Color Balance tool, as well as create new looks on the fly. I know that I could save looks as luts or whatever and preview that way, but that still leaves the creation process, which right now for me, consists of a 6 node gradient map for highlights, shadows and midtones. As you can see in the second video, this is not intuitive at all and definitely not fast. Also, I already have these layers created in advance and have the blend options set for each layer, otherwise this video would be easily double the length. Even with this process, I still can't control the luminosity of the highs, shadows and mids within this color grade stack. I'd have to add 1 or more adjustments to do that separately. Panels like the Infinite Color one from Pratik look to bring similar functionality to PS, but as I understand it, these panels will most likely never work in Affinity Photo. As mentioned in my last post on this subject, Pixelmator Photo for iPad now has a similar tool to C1 and it would be great if Affinity Photo could provide this ease of use to color grading. I'd especially love if the iPad version had this as it is my main retouching/color grading platform. Anyway, thanks for reading/viewing. If there are any more questions I can answer about my suggestion or process, please let me know. ••••C1_Color_Balance.mov ••••AP_Color_Grade.mov
  3. Regarding Filter Forge 9 as a plugin for the Mac version of AP, I discovered after buying the Pro version that while it works with the 1.8.2 retail version, there are a few problems with it, the worst of which is applying one of its filters to an .afphoto document is incredibly slow (like two minutes of spinning beachball before it finally updates in AP. Also ,the plugin does not remember any filters I have added to my favorites list in the stand alone version. However, I am happy to report that neither issue is present in the just released - GM Seed version. 👍
  4. Apparently it is a bug in the Mac version, this works fine in Windows: the view are undockable
  5. Appreciated. Do you know if there is any movement on being able to make the bottom and side slide bars more visible? Regards Harrythespida
  6. By the time I receive it and get my hamburger out of Lay-Away at Walmart the discount will be gone, such is life. It’s great that none of the forum members have reported any terrible news concerning infection of the virus.
  7. The instructions I downloaded (one of their KB articles, not the documentation that comes with the InDesign template) gives sundry recommendations for black type and expanses of black. They definitely warn against CMYK=100 across the board. More mail from them today notes: ". . . I can let you know that our instructions for other programs such as InDesign state that whatever color space you choose to use will need to be embedded into the file." [emphasis theirs]
  8. thanks Walt that is exactly what I needed. Ctrl Shift W toggles this. Then I found the Preview button up the top. it is hard finding everything after adobe products that I getting away from as many others are
  9. One would think so. But how they fix it might depend on how it behaves on Mac.
  10. Sorry; my mistake. One signup gets you the product keys for all 3 in one email, and the download link in that email gets you to a page where you can download all 3 products.
  11. This is a shockingly incorrect statement that has been contradicted by issues identified in several threads,, issues that have also been acknowledged by AP staff. As but example, acknowledged by MEB in the bug forum, Affinity Develop extension does not work with RAW photos - at least not for some of us. The Edit in Affinity Photo extension also has several major issues for some of us. Many of your customers may well be prepared to agree with you but a cursory review of recent and no so recent issues raised in this and the bug forum demonstrate that Affinity is by no means fully compatible with Apple Photos and Catalina. Very very disappointing that a staff member makes such a statement while other staff members have acknowledged that there are problems and stated that the dev team is trying to come up with a fix. Who do we believe?
  12. Yes, use separated mode then grab one by the name bar and drag it to the right side of the screen and the other to the left. You can resize or zoom the display for either as much as you want. Also yes when switching the panels may need to be adjusted depending how you use them. Your desktop will be visible between the documents and panels.
  13. You can also use Resource Manager to quickly replace pictures and maintain their dimensions.
  14. Checking the post, I see it's been moved. It does, however relate to Windows 10, not Mac.
  15. Hi, I have seen that you have problems with GSUB substitutions in more situations. This is screenshot of Courier New, MacOs Mojave running latest Affinity publisher 1.8.2 The difference is visible, though the right - wrong case - is in text field. Looking into the font, I discover that it doesn't have any subsititutions, either kerning (monospaced). Is this done automatically by Affinity designer?
  16. I have the same problem! I cannot export my pdf document!
  17. Humm, not functioning. I got: You’ve already signed up for the trial using this email address.
  18. 😣 But an easy thing to fix for Serif.
  19. Ah, I guess I understand: You aren't missing in the main menu the not-occurring entry "Insert..." but the "Edit..." for already inserted hyperlinks. I agree, this seems to be an UI mistake (like imho the disappeared "Insert..." which should appear as greyed-out). The "Interactive" main menu entries appear strange also for the Anchor commands. For both, hyperlinks and anchors, the right-click menu gives options which can't accessed via the main menu. Quite confusing that the UI offers 4 different "Interactive" menus for hyperlinks, instead just 1 with varying colors: main no link // main existing link // context no link // context existing link: // // // Hopefully the Affinity developers will fix this menu mixture, at least for macOS, where usually any right-click menu item should also occur in the main menu (with the ability to get a shortcut, too). Compare the Apple Interface Design Guide: https://developer.apple.com/design/human-interface-guidelines/macos/menus/contextual-menus/
  20. From what I remember those haven't been defaults on Windows since at least 1.6. I started at 1.6, and they were not defaults for me even then, if I remember correctly.
  21. Thank you for you time, @walt.farrell 🙂 Indeed. So, we can mitigate the problem. But Serif, you have to verify that the default keyboard shortcuts are correctly configured in code/config. No one expects defaults to disappear when updating. Or the Spanish Inquisition.
  22. You've posted in one of the Bugs forums, which is the proper way to report a bug report. They will get to it, though it might take awhile as they are very busy and working in adverse circumstances.
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