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  2. If you crop in Photos then try opening the same image AP and Snapseed, AP will open the original uncropped image but Snapseed and other apps open the cropped image. I believe this latter behaviour is correct since the image appears cropped in Photos and this is the image you want to work on. AP is importing the original version and not the current version from Photos.
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  4. Some people say you're as old as you feel. The trouble is, by that reckoning I'm ancient!
  5. Out of curiosity, I've dug out Version 3 of Knoll Light Factory, that was originally supplied with a Serif Photoplus bundle. Although it's installed, Affinity Photo doesn't recognise the plugin. Does anyone know if it's compatible with AP, and if so, how did you get it to work? (All my other plugins Like Nik Collection and Topaz Labs work fine) Thanks
  6. I don't know if this is a bug since I'm using the filter unconventionally, but it seems odd. I'm finding the haze filter brilliant in function for those landscapes, but equally useful for clearing up all kinds of haze. When I used it on this street image where to hot Texas sun gave everything a hazing look, the filter didn't apply evenly. It's as if straight lines within the image confused its application and it didn't work consistently throughout the image. I tried it again as a test, and the straight lines through it off again so that it only applied within what it interpreted as specific quadrants. If you look at this sample image you'll notice that the area to the far left is clear of haze only up to the line of the street lighting post, then hazy above the truck, then haze cleared after the truck.
  7. Sorry I meant to say I use Thunderbird. We have Googled to see if there were any answers to the problem but as yet found none.
  8. By a "manual" I was thinking of a book with an index, pages, chapters and a logical sequence. A help system usually relies on you searching for something. That's no good if you don't know the name of what you want to search for. I think I'm just old fashioned. Trouble is, I'm just old
  9. Mmm, your right. The majority of the fonts don't show it correctly, however some do. I also noticed Notepad's default font 'Consolas' acts even more oddly... Looking at the same text in a Word Processor, it looks like the Word Processor gets around the issue with the fonts as it uses auto-correct instead, which is probably why I haven't noticed it before. Now I know the issue is due to the font, I'll just use non superscript ordinals.
  10. And why do you ask this in the beta section? Do you think you'll get an answer here? Don't you think the beta section is, well to talk about the beta releases
  11. I watched all the Affinity Photo video tutorials and I love them. However, I do have additional questions, input and feedback and I thought that's what your forums are here for. I mean, at the end of every video it actually says to "not hesitate to ask additional questions on the Affinity forums". Unfortunately, though, it seems that the forum activity for many topics is very low. Don't get me wrong, I can only imagine that moderating forums like these is quite hard and time consuming. But at the same time I am pretty frustrated that there's not more support available. Am I asking the wrong questions? Am I not making myself clear (English is not my native language)? Is there a better way to ask questions and provide feedback? I currently have two unanswered topics that are, in my opinion, pretty important issues for everybody using Affinity Photo. One is about the missing essential feature to save edited images back to Apple Photos and the other is about a potential bug on Affinity for iPad when it comes to importing images into a stack. Both have one to zero replies and I obviously wasn't able to start a vivid discussion about my issues. I started more topics in the past which also had very few replies. I wonder where, if not here, the discussion is happening?
  12. Here's an interesting discovery: 1. Duplicate image. Blend Mode: Contrast Negate. Note how image looks. 2. From the beginning again, add Pixel layer above image. Fill with white. Blend Mode: Negation. Aha! It looks the same as 1. So they are related. TIme to sleep on it, perchance.
  13. I would like to use Affinity to adjust a file, then output separate CMY files, is this possible? This is for Gum Bichromate prints.
  14. ** SOLVED ** Solution: Turned off metadata and turned it on again.
  15. Useful note. Thanks, RC-R. The Overlay etc. group indeed act this way and perhaps Contrast Negate is some kind of inversion of these. As an experiment I overlaid an image with a 50% grey layer and set Contrast Negate blend mode. All that is visible is 50% grey. Which is a kind of opposite, I guess to Overlay. I tried painting with white and black. Both, interestingly, gave the same result, which was a pretty extreme black/white solarization. Painting with other colours in the blend layer also gives a solarization, but now with these colours and their inverse as the two solarized colours. Blending a duplicate layer with Contrast Negate gives an odd recolour effect. Interestingly, Negation has a similar, and more colourful effect. Negation uses the formula 'Int(Base + Blend)'. Maybe Contrast Negate uses some variation on this.
  16. View > Dock Tools will do it
  17. I used the tab key to turn on/off the tools. But they are no longer tied to document but can be moved about the screen but will not dock to the document. Unknown why this happened but prefer the tools are attached to document view.
  18. No, that's not it. It was 2 pictures of the same girl (same original picture, 2 different treatments). Thanks anyway.
  19. I had the same problem and then remembered the basic rule when something doesn't work in Affinity Photo--check to see if I am on a pixel layer. Problem solved.
  20. Just downloaded Affinity photo for iPad and watched the tutorial for Panorama stitching. I have two questions: 1. What I don't see in the tutorial is a way to do a boundary warp after stitching preview, which is an option in the panorama stitching I'm used to doing in the desktop version of Lightroom. Can anyone tell me if it's possible to do that in Affinity, and if so, how? 2. It seems to work for my daytime panoramas, but when I tried to stitch two night sky Milky Way photos together it just didn't do anything. Any tips? Also, is there a way to save those video tutorials for offline viewing? I was thinking of playing with this app on an airplane...
  21. Considering the AD roadmap does not include a better pattern-maker, like the one in Adobe Illustrator where you can adjust the rows, columns, distribution, etc etc, I've been going back to AI for exactly that tool. Sure, in AD you 'use' fill pattern, but let's be honest that's just a clutch solution. What tool do you use for pattern-making? I'm open to buy other design apps that do have advanced pattern-making abilities, I also looking at Lost Minds' PatterNodes (mac only).
  22. I just cropped an image with Snapseed and saved it. When I opened it in AP it opened the full image. If I export it as a copy and open it in AP it opens as the cropped version. I don't see this as an AP bug. Snapseed must add some info to the file that AP is not aware of.
  23. Of course, here's tutorial:
  24. Yes, it probably does, but without knowing what email client app you use, there is no way to offer any advice about what it might be.
  25. Sure, it works correctly. It (apparently) works the same as in AD...I don't have APhoto, so the screen shot is from AD for which I get the same result in Verdana as your screen shot shows. The "problem" is in the font. Likely (I haven't opened it in a font editor) only has ordfeminine and ordmasculine defined as ordinals. In the screen shot below, the lowercase st, nd, rd & th all go superscripted when using ordinals for the text on the right, which traps those caracters and then uses the feature properly. It's my font and frankly never thought of trapping the uppercase usage (and likely won't).
  26. Hello, is there option or could You add such that it will allow to get picker average color from selection? Greetings, Mike
  27. Strange behaviour: I use my iPad (AP-vers 1.6.3): I insert a simple text into a picture and save this file into the iCloud. Now I use APwin: I download this file and try to open it: I cannot open it because „The file includes features from a later version of Affinity“ Without text there is no problem in opening it with APwin. See attached files "simple-text" and "without-text" (edited with iPad) simple-text.afphoto without-text.afphoto
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