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  2. One method is to apply a Colour Overlay from the Effects Panel. Once applied, click the Colour box to set the colour and you can adjust the Opacity if needed or click the Cog icon and change the Blend Mode to perhaps Colour.
  3. Affinity Designer doesn't have a Perspective Tool/Mesh Warp, unlike Affinity Photo. There is a way to get the add some of the Live Filters into Designer, it's not official but other users have reported some good results.
  4. JamesCanning

    linking text frames

    Thanks again, Walt. So I'll be at it a while, with good direction from your responses so far. Thanks once more! I am really a newbie and shy about it :-/ James
  5. Still waiting... DDS support + this and hundreds of users will definitely uninstall PhotoShop from their HD.
  6. Agree, add decent DDS support ASAP, please.
  7. I'm not sure if these files give any clues to the crashes. I'm just hoping someone might have a clue.
  8. Something that can effect how images look in Affinity Photo is the colour profile in Windows. See this FAQ post on what to check for in Windows. We also have a Spotlight article on Colour Management within Affinity. If you are still having issues, can you provide any screenshots comparing what you see to Affinity to others?
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  10. Lee D

    Only crashes

    Can you confirm the model of camera the .CR3 was taken on and your workflow. I can then do some testing on our test iPads when in the office. See this FAQ on also retrieving a crash report from iPadOS with regards to Photo.
  11. I was this morning doing some brush tests in beta in pixel persona, because In photo is a really paint brush problem with almost all brushes. I was doing some things and no mention that there was not a normal brush options... Load brush - auto load brush and clean brush... nice things where I could mix color when painting with a brush. But after cleaning up the canvas all these option where go.... Coul'd them get back. See Picture is this a secret option?
  12. The Affinity Photo colors on Windows 10 are "wrong". I've got consistent color presentation across the system (LR, Capture 1, JPEG viewers) with the exception of Affinity Photo. The Affinity colors are "dull", quite different from the rest. I've tried to play with the "Color" section of the preferences, but it doesn't change the presentation of the colors. In fact every picture looks different in the AP than any other app on my system. Any suggestions will be appreciated.
  13. Le Minh Thanh

    TET and VietNamese traditional features

    TRO CHOI DAN GIAN - FOLK GAME in TET Tha Dieu Nhay Day Rong Ran Len Cay
  14. Can anyone from the staff answer this question?
  15. FWIW, I just tried connecting to Pexels using the Stock Studio in the iPad version of AP. Like on my Mac, I do not get a "Connection failed" notice, but on the iPad when I enter any search term & tap "Search" I just get a never-ending spinner to the left of the search field. Switching to Pixabay or Unsplash gets immediate results, which I think which rules out a general connection issue at my end.
  16. This is a must, on the longer run (not too long, hopefully). A benefit for all. Features like the missing DXF import/export feature could be left to motivated 3rd parties - there always is someone. The higher the pressure of need, the more likely. The question is, did Serif plan an implementation all along and just pushed it back on the roadmap, or did they make the mistake not to, so this would be problematic. I don't want to believe that Serif is short-sighted enough to block a plugin interface just for tactical business advantages only.
  17. Salve , sto cercando di sviluppare un dng in publisher dirottandolo in photo . In a. photo mi viene segnalato della mancanza di un livello pixel da selezionare .é possibile risolvere ?Saluti
  18. If you check your firewall for connections from Affinity Photo it will likely give an IP address such as this brings up a cloud flare error 1003 page.
  19. Welcome to the forums. Is each face in a separate image or are all of the faces in one image? Oops, misread the question. What do you have at the moment? Just a set of images, each with a face in it?
  20. I still get the connection failed with Pexels. This has been reported. https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/91092-stock-panel-connection-failed/
  21. No unfortunately the shapes still remain the same. I can't select, delete or move them.
  22. You can get what you want by using Paragraph Decorations. They need a bit of up-front work – and a bit of tweaking – but they are usable, see attached afpub file and GIF. It’s not ideal, it’s but better than nothing. decorations-as-bullets.afpub
  23. If it's an M.2 they are pretty quick drives, approx 3 x quicker than a standard SSD.
  24. That could be a redraw issue. If you move the canvas out of sight, i.e. out of the workspace area and then move it back do the objects appear on the left side?
  25. Hi does anyone know if there is a way to change perspective of a rasterized vector shape.
  26. Very true, intermittent glitches are a pain.
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