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  2. That's frustrating. Sounds like a bug or a hidden setting buried somewhere I haven't found. Thanks so much for your help, hopefully one of the Mods will be able to confirm for us
  3. If you don't use the same address for your account on the affinity website as on this forum, you must register your program with the affinity account address (AFFINITY ID) when you start the application (for the first time).
  4. My setting were slightly different but I changed mine to exactly the same as yours and mine still snaps. Rather frustratingly, whilst playing I have occasionally seen the cursor change to a cross but not sure why and then it flips back to being a star as yours starts out being a star. It still could be a bug.
  5. When this happened, did you directly paste the screenshot into XnViewMP first, or did you try pasting it into Affinity Photo first and then pasting it into XnViewMP?
  6. Yes - just tried with Photo and Publisher V1 and it's the same. I've amended my pen tool settings to exactly what you have on your screen recording and still no luck. How do these settings compare to yours?
  7. Welcome! Which app & version, which OS ... etc. - From "list of content" one can only guess that APub is meant here, but everything else is unknown here. Please be more specific.
  8. Yes, that's what I told you in my previous message, a new version 2.0.4 has been available since yesterday. You can download it from your account on the affinity site or on the link I gave you: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/170203-latest-affinity-v2-releases-on-each-platform-by-store/&do=findComment&comment=1039198
  9. It is not just Affinity that is affected by the issue. I've just tried to paste a screenshot in a new image using XnViewMP with the same outcome: The three right-most pixel are placed on the left side of the pasted image. However, if I do a second screenshot it gets pasted correctly once in a while. Again, if I copy the incorrectly pasted image from XnViewMP and paste it in Affinity, the offset is gone... Unfortunately I can't reproduce this behaviour every single time. To me it looks very random. So it might be a issue with Windows? (in my case: Win10 22H2)
  10. Yes so weird, I think the change from a star to a cross is telling you the snap behaviour has changed. All I can think is there is a buried setting somewhere which changes what happens when shift is pressed. Cannot understand how it would be like that for you on V1 and V2. Did you try the same in Photo V1 V2?
  11. Hello @Marc L I have (in theory not practice) the new Affinity V2. A user has said there is a newer version V2.0.4 I have V2.0.3 This might be what I need to get my Affinity apps launched so I can start to use them.
  12. If the Pixel tool is selected and then a brush is selected that has Wet Edges set to On, the Pixel tool inherits the Wet Edges setting. When then changed to another brush – such as a basic round brush – the Wet Edges remain on as the brush is set to "Don't set wet edges" by default (which is technically "normal" operation). With the basic round brush now selected, when using the Alternative mode (holding the Ctrl key on the keyboard) to temporarily use the Erase mode, the wet edges are applied and will not erase as expected. There is no indication that Wet Edges is set, as there there is no Wet Edges Context toolbar item for the Pixel tool. The only way to remove Wet Edges is to use a brush that has Wet Edges set to Off (not just set to "Don't set wet edges"). This means the user either using the "More" button in the context toolbar or creating a new square brush and setting the Wet Edges to "Set wet edges off". This will then remove the Wet Edges setting from the Pixel tool and the Alternative mode will work as expected. This appears to be an issue introduced in Affinity Photo V2. In Affinity Photo, both the normal Pixel tool mode and the Alternative Pixel tool mode ignore inherited Wet Edges – and the Alt mode (Erase) works as expected. Steps to reproduce: Square Brush.mp4 ---- Affinity Photo (EXE version, but I also saw it when I had the MSIX version installed) Windows 10 22H2 (19045.2486)
  13. Hi Paul, Thanks very much for that. How curious... Good to know it's possible to get the behaviour that I desire, just need to work out what that star next to the cursor means. Hopefully one of the Affinity Mods will be able to assist. Thanks!
  14. I have just checked on V1 and in Affinity Photo and my lines do snap when constrained AND my cursor icon remains a STAR which I cannot find out what that means and why you appear to have a cross not a star when you press shift key to constrain. Mine does mot do that.
  15. The new version was made available yesterday. Look here on the “News and Information” thread: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/170203-latest-affinity-v2-releases-on-each-platform-by-store/ Otherwise you can find all the information on your purchases on the site https://affinity.serif.com/ by logging into "your account". (see my screenshot below)
  16. If it were me doing this I would probably use a Compound Layer rather than the ‘blocky’ font, see attached video. 2023-01-28 09-43-43.mp4
  17. I have looked through the topics and I it seems I am the only one with this particular issue. It hasn't crashed, there are no error messages. It must have something to do with the downloading or registration or payment or Windows or ... I don't know. I am in the UK is that the problem? I will uninstall and restart for the last time and see if that helps. I don't know how to get V2 2.0.4. Something about sandboxing...??? Attached screenshots of the issues I have. I hope it can be sorted soon.
  18. Welcome to the forums @XGJ The same problem can be seen on the dafont website – see attached image. The lines can be removed with the Blend Options by either changing the Anti-aliasing to Force Off or making the Coverage Map less steep, but the result will be less smooth (and probably rasterised upon export). The usual way to remove this sort of thing is to put a coloured shape behind the text but that won’t work in this case as the shape would cover the ‘holes’. It’s often difficult to remove the ‘gap’ where diagonal lines are next to each other. Some experimentation and compromise is usually needed. Maybe someone else has some better ideas.
  19. Strange,I am not seeing this on my M1 Mac Mini, macOS Ventura seems to work ok. EDIT: My cursor shows a star next to the pen tool, yours shows a cross next to the pen tool might be relevant. Screen Recording 2023-01-28 at 09.25.06.mov
  20. Hello. I've a issue that only appears sometimes when I click develop. I open my cr3 file and take my settings. Everything seems ok. I click develop and the settings are gone. The image looks like the original cr3 without all my taken settings. It's equal if it develops into a RAW Layer or into a pixel layer. If I develop into a RAW layer and doubleclick onto this layer for reopen the develop persona there are no settings set if this issue appears. Any Idea? Regards Jens
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  22. Thanks a lot. I’ not yet fully convinced its related to wet edges. i opened the file on iPad, there the wet edges is visible and off, but the issue persists. But i noticed something that might cause the issue: you have pixel layers stretching over 2 artboards. This is bad and must be avoided. If you select one artboard create new pixel layer (inside that artboard) start to use brush or pixel brush everything is fine snapping settings might play into this, never use “move by whole pixels”.
  23. There is a new version?? So why are they giving me and old version? Where do I find the new version 2.0.4? Maybe I hit a scam website and they have given me a false programme that is eating through my system as I type this. I am baffled and a bit grumpy about it all. Waiting to be rescued from this dilemma.
  24. Hi everyone, I posted something similar in the feedback forum a few months ago, but I've realised that the behaviour applies not only to grids but to all forms of snapping so I'm posting here now as a bug. It is currently not possible to snap when constraining the curve's angle even with snapping enabled when using the pen tool normally. I've recorded a short video to show this in action. Affinity designer snapping not working with constraint.mp4 I am using MacOS Ventura 13.1 M1 pro Macbook Pro Affinity Designer 2.0.4 Confirmed that this bug exists on version 1 of Designer. The only workaround seems to be to press and hold on the trackpad/mouse when drawing the curve and snapping will work, but this is really unintuitive and impractical for large amounts of drawing.
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