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  2. I Just downloaded new update and the rounding errors in the brush window seem to be fixed. I Still have a weird rounding error in the resize document dialog though. The strange thing is that if I create a new document of 600 dpi it correctly shows the DPI setting in the resize document as 600 dpi. But if I open my scanned document which I had scanned on 600 dpi it shows it as 599,999. If I open that file in MS Paint and view the document properties it shows it at the correct 600 dpi value.
  3. With the View Tool, Move Tool selected (not a brush tool), you can use the layer opacity shortcut keys to quickly hide/show selected layers. Press 0 (zero) twice quickly to hide the selected layers Press 0 (zero) once to unhide them Credit @Zox :
  4. I´m a big fan of your videos. So 1001 for the vids and 1001 for this stuff here.
  5. Hi, Any news dear?
  6. Thanks for the prompt response, do we know when this will be fixed?
  7. omg your like a magic dictionary!!!!! yeah I get the -200 often i think my images might be to big to upload or something
  8. It would be very useful to be able to set a reference point when mirroring objects.
  9. To all selected points in reference to the points themselves. Illustrator can do that, it behaves exactly the same as if aligning objects.
  10. Align to what? The bounding box of the shape, some arbitrary reference to other nodes in the shape, something else?
  11. Thanks for the video Burny, I can see now there appears to be something weird going on when you create the text frame - It appears to have that Text Style applied twice (indicated by the Big + Big) bit in the Text Styles panel. I'll get this investigated and passed over to development.
  12. It isn't just you.
  13. Hello Rick, I can, your problem does not really understand I suspect, that you a layer have inadvertently changed or accidentally deleted. I can not imagine anything else. I have in your picture, a new adjustment level added, and there are no problems with the processing. Best Regards Gnobelix Red Coloring Issue-2.afphoto
  14. Thanks for getting back to us
  15. Hello When a create a guide by dragging the guide from the ruler, in the Guides manager I cannot delete it. To delete it, I need to change it's value or create another guide, from within the guides manager, for the trash bin icon to become active. Same behaviour on 1.6.6 and Beta 1.6.7 Test: - Create a document - Make the rulers visible - Drag a guide from the rulers to the document - Go to the guides manager and try to delete it.
  16. Hello @Alfred & all others, I have finally purchased Affinity Photo - thanks to all the additional information I found here in the Forum. It was - as predicted by you - so lucky to get the Bonus Content too. Furthermore I could download quite a lot of Videos via VPN to here - which is still quite troublesome here in China. Furthermore I also found the possible good Videos available in Udemy from @drippy cat there. I think the beginners guide is worth to do and at least this is able to work here.
  17. Hi All, If you follow us on any of our social accounts you may notice that we have just changed our handles / usernames to @affinitybyserif. While we've grown pretty fond of @MacAffinity over the last few years we have to admit it's not the best handle when one of our big things is being multi-platform accross Mac, iPad and Windows. You don't have to re-follow us or anything, you'll just now be automatically following us under the new username. Of course our display names are all still just Affinity and that also means you will still see us appear as an autocomplete when wanting to mention us. Only thing is if have got used to manually typing "@MacAffinity" you might want to try to get out of that habit! That said we have set up new accounts so we still own the @MacAffinity handles, and will of course monitor that for mentions for the foreseeable future. Other main thing is the custom URLs to our social home pages have changed. If you have bookmarked us for any reason, you may wish to update these too. Our URLs are now as follows: We'll be updating any links on our sites, emails, etc. over the next few days. By all means if you spot an incorrect link from next week anywhere please let us know. There are some links to our social accounts in the apps too - they will be updated in our next patch which is due pretty soon anyway. Thanks, Ash
  18. Can you explain how this should work? I'm having problems imagining it right now
  19. Hi Tim, Firstly I've removed your email address and phone number as they're personal details we don't require and would avoid bots harvesting your details. However I would suggest changing your username to not include your email address for the same reason! Regarding the issue it is known and is with development to be fixed. Thanks for letting us know.
  20. The presets in the Develop persona can't be used with a batch job as you can't record macros in the Develop persona. There are things that can be done to RAW files via a batch job, and that includes resizing and exporting to JPEG.
  21. That looks pretty good. The small capitals issue on the beers page is still there, and I would have written “non-alcoholic” (with a hyphen) if I had been doing it, but these are very minor issues. Speaking of non-alcoholic, I’m sorry I didn’t notice the “naval oranges” (instead of “navel oranges”) when contemplating the non-alcoholic beverages list the first time around. I’ve no idea what your “-200” error was all about.
  22. Euh...they finally killed Freehand in favor of Illustrator... sth which I know pissed off a large number of designers (me, for example). The possibilities are high when a merge happens that is with the intention of a) diminish the app, in favor of own's competing one b) simply sink it, eliminate it from the market. It is expensive, but is specially done when it is a very hard enemy to beat due to the app's quality. If is the case as happened to XSI sunk by Autodesk, when the company was certainly struggling, and had not the overwhelming mass of people behind like Maya had (acquired, but survived!) , then is an easier prey. Freehand was really great. Flash... I'm certainly not happy to how things have gone for that one since Macromedia got acquired. Neither Dreamweaver (and I used that a lot in my first decade as a designer). Ehm...Fireworks ? That had a strong user base, not been treated right, definitely (IMO). And so on, list is huge... A merge of a physics library inside a 3D package, yeah, maybe that's nice, specially for the author selling it, but also to have all integrated for users... but entire apps, acquired... (or "merged", heh) IMO, not a good thing. I believe dogs count, too (somehow)...
  23. Hi I'm looking for a shortcut to show / hide a layer. Untill now, if I want to see the adjustment I've done, I use to check/uncheck the layer. But I also often missclick. So as it's difficult to keep an eye on the checkbox and the other on my image, I think a shortcut could be usefull. If it already exists, can someoine tell me where I can find it ?
  24. Thanks all for such prompt replies, did not notice the locked layer which of course is the problem, also I did not realise the 'X' corners meant it was locked. After using PS since 1990 I sometimes miss the obvious in AP. However, I am determined that AP will replace my PS program and despite the excellent training videos I can see the fast response of this forum will be an essential part of my transition.
  25. Yep thats correct. Thanks for all your help, was a tricky one!
  26. Sony RX100 V lens correction still doesn't work. The xml file has "<model>DSC-RX100M5</model>", and the EXIF module in Affinity shows "DSC-RX100M5", but the "Lens" part is empty.
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