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  2. Hi v_kyr This is already a known issue. the problem is you may not want every effect to scale so we are currently compiling a list of which should and shouldn't Thanks
  3. As a web developer, pretty much, yes! I disagree, for web development. Every image is different, and requires a different quality setting to produce the best acceptable quality at the smallest file size for web. I think you're missing my point. I mentioned PNG24 precisely because it is lossless. i.e. I could then theoretically import it into some sort of image converter and convert to JPEG (although like I say this would be a time-consuming workflow). It wouldn't make sense to export from AD as a lossy JPEG then re-export again from the image converter as another lossy JPEG (although it might be OK if you exported from AD as 100% quality perhaps).
  4. Hi Vertical text alignment isn't taken into account when pasting with "Paste Styles" command. Regards, Matej
  5. Hi WillyWeb, Welcome to the forum If you are using a Mac to download you need to login to the AppStore using the Apple Id that was used to purchase the apps and the downloads will be available in the Purchased tab, for the Microsoft Store version login to the store and your downloads are available from the My Library section of your account details.
  6. i didnt checked the book yet thoroughly, but now ill definately check, I really want ebook, this book is too heavy and stiff its not allowing me to use it.
  7. Is there any way that the Affinity screen can be changed from black to white please? Thank you Marilyn
  8. Id like to sync my images to get them into affinity photo osx and ios , mac and ipad
  9. When I try to change colour of some objects in Affinity the program keeps crashing. This happens time and time again See attached image.
  10. I guess it is, as he said you have to apply for beta user.
  11. Hi, Export to pdf with bleeds issue - if the clipped part of an object that lies on the first artboard extends over a second artboard, it will be exported with the second artboard also. Regards, Matej
  12. As this is a feature request, i'll move this post to the Feature Request section here
  13. Thanks guys, I've reproduced and will get it reported to development.
  14. Hi CookieMonster Does it fix itself if you move the text around slightly forcing it to redraw? Without the file it's difficult to see what the cause and solution is here, are you able to attach it at all? Thanks
  15. Hi Coldmoon, Sorry to hear you have lost your work, If you select the Settings cog in the top right hand corner of the app you are able to change the Autosave Interval which will help in future projects, the autosaved file should appear for you on the welcome screen when the app is opened. However you should not solely rely on this (as with any app). This is why we implemented the 'Save as Copy' feature so you can save it to the cloud. Ensure that you're saving your work manually though just to be sure.
  16. Hi Robert, Welcome to the forum You should be able to see the Crop Tool on the Toolbar on the left hand side. In Designer ensure you're in the Draw Persona and if you're using Photo ensure you're in the Photo Persona. If you're not seeing the crop tool here please try opening the app with the CTRL key down and ensuring Reset Studio is selected.
  17. Amen. That is, an option to turn off switching back to original tool when repeatably using keyboard letter to switch tools. That is, second key press would still keep the tool associated with key shortcut, not switch back. Many graphic apps do not behave Affinity way here and it confuses workflow.
  18. Thanks keiichi77, I can reproduce this with the Node Tool selected. @Pšenda - Select the Node tool and drag over the nodes, then mouse over the R: box and mouse wheel up/down.
  19. Great report, thanks @Ferrangie. We do use sparse textures, so the NVIDIA advice is correct in this instance. We will add it to the third party issues thread.
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  21. Thank you, @mallow for the response and thank you, @MEB for the link. I'll make sure I stay active on the forums haha. I'm trying to step up my game on Affinity designer, I like it a lot.
  22. +1 I am supporting this too. Sooner or later it will be a default feature in this kind of apps.
  23. How do you rotate? This is not visible in the image, but the value R is still 0.
  24. Would not a different message be appropriate?
  25. First try to run installer as administrator, the newer windows versions are more strict with permissions. Then try to run as administrator the program. Otherwise you can right click and select properties on the exe file and try the compatibility tab, select there compatibility mode for an older version of windows. I have heard there are other ways to run older software with emulation, but I have only tried virtualbox where I installed windows XP in there, to run some really old software I wanted.
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