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  2. An update - after none of the betas seemed to work, and updating my video drivers didn't help, I bit the bullet and ran DDU (Display Driver Uninstaller) to remove my video drivers while in Safe Mode, then installed the latest drivers from Nvidia. That did the trick. Both Designer and Photo now no longer crash at startup. Don't know if there was some unseen corruption in the drivers, but a complete 'reset' of the video drivers fixed things.
  3. How many fonts do you have? If you have a lot of fonts, it could take a while to load them all.
  4. Thanks R C-R - Tried that this morning - I can find and click on the cloud download icon but just doesn't download
  5. Try searching the MAS for the apps, or go to the "Purchases" section & look for them there.
  6. Fantastic Update. The few quirks that I was experiencing (in the develop persona) have been eliminated for me, great work!!!
  7. Same for me for AD & AP, both bought from the MAS. It was the same for the 1.9.0 releases -- neither app was showing in the Updates > Available section of the MAS app. However (just like with the 1.9.0 releases) when I searched on "Affinity" in the MAS app, both of them showed up, with an "Update" button on their pages. This worked for me. As an aside, I saw something similar with the iPad versions of AD & AP -- in the iOS App store, no update was showing for either app. But when I went to Purchases & selected each one in turn, the info page had an "Update" button & tapping that worked. Weird!
  8. Are there any other options for downloading from the app store as other type of downloads are working great - nothing seems to download from the MAS - I've tried a load of workaround - signing out, rebooting, refreshing, rebooting wifi box around 8 times - does anyone have any pointers - never had any problems whatsoever before
  9. You can understand why even today why some people prefer to use the old Adobe Photoshop CS2 + Wine rather than use Gimp (hence the logical desire for Affinity Photo). That said, have you tried out any of Krita/Pixeluvo/PencilSheep/Fotoxx depending upon your requirements? All of those softwares are available either from the Ubuntu app store (the first three) or Synaptic Package Manager (the last one).
  10. U p d a t e : No idea if this information is useful for anyone: - It does not work with the on-screen keyboard either. - Ctrl+Q also results in "Ctrl+C".
  11. I have been experimenting a bit more with this using RW2 files from my Lumix TZ200, CR2 files from my old 70D & DNG files from aan old 450D. These all worked OK after selecting the Detected tab but Affinity appears to be using the last used profile until you do this. Opening CR2 file after RW2 - Lens in metadata & Lens Profile don't match Clicking on lens dropdown shows correct file Then the two fields match. However, this does not work for CR3 files from the M50 as the lens field in the exif data shows n/a even after selecting the correct lens in the correction field.
  12. Absolutely no good. I think it's a flaw Affinity Designer on Mac. Huge plus for Windows users.
  13. Please share your technical insights about the complexity of the apps? And how your personal happiness is relevant for costumers who report issues that frustrates them? Reaching a professional audience is truly up hill for Serif when the official forum is littered with fanboys and apologist answers like this.
  14. In uk on mojave - app store icon tells me I have 2 updates - once i'm in app store theres no updates - manually finding Designer and Photo (which now show 1.9.1) I download and leave for a few hours and nothing - really pissed off as publisher direct from serif downloaded in a minute or so ----- is there some new problem with the app store on mojave?
  15. The KB Shortcut for temporary zooming in and out on my mac is CMD+spacebar and then drag with the mouse (CMD+spacebar+option for zooming out). I have this in other apps, too and it is very handy. However: In the Affinity suite the sequence is spacebar + CMD (not CMD + spacebar) which is very unhandy: When I have text selected (for instance) and then want to quickly zoom in/out via this shortcut I cannot do that without messing with the text (spacebar first deletes marked text). In other apps it CMD comes first which then resolves this issue since spacebar no longer is interpreted for handling the marked text. Small issue, I know, but if you're like me - fiddling with the shortcuts as if it was guitar hero on the last level it is tedious. I hope Serif finds the occasion to change the order of the kb sequence.
  16. Hi @Lightpro/Paul, My sincerest apologies for the delayed response here! We are extremely busy following our 1.9 update and working from home is unfortunately extending our response window to be longer than normal, many thanks for your continued patience and understanding here. Thanks for your report, I can confirm I've replicated this issue here and I will get this logged with our developers as a bug now. As far as I understand it, the checkbox for 'Copyright' in the Rights section of the Metadata Studio will allow you to enable the Copyright information that you can add in this Studio, including the choice for the document to be licensed under the creative commons license, if you wish. You can of course leave the CC option as 'None' (provided it hasn't been changed due to the aforementioned bug) and simply enter your own copyright information for the file to include. If this is not what you're looking for, could you please explain further or provide an example for me? This may be due to my limited knowledge with copyrighting, so my apologies in advance if this is the case!
  17. It's crazy: if I remove the shortcut and want to redefine it, I can't do that anymore. If I press the keys Ctrl+E, "Ctrl+C" always appears in the input field (Ctrl+C also results in "Ctrl+C"). This is also the case in the English version (see screenshot).
  18. I'm constantly amazed by how excellent and dependable the Affinity suite is. Certainly I'm aware of certain bugs, which can be a pain, but these are complex apps and, in my experience, they do get addressed in updates. Not trying to push anyone's buttons or delegitimize anyone's frustrations. Just want to report that I'm incredibly happy that Serif exists. Literally my favorite apps ever.
  19. OK thanks, we'll work through this, and work out what's going wrong.
  20. Indeed so. This may be an example of two very similar things being developed by separate teams, and taking the best of both and making it uniform would be good. I rate presets above live filter if there is need for a choice --- typing in any long formula and parameters is really error prone.
  21. That would be an option except for two things: Illustrator for iPad is pretty junk. Seriously, the drawing experience jarringly slow. Strange because I had no problems with Adobe Fresco on the iPad. It's not fully featured either, leaving a LOT to be desired. Another monthly membership needed. It' costs $10/month as a stand alone app (crazy rip off as it's not fully featured) might be worth it eventually. Or if you have Illustrator on a creative cloud subscription, it's $20/month minimum. That said, I end up using a combination of Designer, Photoshop, Illustrator and Procreate and have to annoyingly bounce between the programs to be successful. So I'm not saying don't use any program. One day I hope to use only Affinity Designer only because Adobe creates half baked applications at exorbitant costs. It's infuriating.
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