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  2. Hi AtelierCunha, To get the guides as well you have to copy (or duplicate) the artboard layer itself. One thing you could do if you are reusing the same artboard size/guides is duplicate one with the guides already set, delete all existing content inside it (you may leave just one object or text to easily identify it) then drag it to the Assets panel. When you need to insert another just drag it from the Assets panel (the guides will be included).
  3. My first question is about the PNG that you posted: is that the exported file with which you are having problems, or is that an export from another document in which you've imported the export, or is it a screenshot of something? Edit: Also, if that PNG is the exported file, then please provide a screenshot of the problem that is happening when it is imported into a document.
  4. Unless I am doing something stupid two things happen. Frstly, when the picker is placed over the sampler and moved, the L reading for the sampler changes and you have to move the sampler in order for the small circle to appear on the curve which marks where the manipulation is needed. Secondly, the values read when the picker moves appear to be the values at the cursor as it moves within the curves adjustment layer.
  5. Before doing anything else, I suggest using the View menu > Customize Tools... item (not Customize Toolbar ...) to see if you can simply drag the missing tools back into the tools panel, or use the "Reset" button at the bottom to return to the factory defaults. Be advised that the Ctrl clear method with 'clear all' selected will wipe out every custom user setting, including your preferences, custom brush categories, etc. -- it is the "nuclear" option that returns everything to factory defaults.
  6. Hi, I usually insert a new artboard and do copy/paste the work from one artboard to the next, to keep artboard in order. How can I copy also my guides with the work? Thanks.
  7. Hi Dracken I've not been able to reproduce this other than using the scale options as Carl has suggested. Are you cloning on to the same layer as the source or or you cloning on to a separate leyer? There could be some transform on a second layer that is causing this Cheers
  8. Wow! Thank you buddy!!!
  9. Yes, your are right. Only slices created manually are affected.
  10. This is a really great update of Affinity Photo for iPad (v1.6.5), thank you for this great software!
  11. Hi FriendDesign I'm splitting this thread in two and moving your last post to a new thread in the Bugs on Windows section were it can be easily followed by the Windows QA team as an independent issue. Here's the link to that thread: Feel free to edit it/complete it if needed since it's now out of its original context. You can enable Force Pixel Alignment in the main toolbar, or in the Snapping Manager dialog (see screenshot below).
  12. Thanks for sharing these super brushes! I appreciate your generosity.
  13. The reason I mention it is that it's a crucial part of the plan to keep all three apps in sync across all three platforms. We feel we can add new Publisher features that will prevent old versions of Designer from loading Publisher files, if you can update to the version of Designer that will load them without friction.
  14. Bumping this as a friendly reminder, also curious of any information regarding when we can see changes to how tilt and angle works. I love that Affinity is available on the iPad, but this one thing is keeping me from really using it. Keep up the good work!
  15. New beta gives very nicely balanced results between highlights and shadows
  16. Yeah 3x3 would be better therefore I posted the link to the request Yeah just place a Sampler (Drag and drop) and change it to display LAB and add a curves adjustment, select L channel, use the picker at the place of the sampler and drag up/down you move the picker of the curves adjustment and read the value from the info panel hope that helps
  17. A trial with the latest beta today seems to show that vertical panoramas are still under consideration. The base image remains heavily distorted. A partly acceptable result can be achieved with scrupulously careful use of perspective and mesh warp grids.
  18. OK, I will try it ! I will let you know. Thank you
  19. Regarding not the method but the color palette used for dithering GIF's or palletized 8 bit PNG's, how does the "Custom" palette option work? I cannot find anything about that in the built-in help. I assumed this would use either the current document color palette or whichever one was currently selected in the Swatches panel, but no matter what I do or what color palette I select, I always get "An error occurred while exporting to <file path>" warning.
  20. Hi affiom, Do you still have the e-mail/receipt Apple sent you after buying the app on the Mac App Store? If so you can always get in touch with Apple support to get help with this issue. If you are sure you bought it using the same Apple ID you are currently signed-in try this: copy to an external USB drive/pen, then drag the version you have in the Applications folder to the Trash and empty it. Reboot the computer and try to install it again from the Mac App Store - the button should display Install rather than Open. If everything goes fine you can delete the copy you have made to the USB drive/pen. If not get in touch with Apple support and they will be able to help you sort this out.
  21. When working with a large number of artboards. I use the image and transparency, but it can hang and without using images, only vector. I noticed one file, which during the hangup - takes 12% of the computer load, and when the braking passes, this library disappears from the process, this file is libkernel.dll... Here is an example file And where does this function (Force Pixel Alignment) come in, how to find it? I can record a test video with the hang frequency, if necessary.
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  23. Hey Codeape, welcome to the Affinity Forums. Thanks for your input. I've tried changing my permissions to Never for Affinity but when I do that, I lose the Save Image option from the Share dialog. I think I'm going to have to spend a bit more time on this. I think what you're saying makes sense and why it would crash. Leave it with me.
  24. A hell of a lot easier in Photo Place a fill layer (Layer > New Fill Layer) on top. Pink is my favourite Change the blend mode to Screen. The layers are separate. Or if you want something a bit more "multi-coloured" Go Filters > Colours > Erase White Paper. Select a brush and a colour. MAKE SURE Protect Alpha is ticked (on the brush Context toolbar) and paint. Only the black will colour. Rather than paint on the art, of If you want to use a vector shape (or shapes) with solid colour or a gradient, place it above and set the mode to Screen. If you want to colour the background, add a fill layer below. If you do that, nest the colouring layers inside the line art layer and all will be fine. Otherwise the blend modes clash.
  25. I asked about the sampler because I believe one pixel is not representative and that 3x3 or 5x5 pixels is what is needed. The object of the exercise is to change one zone to another, selected zone and this is done by changing the L value to another, predetermined value at the sampled point. Therefore, it is necessary to follow the change in L value that occurs when the curve is manipulated as demonstrated in the video.
  26. Hi Terryco and Welcome to the Forums, Not possible with the iPad app or the Desktop app. We don't have the ability to animate in Affinity Photo (or Designer) and as far as i'm aware it's not something we plan on adding.
  27. Hi Terryco, Welcome to Affinity Forums No, Affinity Photo doesn't support/create cinemagraphs.
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