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  2. You've got it wrong as I was unclear. I am talking generally, especially related to the big or successful companies that produce widely used hardware or even define the industries standards. While there are companies ignoring Linux, there are ones at least sponsoring the support for Linux for their products, like HPLIP project, or ones that are major and produce themselves for Linux, like database servers from Oracle and Microsoft. But let's not blame Linux for @toltec's printers missing the support. Some tried but did it wrong. For instance Corel made PhotoPaint for linux and offered it for free. But they were well known for CorelDraw and that would have been a hit, and should have been offered for the same money as the other OS versions, or promoted when a license for Windows was sold, give the Linux one to try. Of course they could not do it alone, as in @toltec's case when the printers did not have a driver for Linux. A friend of mine had a fridge to give. He advertised that and nobody was interested, thinking it is something wrong with it. So, he put a price and the next day somebody bought it. What I don't understand is why you say Serif tries to build a company as long it is for decades on the market, as was stated here already. I am so sorry to tell this, but they state they have the knowledge to build for Linux too. I am sue they have the means also. It is simply their choice not to. I am not saying to come here and do what I say. They should listen to their community, though. In this field, am a hobbyist now, I used to draw and sell photos in the past too, I've just changed my options, so I chose the tool to do the job better for me. I've tried lots of software before, I am doing that now too. Under Linux, couldn't find commercial software as good as the free alternatives. I am sorry to name here, I have tried Corel AfterShot, but is not better than DarkTable or RawTherapee and others, sorry. Affinity Photo is, as far as it concerns me, so fast and natural even being at the beginning of its life. It could bypass Photoshop soon, but I am sure won't be as adopted because Photoshop is so long established in this area as the standard. It is surely a deserved place. It's hardly a choice, it's rather a necessity. I really want to have an alternative, and Affinity has all the chances here regarding the current approach, but needs to work more, of course, as it is young. I wish them to become as everybody expects it here. So, the fact @SrPx you've stated so well, the general situation is the issue, not a specific company support. I am just writing my opinion, I won't force anybody to produce for Linux, how would I? As for the heroes, definitely those of Inkscape, Gimp, Scribus, Blender's are deserving Nobel price for peace at least! I have used those and still do, but I am also amazed by the Gimp's approach to be software developper's rather than photographer's - hence people looking for some other tool. Inkscape is great, for me it is a good replacement for Illustrator, but printing is so bound to its close format so would be hard for designers and publishers to beat that - as you know, some modern features of eps are not editable in Illustrator without its proprietary format embedded. Blended is known for being hard to learn - for me it is really unintuitive after modelling in Studio Max. Anyway, I might have misunderstood, but your anecdote tells me how the wrong choice of tools ruins a project, not Linux itself. Linux is the kernel, missing the around stuff to make it a desktop environment is the problem. So we ask for that stuff everywhere. Not only here. I chose Photoshop because I love ACR + content awareness. Not much, isn't it? Content awareness is under Gimp too, people are giving credit to Gimp's Resynthesizer (which is developed by e brilliant guy as a university project). But ACR is seamless. Affinity seems to be close of that too, still not there. As for the subscription, it's OK if you need people taking care of ideas rather of struggling for their day to day living. What I try to avoid is an OS that brings me needless privacy issues, like Windows, and probably more people might go away due to this reason, in time. I don't even know what data Windows collects, see? Just think, I have a display calibration device, but has support for Windows and OSX only. Under Linux there is software supporting it. Many people do this way. It is possible. Why the calibration device company did not do a Linux driver and software from the start? Also, TV tuners don't look a market that big compared to graphics and photography, still there are companies providing native support for a TV tuner.
  3. Irfan Djajasasmita

    Crash while loading Affinity Photo

    I have the same problem as well crash..at windows 10...AD and AP ...just payed 1 or 2 month ago...kinda frustrating.
  4. Not much I could do to recover this image but here are the steps I tried - you may have better results with more time spent on it Haze removal Colour Balance Adjustment Clone brush around edges Dodge & Burn
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  6. carl123

    A few questions

    No, not automatically (snapping) but you can use View > Guides Manager to precisely place a guide centrally between two others - if you can do a little maths
  7. Shouldn't that be the other way around? Download speeds are usually faster than uploads
  8. If you check the post I linked to (this one), it contains a link to this Apple article. That article begins as follows: "If you change the read or write permissions of items in your home folder, you might need to reset permissions to avoid certain issues." It explains how to do that in the section titled Reset permissions. Note that it does not mention or use Disk Utility in any step. One of the symptoms mentioned in the article is "When saving changes to an item, you get a message that the file is locked or you don't have permission to save," which is the same symptom you mentioned. Because of the complexities of how apps are sandboxed & how that affects permissions, it would be unusual but not impossible for this to affect just one or a few apps.
  9. I had never heard of this site before, but when I ran its tests just now, all 5 'steps' completed with a minimum d.l. speed of at least 200 Mbps except one. That was listed as indented under step 4 (??) with a d.l. speed of about 10 Mbps, but there was no info on what site it was getting the data from, so I have no idea if that is an ISP issue or a server one.
  10. Steve R

    Slice Export to Folder not Working iOS 12

    I've posted a short video showing the steps as seen on my iPad. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3sZxtXEr5Pw HTH, Steve
  11. MyAmazingDiscoveries.com

    Can I share my Designer files?

    Thank you for this workaround. With that said, it looks like the answer is no for now - Affinity Designer cannot AirDrop a file directly from one iPad to another. And I am cool with that... I am more than impressed on what Affinity Designer does so early out of the gate... Can this be added as a feature request.
  12. @R C-R thanks for your response. Yes I tried, and no I was not able to save from Affinity directly to "Macintosh HD" (outside of the Home folder). I did not try saving outside of my startup drive since I only have that one drive on this laptop. I tried running "Disk Utility" specifically because moderator, @Chris B, said above "Usually running First Aid via Disk Utility fixes this issue." Unfortunately, in reading through the thread before, I missed your link to the Apple knowledge base article, so I didn't try those instructions. You said, "As explained above, running Disk Utility will not repair permissions of anything in a user's home folder." However, if you reread you original post, you'll see that you did not explain that in your reply above, nor does the Apple article you liked to explain that. Now that I've read the Apple article, I still don't think that it would have helped. The reason is that before I closed the Affinity app, I had also tried saving a few different kinds of files from a few other applications (both saving files within the Home folder and outside of it). Since those other applications were all able to save files to any location without issue, doesn't that prove that Affinity's being unable to save could not have been related to Home folder permissions?
  13. Serif appears to use the development version of the database, at least the Yongnuo YN 35mm f/2 is in both, but not on stable. List is here: https://wilson.bronger.org/lensfun_coverage.html Lensfun stable is at 0.3.2 from 2015-11-15, development is 0.3.95 from 2018-06-29. The download bundle contains database, presumably uptodate to 2018-06-29. As mentioned previously, you can add any missing lenses, procedure seems easy enough. I'll try that for Yongnuo YN 50mm f/1.8. https://wilson.bronger.org/lens_calibration_tutorial/ The database in mac is at /Applications/Affinity Photo.app/Contents/Resources/Lens Profiles . Show content on app to see contained stuff.
  14. if you create a mask for a shape, then do something else, can you go back and edit the mask? or do you have to get the editing right when it's created?
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  16. Those fill & stroke properties apply to the text, not the frame. The frame just sets the origin of the text in the document & the width at which it breaks to a new line. The frame has no fill or stroke of its own. There are several ways to adjust text frames, & to adjust text frames & any underlying shapes at the same time. One of the more useful ones, depending on the desired result, is to use the extra handle below & to the right of the selection box. Using that handle, the text size can be adjusted along with anything else included in the selection. text frame variations.afdesign
  17. William Montgomery

    Unable to share from Affinity Designer for iPad

    The dpi is different depending upon the file format. A psd girl of pastel 1 is 56.9mb. The thing that is frustrating is how long it takes to export a fairly small vector file. Both of these files I am sending are titled the same by mistake. The afdesign is a full vector file. I have been successful in exporting but golly it is so slow. See what you think and thank you for your help. Please don't publish this artwork. It is what I do and am not interested in giving it away, if you can understand. pastel 1.afdesign
  18. And holding Ctrl will move the size in increments of 0.1 units.
  19. Right after I made my last response, I tried using the Internet Health Test site. Failed after the 3rd of 4 runs. D-load, 2.4 Mb/s, upload 60 Kb/s. Just tried again, and also failed, saying that i had a firewall up, I don't, or browser plugins that interfere, but those also not. Curiously, when I use the test from my provider, it always shows almost the minimum for broafband, about 5Mb/s. I wonder if the new router I got a few weeks ago screws with the test. Just tried again, failed after 1st round, had a d-load of .5Mb/s. This makes me want to spit, 'cause I was spoiled when employed. My desktop got 1 Gb/min, often more. Honestly, my home service is not better than it was 15 years ago, and costs more.
  20. ianrb

    Cells dividing lol

    Mirrored in Affinity>liquify used to narrow down the join>borders with mask Honest comments and any questions welcome
  21. They have plans for it :-)
  22. MyAmazingDiscoveries.com

    Layer subtract on iPad?

    Great. I have attached the afdesign file. logo.afdesign
  23. Thanks a lot!! :-) This was very helpful for me! I’ll experiment a little and see what comes out of it.. so far I have a lot of fun! :-) I design the brushes both on AD and Procreate.. I have one more question, but it’s better with picture/video explaining, so I’ll come back to that if I may? :-) thanks again, really appreciate your well explaining post :-)
  24. 276ccm

    Vintage Lines - Vector Brushes (Free)

    We’ll see what I can come up with.. :-) I’m sure they will offer assets in AP in the future tho, and that would be interesting! Anyway, I’m redesigning, and making more and better brushes.. it takes a little time tho. I’m not sure what they are called in English, but also designing and making some “frame” line brushes, which is often used in those old signs/posters, like these.. (still just on a sketch) :-) I have so many ideas now.. :-) thanks for feedback!
  25. αℓƒяє∂

    Layer subtract on iPad?

    The letter ‘A’ should already have a hole in the middle, both before and after converting to curves. It would be easier to troubleshoot this if you could attach a sample *.afdesign file which demonstrates the problem.
  26. That is a good question. and makes perfect sense... If you are building vector brushes in AD it's not the size of the document but the dimensions of the slices that you export that is important. The original ones I created were quite elongated and narrow (2000x300px) really reflecting what I had seen developed in tutorials. After a lot of experimentation I found that this was not necessary. The slice/Brush Size can be much smaller. Recent brushes have been created using a variety of sizes. Set up an AD template (A4/A3 size not that important) with export slices at around 1000 x 300px with guides to highlight their position. I tend to use this as a base and adjust export sizes as necessary and depending on the nature of the brush; some brushes work better with a greater height others with greater width. You also need to consider how much variation of texture/patterning you want along the brush. Vector Brushes give considerable advantage in this area. Template Considerations Colour Work White/shades of grey on Black Background (negative image) Slice Sizes+Output Common Sizes I personally use as a base: 1000x400px (output 1x and 0.50x) 1000x 300px (output 1x and 0.50x) 1000x 200px (output 1x and 0.50x) 1000x180px (output 1x and 0.50x) but not really restricted to any of these. Output Now tending to set PNG output without ICC profile and active Palettized with 256 Greyscale (You could probably get away with less!) to reduce the file size as vector brushes can get large. Once the slices are set up you can use export persona to add different sizes. To keep the file size smaller Exporting as .PNG Once you start testing a Vector Brush may need to adjust size of image downwards (hence create 2 sizes initially) as brushes at 1000px can feel a bit 'sluggish' on screen..if so use smaller image. Hope this helps...hope you have as much fun as I did creating them.
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