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  2. I'm from Russia myself, and Yes, I work for companies from Russia
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  4. My artboards are getting scaled up and I have to keep adjusting the export size by one pixel. For example, if I create an artboard of 1920x1080, when I export, the file dimensions are 1921x1081 or sometimes just 1920x1081 (one dimensional). If I click the dartboard title and check the size, it shows 1920x1080 in the Transform panel, but when exporting it always jumps up 1px.
  5. Intuos Pro Medium
  6. When exporting GIF files, weird lines get created when I'm using a flat, one-colour background. See image. You can see it extending to the right from the tip of the black vertical line left. The whole top of the image is another colour, slightly off the single colour used in the file.
  7. I am not sure if this is exactly the same bug or what, but I get the same symptom of a trail of symbols across the canvas followed almost immediately by a crash & 'quit unexpectedly' notice if I try to insert a different symbol into an existing one using the "Insert inside the selection' button. I have sent numerous crash reports to Apple about this & have the option for Apple to forward them to third party developers so I assume at least some of them have been sent to Serif. To reproduce this, open the attached symbol test.afdesign file. Select the "Instance 1" symbol in the Layers panel, click the Insert inside the selection button, & drag either symbol "2" or symbol "3" from the Symbols panel onto the canvas. The trail of symbols should appear immediately & even if dragged back off the canvas without releasing the mouse button, the app should crash within a second or two. Shortly thereafter the 'quit unexpectedly' notice should appear with a crash report. (I am using the OS & app version indicated in my sig below.)
  8. When you add the bevel/emboss effect you can change the light direction. The problem is that the shadow should be at the opposite side of the light.
  9. There's a basic feature in Office series or Adobe series programms. When choose font from control bar, it'll display the options according to the current system language. For example, when system language is Chinese, it'll display like this. But in both affinity designer and photo, all fonts display together and I can only tell them by their english names from a very long list, that's very unfriendly.
  10. Regarding the file format, I would not be surprised if it needs to be updated to support the new features Publisher adds to the mix, but if so I am fairly sure Affinity Photo & Affinity Designer will be updated to support the updated format. The file format was updated once before to support certain new text features, making some files saved in the updated format un-openable in the older versions of Photo & Designer. Regarding the extensions, they just define the default app that opens the document if you double-click it. But since the format is the same, you can change the extension from .afphoto to .afdesign or visa versa without causing any issues.
  11. Hey Community! Just bought affinity photo, but now wanting to use a laurel, rope vector or brushes and I don't see any! I now see this is in designer and not photo How can I export this brush or vector to affinity photo? Or should I get affinity designer? Please help..
  12. Thanks @Mithferion Nice inputs
  13. They fon't have the same File extension but it's indeed the same File Format.That was one of their goals; their criteria was, since the beginning: Lightning fast - in particular taking advantage of all latest CPU and GPU chipsets available Cover the core disciplines of photo editing, vector drawing and desktop publishing Use exactly the same file format between applications Have no bloat - utilize a concept of personas to organize the UI into different use cases Be unashamedly pro - core requirements like CMYK and 16 bit would be built in from the start and not allow wizards or anything else get in the way of a pro workflow We hope so! There are some requests about this point. Best regards!
  14. @SavanahNF44 The LUT files should end in .cube Attached is a working LUT file that you can load directly. Try loading that. The ones in the link above are zipped (compressed) and have to be unzipped before you can load them. Agfa Ultra Color 100.cube
  15. Sounds like the pen has just disconnected from the iPad. Plug the pen into the side port on the iPad a and it will reconnect.
  16. Model Name: MacBook Pro Model Identifier: MacBookPro14,2 Processor Name: Intel Core i5 Processor Speed: 3.1 GHz Number of Processors: 1 Total Number of Cores: 2 L2 Cache (per Core): 256 KB L3 Cache: 4 MB Memory: 16 GB Builtin GPU: Intel Iris Plus Graphics 650 Cheers
  17. You can get access to addition print setting options by using 3rd part apps such as Printer Pro or using the print manufacturers iOS app. In the first example below is Epson iOS print app which gives access to paper type/size, paper trays, etc (not Normally available with iOS print. Second example is Printer Pro app. Works with any iOS printer and offers better layout options and print to PDF option.
  18. Nice to read the last line. Serif is really creating something unique here. Will all 3 have the same file extension? Are we going to see more file format in the export box?
  19. Nice. Thanks for sharing
  20. R C-R, Affinity Designer is already able to cope with the SVG file format complexity quite well when it comes to pasting text containing SVG file data. I've tried all sorts of SVG data pasted into Affinity Designer, and it has no problems decoding the SVGs directly if they are pasted as text data. Inkscape uses the clipboard format "image/x-inkscape-svg" when it pastes shapes to the clipboard in Windows (don't know about the other OS's). This format contains SVG text data, and can have embedded bitmaps in it. Everything you paste into Affinity Designer from Inkscape pastes as SVG data, even if the shapes contain bitmaps. I tested this with all sorts of documents. The application is fully capable of bypassing the embedded document step for all such SVG data, but does so only for pasted SVG data. So without a doubt it can support this via drag and drop and place operations, but it simply doesn't give us an option to do so. It's a limitation based on a design decision someone made at affinity. Thanks. I'll make a request if there isn't already one there. Something along that line is what I'm looking at. I did a test with 2 simple separate SVG icons files. I opened them in a text editor and combined them. I wrapped them withing a single <g> tag (this creates 1 layer) containing 2 separate <g> tags (this creates 2 groups) with id values matching the filenames. See below. I can open this file directly in Affinity Designer. Then select all, and it selects the 2 different shapes. Then I can add them as assets. So all I need to do is get my SVGs into a multi shape SVG file formated like this and I'm good to go. <svg xmlns=""> <g> <g id="home"> <path d="M10 20v-6h4v6h5v-8h3L12 3 2 12h3v8z"/> <path d="M0 0h24v24H0z" fill="none"/> </g> <g id="accessibility"> <path d="M0 0h24v24H0z" fill="none"/> <path d="M12 2c1.1 0 2 .9 2 2s-.9 2-2 2-2-.9-2-2 .9-2 2-2zm9 7h-6v13h-2v-6h-2v6H9V9H3V7h18v2z"/> </g> </g> </svg>
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  22. I may be coming 'late to the party', but I've found a couple things that have speeded up my workflow which I want to share. Sometimes I want to edit an object but I don't know what layer it is on. Thanks to Serif, I click on the object and then use Ctrl/Cmd + K and the layer becomes selected. Thanks to Carl Surry, I now can use Alt/Option + X to get Black and White. I took his other advice to customize my own shortcuts--although because my hands find Shift easier than Alt/Opt, I used Shift for a modifier key. Now I can create new a new layer or a new mask layer, or get to my most-used Live Filters directly from the keyboard.
  23. Perfectly Clear by Athentec - be awesome if this plugin could be supported - I have it on photoshop and tried it on affinity photo - however the image doesn't display Thanks guys - keep up the good work so I can ditch photoshop
  24. Lovely capture and conversion.
  25. There will always be a limit on the number of characters. So I would suggest you state the number of characters you would like as part of your request.
  26. Well, I did say it was not ideal. Anyway, if you want an option to add Assets like with your 5 step procedure, the place to request that is the Feature Requests, Suggestions and Feedback forum. However, keep in mind what I said about the complexity of SVG file contents, so maybe include in your feature request a suggestion about how to handle files with resolution-dependent <image> objects & such. (Because of that, it isn't as simple as it might seem.)
  27. Yes, guys. Please, this issue has been such a nuisance since forever. It is impossible to work with the material that has to be imported (AI or EPS). Each time I need to do something about it I have to uncover my wife's old PC where she still has CS6 installed to export those graphics as raster images or if there are no transparencies I duplicate the layers a couple of times which is so not cool and a complete work around rathe than solution. It would be such a relieve if either @MEB or somebody else could just say if there is any possibility this issue might get solved soon. Or at least maybe there is some adjustment we can tinker with to solve it.
  28. Actually, they work on open paths too, but only if an open path defines an area -- IOW, not all of a path's nodes are in a straight line. So for example: The Divided result actually has 3 curves but I forgot to select all of them for the screenshot so only one red node is shown.
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