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  2. Cmd+R ? This separates the mask from the layer, shows the content alone and the rest of the document transparently. What else?
  3. It's also not intuitive what you mean when you ask how to remove a style from an object, given the complexities that can arise. For example, have you considered that an object might have several styles applied? And each might change various different aspects of the object. One might change the fill, another the stroke. Another might set the font, or the paragraph leading (both only meaningful if the object is a text object). Or that any style that you've applied might be subsequently overridden by manually applied changes. So, given a sequence of actions over time, "removing a style from an object" does not have an obvious result. Thus, the only general answers are: Undo, if you've just applied a style you don't like. Define your own "default" style and apply that. Revert Defaults, and start over with the defaults for that object.
  4. The only solution is to convert the pdf with online services, and save it. With this method I have no problems with Affinity ...
  5. Look at the View > View Mode menu, the default view in Designer is Vector
  6. They are not toggle buttons (on/off) Clicking again will bring the respective panel to the front if in a group of other panels
  7. gijsterbeek


    To be honest, InDesign doesn't have the best ePub workflow either. In order to make ePub export really useful, it would have the following features: Normally I create two separate files for cover and book contents. When creating an ePub I'd like to make a rectangular mask selection from the cover file to include as first page in the ePub file. The same for the back cover at the back of the book and optional cover flaps Option: skip one or more cover pages. Also, some pages are intenionally blank (for example to start a chapter on the right page). These can also be removed. Option: Page numbers and any other master text fields from the master spread can or cannot be included as text in a reflowable ePub Option: Tables and anchored image captions can or cannot be embedded as picture (converted to bitmap) Option: anything that looks like an URL can or cannot be converted to an actual hyperlink Option: Rotate large graphics that were facing outward (from the spine) back to the text orientation Option: Fill and update metadata from tagged text frames (like Title, Author, Copyright notice). All these fields are present in the print text That last option would require text frames in Publisher to be taggable. This is not the case as of today.
  8. @carl123 Thanks, 1. not intuitive 2. this removes all properties of the object (like transparency..) 3. best solution, until this is fixed. kind regards Fritz
  9. wolfgangcat

    Distribute not working

    Thanks ! Didn't see that - assumed it was another alignment icon. I found a Designer video on it too. /headdesk Now I need to find a video on "how to copy/paste a selection" since that has a 50/50 chance of working when I "tap" it to get the menu to pop without moving my selection. I love Affinity Designer but I swear I spend more time looking up how to do simple things than getting any work done lol.
  10. That does look a mess. I've recently begun reading the pdf spec (iso 32000 for anyone who is struggling to sleep) and it refers to many rules a "conforming reader" has to abide to. I had a look ahead and interestingly it does state that the "scan conversion" (the final step of painting operations) is outside the scope of the specification. So ultimately it's entirely up to the viewer application as to how smoothly it renders paths. There isn't a function of the pdf to control these things.
  11. 100$/year - too expensive to balance out a weakness in OS X. I wish new software versions would fix key things that don't work well instead of gadgety new "features" only geeks and nerds like to play with but nobody actually needs. So we get messy things like junk fonts you cannot turn off, Mac OS X having trouble building thumbnails from larger images, but we cannot remove fonts that you wouldn't use in a thousand years like all those Asian fonts, dingbat, comic sans, all those cheesy handwriting fonts...
  12. Select the object then click the Revert Details button on the top Toolbar
  13. I see. I added a default style to the various categories. You're right though, a simpler solution would be welcome.
  14. Right click on the mask thumbnail and release
  15. @Hilltop Thanks, but I mean: how to remove (un-apply ?) a style from an object - not from the whole application. kind regards Fritz
  16. SquarePeg

    Is there a GND?

    Thanks for your reply. That is pretty much what I’ve been doing but I was watching a Creative Live tutorial on landscapes the other day and during the editing portion, the LR option of the GND seemed so much simpler than the steps I’ve been using to get there in Photo. I’ve had the iPad version for a few years but haven’t really gotten too deeply into any of the features so I thought maybe I had missed it.
  17. Hi, Callum, Thanks for the prompt reply. Tried the same on Pixelmator Pro & Photoshop Elements : neither scan presented a problem. Where would I find new scanner drivers ? I'll have a look but not today, sorry. I'll let you know in a follow-up post to this one, maybe a PM would be better. C.L.
  18. For Mac only. I used the (Included in the OS) application Font Book to make a set of all the fonts which are useful to me as an anglophone and called it English. This set is available for choosing in the various Character and Paragraph panels but is not available in the main font menu. It gets rid of all the other scripts but I would love to be able to select my set from the main font menu.
  19. Click on the hamburger icon on the top right of the styles panel and select Remove Category.
  20. I recently downloaded Affinity Publisher as I want to move away from Adobe's subscription model for Creative Cloud InDesign. I create books for a living, and typically, one book project takes me 3 to 6 weeks to finish (lots of communication with editors and content creators, prepress and so on). So, in order to fully appreciate the workflow and features offered by Affinity Publisher, I'd like to be able to try the app for 20 to 40 days in my own pace, much like how Scrivener's trial model works. Would that be possible?
  21. Hi Danav, Welcome to the forums The thai issue is currently known and is something we would like to add in the future in regards to Hebrew the app doesn't currently support RTL text. Thanks C
  22. I have no Replace Image. The original file (layer masks) is from Photoshop CS6. I placed the layer with the second photo to the right of the layer icon (LG Display) with the mask, so it came into the mask. But how do I get it out of there without removing the mask?
  23. Hi Serif, I purchased all 3 Affinity-Products - mainly to support you since I have no need for Designer and Publisher (at least not right now..). While clicking around in Designer just for fun I noticed the following... "things" - don´t want to call them issues or problems..: Designer is drastically slower when moving objects with Noise-Fill compared to objects with plain color or gradient-Fill. Styles: easy to apply - but how to remove them? 3 "View-Mode"-Buttons in the Toolbar: ok so far, but which mode is active if no button is clicked? (Good usability: "don´t make me think..") Designer does remember color- and transparency-gradients. Why doesn´t Photo? (eg. Masks..) those 2 buttons to manage the defaults look like clouds = not very intuitive... the Toolbar-buttons for "Character", "Paragraph" and "Typograpyh" show the corresponding panels when clicked. fine. But clicking the buttons again, does not hide the panels. Why? Even if we take your approach as good: the buttons should dim to indicate that clicking again is useless since the panel is already shown... There is no way to lock the properties of an object independently: lock Fill-Color, lock Border-Color, lock position, lock size, lock aspect ratio... Thanks for reading this. kind regards Fritz (i5-4590, 16GB RAM, all SSD, Windows 8.1 Pro 64, german, NVidia 1050Ti)
  24. Hilltop

    Texture Brush Packs [Dots]

    Amazing brushes, Stuart, giving a lot of design options!
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  26. I have tried the Edit with extension as per MEB above, it still does not save my changes back to photo. My edits simply seem to disappear!!! What can I do?
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