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  2. Hi grigoryvp, In Photo Persona, go to menu Document ▸ Resize Document, set the DPI to 72 and untick Resample, then press Resize. It should then display correctly in Export Persona.
  3. GabrielM

    Timelag when using pen with A1 format documents

    Hi @Sapiento, I could not replicate this. It works fine for me. Can you please try the latest beta and see if you notice any improvements? https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/forum/34-photo-beta-on-windows/ Thanks, Gabe.
  4. The issue involves the PPI of your document being a multiple of 72. The Export persona is assuming that your 144 PPI document is an @2x version of the artwork and so it renders a 50% scaled version to represent @1x size. Workaround: before entering Export persona, change the document PPI without resampling to 72 (or some number that is not a multiple of 72).
  5. clyderscent

    Portrait Pro Plugin Causes Crash on Launch

    I am having the same problem PP 18. When trying to launch the App my program freezes and have to Ctl alt delete and close it
  6. vonBusing

    Assets Panel completely broken

    That's why it would be helpful if the auto-update showed the the full beta version number, not only a truncated one.
  7. @Ben Just thought to mention the other ways to workaround it before the next version is in affect. Would you consider my suggestion to use the rightmouse+drag?
  8. @haakoo It's a bug - it's been fixed.
  9. It only happens when ctrl+drag to copy It doesn't by alt+drag or ctrl+J Maybe change it to rightmouse+drag to make copies?
  10. @wigglepixel I'm going to respectfully disagree with you. It is pretty unintuitive to rotate or transform about an invisible point - so having two toggles makes no sense at all. Ok - so you've not understood that having the rotation point visible also enables the functionality. That is just a learning issue - not a functionality issue. No other users have stated any problem with this. We will not be changing this behaviour.
  11. If I get time it'll get done for 1.7.
  12. I'll have to look at #3 separately I think. Build 271 will have #1 and #2 saved.
  13. ...and yours will also be fixed in the next Beta.
  14. It hasn't changed (aside form the above issue which we've already identified). It's more likely your settings...
  15. Why not recreate the blocks and fill them with the color of choice with the eyedropper?
  16. Sean P

    Custom Pressure Curve Issues

    Hi Sullyman, Could you attach a file please? Also if you could include the full screen in the video that would also help - currently I can't see what the pressure curve is that you are using.
  17. Hi TheBestJeremy When adding an asset to your document, if you want to retain the constraints previously applied you need to hold CMD/Ctrl (for Mac/Win respectively) whilst dragging the asset from the panel. I hope this helps!
  18. It's great to see stuff that has found its way into the real world, especially when it looks as good as this. Even though it's still in beta, this is more proof that Publisher is already good enough to create professional-looking publications. Lovely work.
  19. Hi lazymau, Welcome to Affinity Forums With the Node Tool, drag one over the other as you are doing until you see the highlight in yellow (when snapping is enabled), then draw a marquee around then and click the Join Curves button to join them. If they happen to be the end node of the same path dragging one over the other is enough to join them/close the path. If you are trying to join nodes of a "compound" path (a layer with multiple independent paths) this will not work you have to separate (use Divide boolean operation) the paths first. If you still have trouble please attach the file with the objects you want to join (you can delete all the rest) so we can check out what's going on.
  20. Sean P

    Boolean Operation Gaps

    Hi Sullyman, Do you have an example file you can attach with a few quick steps on the operations needed to reproduce this please? We'll only need a small portion of the document so feel free to delete other areas if you don't wish to share the whole file! Thanks
  21. Hello I have used the 'rainbow' default style, which is wonderful, but I don't wan't the bright yellow pinpoint in the centre. I've tried various different ways to replace the pixel at the centre (10 9 100 0) with the adjacent pixel (21 7 100 0), but am getting nowhere. I have AfD and AfP and haven't found the right search terms to express my problem to find the solution, so have started a new thread. I hope you can help? Thank you!
  22. GabrielM

    further node tool problems

    Hi @bew, Can you please attach the .afdesign file in question? Thanks, Gabe.
  23. Hi ChetDywan, Welcome to the forums. When the app crashes are you getting a prompt to submit a crash report, if so, leave this on the screen and browse to the below location and PM me a copy of the files to have them looked at to see if the cause can be found. macOS: users/<USERNAME>/Library/Containers/com.seriflabs.affinityphoto/Data/Library/Application Support/CrashReporter/ Windows: %AppData%\Affinity\Photo\1.0\CrashReports
  24. Hi hubob, Could you attach a copy of some of the offending PDF files please?
  25. Hi larsh, This should be (hopefully) fixed in the next beta.
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