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  2. Do you mean it is reset to Control+Option+Command+D or to Command+j? Can you provide a screenshot of the Keyboard Shortcuts preference panel showing the current or reset shortcut?
  3. Convert whole drawing to CMYK or RGB. Yesterday I was working on a document with different PMS colors and had to select every single object to convert it to CMYK by selecting sliders and entering the right values.That is really a lot of work. In addition of bullit one it would be very helpful to select everything with the same fill color or stroke color. So to convert a document from PMS to CMYK you first convert the whole document to CMYK and then you select one of the new converted CMYK color, click select all objects with same fill color and then change the values of the sliders. When you do this, you can change a document within a minute. Yesterday it took me 20 minutes to do it in Affinity. I would like to have an option to select all text in the document. Then you can easily convert all text to curves before you send it out to be printed. Spell checker in Dutch language in all your software ;)
  4. Will this fix be available for the Mac version as well? I just noticed the same issue with guides not being able to dragged out with previous-version multiple-page documents under macOS Sierra.
  5. Same here. It is pretty easy to show this using the Info panel: In the screenshot, the last sampler outlined in white shows the CMYK values of the fill of the selected area, which is clearly not the same as the pure cyan I picked using the Edit > Fill > Custom Color > HSL Color Wheel eyedropper. It is similar if I pick from the other 3 sampled areas.
  6. Polygonius

    Displacement Filter Results are not Smooth

    I´m happy with the quailty, the "harshness" belongs to this filter! I love it! But there is a bug in 1.7 (maybe its also based on the metal-issue???). Sometimes!!! the amount-slider shrinks the whole filter, so its just small affecting a part of the layer/canvas, as smaller, as higher the amount! I can not reprouced yet, but i will send a file if that happens again. And BTW: Please make the amount-slider macro-recordable!
  7. BTW - we now have a feature that allows you to create and edit shapes on axonometric planes. So, you can create a correct ellipse on an isometric plane. On that note - I'm not sure that 35 degrees is an accurate ellipse for isometric. I think the actual angle is fractional.
  8. will keep an eye on it and I will report back when I will have more data. Thank you for your effort to help.
  9. GabrielM

    Apple pencil odd line

    Hi @mshustov, Can you replicate this in pixel persona? If so, please save the document and attach it here. Thanks, Gabe.
  10. Hi Serif Since v1 This seems to mainly just be with PSD files, it is not updating the various preview we use for different zoom levels. I shall get this logged with development though
  11. Obviously I will do the same in the future. Unfortunately I had a bit of hard time until I understood what is happening. There was no warning/notification, so I discovered it by trial.
  12. Try to reset cache: Press and hold [Ctrl]+[Shift] while running Publisher.
  13. I see, but it's really difficult to investigate one-off issues, that not even you can replicate. Sorry.
  14. PatrickBosKessen

    guide lines lag behind rotate design

    btw. I just got the beta and indeed, the view rotation guide line lag is completely gone:-)
  15. As stated on this post: It seems that when a Perspective Live Filter is applied to an image, the effect of a brush is being applied with an offset dependent on the Perspective Filter. So, the effect and the cursor circle will not be on the same spot. This issue should be addressed as it's more of a bug than a "by design" feature. Whilst I understand the effect is also being offset, the cursor circle should mark the are where the effect is being applied, because that's the whole point of the circle cursor: to mark the affected area.
  16. Is that so? I though that RAW files contain a lot more information like a digital negative than a flatten picture. Anyway I don't want to derail the topic on what a RAW is and how it works
  17. Morning Dave, Can you attach a screenshot and tell me what document colour format you're using? The Colour Picker suggests the values are correct however, I might be misunderstanding what you're doing.
  18. An account can only be created in the Store by making a purchase. You would not need an account for any other reason.
  19. I understand this, but the issue on this particular case was the brush didn't work at all. The issue on my other post with the Inpainting Brush indeed had an offset which now I understand where it comes from (the perspective filter). But with the Healing Brush, at that moment, the issue was: IT DID NOT WORK. I mean, no effect was visible offset or not. And yes, I checked if I was on the right layer and if I had marked a sampling location (pressing Alt+Click). But after the document was restarted, the brush did work. This was not the only time when a tool had no effect on a document until I restarted it (happened before with a painting brush tool). For some reason, in some circumstances, it seems tools freeze and don't do any effect. I am sorry I can't offer more details. But this should have a pin on it and compared with future reports.
  20. Hi bergmar, Welcome to Affinity Forums I'm afraid this is not possible when the colour switcher only displays a single colour well as it happens when you are working with a Fill Layer. I will pass your feedback to the dev team for consideration. Thanks for your support.
  21. Firstly, RAW files do not contain full pixel color information - they must be calculated, when developed him.
  22. PatrickBosKessen

    guide lines lag behind rotate design

    I know it doesn't truly rotate it but it does make working on a design that's rotated 90 degrees a lot easier. And I am still waiting for a decent way to actually rotate the design including guide lines etc but it doesn't seem to have a high priority as I haven't heard a positive response back on me suggesting that functionality, ages ago by now I'm going to try the beta, thx :-)
  23. You can clearly see it's offset: The offset amount would really depend on how you've used the perspective filter. If you want just a perspective filter and you don't modify it, it will work. The problem is when you modify the perspective.
  24. I do not know whether Affinity Publisher has, or will have, a special facility for typesetting mathematics. However, on this computer at least, if one uses the font Times New Roman and then uses Text Glyph Browser and then where it says All, use the arrow at the right of that panel to open the drop down menu, then there is a section labelled Mathematical Operators and there are characters such as the integral sign, the summation sign and the root sign and those can be inserted in a document. Arial also has those symbols. The Unicode Standard also has some more complicated symbols, such as double integral, but fewer fonts support more than just the basic ones. Mathematics is often typeset using italic type. So one could probably be able to typeset many mathematical formulae in Affinity Publisher using Times New Roman italic, and maybe needing to have a few text frames one over the other to be able to do things like the limits of integrals. In the old days Word 97 used to have a section for setting mathematical formulae, but I think that it produced an image rather than using characters directly. William
  25. Hey squeezer, No problems here—have you changed any of the default TIFF export settings? We changed the TIFF compression from LZW to Adobe Deflate but I can't see how this would be troubling the 1.7 beta. Do you have the afphoto file and the exported TIFF that you could send to me via our private Dropbox?
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