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  3. I've messed with the different options in the align panel and nothing works. Could it be that a document usually has 2 or more artboards.
  4. Independent of "Toggle Source Preview" being ON or OFF, an not wanted/needed Source Layer can not be deleted. The complete Focus Merge process must be done again . May be I am interpreting the trash bin in a wrong way, but what else should it be for...? I also tried to drag and drop the unwanted Focus Merge layer (the blue, selected one) into the trash bin, but this didn't help either... Greetings, Roland
  5. Recently I am seeing a processing wait bar that says "Analyzing Scene" - this seem to come up and take several seconds every time I switch layers. I have version and I do not recall seeing this happen with great frequency until recently
  6. Arnaud Mez

    Satori Sans - Free Font

    Done ! thank you so much.
  7. αℓƒяє∂

    Satori Sans - Free Font

    There’s no need to delete the thread! It’s fine to tell people about the font: you just need to remove the attachment so that it’s no longer available for download for free.
  8. Arnaud Mez

    Satori Sans - Free Font

    Hello @reglico Oups ! Sorry i didn't though about that. Is there a way to delete the thread ? i totally forgot it was sent to a small number of peoples only. Have to review my understanding of sharing, licenses and other.
  9. Yesterday
  10. Laverda3c

    Toolbar Customization

    Thanks -S- , that did the trick.
  11. - S -

    Toolbar Customization

    It's because they're using a 'Tools Bar' with two columns instead of a single column. If you go to View > Customise Tools > and change 'Number of Columns' at the bottom to '2', the foreground/background colour selector will appear in the Tools Bar.
  12. It's a bag. I've reinstalled AP, and it's my solving.
  13. This is a very tricky bug to recreate. It happens often but not every time when the text box handles are double-clicked. What do I mean about this? Let say you create a text box for a paragraph or verbiage on a document, but the text box is larger than the text you entered, to adjust the text box to match the text length you need to double-click or double-tap the middle bottom handle and this will resize the text box as expected. Similar to Adobe® InDesign™ I'm testing Designer to create documentation for my hosting service, and I'm on my second document, which has more than 40 images, about 10 Artboards (Pages), and lots of text boxes. On the first document, this happened to me once, but cannot compare to the second one. The first one only had about 8 Artboards, about 16 images and a lot of white spaces, which makes me assume that the larger the document the more likely for this bug to happen. Because Affinity Designers is not a Desktop Publishing application, it does not have an option as Adobe InDesign to downsize graphics rendering for low memory consumption. I think this is the only way to recreate this bug. This base on my own assumptions since I'm new to Affinity Designer.
  14. PedroOfOz

    Satori Sans - Free Font

    Yes! Satori FilmFX 64 was the pro app. Satori Paint was sold at a much cheaper price and eventually given away in computer mags. If I recall correctly there was a Web FX as well. The developers were Spaceward Graphics in Cambridge UK. The staff member who frequented the Satori forum was Mark Graham. Superb software! I used FilmFX 64 from 2000 until about 2005. Unfortunately Spaceward went under in the early 2000's (maybe earlier?). Interestingly Spaceward Graphics was originally an audio recording studio — Spaceward Studios
  15. I watched a 3rd party video of a guy using Affinity Photo and I noticed he had the foreground/background circular colors on the left toolbar under the Zoom tool, just like in PS. I've tried to figure out how to get it there but can't find anything in the preferences. Dragging it there doesn't work either. I use the histogram a lot to I'm constantly having to click on the tabs to check my colors since I don't want another floating window. This move would be very convenient. Any ideas on how to get it there? Thanks. I just found the video I was watching, I'll post a link and a screen shot.
  16. I think it's a bit complicated since you still have to click on each slide to export them separately. Would like to see the options in the dialogue box saying what we want to export: - Whole document - Layer 1 - Layer 2 - Layer 3 - etc.
  17. SrPx

    Remove Glare in Photo

    My take at it, but.... Didn't what to do with my non Affinity apps, and as I don't have AP yet (blame the outstanding bills and my strict non allowance about changing the $ priorities, lol) and mostly because of this, because like the other day when I wanted to make an exercise (showed here) to see if AD's Pixel persona was featured enough to make pixel art for games/apps, and that was *way* successful as a test (I know now I can do pixel art with it), now wanted to check if one could do at least extremely basic retouch as well (I know this Persona is thought for concept drawing previous to doing the vectors in AD, but hey...) ...and yeepppp, this Pixel Persona can.... wildly limited compared to Affinity Photo, OBVIOUSLY, but it can do stuff.... I didn't went too far as got work to do, and also, as well, would need more tools, but to give it a try. Is quite capable. Instead of what I mentioned earlier,... just placing like another of those panels in the door, like in the other wall (glass?) panels, imagining that light comes stronger through that central one, as anyway, that glowing light is all over the place, destroying details. So, you see "some glow", but not that football stadium light... also, the image had too much compression/low (even taking the amplified version) resolution... But was for some fast fun, anyways. Every day I like AD more and more.... EDIT : Lol... Now I notice the fix is very similar to firstdefence 's solution... hadn't realized....Anyway, the main idea was to test AD p. persona for retouch, too.... PD: He was providing a much larger version than the forum embedded, if u click a pair of times...I'm providing the one at max res.
  18. αℓƒяє∂

    Photo & Designer are crashing when opening the fonts list

    Welcome to the Serif Affinity Forums. Chris. Do the apps also crash if you try to use the dropdown list in the Character panel?
  19. Fotoloco

    Empty mask affects layers

    If you draw a black circle with the paintbrush on a low hardness setting, and then make a new mask for the layer, the fuzzy grey area around the circle shrinks. If it is above the layer, this doesn't happen.
  20. gdenby

    Affinity Photo vs Affinity Designer

    Both will do the job. Designer is great for making tight vector shapes for logos or that can contain photo bit maps, and can do some color adjustments. Also, it has built in art boards set up for printing use. Photo has some of the vector tools, but has a much larger set of filters and adjustments, far beyond retouching. Not really an answer, I guess. Download the trial versions, and see what you can do. Each is limited to 10 days, so do one after another if you don't have lots of time each day for the trials.
  21. Pepperdog2

    Remove Glare in Photo

    Thank you one and all. I love the curtain idea as it had never occurred to me. Great Work !!!
  22. Hi, I am facing issue using TELUGU Langugage FONT using GOOGLE Language Input Tool. Letters are not fully displayed as expected and i am unable to figure out and fix the issue. ANY HELP COULD BE GREATLY APPRECIATED. This is very critical for me.
  23. I want to design a sponsorship document (3-4 pages), and I know that Affinity is coming out with a desktop publishing application, but I will also need to be able to create covers with layers of assembled images/maybe some clip art. What would be the better application to accomplish what I want to do? Can Designer handle layers of imported images and alter them, and can Photo create shapes and handle more than touching up existing photos? Thanks.
  24. manu schwendener

    [Multi] Sticky Settings

    I agree, the export values should also be remembered. Just some minutes ago I thought I would not use AP any longer if it wasn't for the amazing inpaint brush tool. Having to manually set the same values for every single photo just makes no sense.
  25. m3photo

    1.6.6 Constant Crashes

    So, seven months down the line; just bought a new iMac and tried Affinity Photo again ... Yep, sloooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow, What a waste of fifty quid. So glad others can wait for ever to get work done ... Oh, and thanks once again for the prompt reply. No, wait you’ve got your money, so why bother, eh?
  26. Ditto 7 7700k64GB RamEVGA GTX1080SSD
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