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  2. Regarding DNS: I have made the experience that DNS can actually influence individual services or websites while everything else is running smoothly. A few years ago, for example, downloads from the Mac App Store didn't work at all with the standard DNS of my Internet provider, while everything else worked without problems. When I switched the router to a different DNS service, the App Store downloads worked fine again. Hence my consideration about DNS. Another consideration, which has already been mentioned, I also suggest: empty the cache via the Developer menu in Safari and additionally select "Disable extensions" in the same menu. Then quit Safari and restart it. Does this make a difference?
  3. I removed the Samsung Flash Driver and turned back on the Computer. Affinity is working normally for now. Something in the flash drive was interfering, it seems.
  4. Please add the keyboard shortcut D to set the primary and secondary color selectors to white and black in Affinity Photo on windows as it is on mac. This would be very useful for editing masks.
  5. Affinity apps perform non-destructive transforms of Pixel objects. That has been explained numerous times over the years.
  6. Photoshop does both (1) and (2), however the simple auto-save preset approach (1) is the most important (it accounts for like 98% of of my use cases) This is because you rarely need to do more than what you can do with the raw tools. And also if you use (2), your developed raw document will be much larger on disk than just adding a preset file.
  7. If the Studio Panel is docked, it lacks a button to close it quickly. The only way to close it is a long way through the menu View, Studio and finding the corresponding panel. The second option is to undock the panel - click on its Tab, and drag outside the panels, when the close button appears. The disadvantage of this procedure is that when the panel is displayed via the View menu, it is displayed again undocked, so it must return to its original position. The use of keyboard shortcuts for switching on/off individual panels is already difficult to remember due to their range. An easy and logical solution is the context menu - right-click on the panel Tab, which we want to close. Thank you
  8. I made a stroke with a brush in pixel persona. Do I find afterwards which brush I used ? Where?
  9. The filter works correctly, but the preview is misleading when the target is a transformed (non-destructively scaled, rotated, etc) Pixel object. In the preview, the filter is being applied to a representation of the Pixel object, and that representation has been created by resampling the transformed unfiltered pixels of the Pixel object to the document pixel grid. When the filter is applied, it is applied to the pixels of the actual Pixel object, and then a representation of the now filtered Pixel object is created by applying its transform and resampling to the document pixel grid. In short, it is the preview which is wrong, and the result of the filter is correct. To make the preview and actual result match, first apply Rasterise command to the Pixel object to destructively resample its transformed pixels to the document pixel grid, and then use the filter.
  10. This limitation occurs not only with Flipping but also with Rotating and Aligning if used as commands (i.e. menu or buttons). Besides "Lock Children" then also the options "Transform Origin" and "Transform Separately" are ignored. (while for Aligning these options might not be useful, respectively "Lock Children" in quite specific circumstances only)
  11. I have the latest graphic drivers. My computer is a year old Dell Inspiron, and updates automatically. I checked to see anyway that it has the latest drivers. What happens exactly is:. 1) If I try to open any file with Affinity , the dialogue box for browsing to files TRIES to open up, then freezes for 5 or 10 seconds, then the program terminates. 2) Using file explorer, I CAN open a file in Affinity if I use the "open with" function in file explorer program. If I try to save or export this file, however, the program terminates. I have never had this problem before, although I have had sporadic sudden crashes of the program where it terminates unexpectedly. I don't seem to have an nVida driver. I do have a new Samsung Flash Drive. Could the driver in that be interfering? My version of Affinity is a year old. Is that the 1.7 or 1.8 version. I will update to 1.8 if I don't already have it.
  12. Maybe a low rez preview with passthrough watermark would enable the user to export with a bit more confidence - it would also be useful for a backup plan for when the inevitable deadline takes a dive, simply because of PDFs not passing through, so maybe a quick rasterise in place function???
  13. Today
  14. Thanks! The way I understand it, (1) does not need non-destructive approach: it's basically just autosaving a raw-preset with the same name as the raw file (in the same dir as the raw file) when the user presses develop. And when a raw file is opened, check if there's a raw-preset with the same name, and if so, load it. (If the user developed a raw into a afphoto, it should not be updated/reflect changes to the raw-preset automatically)
  15. Tried more tests and doesn't work using PDF/X-1a:2003 so tried PDF/X-4 and just bombs but now can't even get that far as as soon as the export screen comes up it bombs so can't even change the settings - tried making new documents and trying existing documents - as soon as I go to export it bombs
  16. Adam, I’m excited about PDF passthrough! But why do you display the interpreted preview in the Affinity document, and not the actual output? That is thoroughly confusing. Is there a technical constraint that motivates this aspect of the implementation? 🙂
  17. Some ideas: What sort of external network are you using ? Type of network, upload and download speed, with a VPN etc. ? Same for the internal network: Locally connected by WiFi, or by LAN ? What is the network speed ? There is a free service from Google that allows to measure for any web site how fast it is loading, which elements are slower than the average on the internet, and what to do to speed things up. Originally it was designed for web site developers to see how their site performs. But you can use it as well to see if there are problematic issues on a site that is slow: https://developers.google.com/speed/pagespeed/insights/ Which DNS-resolver do you use ? Sometimes it is by default set to the resolver of your ISP, but there are faster services. The DNS-resolver converts the requested web site (which can be many , because modern websites are composed from many sources) to the IP address , so the content can be requested and loaded. I prefer the (Cloudflare) over or (Google and Google fallback server). Both are very fast. Another element in speeding things up is my Pi-Hole. A Pi-Hole catches all requests going to the internet and filter tracking and advertising requests. The advantage is that it surpresses these parts of the traffic, which means it is not requested and not delivered. An ad blocker has everything delivered, it will just not show. So a Pi-Hole reduces traffic at the source. To run it, you need a Raspberry Pi and you need to learn some Linux to set it up. Just to mention it, I have absolutely not problem with the forum site, not on my MacBook Pro neither on my other iDevices.
  18. I too have probs with HW Acc. = ON. I think it's the display driver as differrent zoom-settings give also different results. (GT 750M) with HW Acc. = OFF everything is fine Img = HW Acc. = ON / painting with a pixelbrush
  19. iPad Pro 10.5, 1st Gen, A10X Fusion chip, Embedded M10 coprocessor, 4GB ram.
  20. Hi, If I create a multi layered file in Affinity Photo, then export as jpg - am I correct in assuming that the file will be automatically flattened, as I do not want the font embedded in any way. Thanks.
  21. Hello @MrDavidW, can you please be a bit more specific about the cause for the crashes. The way you post it does not help the developers to solve anything of what you experience. Also, if you can provide a step by step instruction on what to do to make the program crash others can try the same and perhaps confirm it. This also is a good practice to find the cause of a crash. Cheers, d.
  22. Hi guys, here's a new tutorial video about how to easily remove background from a complex object like a tree or someone's hair. I hope you enjoy this video. Thank you!
  23. I would like to know how I can batch convert AFPUB files to PDF files. Thanks in advance for your time, Michael
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