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  2. More info is best posted to your original thread so that the discussion doesn’t become fragmented (and therefore hard to follow). Please see the post below:
  3. Hi @Zumok, Welcome to Affinity Forums Thanks for reporting this. I've logged the issue to be looked at.
  4. Yes, please! Not being able to assign a keyboard shortcut to a Macro—the way you can for Photoshop Actions—seems to be one of the missing features that still gives Photoshop the advantage between the two, at least so far as I have seen for my workflow as I've experimented with Affinity as a potential PS replacement. I personally use it to drop a watermark in with one click via the Wacom ExpressKey Remote thanks to the keyboard shortcut and that knocks out several extra clicks to locate the folder, then the subfolder, then the file, the dragging it into the document, etc etc. Would be great to do the same in Affinity (although clicking the Macro in the panel isn't the worst thing in the world, but again it's just something PS can do...).
  5. Thank you, MEB and Walt, for your expanding explanations on my question. Having used Adobe's products for many years, and it's what my school used for my graphic design degree courses, once Adobe's gratis use of their programs while I was in school ended (gee, whod'a'thunk?), I looked for alternatives to their subscription insanity and went with Affinity products (but got Gimp, Inkscape, and Scribus, just in case) and have not looked back. What I love about Affinity is being able to get to the other personas from within the program I'm in, instead of having to have several programs open at once. And I'm sure y'all realize that Affinity products are *always* at the top of the list as great alternatives for graphic designers and photographers (I'm both). At any rate, the brushes extension question didn't occur to me, for some reason, until now. Thank you both! Nikki
  6. Yes, in that case you have to expand the text to curves, ungroup and hit divide - plus a few more boolean operations to subtract the hole's shapes from the letters depending on what you want to do. There's definitely improvements to make regarding boolean operations. We have a few issues logged already. Thank you for your feedback.
  7. I’ve attached another SVG file using the Gilbert Color font, but this time I incorporated shapes for the text to run through. Gilbert-cog.svg
  8. Hi MEB, Thanks for responding. I've tried your recommendation and it works really well. I do tend to customise text by converting to curves and manipulating the letters, so I'll still face the problem in some form. Also I noticed a related issue. when I adjusted the kerning of a word and used 'divide', it left me with the first letter. the other letters had disappeared. I've attached a couple of screenshots.
  9. after restarting the computer the problem was solved...! thanx for your post!
  10. Hi @DawnM, Welcome o Affinity Forums Try to change the Highlight colour to something else other than Graphite. Does it fix the issue? We are already aware of the problem and looking into fixing it.
  11. Hi @Pattebaer, Welcome to Affinity Forums The Mac App Store doesn't offer any mechanism to revert to an older version. Unless you have a Time Machine backup (or a regular backup), there's no way to step back to a previous version.
  12. Thank you very much for the info. I do think it’s counter-intuitive. The two settings are named such that they sound like the same thing. I really do appreciate your help and all the explanations. 😊
  13. Need to wrap it up, otherwise I´ll start go go from 1/100 to 1/1000 and never finish.
  14. Hi @Brian W, Welcome to Affinity Forums We are aware of a few issues with boolean operations. Please try this approach instead: 1. write the word you need and adjust the kerning as required 2. press Add (boolean operation) in the main toolbar Alternatively for step 2 go to menu Layer > Expand Curves. If the text are already converted to curves: - position the letters as you wish (overlapping) - select all letters - press and hold ALT and click the ADD button (boolean operation to create a compound (non-destructive boolean operation) - with the compound layer selected, go to menu Layer > Expand Curves
  15. I think I meant this (which is from my understanding and may not be perfect). Most photographers do not care what the RGB values are where the alpha channel is 100% transparent, but clearly game designers packing that channel with actual data, so care about those RGB values as alpha does not reflect opacity. Perhaps @Andy Somerfield can comment on whether the alpha pre-multiplication will be made an option in future to suit this market, or if there is another solution coming for texture and TGA files
  16. That's a bit of a tricky question. A .afbrushes file can contain raster brushes or vector brushes. Vector brushes are usable only in Designer Persona of Designer or Publisher. Raster brushes are usable in Photo, or the Photo Persona of Publisher, or the Pixel Persona of Designer.
  17. Hi @bubbalicious, Welcome to Affinity Forums You can go to menu File > Edit in Designer/Publisher/Photo (depending on the app you're in) to send the document directly to the other apps of the suite. In Publisher you can also use the Designer and Photo Personas to access most of the main features of Photo and Designer directly inside he Publisher app (through the StudioLink feature).
  18. We do not sell the Affinity range as anything other than as a download Yes, as Walt and Steven said that page is referring to anything physical that we sell. Currently that is only physical Workbooks and T-Shirts. I think it is not clear either in the basket or in that help file that the software is not also sold as a physical copy, but to be honest you are one of the first to think that it was, and we have sold over a million copies from our store.
  19. Maybe not your target audience being directly "game developers" but game development also uses photography very strongly. This is a photography suite and an image manipulation software, software used to edit and create RGBA, but sadly 1/4 of that is awkward to work with. Would you really suggest photography for game development isn't photography at all, and thus not the target audience? As the person above, I'm not trying to be harsh but "not our target audience" is quite a poor excuse for software being awkward to use. There's more industries out there other than game development that also need the use of alpha channels including photographers. If I can't use Affinity to edit my photo sourced textures (which is photography, which is your target audience) then I'd have to use photoshop... I'd rather use Affinity but like many, many others I simply can't yet. If I'm wrong then please could you elaborate on who is the target audience if photographers aren't? At any rate there is an absolutely huge market to tap into, which can only mean customers and more money toward Affinity and I don't see a downside to catering to this.
  20. That info is for items that are physical, such as the workbooks and T-shirts.
  21. Has anyone else had problems with the add & subtract when it comes to joining and trimming into objects? I'm wondering if anyone knows why this happens as it's not an issue with other software packages I've used Corel Draw and Adobe Illustrator for years and have always used the Weld and Trim (Add & Subtract in Affinity Designer) for shaping vector objects. Affinity Designer however, seems to work okay for a couple of simple cuts or joins but becomes unstable when trying more complex operations. For example, to take a word and create a one-piece object as opposed to separate letters. Overlapping the letters (converted to curves) and then trying to weld (Add) them together tends to remove some of the counter shapes (eg, the hole in the 'p' etc). The counter shapes are still in place but not showing and have to be Divided to free them up. In short, getting from figure1 to figure 5 would normally be a simple select & click without the extra steps in between. I've tried to illustrate the problem, hope it makes sense.
  22. Hi @Cacophonix, Welcome to Affinity Forums You have to point the Search Plugins Folders to: Hard Drive\Program Files\Common Files\Adobe\Plug-Ins\CC\DxO
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