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  1. It would be great if all the 'Create New' options in all three apps could adopt an automatic naming dialogue when selected rather than having to first create a new 'Style', 'Colour Palette', 'Asset' etc., and then separately select 'Rename'. Surely it would be far more efficient if when creating a new 'Style', 'Colour Palette', 'Asset' or whatever that it defaulted to showing the 'Rename' dialogue window so you could create and name it in a single step. This would still mean you could accept the default, i.e. 'Unnamed' and rename later if you wanted to but it would also reduce the current two-step process to a one-step process which makes far more sense, to me at least.
  2. Hi Sean, I think you could be right regarding the mitre value. It seems when you draw any shape in AD the 'default' mitre value is set to 1.5 but when adding an additional stroke using the Appearance panel the default mitre is for some reason set to 1.414. If instead, this was also set to 1.5 then the problem goes away.
  3. Hangman

    Scaling in print

    Hi David, Very strange... I've just set up a quick test using artboards and printed a selection of artboards by selecting the respective artboard from the print dialogue and all are printing as expected and centred on the page. It's the same when choosing 'Selection' as well. I'm trying to understand a little more about your set up and why it's not printing as expected for you, is your setup different to this? Is it possible to make a screen grab of your AD Artboard layout so I can try and understand the issue better? artboard printing.mov
  4. Hangman

    Scaling in print

    Hi David, I print both A3 standard and A3 borderless prints from AD on an Epson SC P600 (which is basically the same printer as the Epson 3880) on a daily basis without any issues. As the printer prints borderless I don't think there are any margins you need to be worried about so unsure why you are experiencing the issue. This is what I'm seeing in the print dialogue and that's how it is printing as well. Is it possible that fiddling with the margins has caused the centre offset? Can you upload a screen grab of your margin settings? I've been slightly baffled by the red overlay that now appears in the print dialogue sometimes. I'm assuming it is meant to indicate a mismatch between what you are attempting to print and the print settings selected but even though it appears for some of my prints when I have certain scaling set it doesn't prevent the print being printed correctly so I'm unsure what its intended purpose really is? BTW the tif file you've uploaded appears to be corrupt, I'm unable to open it from the link or once downloaded.
  5. Regarding the second point, I'm not entirely sure but I think leshido may be referring to the fact that when you change the stroke order to either 'Draw stroke behind' or 'Draw stroke in front' the stroke 'layer' order doesn't change in the Appearance panel until you either click outside the appearance panel, i.e. on the page or artboard or until you click on the stroke item a second time in the Appearance panel. I think the expectation is that the 'layer' order would change automatically as soon as you change to either 'in front' or 'behind' rather than having to click either a second time on the stroke in the Appearance panel or on the canvas, at least that's how I'd expect it to work. There also seems to be a possible screen redraw issue when adding a second stroke to a shape, the corner of the second stroke changes in appearance as you either zoom into the artwork and when you keep the artwork at the same zoom level but change the width of the second stroke. The attached shows the effect when zooming in but it is the same when changing the stroke width at a fixed zoom. Notice the initial black stoke isn't affected, only the additionally added orange stroke. stroke screen redraw.mov
  6. Hi Aaron, Not experiencing the wobbling you're seeing when working with a magic mouse, are you able to record a screen grab to show what you are seeing? I believe the issue with missing bleed on artboard exports is down already and is being looked at by the dev team.
  7. Minor one here... The tab order on the transform panel is 'X', 'Y', 'W', 'H', 'R', 'S' when it is docked in the studio on opening AD and AP, however, when the transform panel is undocked/dragged out on its own the tab order changes to 'X', 'W', 'Y', 'H', 'R', 'S' (which is incorrect) and remains that way if re-docked to the studio. It is only reset to the correct order when AD and AP are closed down and relaunched. tab_order.mov
  8. Not sure if this has already been requested but I'd like to request the ability to create crop marks from a shape, as per Illustrator (see attached video) but with the ability to specify both the crop mark length, stroke size and distance from the artwork either via a preference setting or studio panel. I'm aware we can create crop marks when exporting as a pdf but if you are creating, for example, an A4 page with multiple business cards on or a page of circular stickers it would be so much easier to be able to add crop marks per business card or sticker automatically based on the rectangle or circle rather than having to add these manually which is very time-consuming. This would be useful across all three apps.
  9. Working as expected here... layer is selected and not experiencing any zoom!
  10. I can confirm I'm experiencing the same issue on AD, AP and APub Beta, the "reopen documents" option in the General tab of the Preferences is ticked but no saved documents open when relaunching any of the apps.
  11. Looking at the 'x' node coordinates (as it doesn't seem to affect the 'y' coordinates) for the curves on your second artboard it appears that AD is taking it's zero ruler position for the second artboard from the top left corner of an imaginary third artboard positioned equidistant from the second one and therefore treating the second artboard 'x' coordinates as negative values from this zero point because the second artboard is to the left of the imaginary third artboard and it is including in its calculation the gap between the artboards. In your file, the gap between the two artboards is 64.58mm, so if you were to add a third artboard of the same size to the right of the second with the same gap of 64.58mm and use the top left corner of the third artboard as the zero point to measure from then that ties in exactly with the 'x' node coordinates you are seeing on your second artboard. Looks like a simple math error in the code where it is setting the zero point incorrectly each time a new artboard is added by a fixed multiple of the artboard width plus the gap between artboards. If you add a third artboard with the same graphic you'll see the 'x' coordinates are further out but by an additional artboard plus gap multiple.
  12. That's the thing, I've not updated my OS in between updating from v1.6 to v1.7 and it is/was only happening in AD and AP v1.7. I wasn't experiencing this in APub Beta or any other software I run on my mac which is why I'm assuming it is perhaps a Serif issue?
  13. Hi R C-R, I did something similar yesterday after Old Bruce's suggestion, though I selected my Mac HD and after a system reboot the issue seems to have corrected itself today as I'm no longer getting the confirm dialogue window appearing on file export now which is good but I'm assuming this isn't 'expected' behaviour in v1.7?