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  1. Apologies, my bad, yes it is... I was fooled because it happened twice after the initial install prior to a reboot but yes, on 2nd launch after reboot all is good again, phew... thanks.
  2. Perhaps not a bug per se, but just updated to the latest versions of all thee apps and all three, even after a reboot, now have 37 dock bounces prior to launching, way slower than 2.0.3 which was two bounces at most.
  3. Apologies if this has been mentioned already but the link to the release notes in Photo's Software Update panel takes you to the Affinity Website... https://affinity.serif.com/en-gb/ rather than the Forum listing the actual release notes... It's fine for both the Designer and Publisher 2.0.4 updates.
  4. @Callum, the bug relates specifically to grouped lines... Steps to Reproduce Create two A4 documents with the units set to mm - Doc 1 - 72 dpi - Doc 2 - 300 dpi On the 72 dpi document draw a series of 2pt lines Create a duplicate set of 2pt lines and group the second set Select both the grouped and ungrouped lines and Copy Go to the 300 dpi, A4 document and Paste Result The grouped lines incorrectly maintain their line weight at 2pt, the ungrouped lines correctly scale their line weight based on the change in the document dpi, i.e., by 316.67% from 2pt to 8.33pt. However, Positionally... This is further complicated by the positioning of grouped and non grouped lines and depends on whether the grouped lines Appear to the left or the right of the non grouped lines on the canvas Appear above or below the non grouped lines in the layers panel When the grouped lines appear below the non grouped lines in the layers panel then the pasted position of the lines in the 300 dpi document is relative to the grouped lines, i.e., the X, Y pixel position of the grouped lines is the same in both the 72 dpi and 300 dpi documents. When the grouped lines appear above the non grouped lines in the layers panel then the pasted position of the lines in the 300 dpi document is relative to the bottom most, non grouped line in the layers panel i.e., the X, Y pixel position of the bottom most non grouped lines is the same in both the 72 dpi and 300 dpi documents. This results in one of four different pasted positions when the combined grouped and non grouped lines are pasted between documents. Note: This is the same behaviour in V1. Line Weight and Position.mp4
  5. @JTM, welcome to the forums... possibly a silly question but what specifically isn't working, i.e., I'm assuming you are clicking the green 'Make window full screen' button to the left of the AD icon to enter full screen mode... Once you are in fullscreen mode what happens when you move your mouse to the top of the screen, does the Affinity Menu appear along with the red, orange and green buttons allowing to to click the green button again to escape full screen mode or does nothing happen at all. Have you tried the keyboard shortcut, Command + Control + F (on Big Sur and earlier) or Fn + F on Monterey or later.
  6. @Callum, I don't want to cross contaminate posts but the issue experienced by @Hanjo sounds very much related to this issue recently reported, though possibly not identical. There is also a report in the Photo forum of another issue relating to Transform Origin which could also be related...
  7. That is a very valid point, in which case my previous assumption is clearly wrong and I agree this is indeed a bug that needs fixing...
  8. I'm not sure of the full extent of what you are creating so may be talking out of turn, but would the approach @N.P.M. suggested, i.e., using a clipping path rather than a mask not provide the solution?
  9. Agreed, it would be good to get clarification... but my take is that Selection Only refers to the bounding box of the parent element, i.e., the selected layer in the layers panel. That is both logical and results in the outcomes we are seeing in both cases based on the physical selection made.
  10. I'm sure I will likely be castigated for this but I'm not convinced this is a bug for the following reasons... When you group the two images, as shown in the original post and then apply a mask to the group, which in the example shown is smaller and contained within the bounding box of the two grouped images, by selecting the Group in the layers panel, exporting and then choosing Selection Only your physical selection is still effectively the two images and not the mask you just so happened to have applied, so to me what is exported is correct, it is your physical selection, i.e., in this example, the two images. If the mask happened to be the same size as the two images or smaller than currently shown, then Selection Only exports exactly the same size image only it shows either more or less of the two images because the mask is now either larger or smaller. When you do the reverse and you clip the two grouped images inside the square and you select the Square in the layers panel, export and choose Selection Only, your physical selection in the layers panel is no longer the two grouped images, it is now the square, hence it again correctly exports the physical selection, i.e., in this example, the square. I think what is perhaps confusing here is that when using the mask option and selecting the group in the layers panel, the physical selection's bounding box is shown on the canvas as that of the mask rather than that of the actual physical selection which in this example is infact the two images.
  11. Not quite sure what is the expected behaviour re this but while we can select from 8-bit, 16-bit or percentage when working with RGB colour and between 8-bit and percentage when working with CMYK colour, reflecting the Document Setup options for both, selecting 16-bit as the default when working in RGB, this, as expected displays 16-bit RGB values in both the colour palette and colour chooser sliders. Switch to CMYK in the colour palette and CMYK colour values are now also displayed using 16-bit values in both the colour palette and the colour chooser sliders, should they be? Change back to 8-bit from the drop-down menu in the colour palette and the CMYK values in the colour palette are now correctly displayed in 8-bit but still show as 16-bit values in the colour chooser sliders and it appears impossible to change these back to 8-bit in the colour chooser even if changing to RGB 8-bit or percentage from the colour palette drop-down, the values are now stuck in 16-bit. Same issue across all three apps....
  12. Scroll works fine for me in both V1 and V2 though only in the Character Panel for Kerning, Tracking, Baseline Shift and Leading Override, i.e., the four options on the left of the Character Panel and also work with Shift Scroll, Cmd Scroll and Alt Scroll for differing scroll increments, namely 10, 1 and 0.1 increments respectively. It looks as though Shear, Horizontal and Vertical Scale are an oversight and should work with Scroll, as there is no logical reason why those three work with Drag but not Scroll. Drag works on all fields in both the Character and Paragraph panels... Character Panel Scroll.mp4
  13. It's as @loukash says, it's browser specific, for me on Firefox (my browser of choice) and Safari and iOS (as you would expect) I see it inline, on Chrome only as a file to download but that's likely because I don't have the Quicktime Plug-in installed for Chrome and I doubt many Windows users have the Quicktime plug-in installed for their respective browsers which is where a lot of the issues lay where people are unable to view certain video content inline if it's in the .mov format...
  14. I do the same, I export from Quicktime recorder as 1080p but then use Veed.io to convert to .mp4. Being on a mac I have zero issues viewing .mov or .mp4 but I know many others do and I don't think this forum actualy supports .mov files. Using the standard Veed settings 50Mb compresses down to 4Mb...
  15. @walt.farrell, that sounds pretty similar to the behaviour in the last video I posted, four posts above this one...
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