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  1. Hi Karen, I'm getting the same error with that file I'm afraid and am unable to open it. The Affinity guys can provide you with a Dropbox link to upload the file and they can hopefully look into it more than I can.
  2. Hangman

    Designer keeps crashing

    Hi Roy, You can do this in Affinity Photo by selecting all layers, right-clicking and selecting 'Merge Visible', though in doing so you are rasterising your text. If that isn't an issue for you then that is the route I'd take.
  3. Hi Karenq, Your post seems to have become mixed up in another thread. I'm unable to open your file, I get the following error but I'm guessing this is possibly because of the problem you are experiencing saving the file. Do you have any versions which open in AD prior to crashing on save, if so are you able to attach?
  4. Hangman

    Designer keeps crashing

    Hi Roy, No problem, glad you've managed to sort and are able to print.
  5. Hangman

    Designer keeps crashing

    Hi Roy, The problem appears to be with the images, I'm not entirely sure why or where they've come from but if you right-click each in turn in the layers palette and select rasterise from the menu so both show as (pixel), rather than (Embedded Document) and (Image) then re-save your file and you should be good to print. The source document crashes both Photo and Publisher for me, so definitely an issue with the images, in particular, the flame image which is the one causing the crash.
  6. Hangman

    Designer keeps crashing

    Hi Roy, Are you able to upload the file in question so we can take a look? Could you also let us know the printer you are printing to and perhaps include a screengrab of your printer settings just before AD crashes?
  7. All good here too (on mac OS) and can happily export slices from the original file... It looks as though you are running AD on Windows so this should probably be moved to the Windows AD bug forum?
  8. Hi Frank, When you say nesting a gradient mask (rectangle) to any object or group kills everything in the stack below or above, can you explain further what you mean by kills. All seems to be working as expected here following your instructions... Could you either attach a sample file where you are experiencing the problem where you've nested a gradient mask created using the transparency tool or at least some screen grabs showing a before and after with your layers palette visible?
  9. Hangman

    New From Clipboard Bug

    I don't know for sure but isn't this actually down to the OS, as in the clipboard rather than Affinity software. If you do the same using something like GraphicConverter a 300dpi image (or any resolution image) appears at 96dpi when using 'New from Clipboard'...
  10. Can confirm the same is happening here too... Basically, once the canvas has been enlarged to 220 x 120px applying a bucket fill to the canvas is actually creating a 'shape' much larger than the canvas itself, in this instance, the shape created is offset negatively by 246px on both x and y axes and is 492px larger than the canvas in both width and height instead of being the actual canvas size as would be expected.
  11. Hi Sean, This is a problem I've experienced on a particular file as well in all versions of AD. My file sounds similar in that it has a number of grouped layers, each with around twelve pixel layers in addition to an adjustment layer. I think it is simply a screen redraw issue related to the volume of pixel layers in the file, although the file itself is only around 178mb, so not that big. When I click the expand arrow for a group to make a layer selection change and then collapse the group again, 'sometimes' complete layers are no longer showing in the layers panel. This is easily rectified by either collapsing the layers at the 'root' level and expanding the layers again or sometimes just by clicking on the missing layers themselves. layers.mp4
  12. Whilst I don't disagree with you, I think perhaps the counter-argument might be to treat artboards with the same attention to detail as the graphics you add to them. When you create a normal page and likewise the first artboard (if created using the New Document dialogue) both are positioned using integer coordinates rather than sub-pixel positioning, so why not treat any subsequent artboards with the same level of accuracy (rather than positioning them 'semi-randomly') by simply using the 'Force Pixel Alignment' option. Whilst others may disagree, accepting this is the way Affinity software works and simply ensuring 'Force Pixel Alignment' is active when creating, duplicating, moving or positioning artboards isn't really an inconvenience, it's a single mouse click and it avoids any issues when exporting slices. Just my 2 cents worth...
  13. Hangman

    Skew distorts strokes

    Hi abra100pro, You'd be much better off using solid shapes than shapes with really thick strokes. That way you can make them into compound shapes which then makes it easy should you need to edit the red background for example as you only need to make a single change rather than editing several shapes. The distortion is improved by increasing the mitre limit on your strokes but when skewed as individual objects they don't appear to distort well. I'm unsure if the distortion you get is what you should expect or whether this would be considered a bug, I'm sure Sean will know the answer. The strokes don't appear to be being clipped when distorted but personally, I'd create the shapes as solids and use one of a variety of compound paths depending on how much flexibility you need. apSkew Updated.afdesign apSkew Updated Compound v1.afdesign apSkew Updated Compound v2.afdesign
  14. It could well be though I would have assumed/hoped that having files on an external drive wouldn't cause an issue!
  15. This is in 1.7.2 across the board. If I click on Resource Manager in either app it seems to function as expected and allows me to replace your missing linked .tif file with one of my own quite happily... Maybe your crash report will give the dev team some pointers as to the cause...