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  1. Hangman

    error placing image

    @Neloross Out of interest are you running macOS High Sierra?
  2. Hi Dennison, Sorry, I was referring to the Affinity Designer file itself so we can try to identify the issue when exporting?
  3. Hi Dennison, Are you able to attach your file so we can take a look and try to replicate?
  4. Hangman

    Multiple Selecting bug

    As Old Bruce suggests, it sounds as though your boxes (frames) are perhaps in a couple of groups. If this is the case hold down the Cmd key whilst dragging your cursor over the boxes you need in your selection and when you release the Cmd key it should select just those boxes from within the group if that is indeed how your file is currently setup.
  5. I think this is the same issue as the other colour sliders are exhibiting...
  6. Hangman

    Contour vs fill @ export

    Surely this should still be considered a bug? I'm not sure I follow the logic of only centre aligned strokes exporting correctly to pdf... How does a similar source file export with centre, outer and inner strokes from Illustrator?
  7. So long as the colour profiles in your two documents match and you are embedding the same colour profile in your exported pdf then the colours will match. Are you able to attach your Designer and Publisher documents or a simplified version exhibiting the problem so we can take a look? The issue when referencing EPS files related to the fact that in general, you can't embed an ICC profile within an EPS file (apart from some instances where you can but only in the TIFF or PICT EPS preview).
  8. There seem to be quite a few reports in the forums of various issues running the three Affinity apps under macOS Catalina and I just wanted to ask what general experiences people are having where they have updated their OS. I've been holding off mainly because I've been waiting for the Capture One 20 update (released today) to provide full Catalina support but I don't want to update only to then find I have issues with Designer, Photo and Publisher. I would welcome any advice/feedback/experiences on whether it is 'safe' or 'advisable' to update my OS with regards Affinity app compatibility or whether it is wise to hold off for a while and waiting for the official 1.8 release across the board which is likely to address some of the reported issues?
  9. Hangman

    general svg export problem

    Thanks Sean, Very weird, I simply copied and pasted some HTML code into a quote box which appeared correctly prior to posting. I inadvertently hit Ctrl-Enter on the first post and it completely locked the post so I reposted and then as soon as the second one was posted that automatically locked as well and added the extraneous blank space above the quote box. Many thanks for fixing and deleting as appropriate. Hopefully, the improvement will rectify a lot of the SVG issues people appear to be having with various different CAD and laser cutting software.
  10. Hangman

    general svg export problem

    Apologies for the dual posts, there seems to be a forum issue and I'm currently not able to edit or delete posts and the quote boxes have extraneous space added above them for no obvious reason! Both my previous posts are 'locked' (no idea why), but this is the link to the online conversion tool if you want to give it a go.
  11. Hangman

    general svg export problem

    It appears that AD is exporting the width and height values as "100%" rather than as actual dimensions and for some reason TinkerCAD doesn't like it. For example, a simple 100 mm (377.952756 px) diameter circle created in Designer and exported as an SVG generates the following XML. Edit the width and height values to actual values: resave the SVG and TinkerCad imports the file. As far as I can tell there isn't any way to change this setting when exporting the SVG. A quick solution is to 'convert' your AD exported SVG file using an online conversion tool, once converted, the width and height values are changed to actual rather than percentage values and your file will again import into TinkerCAD. I assume this is an issue with TinkerCAD rather than AD since AD exported SVGs do happily import into other CAD and laser cutting programs, though there do appear to be a number of known issues with SVG exports from Designer which the dev team are aware of and which have been reported as possible bugs.
  12. I couldn’t agree more, the click and drag eye dropper has always been my least favourite feature of the affinity apps, I’ve never understood the logic for the need to have to drag the colour picker to sample colour (I appreciate we have the colour picker tool also) but it’s always felt very unintuitive to me and it makes little sense but I hope this is an area, along with colour management where we see some big improvements in v2.0.
  13. Hangman

    How to delete anchors?

    That's always the way, as in, it's easy when you know how... It might be worth adding a feature request for 'delete all anchors'. I can imagine when you have literally hundreds of them in a long-form document, deleting one by one is a bit painful, it would be great to have options to a) delete all anchors and b) delete all hyperlinks in addition to being able to delete selectively.
  14. Hangman

    How to delete anchors?

    To delete anchors simply place your cursor directly after the anchor and press the delete key. Which PDF version are you trying to export to, not all versions of PDF support hyperlinks.
  15. Personally, I would like to see the ability to select Document Setup from the file menu after an afPhoto file has been created or an image file opened in the same way you can select Document Setup in both Designer and Publisher after a new file has been created. I think that would be an easier/quicker way to see and adjust the file and colour settings and potentially remove a lot of the confusion. I would also like to see the addition of a files' colour format appear as part of the filename in the individual window/tab for that file, so instead of a file showing as lx_Chel_05b.tiff, I'd like to see it appear as lx_Chel_05b.tiff (CMYKA/8) or myfile.jpg (RGBA/8). Currently, this information is only shown in the context toolbar when the Pan Tool is selected, why not have it always available as a simple visual guide/reminder regardless of the tool selected. This is available when click dragging the colour picker from the colour palette... or as you say, in the Info palette when using the Colour Picker Tool, but I can't see any reason why this couldn't be added as a toggle option for the Colour Picker Tool itself.

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