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  1. Thank you! The Resource Manager is getting better and better. Preflight – awesome.
  2. My suggestions for preflight presets: Overprint Overprint applied to White colour It would be very nice to have a possibility: Menu / View / Overprint preview of document Colours Colour spaces not allowed (possibilty to chose which colour space is/isn't ok for current document) Document contains spot colours (list of them) Resolution Separate resolution control for 1 bit B&W bitmaps that require a different resolution (800–1200 dpi) than 8 bit Grayscale + RGB/CMYK bitmaps (300–340 dpi) Fonts & Styles Font missing Glyph missing Paragraph and Character style overrides
  3. Same for me. But I've successfully created profile when I – as a first step – chosed “edit profile“ and after that I've used “create profile“.
  4. Same beta, different computer, iMac with Retina display, macOS Catalina, everything looks fine.
  5. Metal is enabled AfP restarted, result is still the same for me.
  6. Thank you for improved Beta All psd files placed in IDML are loaded correctly in this AfP beta – WOW!
  7. Hi, I found some blurred UI icons in the top banner and in the New Document Dialog (with templates).
  8. Hi Pauls Here is a link http://gofile.me/3YyyN/oEzqvSH7C to download whole package [108 MB] (Indd, Idml, Links and PDF – as preview or reference file). Inside of IDML file are just several pages, but there are visible all issues described before. Cheers!
  9. The first IDML to AfP test It looks really good! Now I found this issues. - Master page template elements appear on each side despite the template text was rewritten on page in layout see attached picture 01 & 02.PNG [with xxxxx text below proper caption] - Approx. 50 % of Links weren't updated. I guess It's because of shown names of files in the resource manager. The names in the AfP resource manager contain character like „%“ but in Finder they are normal without those characters – attached picture 03.PNG. After manual updating everything looks good and name is shown correctly – attached picture 04.PNG.
  10. Thank you! Maybe one of the most wanted feature is here. Let's check it...
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