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  1. Hi Guys Thanks for this update. I tried to play with new method in master pages and it works good for me. Just another question. Is there possibility to set default state for Text Style palette without predefined text & characters styles? It's a bit annoying always erase all unwanted styles. Also will be very useful to set and save a bunch of custom workspaces (opened just palettes you need) for specific task during typesetting. It's really time saving feature. Neverthless good work!
  2. SillyWalk


    Add my voice for that!
  3. The update process works smoothly on MacOS Mojave 10.14. Thanx for your work guys!
  4. Same for me. I have two documents with same two pictures just each with different preferences (embeded / linked). File size is still the same.
  5. Image placement policy. I'ts great the possibility to choose which way you prefer. I'm sure that more obvious for layout's making is Linked preffered and in some rarely cases people choose embeded option. I vote for swapping those two “options“ – default Linked preffered.
  6. Thanx for update of AP. I realized that I can't switch off the Edit guide tool. It's still active and guides are unlocked.