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  1. Hi Sean P, solved, you are my god! Now all apps work like a charm. Thank you๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป
  2. Hi Patrick The first app that appeared in the AppStore (CZ) was Affinity Photo. A universal license was purchased through it. I tried registering successively in all apps (Affinity Photo was the first), even on the iPad. Still unsuccessful. I am attaching a video. Capto_Capture 2022-11-09_07-34-22_PM.mov
  3. Hey, Lee, thanks for the hint. - restore purchases - not responding - uninstalling all apps - restart computer - Reinstalling all apps - same result โ€“ Activation unsuccessful - I have no visible ownership of version 2 in my Affinity account Cheers
  4. I've just purchased a Universal License on the Mac AppStore. - The payment is recorded in the bank - Activation required via my Affinity account - After filling the login form โ€“ activation unsuccessful - I don't see any version 2 purchases in my Affinity account iMac 27-inch 2020, macOS Ventura
  5. Try this in Find/Replace via Regular Expression: Find: (\b[\l\u]\b)\h Replace: $1 (behind 1 add nonbreaking space Alt+Space bar on Mac) or Find: (\<[szkvaiouSZKVAIOU])[ ]+ Replace: $1 (behind 1 add nonbreaking space Alt+Space bar on Mac)
  6. I can confirm too the "jumping colour values" in all 3 apps for desktop on Mac.
  7. The feature of the โ€žBookโ€œ in Affinity Publisher was mentioned by Andy in the article here: https://affinityspotlight.com/article/creating-the-affinity-publisher-workbook/
  8. Just emergency solution. You can copy the needed profiles straight into Resource folder and restart Publisher. It works for me.
  9. Thank you guys for Save as package โ€“ very helpful for me! ๐Ÿ‘‹
  10. Try this. In Document Setup choose Assign to desired profile instead Convert. Export as PDF X/1a or PDF/X3. This should preserve just 100% Black text colour.
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