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  1. Also i just found, that when I change the global color from an orange pantone to another - it export's that ribbons in cmyk -_-. If the client wants to change color - I will change everything by hand ;/
  2. Hello, I was preparing a file for the print and it took me about 4h + 45 tries to complete :/ 1. I was designing a package with cmyk + pantone parts (just one, global pantone + cmyk colors). The design had couple of pantone ribbons - i wanted to make it gradient, so i used tint option in gradient menu to make one part lighter (It's hard as hell to make it work like you want using this weird tint tool, it just do what it wants ;d ...). What I did and what happened? - I made global pantone color - I designed one ribbon - I made gradient with spot color on ribbon, - I duplicated it, After export to X1 pdf, the first ribbon was in spot color, the second wasn't ... It looks like when you copy an element with global spot color - it loses ability to keep the pantone color (it somehow converts itself to cmyk). What i did to make all ribons correct? I just merged them first and then made gradient using gradient tool. It's the only way to make all ribbons in design in spot color. 2. The second thing is, that there was a pixel photo (masked) above ribbon (hand :)). When this photo was present - the ribbon changes itself to cmyk values (in coreldraw, when you do same thing, it's all fine). What i did to make it work? I made the vector shape and placed hand inside it (I traced all fingers, it took some time :x). Please add this bugs to roadmap. Also.... If anyone knows how to do tints in pantone colors (instead of using opacity tool - it doesn't work when you put the pantone object on something else rather than blank space) - please tell me :) PS I cannot attach the original file of this job.
  3. Hi, I have a problem that appears only with publisher (it doesn't appear in photo nor in designer). The thing is that when i try to sample colour from colour chooser panel on the right side of a screen, the actual "colour picking point" differs from to mouse, but only when choosing cmyk colour. I am using latest version of publisher (1.9.2) for mac os big sur, MBA 17'. I tried to reinstall publisher with the same result. What I expect? - I expect colour chooser to pick color accurately, now it "jumps". Sample video at the bottom. Hope someone can help me
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