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  1. This is a standardized workflow in the printing industry. First you work with the small JPG files in the concept and layout phase, and then in the last step (e.g. Final Art) you replace them with the very high-resolution and resource-hungry TIFF files and transfer them to prepress for maximum quality in production.
  2. So true. This is a big usability fail, when learned habits suddenly behave differently. I agree Serif should stick to the industry standard and not do its own thing where there has never been a problem.
  3. So you have to place the afpub in a new afpub and scale it ๐Ÿ™ˆ๐Ÿ˜…
  4. @Lagarto is right, it's not just about text Scaling, it's about Stroke-Width, FX and everything else, like scaling a placed Image/PDF. It's very dangerous scaling Objects and the appearance is changing. Especially if you don't recognize it at first sight, e.g. when you want to scale it only 10% in size
  5. I'm stuck with this right now. How can I create a vector mask in Affinity Designer or Publisher that will punch something out? Similar to Operations โ†’ Subtract, but non-destructive? The Blend-Mode "Erase" doesn't help because I want the background image to show through:
  6. Ok, I already thought that this does not work so easily. In Indesign there is another field in the transform panel with percentages, if you type in the size here, then it also scales the text. I don't know if everyone knows this, but it is very helpful. This function is missing in Publisher.
  7. Yes, as you already guessed, there might still be text changes. That's why a non-destructive scaling without having to convert texts to paths would be better.
  8. What if I want to scale the Grouped Objects and Textboxes in the Transform-Panel by a defined size, e.g. 100mm? Is it possible to use the Transform panel in the same way as if you would scale with the outer handle, that the text is also scaled 1:1?
  9. Great Idea! I love that possibility to hide and also group slides in Apple's Keynote๐Ÿ‘ So much better structured workflow if you dealing with many Pages/Chapters ๐Ÿ‘Œ
  10. yes, yes, yes, pleasee! +1 And yeah I know I can use the Menu "Fileโ†’Reveal in Finder", but the interactive Title Bar is much fastet and more convenient and it shows the whole path ๐Ÿ‘
  11. Thanks for the hint with the comments, there are some interesting insights to read
  12. Please Serif, take Indesign as an example. Why not simply adapt a concept that works well and most users are used to? You don't have to do everything differently if it has proven itself over the years. Put your magic to do something different into other features we love, but make the color handling work as robust and simple like in Indesign
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