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  1. The only way to get the level back in place is to drop it into the closed group. While experimenting with this, I found that there are different hierarchies, but it doesn't change the appearance? By the way, the behavior of moving the layers feels very clumsy… But that's another topic ;) Bildschirmaufnahme 2021-04-18 um 09.35.54.mov
  2. I have found some difficulties when sorting Adjustment layers. You can move the layer out, but you can't get it back. Or am I too impatient and I can't find the right area to move the layer to? Bildschirmaufnahme 2021-04-18 um 09.07.03.mov
  3. It is not possible to select more than one adjustment layer to turn in on/off. Or is there some kind of trick? In the attached video I tried all of the modifier keys like CMD, Option, Ctrl, Shift… Bildschirmaufnahme 2021-04-18 um 09.12.09.mov
  4. I’m with @shields.up 10 Units is sometimes way too much for microtypography. In Indesign/Illustrator/Photoshop you can define this individually (Preferences→Units/Increments).
  5. I've tried changing the keyboard shortcuts to change the brush sizes several times. They only work until a restart, then they are reset to default. The reason why I want to change the shortcuts: The default brackets [ ] are not so easy to reach with a german keyboard layout. → btw. all my other custom shortcuts are working… shortcut.mov
  6. Hey! I have taken the time over Easter to try to find a workaround via Printer Settings, ICC profiles etc. but it just doesn't work. Affinity cannot send CMYK 0 0 0 100 to the printer without rasterizing it 🤦‍♂️ This is of course very unfortunate and also a bit surprising that a DTP program with print focus in mind only works reliably in the HSL color space... I hope something changes fundamentally with version 2.0 and you can create documents with mixed color spaces in RGB and CMYK colors and print/export without converting the color values like in Indesign 👉 In the meantime,
  7. Oh! Crazy, are you sure? I think that should be possible somehow, don't you? That surprises me now 🤔
  8. Hello, I am in desperation. I am simply not able to print CMYK 100% K directly from Affinity. It always rasterizes the black. I have a b/w laser printer (HP LaserJet M402dw). What is the trick? How do you do it? If you export that document as PDF and then print in Acrobat it works:
  9. yes, releasing the lock is a workaround. But just like you say, it's very risky and I don't want to unlock that permanently.
  10. yes, but that simply doesn't work in everyday work. Especially not when you work with colleagues and exchange documents, you never know what the person has done with the swatches ;) If you have to rely on the correct color values for corporate branding, then you can't seriously work with the color module. → Some behaviors are definitely buggy or at least not comprehensible. I summarzied all the problems in one video: 1. The Swatches Panel: The appearance of the color swatch as well as the popup if you hover has no information at all about what kind of color value it represents
  11. Not really. As you can see, if you change the color of a swatch, the swatch name and the popup-value remains the same… You cannot 100% sure know, which color-system is really behind that specific color swatch: Of course we all know, it is not possible such a saturated green in CMYK
  12. haha, oh nooo 🙈 but good to know! Maybe Affinity already has the bug on its mind and it disappeared in the new version. So like in your video the behavior would be good. But wouldn't it be even better if that CMYK sliders automatically appear when you double-click a CMYK color swatch:
  13. yeah, really confusing! I've already accepted that it's a bug, but if it works for you, then hopefully it's because of my settings. I just changed to English, unfortunately it was not because of that. Attached is a video, maybe I'm doing something wrong: Bildschirmaufnahme_2021-03-28_um_22_15_41.mov
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