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  1. You can make a multi text column in Publisher and open it in Designer. Better is to make a publisher document and you can still edit all in one enviroment; Studio.
  2. pruus

    Export bug, wrong size

    Could this be a problem because the image has been cropped? Than things go wrong. Try this one: After Restorize and Trim. Then export. I did get rid of this problem.
  3. Congrats! And it is still my favorite programm!
  4. If You try to export page after page. Then You can see which may causes the slowdown. is this an idea?
  5. Great work. Thanks
  6. I have seen the new object selectiontool from PS. Looks great and makes a lot of things easier. I like it. Can Affinity add this to Photo? See sneak info: https://9to5mac.com/2019/10/29/adobe-photoshop-object-selection-tool-sneak/
  7. I do get sometimes an gif, where I have to change one thing. At the moment, affinity Photo opens only the first image of the gif. I would like to have all images of the gif file opened. This will speedup the processing. So all individual images in different tabs. Not the best solution, because of the lost of the timeline, but the way to change content.
  8. Did you check if there are no pixels left at the border of the inserted item? Try to use the lasso to select only the Pretzel, and then copy.
  9. pruus

    text box defaults

    +1, would making a new document easier.
  10. If i add in view the character-panel. And place in on the screen. This character-panel stays on top of every other panel. I have an drawing, the character-panel is on the right. Then i want to export the drawing. The buttons can't be reach until i move the character-panel. See screendump: So the cancel and export buttons cannot be reached. The character-panel should go to the back of the export panel.
  11. What you see is a print mark. And you are zoomed in. You should say “fit to page” when printing on smaller papers. Then you get a proper view.
  12. Did you did the same as in this tutorial? see: https://affinity.serif.com/en-us/tutorials/publisher/desktop/video/337459129/ Special for Anchor, view from 2:00.

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