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  1. I really like the pattern layer. Great work! Would better if I can use the pencil tool. Brush works great. Happy new year!
  2. What you also can try is to restart the iPad. And then start again.
  3. Get extra sleep, be healthy and make the world better! Happy holidays!
  4. That would be nice, as first step affinity could load each frame of an gif to an new layer. So this would be the first step. Now we have to do all by hand. That could be easier. So loading a gif? Put each frame in onthef layer. Please, and then add animation.
  5. And still not solved in Ipad iOS 14 and AD. Pitty
  6. Have you tried to use an online tool? Like https://codebeautify.org/pantone-to-cmyk-converter. This is perhaps and acceptable solution.
  7. Great. Thanks @alfred!. Affinity has to do a lot af things. But I like the suite. Just miss sometimes something. And peanuts, oké. But if we don’t mention, nobody will know. Perhaps version 2.0 gives us more....
  8. I use the the font fattern. This is a SVG font. But....only on newer Adobe photoshop and illustrator this font is shown with a colered pattern. In Designer, we see the font in black, filled inside. here is the font: https://www.fontspace.com/fattern-font-f48474 read at the and the remark about the coloring in newer Adobe versions. In designer iPad, I see the fattern font, colored. But bij choosing. It will be black and filled single color. how can we use Fattern? See screendumps: Choose the font in Designer: choose the font in Designer, iPad: it’s colored! Yeah.
  9. Perhaps it’s an idea for Affinity to make a guide option for users in they start with a new doc. There are so much checkpoints, you can oversee some of them. I have learned a lot of my own mistakes. It would make acceptation a lot earlier for new ones and also other users.
  10. Do you have the lines, curves on the same layer? I don’t think so. If they are on the same layer, you can add, substract and more with no problems.
  11. Nothing special. I saved the file to my downloads. And then opened. I have just a few programms open. Strange.
  12. You have set crop marks en registration marks in the options. That’s why
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