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  1. If i add in view the character-panel. And place in on the screen. This character-panel stays on top of every other panel. I have an drawing, the character-panel is on the right. Then i want to export the drawing. The buttons can't be reach until i move the character-panel. See screendump: So the cancel and export buttons cannot be reached. The character-panel should go to the back of the export panel.
  2. What you see is a print mark. And you are zoomed in. You should say “fit to page” when printing on smaller papers. Then you get a proper view.
  3. Did you did the same as in this tutorial? see: https://affinity.serif.com/en-us/tutorials/publisher/desktop/video/337459129/ Special for Anchor, view from 2:00.
  4. Check in the Transform is the origin of the image is in whole pixels and the image-size also. If not, change it. And the white line will disappear. Good luck.
  5. pruus

    Failed to Save File

    Do You still have the document opened when you try to save as with the same name? Choose a different name in Save As. Try this, and let us know is this works.
  6. If you choose to EXPORT a file, down under in the shown window there is an option button which is called MORE. In this menu you can choose metafile and more.
  7. Although grids are backgrounds, bleeds are also, so why not make an option in More when exporting a work. Only if you want this you can activate otherwise unchecked. So, it could be useful.
  8. You need to export the PDF for print. And then you can add extra’s like trimmarks for the printerservice. Make a trail, send this to the printerservice to check your file for future use. Just double check is always good.
  9. Have you tried to save the pages document as PDF, and then imported it? That’s the way I do It to more applications which cannot be imported.
  10. @Wosven Great. I couldn’t find it. Thanks for the explanation.
  11. Two question which i wanted to have solved. I did not find the answer yet. If I have an document, and when the formatting of a paragraph, textframe has become a mess. is there a method to remove all formatting of a paragraph? How can I copy a formatting from one paragraph, textframe to another paragraph, textframe?
  12. Have you tried to save instead of save as. The problem is that the file is already opened. And you slecht the same file. In this place, when you change a existing file is to use save. But if you want to change the name, than you can do. This happened to all openende existing files.
  13. Thanks all! Isue for this hyperlink part solved. I would also wish to add an title to a hyperlink, so when hovering, You see an text. This would make it easier for an viewer. Or do iI ask to much from Affinity?
  14. Thanks a lot. I could not find it. Great if APublisher adds this to a more logical place in the navigation, like right button.....i’ve Just learned something.