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  1. Here iPad mini 5 with iOS 14 beta 4, I can’t add fonts or do anything else all crash.
  2. Try to take a bigger brush-size and don’t’ try to edit all way over in once. Try the size to 3 lines you want to delete and take smaller portions.
  3. If you take some time and look at the several tutorials, then selections and cutting out will be no problem. See for example this tutorial.
  4. Thanks for then tip. I think is should be part of the suit. Just view the app. But is has a lot of critics.
  5. Now we have to add a font to the AD, and AP on iPad for every programm. Could that change, complete with my favorite fonts? This would make using fonts better and easier.
  6. Works great for your often te use work, like an logo. But does not preview a text that you have selected in a different font.
  7. Have You tried to make a hard reset for the iPad? This frees some issues. Try it.
  8. Strange, I just tried to move the square and then add both. What’s going on...
  9. Thanks all. I should have added the solution. Affinity Photo uses vectors. I have all suits for Mac and Designer for iPad. Photo sees figures as drawings. Although they are vectors. So if you draw a figure, use the pentool to change the stroke. Steps: 1 Draw the figure 2 Select pentool and change the stroke of the figure. See screendump below.
  10. I’m a new user of AP for iPad. And I can’t find the stroke for a circle of any other figure. Can someone please tell me where it is on the studio?
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