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  1. Here the same, colors, left and right need to be the same, but they aren't.
  2. You can copy the content of a page to the masterpage. Select the page. Use CTRL-A to copy the content of the page. And then go to the mastertab. Make a new page, and copy with CTRL-V the copied content to the page. .
  3. I also miss Layer>Convert (if an svg image/work is selected) to picture frame.
  4. I missed the alignment icon. Perhaps it's hidden. But i miss it as usefull tool.
  5. Make the name Affinity Publish. Not more, not less. Like Affinity Photo and change Affinity Designer to Affinity Design. So all problems gone...
  6. I make different documents, and want the spelling checked in every document. How can i change the language per document? Some hints... please..
  7. I have done this by opening both documents. Go to the pages You want to copy. Mark and copy. Go to the document You want to place the pages. Go to pages tab and click paste. I did not tested this with large documents.
  8. I was looking for this. Thanks for the explanation MEB!
  9. Is it possible to change to a other documentsize during working. So if You start with an A5 size and wish to change it all, the publication, to an A4 size Paper?
  10. When i had mad some examples in Masterpage. I did, yes stupid, scroll fast down. But than is was difficult to scroll back to the beginning. Oke, there is a scale on the left. But an extra button to go top. Is better. Why should You go to -93432 or 48332?
  11. When i print a document, i get the message OVERFLOWING TEXT in a popup. It would be handy if there is an extra button on this alert: SHOW TEXT OVERFLOWS. This is fast en handy. Perhaps a menu-point in TEXT, show overflow?
  12. The new beta is a lot better. I tried to fill the master pages with images and more. This version Mac works now good.