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  1. I would like the oppertunity to load an existing animated GIF's and PNG as all serarated images. This is a change of behavour of AP. Now only the first image of a PNG of GIF is loaded. But i would like to load all images at once in different tabs with all images from the animated file. So i can edit a lot faster. I don't need an animator. Just the editor. PLEASE?
  2. pruus

    linking text

    Did You started on a new page? Did You placed an textbox from another page, document? I can't reproduce this.
  3. Or an option in the tab with the document a hover/link to the directory where the document is.
  4. The position of the sun is lower, so long shadow and more red in the light because of the langer travel time of the sunlight. This tenders to more red. This is a good explination: The color temperature of daylight varies with the time of day. It tends to be around 2,000 K shortly after sunrise or before sunset, around 3,500 K during "golden hour", and around 5,500 K during midday. The color temperature can also change significantly with altitude, latitude, and weather. The colortemperature varies during the day.
  5. Just for the weekend. Thanks for giving us a great supportfeeling!
  6. pruus

    Ruler disabled

    Show rulers is the first step. Then try this: See this on the right top site? Click on the left icon. This will enable getting an ruler in the page.
  7. And just for the weekend an update, You dare! Great update. Thanks.
  8. Hi Lone, I have an document with font set to Arial. The publisher-document will be enclosed here. The steps o see what is happening: 1: I open the document (APublisher document), enclosed 2: I select a part of an header text, fi (maar spaarzaam). which is bold and blue. 3: I go to the colorpicker to change the color of the selected text to black, double click on the round color (is allready black) to change the color of the selected text. Something changed. But.. 4: Looking now in the fonts, this is gone, and Italics and Bold are both selected. Allthoug this was only bold. Strange? Isn't? regards Jan emailhandtekening als marketingwapen.afpub
  9. I open a document. Then a select a part of a text which was bold. I then want tot change the color op the selected text by double click on the colorfield right of the colorpicker. Suddenly the bold status is on and Italics also. And the font is cleared out. So changing is a bug or a feature?
  10. Hi MEB, Your are right. This is logic by design. Know once, use many. Thanks.
  11. I have a document with 5 pages. I just add an helpline to the page. Te give me a orientationpoint. Snapping is oke. But i saw that the helpline is only visible on that page. It would be better to show the helplines in the whole document, so you can change these lines once for all.