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  1. I would like to make e few designs. And therefore i use rulers to mark the positions. I would believe if you have more than 1 artboard that a ruler-line could be placed all over all artboards. But that does not work. Do i something wrong? See enclosed document with two artboards. Selecting an artboard shows the ruler for that artboard. test-ruler-lines.afdesign
  2. Yes, i do also want a tracer. Is working together with: An option? I use it often for black & white traces. Could be better for color. But it's a start...... Perhaps.........
  3. pruus

    Affinity Designer for iPad - 1.7.0

    I hope that a lot of ‘designers’ will see and use the Power of AD! I love it.
  4. pruus

    Affinity Photo for MacOS - 1.7.0

    After all the work, it’s a great tool. Thanks, it’s worth every penny.
  5. Again, it’s getting better and better. I Will pre-order today. So much effort and a good tool.
  6. It is great that so many things have become better in this version. Time to give it to all buyers. Great effort and a great piece of software. A real good tool, not just for me. congratulations all!
  7. Great RC, it’s yet a great and powertool!
  8. Indeed, it can’t be loaded. Tried also with Ctrl and start, clean setting. No changes. Strange.
  9. The finishline! Good to go to the next step, version 2 with a lot more! Great!
  10. You’re awesome, great communication and effort, good luck with the last hurdle...
  11. It’s getting better and better! Great work guys! Thanks
  12. I would like the oppertunity to load an existing animated GIF's and PNG as all serarated images. This is a change of behavour of AP. Now only the first image of a PNG of GIF is loaded. But i would like to load all images at once in different tabs with all images from the animated file. So i can edit a lot faster. I don't need an animator. Just the editor. PLEASE?