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  1. Did you tried to save as? And give it a different name than Untitled.
  2. Goto preflight, click on show in document, change that text into the just installed font. And then save the publisher file. I think this is a PDF problem.
  3. Do you work on different windows devices or just one Windows computer?
  4. Do you work on an Windows device or an Apple device? I have experienced these with opening in Apple and continu work on Windows. I did get used to it... I have no solution, yet.
  5. Lege eine extra Layer an mit die stellen der Lackfarbe. Den Layer nicht mit dem document exportieren sondern separat liefern an der Drucker. Dann weisst der bescheid was Lackiert werden muss im nächsten druck.
  6. Take a look at Libre Office, Windows and Mac. Ik have seen that I can do more with pdf’s. It’s worth trying, free software. Import pdf and export in different file format is possible.
  7. You need to adjust your external screen. There are a few devices for it. But this cost quite a bit. Is you can adjust the y.color manually, you can change it to more equal. Every monitor of a brand have different color specs. You could try to change the color profile of the external monitor in settings of windows. But be ware, your laptop screen could shown not the right colors. Studios calibrating their screens every week, or even every day. I use a Mac and datacolor calibration. For Windows I found this: https://pcmonitors.info/articles/using-icc-profiles-in-windows/
  8. This car nailed it! Great work, don’t let it be your last work.
  9. Every company or user can make his own “Color of the year 2022”. So forum-members, let’s choose our own Affinity Color of the Year 2022. Here is my bet: Why, color of hope.
  10. Thanks. We’re gone try it.
  11. indeed strange. Rotating copying does not solve it. Strange! It is a shape problem. I did make a new test from scretch on. test-arrows.afdesign test.pdf
  12. Try and learn. AP gives a lot. But there is a learn-curve! Good luck.
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