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  1. Cropping is non-destructive. If you want to make the crop permanent the easiest way is to use "Document" – "Flatten". (I've set up a shortcut "Ctrl + F", which makes it even quicker. 😉)
  2. I don't have this problem, but I do notice that the opacity setting on the Blur Brush still doesn't do anything. Maybe the Blur Brush needs looking at from scratch. (FWIW it never worked properly in PhotoPlus either!)
  3. I'm not sure why you're talking about PagePlus here! Serif are no longer developing it, they are now producing the Affinity range. There are plenty of references to this in these forums. I think you'll find they they use "Alice" as an example because it is out of copyright. Why would they need to use lots of different books just to demonstrate the basics of layout etc. AFFINITY PUBLISHER IS NOT A NEWER VERSION OF PAGEPLUS, it is a new piece of software, "built from the ground up".
  4. The title really says it. I was trying to follow a tutorial for InDesign and adapt it for APub. The rulers were used showing percentages and I thought that would be a handy option for the Affinity apps.
  5. I would suggest that you purchase the Black Friday deals, you will then be able to try out the beta versions and get all updates to version 1 of the apps. The betas are free to customers to test and all updates to version 1 are free. (i.e. When version 2 is released, which could be quite a while away, those will have to be paid for.)
  6. The cropping is non-destructive. You don't need to save and reopen, just flatten it.
  7. Same as in Photoshop - a panels showing the layers used in the image, with thumbnails. (Usually on the right).
  8. Just click on the corners. Move them to the corners of the picture. Click "Apply" ice_video_20201126-120724_edit_0.mov
  9. So did I – thank goodness they have stopped pestering me! 😁
  10. As others have said, it does depend very much on what work you are doing. I normally manage perfectly happily without footnotes/endnotes. BUT, having said that, I've recently started on a new project where I actually need footnotes and must say that it is a real ****** not having them. It does seem a strange omission not to have this function. Hopefully, when it is added (I assume it will be sooner or later) it will work really well!
  11. Much as I like the Affinity apps (most of the time), it must be said that Serif's Marketing Department has always seemed to live in an alternative reality, where they have different versions of the software to the ones customers receive. 😁
  12. Hi HANDJOJO, Just as a point of interest, why do you want to print to PDF rather than exporting as a PDF? Have you tried other PDF virtual printers, such as Primo?
  13. From looking at a few of them, they seem fairly basic and the basic concepts don't really change that much. But, as GarryP says, you really do need to have a look at them to see which ones to recommend to others.
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