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  1. Sorry, I keep forgetting that the iPad version is "cut down" from the full version, I assumed it would have the same options!
  2. I do get a bit fed up with being told (elsewhere in these forums) that other software, (such as PagePlus, Indesign etc) took 30 (or whatever) years to develop, while Designer is new. I really don't think I can wait 30 years for Designer to catch up and have some of the basic features that other DTP software has now!
  3. If you use the rectangle tool to draw your rectangle, you then untick "single radius" on the context toolbar, and you can adjust each corner radius independantly.
  4. You can change or remove keyboard shortcuts in Preferences. (Maybe just have B for the Brush Tool and Shift + B for the others that currently use B.)
  5. I'm using Windows 10 and it shows up in the "All" section.
  6. I really must get that new 90 inch monitor so that I can read the "About" screen! - Talk about having to read the "small print"!
  7. PaulEC

    How setup and Configure Adobe Campaign

    Try reading MEB's reply!
  8. Or check out Inkscape - it's free!
  9. Something that I think would be a bit of a time saver: once a search term has been entered keep it in the search box until it's deleted, rather than having it disappear when you change the stock company. Often I want to search for the same thing from different suppliers, and it's a bit of a time waster having to keep typing in the same search term(s).
  10. People keep saying that AD is still fairly new, and that it takes time to add all the features that people want. (Many of which DrawPlus had.) I was using DP for twenty odd years while all the features were being added - I don't think I can wait another twenty odd years for AD to catch up
  11. It's interesting that "Affinity" have just started selling t-shirts with what looks like the old logo, rather than the new version. It hardly seems like a great piece of marketing to start selling a t-shirt with a logo that you're changing. Personally I prefer the original style to the new one, but, at the end of the day, I really couldn't care less what the logo looks like, as long as the software is good!
  12. PaulEC

    2019 A4 Calendar

    Here is a 2019 calendar, one month per page, intended for Affinity Publisher, into which you can insert your own pictures. The P1 version will show the full picture in the frame and the P2 version fills the frame with the picture. I made these for my own use and you're free to use them for personal use. I take no responsibility for any errors! The calendar blocks were originally made using the wizard in PagePlus. If you have a wire binding machine (and some calendar loops) you can do a "proper" binding, personally I just use a decorative bulldog clip. 'Hope it's of use to someone! 2019 picture calendar (P1).afpub 2019 picture calendar (P2).afpub
  13. Why can't you leave it up to the user to decide how many they need?
  14. " is there another alternative way to export editable text ?" - PDF? "PSD is the delivery format for publishers," - I'm quite surprised that a book publisher would want text supplied in a PSD file!
  15. It must be said that (especially as Publisher doesn't support embedded fonts) PDF import is pretty poor!