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  1. I put text around a circle, then added a stroke. If I print from Publisher, I get the weird effect on the left. If I convert to PDF first the print is fine. (The screen display is OK and I've tried printing to two different printers with the same result.)
  2. Yes. (Just install it the same way you did on your old laptop.)
  3. Is does seem a pity that, with so many people asking for this feature, Serif won't at least commit to providing it at some time in the future! I really like Affinity Publisher but without Data Merge, (and a few other things,) I have no choice in continuing to use PagePlus for the foreseeable future. I would really prefer not to have to juggle between the two applications, especially as there's no easy way to transfer documents from one to the other.
  4. I'd agree that templates would be very useful, although I'm more interested in being able to create my own, rather than having lots of pre-designed ones being built in. Having said that, templates for Avery labels would be very handy.
  5. Sorry, 'cause I tend to check the "Activity" tab in the forum I sometimes miss that someone is asking about the iPad version (which I know nothing about!), rather than the desktop version(s). I was going to suggest changing the colour layer using "Recolour" or "HSL" (making sure the adjustment layer is masked to the colour layer, not to the whole image.
  6. Sorry - I was going to suggest another way to recolour, but the option probably isn't available on iPad!
  7. Keyboard shortcuts The following keyboard shortcuts also allow you to adjust tracking or kerning: •To loosen spacing, . •To tighten spacing, . •For even looser spacing, press . •For even tighter spacing, press . Really helpful entry in Help!!!
  8. It's normally better to import unformatted text, then format it in APub. (This is the same for all DTP software!)
  9. Are you sure you are applying the transparency to the picture, not to the frame? (Check you have the right layer in the layers panel.)
  10. I do agree that some of the entries in "Help" are not particularly helpful. For example, simply saying something like "Pick an item from the drop down list", without any explanation of what the various choices mean or do is not a actually a lot of help! (I can manage to work out for myself that if there's a drop down list I need to make a choice from it, )
  11. I think that the best reward Serif could give beta testers would be to implement the features that are requested by large numbers of those people!
  12. As PP 10 is so old, it's doubtful that you will be able to open files made in later versions in it. If you can't re-install PPX6 (which is also fairly old), I would suggest that you purchase a copy of PPX9 and keep using that for the time being.
  13. I'm probably missing something, but is there an easy way to put a vertical line in between text columns? I can just draw one, but the problem is getting it in the centre of the gutter by eye.
  14. So does that mean we should just forget about it and assume it's never going to happen! Serif say that the way to open files from their legacy products (and various other file types they don't support in Affinity) is via PDF. However, if their PDF import does not support embedded fonts, this can cause a lot of problems and extra work!