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  1. These are not the same tool. In the Photo Persona it is a "Gradient Tool", in the Develop Persona it is a "Overlay Gradient Tool". The first gives various, adjustable types of gradient, the second just an overlay (hence the red colour.)
  2. PaulEC

    Pen tool

    I fully agree - except I do think that the features I want to be added should be added straight away!
  3. You should be able to get a good match by playing around with the sliders. Alternatively, you could select the red part of the design, sample the blue, then fill the selection with it.
  4. The best way to get a similar transparency effect in AP is to use a mask with a black and white gradient tool.
  5. You need to Export it as a .psd, you can't just Save and change the file type. Change the file type to .aphoto. Open it in AP and then Export as .psd
  6. I didn't say you should list everything that isn't included, just warn customers that it isn't the same as the "same" package as sold by the original vendor. " especially when comparing to other vendors/retailers that sell the same item " The problem is that it isn't actually the same item if some of the contents are missing! If there's less content than the original version maybe it should be sold as a "limited" edition.
  7. PaulEC

    Opacity on blur brush

    I reported this a while back, but it still hasn't been fixed! A work around is to reduce the flow instead. and it looks like someone else reported it before me!!!
  8. When there is a new version of one of the apps available, a prompt appears every time you run the app. It would be really nice if Serif could add a tick box to say "Don't show this again". There may be reasons why you can't, or don't want to, update immediately and it does get a little irritating if you have to dismiss the box every time. When we get to version 2, and have to pay for an update, I don't think it fair that people who choose not to pay to update will have to get rid of a prompt every time they run the app!
  9. Perhaps when you are selling items from third parties (especially at the same price as they sell it for themselves) you should make it absolutely clear that the version you are selling is not the full version and does not include all the items?
  10. Being an awkward ****, I can see both sides of the argument. But I did start wondering if a six foot tall man lies down on the ground, would you then say that his height had changed to around (say) 18 inches?
  11. I'd strongly suggest that you carry on using PagePlus until APub catches up! That's what I'm having to do with projects needing Mail Merge and for some PDF file editing.
  12. +1 for a dedicated tool. In the mean time another way to measure the angle of a line: 1: Drag a horizontal guide across the line. 2: Draw a straight line along the guide with the Pen tool. 3: Use the Move tool to reset the rotation point to where the two lines cross. 4: Rotate your new line to sit along the line you want measure the angle of. 5: The angle is shown in the transform box. (Fairly accurate if you zoom in and use snapping.)
  13. PaulEC

    Data merge

    My own feeling is that there won't be any major additions/improvements (such as Mail Merge, PDF Pass through / use of embedded fonts, footnotes & endnotes etc) until version 2. I'm sure Serif will deliberately keep features back so that they can justify charging for a new version. (I don't particularly blame them. They are a business and need to keep selling products.) If all the desired features were included in the current release how would they persuade people to pay for a new version in the future?
  14. The easiest thing is to download Irfanview (free). Open your tiff file in that, then you can either export it as separate pages, or save it as a PDF, so you still have a multipage document that you can open in Affinity.
  15. Just to add my "two-penneth", I do feel that if a problem/bug is introduced in a new version (one which wasn't there in the previous version), then priority should be given to sorting it out and correcting the screw-up, not just adding it to a long list of other bug fixes! Once you come to rely on a tool/feature/whatever, it can cause real problems if it suddenly stops working just because you install an update, (which you should be able to assume would make it better, not worse). Please rather than messing around with tools (like shadow/highlights and noise reduction) which a lot of people thought were better before you messed with them, sort out the actual bugs, especially new ones that you've just introduced!

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