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  1. Until you rasterize it, it is non-destructive, so you can adjust it if you change you mind.
  2. It's for editing a brush. (But I don't think it works on all brushes).
  3. Isn't the easiest thing just to make it so that it stays as it is until the user changes it. Then you can set your preference once and not worry about having to keep resetting it.
  4. Not ideal, but you can set up keyboard shortcuts for "open in …", and if you keep both apps open it cuts down the time it takes to swap between them.
  5. I'm not sure it's very nice to compare Publisher with a donkey!
  6. PaulEC

    Filler text

    Just a query, but why wouldn't you want filler text to be inserted as text?
  7. Something I miss from "another program" is the ability to move two opposite nodes/handles together. So, for example, if I click on one of the top ones and use a modifier, both move inwards or outwards together, mirroring the movement on both sides. When you want a symmetrical adjustment, this is much easier than trying to get both sides the same by eye.
  8. There are free apps, such as PDFSAM and PDF24 which will easily merge files. (Also split them and edit them in various other ways.)
  9. PaulEC


    It's linked to you/your email. You can install it on all PCs that you (as an individual) own/control. You do need separate licences for Windows, MAC or iPad.
  10. It's probably just the way I work, but I don't really understand why you need to be able to select a page that you're not working on anyway! I'd be quite happy just to highlight the page I'm working on.
  11. Also no Mail Merge and poor PDF import - but, early days!
  12. If it isn't already open, open the Styles panel. (View - Studio - Styles) Select the object you want to add the style to. Add whatever effects you want, either from the Effects panel, or from the fx button at the bottom of the layers panel. Click the "hamburger" at the top right of the Styles panel. Add a new styles category. Select the object, click the "hamburger", and select Add Style from Selection. When you want to use the style, select an object and click on the thumbnail in the Style panel.
  13. But I do hope they will make sure their current apps are (as far as possible) fully featured and (as far as possible) bug free, before they start on any new apps!
  14. I know it has! Just thought I'd mention it again!