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  1. I fully agree! I've never understood the mania that some people have for getting endless updates, as fast as possible, whether they are ready or not – "Never mind the quality, feel the width!"
  2. For personal use you can install it on any/all computers that you “control”. (Assuming they are the same OS, unless you have the Universal Licence for the whole suite!)
  3. I think there’s a very good chance, as they seem to prefer using different names to equivalent tools and functions used in Adobe!
  4. I've never noticed this (probably because I normally don't show hidden files). It seems to be a temporary file that Affinity creates while you are working on it. Once you close the file in the app the temp file disappears.
  5. Which app are you using, and what do you mean by "~lock~ " files? (Do you just mean that the Background layer is locked, if so you can change this in Settings.)
  6. It’s difficult to tell exactly what you’re doing, but at a rough guess you drew a brown line, then drew a blue line. Next you tried to extend the brown line, but actually drew a new line {starting where the brown line ended} so the third line was the same colour, blue, as the last one you drew! However, as you did not include the Layers Panel in your screen grab, it’s a little difficult to know for sure. NB - You can’t have a single line which is more than one colour!
  7. All the images in a panorama really need to be taken from the same position. The problem here is that the perspective and scaling varies in each image. I am a bit surprised that it doesn’t even attempt to stitch these images, but, if it did, I’m afraid that I would not expect the result to be very satisfactory.
  8. It might be better to add images to your post (just jpg would do) as some people are reluctant to download files.
  9. The problem with the grid is the same as with several settings in the Affinity apps, rather than making the setting “sticky”, so that the user can choose the default setting that they want, Serif insist on the settings continually defaulting back to whatever the developers chose instead!
  10. V2 does not include v1, they are two separate pieces of software, which you can install and run side by side. If v2 was just an update, rather than an upgrade to a new version, of v1 it would obviously overwrite it in the same way as updates to v1 did.
  11. If you don’t want to pay for a new version when it comes, just keep using the old one! No one is forcing you to upgrade to the new version!
  12. So, for those of us who use all three apps on desktop and iPad and just want an easy overview of all the updates, we’re expected to work our way through each category, one at a time, clicking endless buttons, and hope we don’t miss anything!
  13. Have you tried going to "%ProgramData%\Affinity\Designer\2.0\" as per Sean's post? (You seem to be looking elsewhere!)
  14. I appreciate it’s a pita, but if the images don’t have enough unique content for them to be turned into a panorama automatically, there isn’t a lot of choice. There may be other software that can cope with these type of images automatically, so maybe someone else can suggest a better way of doing it.
  15. Create a new document the size of the full panorama (or a bit bigger then crop to final size later). Arrange the images in the correct order. Manually align them, then “blend” them using clone/retouching tools, masks etc.
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