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  1. Update - when I first said that none of them were working I was using my work PC. I don't often use the stock tab at home, but I just checked and Pexels is the only one saying "connection failed", the other two are working OK.
  2. FWIW – I tried this, with a similar shape, and got the same result, except with the "extra bit" at the bottom, instead of the top! I must be honest, I haven't a clue what "to accommodate the range of different potential shape sizes when creating variants of that shape" actually means!
  3. Much as I like the Affinity apps I am getting quite depressed about the number of things which are widely requested (or just need fixing) that have been hanging around for years! Yes, I know that Serif is a small company. Yes, I know that what is important to some people, isn't to everyone. yes, I know other apps took years to include some features we now take for granted. The problem is that I need to get work done now, and constantly having to use other apps for some fairly basic functions does get a little irritating after a while! My own feeling is that Serif are holding back on some of these much requested improvements so that they can add them to the "2" release (whenever that will be) to justify charging for it. After all, if everything users need was included in the current apps, there would be no incentive to buy the next versions.
  4. I normally have the welcome screen turned off, but, yes, that seems fine. (FWIW - It's the same in Publisher.)
  5. Yes - didn't help. Funny thing is, they all used to work, a while back Unsplash ans Pixabay stopped working, and just today i noticed that Pexels has also stopped. To be honest it's not a major problem, I can just go to their websites. Just a minor irritation!
  6. PaulEC

    Crop in original shape

    Personally I quite often want to change the format when I crop a picture. But I would have thought that the best compromise would be for the setting to stay on the last one used, rather than resetting to the default every time you use it.
  7. Which can be a bit of a pain! I'm sure there is some logic to which settings stay as you've set them and which revert to a default, but I've yet to work it out.
  8. Try: "View" - then tick "Show context tool bar".
  9. Apparently MUCH later!
  10. PaulEC

    Asset Library

    I don't think so - but it's a very good idea! and it would/could save a lot of memory!
  11. I think the question is not so much about printing quality generally, but about producing ("developing") the images in APhoto, then importing them into APublisher or ADesigner to layout several photos on one page. I would assume that the question is more about the loss of quality when importing them into one app from another. AFAIK The quality should be the same (allowing for all the other variables mentioned).
  12. Sorry to butt in here, but how do you nest the filter layer inside the mask?
  13. As a general rule I think it would be helpful (especially now we have Studio Link) if the Toolbars and Tools were standardised as much as possible over the three apps. (Obviously allowing for some tools being unique to one app.)
  14. That makes more sense Yes that would be handy. - I'd quite like to have the Alignment buttons the same as well!

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