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  1. Also one still has to execute an action to find out the updates. Modal>click ok>done or download>install or Toast appears>click notification bell>find out what>click to execute install or click away to not execute. It doesn't bother me the way it is because I tend to not use the update way through the programs, I update from the site directly after the posting on the forum.
  2. No I'm not logged in so no notifications for me here. Also a modal window you press ok or download, a notification is just a timing out popup or toast message.
  3. One doesn't need to be connected or even logged in here and I am for one not, so I would never see your suggested notification.
  4. So don't press the download button but just the ok button and the program will run normally.
  5. And as most programs on windows you need to close the program anyhow before the update can be executed.
  6. Perhaps @jw1882 is better of with the msi/exe versions for windows which can be found in the downloads section in the customer account of the affinity store, provided it was bought there? The MSIX apps are more restricted as they are sandboxed and not easily reached as user.
  7. It is a known issue. Tag for msix but also on exe version MSIX-41
  8. I had it also with a group where this wouldn't be an issue. But it seems counter intuitive to ctrl+a and not have the containers being copy/pasted as is. Not the end of the world but (again)just a small niggle that may take (non experienced )users wonder why.
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