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  1. On Windows it works, but it depends on what tool you've got selected! Try selecting the Move Tool.
  2. Maybe I should have said, I hadn't bothered with these when I first installed the MSIX versions. I was copying them manually from v1 so I could make a few tweaks along the way! My point was, that it was quite quick to do, and not really a problem. But, certainly, if you want everything exactly the same, just copying over would be a bit quicker! Quite honestly, so many people have been reporting problems with v2 that I've been taking the transition from v1 fairly slowly! 😉 (EDIT: Just to clarify, I was talking about things like the UI layout, keyboard shortcuts etc, rather than content and so on that can be automatically migrated. I hadn't done this when I first installed the MSIX version.)
  3. FWIW: I purchased the v2 Universal Licence a few days ago, the payment went through without a hitch and I installed the MSIX versions. There were no problems with the installations. Everything migrated from v1, as expected. Today, I uninstalled them and installed the MSI versions instead. Again, no problems. Everything as it should be. I've just finished customising the layouts, tools and shortcuts, as I prefer them. (Took me around 20 minutes). I don't want to speak too soon, but, so far, everything seems to be OK! 🙂 Thanks Serif! 👍
  4. Sorry. I'm getting confused. (That happens to me quite easily 😄) You attached a file with a shape to your original post, but now you're talking about "pixel layers"!
  5. Either make the square bigger and align inside instead of outside, or add a stroke (with join set to mitre) instead of using the outline fx. (I'm assuming the problem, going on your attachments, is that you want a square, rather than round, corner. The reason that you are seeing some antialiasing in your exported image is that the image is very small size with low res.)
  6. Thanks for the reply. I've now got it sorted! The "Edit" button only appears when the PDF is embedded rather than linked. In v1 my documents defaulted to "Prefer embedded", but in v2 it was "Prefer linked". (I've now changed it!) 🙄
  7. In v1 of APub I could place a PDF, click on an "Edit" button and a new window opened with the whole document on separate pages. In v2, there isn't an edit button and I can't see how to open a new window with the same view. Has this functionality been removed, or am I missing something?
  8. Most sliders (adjustments etc) reset to zero if you double click on the "handle".
  9. Although it doesn't affect me personally, I do think it would be good if Serif could continue to provide v1 for those people with older systems that don't support v2. I can understand that they don't want to have people buying it as an alternative to v2 (meaning they would have to continue to support it,) but they could make it available, free, to customers who have purchased v2, making it clear that v1 is now deprecated. This way they wouldn't lose any sales, but it would help people with older systems.
  10. A long shot, but have you tried restarting your PC? (Not just turn off then back on again, but using the restart option.)
  11. I've had this sort of problem a few times, with various software, and I must agree that the bald "This document must now be closed" type of message is both useless and infuriating, sometimes losing a fair amount of work. (Yes, I know, you should save your work as you go, but we all make mistakes, and it's easy to be wise after the event!) It would be great if you could just go back and try to sort the problem, but it would be nice to at least have the option of saving the file before it closes!
  12. Only version 1 of the Affinity software will show in the "Remove Programs" list, not version 2; which can be uninstalled from the Start Menu. The difference is due to v1 using a MSI (exe file, installs as a normal program) installer and v2 using a MSIX (installs as a Windows App.) installer.
  13. If you're dealing with photos I'd suggest saving in an image format (PNG, JPG, TIFF etc) rather than as a PDF.
  14. To be honest I think it would be better to start a forum/group elsewhere, rather than being a part of this forum. The problem I foresee is that as soon as there is one special interest, spinoff section here, lots of other people will want the same for their particular interest, which could make the forum(s) quite messy and difficult to navigate.
  15. In all fairness to Serif, they are not the ones selling the books at these prices, and they won't be making any profits from inflated prices on the sale of second hand copies, such as you may find on sites like Amazon or Etsy!
  16. There are probably other ways of doing this, but I would arrange five Picture Frames as the spread and insert the image/PDF page etc I wanted in each one. (A slight drop shadow might help.) Then export the selection as an image.
  17. I'm having trouble visualising exactly what you want to do. Do you mean like the red spread below, rather than the green one? In either case, assuming you actually want to print this, how do you intend to bind the pages?
  18. It might be worth trying to pay via PayPal (if that option is available to you).
  19. Sorry you're having these problems, but. if you know that the payment didn't go through, you haven't actually "bought" the software and there's not much point in expecting it to be in your downloads, or to have received an email from Serif (as per your original post)! I've never heard of a bank not knowing whether or not they have actually made a payment before, but, if that's the case, the only thing is to contact Serif directly, as I doubt if this can be resolved in a public forum.
  20. Are you sure the payment actually went through? There have been several posts from people where there was a problem with the transaction, and the money is actually "on hold" with their bank, rather than having been paid to Serif. If you're sure the payment did go through, it may be better to email Serif directly.
  21. What "unnecessary undoing" – there is no extra work or more steps to do! If you want to set the leading yourself what does it matter what setting you are changing it from? It might as well be a popular default as anything else. It does not matter what the default is if you are going to set the leading yourself anyway! 🙄
  22. Why does it matter that there is a default setting, rather than a "basic" setting, if you have to set the size you want anyway?
  23. Surely this is not a problem if you set the leading yourself, rather than using the default?
  24. I'm still using v1 so can't check, but it has always been possible to set the number of decimal places that are displayed in Preferences. Is this is no longer the case in v2.03?
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