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  1. Just a thought - but I wonder if you could just have one toggle button, that closes open curves and opens closed ones?
  2. Make sure you're using the Marquee tool, not the Move tool.
  3. PaulEC

    Gallery of images

    Of course it's up to Serif if they want to produce more software/clipart, but personally I'd prefer it if they concentrate on developing the Affinity apps they already have. To be honest I rarely used any of the included clipart in the old "Plus" range (most of it was pretty awful and would be very dated now). If you want clip art there's plenty available, just Google for what you want.
  4. Thanks for the explanation. I'm afraid I still can't really see what APub isn't doing that you can do in InDesign! Here I've just dropped a picture with a transparent background (done in AP) on top of a text box and hit the "Edit wrap outline" button. The text then wraps itself around the image. Isn't that all you're doing in InDesign?
  5. Sorry - I'm missing something! In APub I have a text box. I put an image with a transparent background on top of it. I hit "Edit wrap outline", the text flows around the shape of the image. I can then adjust the offset etc in the wrap settings. - How is this different?
  6. "Perhaps a button to Reset the selection of foreground and background-Color to Black&White could be useful?" "Thats not Shortcut but a "work-around"." Setting up your own keyboard shortcut is not a work-around. It's just customising the program to suit yourself. What more do you want other than hitting one key! (As I remember there's the same keyboard shortcut in Photoshop.) Surely it's just as easy as hitting a button on screen. "I then presume only way to reset to b&w is to assign a shortcut to it. Funny, usually shortcuts are based to actual menu commands but this has no longcut version :-)" Good point. A menu command would seem obvious! At the end of the day Affinity IS NOT just a cheap version of Photoshop, some things are different. It doesn't have exactly the same commands, buttons, shortcuts etc, but it's quick and easy enough to set up keyboard shortcuts to do most things if you want to.
  7. If you read what MEB (and Albert) said in Psenda's post above, you'll see that it's very simple to add a keyboard shortcut to reset to black and white. (I think the double opacity/noise is a very good idea!)
  8. Alternatively, if you have a problem selecting the exact area, select it as well as you can, then create a mask. You can then fine tune the selection by painting onto the mask.
  9. "… at best the help topic seems incomplete, lacking important details about the scope of these options." This seems to be a problem with many of the help topics - not giving enough information about what options actually do. Things like "make your choice from the drop down menu", when you have no idea what the options actually mean, is not really very helpful! (Sorry for going a bit OT.)
  10. Not sure what's "funny" about this. InDesign has been around (and being developed) for years: Affinity is new!
  11. PaulEC

    Pantone and palettes

    Probably because Adobe is big and Serif is small!
  12. I think it's to do with the way Affinity differentiates between image and pixel layers, and that the logo layer is semi-transparent.
  13. I think it's to do with it being an image layer. Rasterize it and it works OK.
  14. Maybe you should try exporting, rather than saving, the file?
  15. AP never set out to just be just a cheap version of Photoshop - some of us quite like that it is different! Maybe you'd be happier with Photoshop Elements?
  16. An alternative, if you want to combine several PDF files, is to use a free app such as PDFsam or PDF24.
  17. Whilst I fully agree that we really do need Affinity products to use embedded fonts in PDFs, I can't help feeling that saying "Your software should not, in our opinion, consider legality, law-abiding or morality of users' intention. " to be a little naive! As a publisher, I would have thought that you would have more respect for the law and copyright matters.
  18. PaulEC

    Perspective tool

    "This year, next year, sometime, never".
  19. Might seem a silly question, but if it's "fully functional ", why are you so keen to enter a product key?
  20. It does seem that one "snap" is to the page centre and the other to the margins centre. (And, it all depends on the settings you use for snapping!)
  21. I've just tried this and I'm getting the same behavior!
  22. Thanks to a small windfall from the sale of my shares in the Swiss Spaghetti Harvest, I'm afraid that I won't be able to post any more for a while, as I'm off on holiday to Scotland to hunt haggis.
  23. Rasterize the text and it treat as an image?
  24. Publisher does not use embedded fonts, so this may be the problem.