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  1. Works for me! (I'm using .227 on Windows).
  2. Use the backslash (\) key to view items on the pasteboard.
  3. Unless I'm misunderstanding you. I don't think this is a bug. You either have the text frame on one page or the other, you can't have it on both pages at the same time. If you want the text to flow from one page to another you need to put a text frame on each page and link them.
  4. Much as I liked PagePlus, the problem is that it was "broken", or certainly heading that way. Affinity Publisher still has a long way to go, but I'm sure Serif made the right decision to start from scratch with a new piece of DTP software, (with new code etc.) rather than continuing to try to patch PagePlus and keep adding more and more "bells and whistles" to an aging product.
  5. " ... printed media becomes more and more obsolete." Maybe in your industry, but certainly not generally!
  6. Something I'd find really useful is being able to move layers up and down the stack using keyboard shortcuts, rather than having to drag them. Maybe it's just a question of getting used to it, but I find it way too easy to clip layers and so on, rather than just rearranging the order they are in.
  7. Thanks for that - it's the same as Photoshop and I thought I'd tried it and it didn't work. (I must be getting old )
  8. Perhaps an option to make it brighter would be useful!
  9. Sounds like you're aligning to the left, rather than justifying to the left! - You need the fourth button, not the first.
  10. It would be nice if this behavior could be swapped back and forth with a keyboard modifier, rather than having to go into Preferences.
  11. In all fairness to Serif, third party reviews and Wikipedia entries can hardly be described as their advertising. Affinity Photo is certainly an alternative to Photoshop (just as Gimp, PS Elements and PhotoPlus are.) Whether or not it can be described as a replacement really depends on what you need in a piece of photo editing software. For myself I can do virtually everything in Affinity Photo that I used to do in Photoshop. (But not necessarily in exactly the same way.) At the risk of being rude to anyone, if you expect a new piece of software like AP to have all the bells and whistles (plus all the baggage!) of a long established one like Photoshop, at a fraction of the price, then you're living on another planet!!! (And I would doubt if most Photoshop users ever actually use (or even know about) all of the "bells and whistles" anyway!)
  12. PaulEC

    Auto Correct bug

    I can confirm this bug!
  13. It's really difficult if you have a very strong colour cast, but if it's not too bad, try this: With the colour picker, sample an area that should be white. Draw a square over the picture, fill it with this colour. Invert the colour (Control + I). Set the blend mode to "colour", then adjust the opacity until it looks as good as you can get it. Then make adjustments to the image with white balance, saturation, etc.
  14. If you do decide to use Publisher for any important work, I would suggest always keeping a PDF version as a "backup" in case you need to try to recover it in another application. (Might not be perfect, but better than nothing!)
  15. Right click on the toolbar then select "customise toolbar". Then drag what you want to where you want it.
  16. I don't think it's a big deal one way or the other, It's easy enough to set the number of pages when you open a new publication. It's more on principal that I think it should be a preset for a publication, rather than for a single page. (And why should that be the one item that doesn't save when you create a preset?) A lot of people regularly want to create a new publication (such as a magazine, theatre programme etc) with a fixed number of pages. Ideally I would like to be able to open a preset publication then (if/when they are added to Publisher) add page templates for individual pages. That said, I don't really have much of a problem with (as dominik said) just saving a blank document and reusing it as necessary!
  17. To me a template is something which has standard page content to be reused. A preset, for a publication, should include page size, orientation, spread/layout and the number of pages.
  18. You can either use a square shape with an outline, or this symbol is available in several fonts.
  19. When it comes to a release date for Publisher I'm reminded of an old George Formby song - "As the Hours and the Days and the Weeks and the Months and the Years Roll By"! But, seriously, I think I'd rather wait for a version with less bugs, and, hopefully, a few more basic features (like Mail Merge) before I'm expected to pay for it!
  20. Don't know if I'm missing something or if it's a bug, but I've tried creating a preset for a booklet and, although the other settings stay the same, the number of pages keeps resetting to 1.
  21. I really hope that Data Merge gets added sooner rather than later! I've got a job coming up which requires personalized place cards and menus for 500 plus people. I can either use Publisher and type out each one, one at a time, by hand, or I can continue to use the Data Merge function in good old PagePlus. Guess which way I'm likely to go!
  22. PaulEC


    Not sure if it's the same on a mac, but in Windows you can either right click on the file and choose "open with Affinity Photo", or, if you already have it open in Designer, go to File then "open in Photo".
  23. Sorry if this is a bit OT, but I think there is a similar problem with the Assets Panel in Publisher. It would be really nice if you could change the size of the thumbnail and if it wasn't cropped to fit a square.
  24. PaulEC

    Colorized photos

    Apparently they also used lip readers to find out what the soldiers were saying! - I saw it when it was first shown on TV and can highly recommend it. (I only wish I'd seen it in 3D in the cinema!)