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  1. In order to upload it to KDP you must have converted it to PDF. GarryP is referring to the original APub file, not the PDF.
  2. AFAIK you can't change the settings for the default new documents. The easiest thing would be to create your own presets exactly as you want them, but you seem to be against that for some reason. Personally I don't have a problem changing the margins for each new document, it's not really a major problem and it makes it quicker if you enable the "uniform margins" lock so you only need to enter the size in one box. I'm not sure why you're using a gutter setting when printing labels, I would have thought it better to use guides, but that is also really quick to adjust with the mouse wheel in the context toolbar.
  3. I would expect that the 2.0 upgrade will contain some pretty good improvements and additions, otherwise it's unlikely that many people will decide to pay for the new version. So I think/hope it may well have footnotes/endnotes (if not before).
  4. Seems to happen with the Paintbrush as well (but not always!)
  5. Personally I prefer cropping to be non-destructive, so that's it's possible to change the crop later if you wish. It really isn't that much effort to rasterize and trim. (You can set up a keyboard shortcut if you want to.) Maybe it could be an option, but I really would not like all cropping to be destructive.
  6. Thanks for your replies. I know I'm being awkward, I like having the brushes arranged alphabetically, but I also want the Basic set to be the "default". I sorted it by renaming the Basic set as _Basic. 👍
  7. If you want to try an external app, check out XnSketch and FotoSketcher (both free).
  8. I've just installed version 1.9.2 and notice that the Brushes Tab defaults to the set of bushes that is at the top of the list. I'm sure that it used to stay on the last set selected. It's a bit of a nuisance, as I normally leave it on the basic set.
  9. What do they use instead? (I didn't know it had changed since 2020)
  10. This is really the problem. Everyone has their own ideas of what is "essential"! Until we started working on this current book I would not have considered footnotes/endnotes as "essential", but now trying to add them manually is proving more trouble than it's worth, (when we can just use InDesign instead). It depends on what type of work you are doing. For years my main DTP work involved posters, brochures, booklets and that sort of thing. This is the first time I've worked on a full length "scholarly" type of book, and it's proving to be a completely different ball-game! For my part, I rarely use forms or tables, when I do they are very simple ones, but I can see that, for someone else, better functionality in them is essential.
  11. IMHO - I think the biggest shortcoming in APub is the lack of footnotes and endnotes. I've never needed to use these until recently, but I'm currently working on a book with my wife which needs quite a number of footnotes. I was intending to use APub, but we are probably going to have to use her copy of InDesign instead just because of this issue.
  12. Sorry, you seemed to have gone on to speaking generally, rather than solely about breaking a line!🙂
  13. Not sure I'd agree that speed is always the most important factor, personally I prefer quality! 😉
  14. Add a layer above picture. Fill with mid grey. (If you use "New Fill Layer" rasterise it). Set blend mode to Soft Light. Use Paint Brush to paint black (burn) or white (dodge). Change opacity and/or brush type to get different effects.
  15. "I have no idea how to work around this, or how to "bake" the halftone at a certain zoom level" The zoom level only affects the appearance on screen, not the actual effect of the filter. Viewing the image at pixel size (Ctrl+9) gives an accurate view of how the image actually looks.
  16. Thanks for these, very useful.
  17. Please read Walt's post above. The problem is due to Windows lack of scanner support, not Serif. Personally I've always found it better to scan using the scanner's software, rather than taking a shortcut and scanning directly into any application.
  18. Without a non-destructive version of the filter, it's always possible to duplicate the layer, hide it and apply the filter to the new layer. At least then you can reapply the filter at a different setting, or get back to it with no filter effect. Not as convenient as a live filter, but it does mean you can change the settings if you need to.
  19. This is a good idea, but maybe it would help to have a tick box to multiply the effect by, say, 4 or 10 times? Not really sure, but some other software does have this sort of thing, so you can chose between "big" effects and fine tuning.
  20. One thing to be aware of. If you are using images from the "Stock" tab you really need to check directly on the individual web pages (Unsplash, Pexels or Pixabay) to see if there are any restrictions on the use of those images. (The point is that these are not supplied by Affinity, it just links to third party stock image providers.)
  21. Sorry, can't help with templates! Hopefully someone else may be able to suggest something.
  22. Try "View" - "Studio" and make sure that "Show Left Studio" and "Show Right Studio" are ticked. You could also try "Reset Studio" if that doesn't help. If it's the Toolbar that's missing, make sure that is also set to show it.
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