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  1. Quick update: the bug is still present in the latest 1.9.2 beta. I know, it's low priority (because Separated Mode is undoubtedly a low priority at Serif), but still. Bugs that outright crash the software should never be low priority.
  2. Quick update: the bug is still not fixed in the latest 1.9.2 betas. This time, the shift is negative instead of positive, and slightly less dramatic, which doesn't make the toolbar look as ugly and broken as before when switching personas for the first time after launch or mode switching, but it's still noticeable.
  3. Yep, mystery solved! It did work, and I also tried resetting AD to its keyboard shortcut defaults, and it still works. So it was macOS itself that was propping up this all along, to the best of its ability. The verdict is in: Affinity's custom keyboard shortcut system DOES NOT WORK for custom Studio Preset menu items. Period. They will appear in that box, but it's just for show in that dialog. If the user doesn't add them in System Preferences in the first place they won't actually work, and adding them in Affinity apps doesn't make any functional difference. Please look into this and fix
  4. Oh, I should add that it seems that I've cheated, and that this functionality doesn't work at all on its own. It just so happens that I had added those shortcuts in System Preferences > Keyboard > Shortcuts for the Betas and it worked okay-ish, suffering from all the bugs I mentioned but still usable after being coaxed through the first use. Go figure! I will try these system shortcuts on the GM releases with your defaults just to see if it still works.
  5. See? AD is a) not loading my custom keyboard shortcut set on launch: … which means that b) I have to manually load my set for them to even appear: … but c) that still doesn't make them appear on the menu: These discrepancies are, IMHO, a big no-no in UX. This is a serious bug and should never happen. There are at least three reasonable assumptions on functionality – presets should load automatically, loading presets manually should always work and states should be consistent all across the UI – being broken here…
  6. Hi. I wanted to report a regression on this bug. As of 1.9.0 GM, the trick described above no longer works. What's worse, now, when I go to the Preferences > Keyboard Shortcuts panel, the custom shortcuts I created for my studio presets are just gone. Not even reloading the keyboard shortcut preset will make them work (they will appear on the preferences dialog, but not on the menu itself). Oh, and while attempting to take a screenshot of it, upon clicking the Close button, I got AD to SBOD on me and bring my entire system to a crawl, just great. You really have to look into this.
  7. That's pretty much it. Please add proxy icons, adhering to each OS's conventions (in the Mac's case, they should be Option/right-clickable and show a selectable file path menu so you can go directly to any of its containing folders). Separated Mode windows should behave just like in any other app, including Adobe ones, but you could one-up the competition and instead of just having a “Show in Finder” option in tabbed documents, having proxy items there as well would be great. But hey, if you can't implement those for some reason, sure, at least give us that option. Thanks!
  8. Cool! Also, if you really want to go the extra mile, maybe you can add a subscription feature for getting thread updates via e-mail, à la Github, with direct links to the relevant pages (or maybe the option is already here and I'm just missing it? Either way, it should also be prominent and easy to toggle). Being the tinkerer that I am, I've been messing with macOS patching lately so I could shoehorn Big Sur onto my 2012 MBP (it's been running it like a champ since 11.0.1 and even better now with the 11.1 update, which was a pain to install but is totally worth it), and the help I've
  9. Hi Chris, You're welcome. As always, I'm more than happy to help you out as I can. Regarding this lack of feedback, if I may suggest a feature for the betas (or even the stable releases) which might encourage users to report bugs, perhaps you could make use of the newly introduced Serif account login functionality and offer users a dialog box from which new bug report posts could be posted directly to the forum? You know, kind of like those prominent feedback buttons Microsoft uses in Office apps. You can't really miss those, and perhaps a bug report button right next the accoun
  10. Hah, my bad. 😅 Ok, I see we're all on the same page… Yes, it's disheartening indeed, but we shouldn't let the foot off the pedal anyway. And more than disheartening, it's frustrating just to think just how easy some of these would be to fix. Or maybe not exactly easy, but easier than creating entirely new features from scratch. And, at this point, with so many people complaining about absolutely basic stuff like this, that just looks to have been put out there in a rushed and incomplete fashion, it's high time the Serif management team rethinks their priorities. Yes, competing with A
  11. @Kal, I like that you're paying attention to the topic, and all, but that is definitely not what this request was about. Tiling windows was never something we were clamouring for here, and recent macOS versions are great for that by default even in non-fullscreen mode, in that they automatically snap edges in a very elegant way. Sure, it works for that use case, even if it looks a bit kludgy (and I believe it is; the combination of Separated Mode and macOS's default fullscreen mode, whether with tiled windows or not, is still a bit of a disaster – and there's a reason why Adobe doesn
  12. Hi guys. As I said on my last bug report, I've been putting Separated Mode through its paces, and have been founding a few bugs. So here's the other one I'm reporting today: whenever I switch, in Separated Mode, from a Persona to another, the entire contents of the toolbar shift upwards, as shown in the following screenshot: After the first switch, the toolbar buttons will be shifted upwards on all Personas until I toggle Separated Mode off and on again, or quit the offending app and relaunch, but the bug will always manifests itself on the first switch afterwards. This bu
  13. Hi guys, So, I've been testing Separated Mode on Affinity apps lately (I still think Serif's implementation is utterly broken, in that the toolbar and toolbox don't dock to the screen edges and document windows don't avoid them, like in all classic Mac apps, but I decided that if I need Separated Mode I can live with just chucking the toolbar to the bottom and be done with it), and I've been running into some bugs (that's the other one I reported today; it's not as serious, as it can't result in data loss, but still glaring and telling). Here's the one I found today: if I launch Affi
  14. Hi Sean! I've tested this again and it's still not completely fixed, but progressing in the right direction. The shortcuts are still not recognised after launching the app, but I only have to open the Window > Studio Presets submenu; from the moment my preset and the corresponding shortcut are visible, the shortcut works.
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