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  1. @doomy Well now I feel bad... The welcome was for you, but the summary was more for all readers and I didn't read any criticism of us into your post. Thanks for being so nice about it.
  2. @doomy Welcome to the Serif Affinity forums You cannot expect us to keep posting about things we are not doing, but the 2016 post still currently holds true. It's surprising that so many people think that they will be able to replace all the Adobe products, not only in one go, but from only one alternative provider, who's starting from scratch. i guess I'm saying either "If now then not only us" .... or perhaps "Only us, but not right now"
  3. Patrick Connor

    Linked objects

    Yes it means one or both of those. If I was a betting man I would say the former is likely true, and that the latter is also likely true, but not this specific feature. It is certainly also true that additions have been made with each update that are not on the roadmap, so I think you are trying to play with words and read too much into them.
  4. Sorry that this regression has been introduced in build 293. We are working on a solution.
  5. Patrick Connor

    Linked objects

    @mr@martinrichardsonimages Welcome to the Serif Affinity forums This has been requested before and is something we will look at in the future, but is not part of the current roadmap.
  6. Try this https://affinity.help/designer/en-US.lproj/pages/ObjectControl/objectDefaults.html
  7. Patrick Connor

    Image trace equivalent (Illustrator)

    @Calligraphy Nancy Welcome to the Serif Affinity forums This function is still not available in Affinity Designer. People are currently drawing over scans of their sketches and inked work
  8. @roekeloos Welcome to the Serif Affinity forums I'm not sure why you reopened this old thread... did you follow the link in the post above yours? It represents a way to refresh the list without the software constantly listening out for new fonts being installed.
  9. Because of sandboxing Affinity Photo from Serif doesn't run on Lion or Mountain Lion. That's not true of the Mac app store version. Email affinityreturns@serif.com from the same email address you bought the software and we can refund you if you would rather use the Mac App Store version
  10. Is the source file open or closed at the time? Can you provide the source file for the text styles? Does this happen when importing into a new blank document? If so can you save a blank new document and provide that too. If not can you provide the destination file that crashes when you import the text styles?
  11. To clarify. We cannot offer those who buy from the Mac app store or Microsoft store an alternative license as we do not know who they are, so swapping is not an option. We are not going to charge a different price for our Affinity store version. To allow customers of the Affinity store version to swap but not Mac app store owners to swap would be unfair on our early adopters who had no choice of how to purchase. This is a fair system.
  12. Patrick Connor

    Affinity Photo crashing when you use the Selection Brush Tool.

    Nick W Turner, Thanks for your report and your patience. Your other thread will be addressed by staff shortly after the Easter holidays.
  13. @gbrampage Welcome to the Serif Affinity forums Sorry, this problem was introduced in this latest beta. I think it only happens when the drag starts outside of an artboard. It was an unintended consequence of fixing not being able to drag select multiple artboards, and will be fixed very soon, hopefully in the next beta.
  14. Yes there is. Affinity software was initially sold on the Mac app store. Those sales are Apples customers. Serif have no idea who those customers are and it breaks the store rules to have a way to find out. Affinity software was then sold on Windows, directly from our website, for the same price as on the Mac app store as we don't want to discriminate based on your choice of OS. If we give customers who buy directly from us both operating systems (for the same price as our first customers who bought from the Mac app store) that would be very unpopular and unfair. Now we have added selling the Mac version from the Affinity store and the Windows version from the Microsoft store (where customers information belongs to Microsoft and is again invisible to Serif so there is no way to offer an equivalent Mac download to those customers). All sales are at the same one price. So by charging per operating system we can treat all our customers fairly no matter when they adopt our software.
  15. The latest Windows beta 293 has a modified thumbnail provider that has its dependencies fixed. That may have been the problem. Please resave in the latest beta and let us know, thanks