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  1. @mille19 Welcome to the Serif Affinity forums We will shortly have a beta Affinity Photo build with a candidate fix for this. Check this beta forum for an announcement or follow this thread to be notified directly
  2. Patrick Connor


    You are always welcome to ask, but at the moment we do not comment on timelines for unreleased/unannounced new features, sorry. Suffice to say it is not in the current 1.8.0 beta and therefore I do not think it will be in this 1.8.0 release.
  3. Patrick Connor


    @NaulisJakke Welcome to the Serif Affinity forums Unless you plan on asking for a long extension you may well have to add these manually for now. I . Good luck with the Ph.D
  4. Patrick Connor

    Forum update

    I have requested the forum upgrade again recently, but have no news on this.
  5. This is by design and the auto save of content has come to my rescue a number of times when navigating away or closing tabs by accident. Cancelling should be the exception to the rule, but please not whenever the form is automatically filled like you describe there is also an option at the bottom that says this " Your previous content has been restored. Clear editor" Pressing "Clear editor" gets rid of your previous cancelled post (press the "clear editor" link if you want to).
  6. Patrick Connor

    Translation to Czech

    We do not support customer translations so you will not get traction from us on this. Please stop
  7. Patrick Connor

    Affinity Designer for macOS - 1.7.3

    I think you are confusing two different things here. Image bit depth and operating system memory management. Not relevant to this problem unless I have misunderstood something here
  8. JGD, This thread is not the right place to make feature requests, particularly ones you have asked for repeatedly. Pease stop wasting our time by posting your request in so many places. One is enough. Imagine what this beta forum would be like if every beta announcement was piled in on by the authors of all the outstanding requests. Most threads do not, in their opening post, ask you not to do this, but beta announcement threads do explicitly ask you not to make feature requests. Please can you restrain yourself.
  9. Patrick Connor

    Affinity Designer for macOS - 1.7.3

    Barry Gibbs, if you are referring to interactions with Apple Photos then some progress was made with this on Thursday, but has not made it into a beta build yet. You will not have to pay again for this fix, no
  10. Patrick Connor

    text flow around image

    Yes it's called text wrapping, you apply it to the image
  11. Patrick Connor

    Sorry... useless!

    @maxepopaxe Welcome to the Serif Affinity forums yeah, the forum regulars are great.
  12. Seems fine to me I have never seen the problem other that when quote is used. Perhaps it is the actual use of Grammarly on your own typed text while you have used a quote. Try using quote with Grammarly enabled but not using Grammarly to correct anything you add to the post
  13. I have mended that post, and looking at the source the problem is caused by using Grammarly, so don't know what you can do about that.
  14. this has happened before to a number of posts in the past by other users. It's like a quote within a quote. I know how to mend it, as the disabled edit button is bad, but it messes other moderator functions up too. I will fix this post. @big smile if you ever need to edit a posts like this hover over the share/link button top right and you will see in this case yours has an ID of 547790 https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/101919-feature-request-add-revert-to-file-menu-command-for-all-affinity-apps/&do=findComment&comment=547790 then find a post of yours with an enabled edit button and copy it's link and replace the number at the end with the ID of the problematic post thus https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/101919-feature-request-add-revert-to-file-menu-command-for-all-affinity-apps/&do=editComment&comment=547790 that is the equivalent of the (disabled) edit button on your post.
  15. Patrick Connor

    Shifting Pages

    Yes please use the link Paul provided

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