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  1. actually on further investigation although your document exports, that is because of an improvement to exporting grouped cropped objects. The underlying problem of a gradient fill with more than 256 points will still fail to export unless something else causes it to rasterize, so improved but not fixed.
  2. @OliverGVA In making my report I thought I would check all available versions and beta builds, and have some good news. If you would like to try the latest Windows Beta , available from here you should find that this problem has already been addressed, although the S element does have to be exported as a raster bitmap, as expected. You can use the beta version for this work or you can wait for it to be released in the future.
  3. The program should never fail to export, and the dialog already tells you if any element "will be rasterized", but in the long term the right answer is to have a pre-flight type function that helps you avoid rasterization. It may well be possible to improve the export and keep it as vectors, but assuming that PDF gradient fill do have a maximum number of nodes in the specification (just guessing here) I would say that the file should still export (either as vector with fewer nodes, or as raster data for that element) not fail to export, no matter how good the error message. Perhaps a compromis
  4. @OliverGVA Thanks for your post and Welcome, I have reported your problem to the developers. I think that Joachim_L is correct, in that the number of points in the gradient in the logo exceeds what the PDF export library can cope with for a vector fill, however the code should really fall back and export those complex fill elements as a bitmap/pixel layer instead rather than fail altogether. Do you have the source logo, was it an EPS or SVG file?
  5. (1) We have to show something inside the application. Our interpreter is not perfect and so for passthrough we get a preview drawn and use that. The preview is pixelated, and only for display purposes when using the passthrough option. If you HAVE to print your file you are probably best to not place it with passthrough set, as then it will be rendered as best as it can be, rather than just having a pixel preview/approximation. (2) Printing from AFPub will use the preview, as print drivers do not accept PDFs, they need to have text vectores or images drawn to them, so passthrough has no m
  6. These are the latest macOS customer beta builds: Affinity Designer Customer Beta build for macOS Affinity Photo Customer Beta build for macOS (NEW) Affinity Publisher Customer Beta build (RC2) for macOS No beta currently available Please follow this thread for forum notifications of new Mac beta builds
  7. @Zedd Gaming Welcome to the Serif Affinity forums This is something Serif do want to support in the Affinity range, but unfortunately it is not a bug with a simple "fix". For this to be supported a lot of code needs to be written, as it requires support for mixed LTR and RTL in the same sentence to be properly useful, not just RTL for a whole sentence/paragraph. Sorry there is not better news on this at the moment.
  8. Only for display purposes. When set to Passthrough, the unedited PDF is passed through untouched when exported.
  9. @FFrancois There is no way to delete your account by posting here because once your account is deleted so would the "proof" you requested it, and someone could then deny that they asked! Our process is to email DataProtection@serif.com (from the same email address as your forum account) explaining whether you want your Affinity forum posts also deleting or simply anonymising (leaving them visible) when your account is deleted
  10. Hi Thomaso, did you see I had sent you a private message?

    1. thomaso


      Hi Patrick,

      sorry for my delay. I just answered to your message .

      How does this "Status Update" work? I had thought it would be a place for ME to post any comment for my profile visitors – but with your note now it appears to work vice versa?


    2. Patrick Connor

      Patrick Connor

      Not 100% sure, this is the first time I have typed in one would you believe. They are off by default nowadays, as this sort of public messaging seemed to cause no end of confusion and annoyance to forum regulars being bugged for help by newbies.

    3. thomaso


      Aha, our status conversation appears in both of our profile's activity timeline amongst posts and reactions and visible to every profile visitor. And may contain / displays images, too.


      While each message has an options pulldown both of us seem to be able to delete a single or all messages (those of the other, too). – Guess I got it now, thank you!

  11. I think it was always there but you needed to know (and edit) the code button now added (to desktop editor view) [press CTRL+Shift+R]
  12. Without JIT compilation the browser window used in various places in the application (like the welcome screen and "My account" option) will crash on some macos versions, that is not our code and the JIT approach helps. Very frustrating indeed, for you and us.
  13. I can only suggest looking at your firewall settings on both applications, as there is no setting to block updates, but the app doesn't warn if no internet is found or if it's blocked. The beta is now on so I suggest that you don't update until you have found the cause, so you can keep checking if you've got it sorted. If you install you would have to wait for the next beta
  14. I appreciate this is a little tongue in cheek but having talked to Serif users for 21 years I am in constant awe at how extraordinarily knowledgeable & willing to assist so many users have been and still are. It is generous, kind and certainly appreciated by me. More power to you.
  15. It exists here: https://www.affinity-forum.fr. Everyone is appalled. Sorry they are "appalled" but (just so other readers of this thread are aware), please note that independent forum you have linked to is not a valid way to tell Serif anything, and yes, we are interested and we would welcome this in a new thread in the relevant bugs forum, posted in your native tongue if you wish.
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