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  1. @HercUk Welcome to the Serif Affinity forums. We sort of can let you know, yes. If you "follow" this Supported Raw Formats thread (there's a Follow option near the top of every thread) then when we add new formats I plan to post in that thread and edit the initial post to add in the new formats. So although I do not know when we will add new formats, by being a watcher on that thread you will know if your particular format has been added each time we post to it. Patrick P.S Please stick around, and you will find we are not driven by what any other applications do or don't do.
  2. @M3i Welcome to the Serif Affinity forums. OSx 10.7 and 10.8 cannot run our trial version. This is due to the way those operating systems run non sandboxed/ non-app store applications, and the fact that they use iCloud access and the Maps feature that are only available to App store apps. The release Mac App Store build of Affinity Photo (currently 1.6.7) DOES run on OS 10.7 and OS 10.8 . However those are old operating systems and it may not be possible to keep supporting them forever. IF the Mac App Store build stops supporting your OS I understand that the App Store will only offer you the last build that was supported on that machine. So if you buy the Mac App Store build it will work on all your Macs from OS 10.7 upwards, at least for now.
  3. It seems Microsoft may be moving the goalposts (but we're not worried). I understand that the vote is now staying open until just before the Microsoft Build 2018 event in Early May.... I think we should all stop holding our breath, it may be quite a wait
  4. @travel bug The Macro Pack link on page 408 is now working again, thank you. The Force Macro Pack No 1 in that link is the same one that you already claimed in November (A1LMB1ZFF1 and A610YMVGFK) and again in February (ADG25Q3HNC and AQK46JLZJH). You really do not need it again. The file "Macro Cat.jpg" (and the other 8 resources needed for that chapter) are in the file that is served up by following the similar link printed on page 406
  5. @travel bug, sorry for the link problem. I will have this investigated and hopefully sorted first thing tomorrow.
  6. Purchased from our Affinity website the free content is an immediately available download (bundled with the purchase) Purchased from the Microsoft Store there is a link in the welcome screen to follow to 'claim' the GradeUI kit content, so it's available and free with both.
  7. @quicksilver88 Welcome to the Serif Affinity forums. You have posted this is the Bugs on Windows section, but I assume that you are using a Mac. It is quite unusual for a bug like this to affect both Windows and Mac versions, but this may be one exception that proves the rule. If I am right, would you be so kind to also make a new thread in the Bugs on Mac forum and hopefully next week your thread will be picked up by QA, in case your cause is independent of the Windows problem, as these things often are.
  8. What is wrong imho is ethics. I would want people to vote for Affinity Designer if they like the application, not if they approve of the company and have only used Affinity Photo.
  9. @cnisidis Welcome to the Serif Affinity forums What modern game engines do not support 8 bit PNG say? Also as has been said many times, there are plenty of free tools that will convert to the (very old) poorly compressed BMP format if your app ONLY takes it.
  10. Welcome to the Serif Affinity forums Well they are rather nice aren't they Fortunately the anwser is yes, very well. A bit slower than the current PRO models, but faster than the iPad 2017. It's quite new, but we will update the website soon
  11. Only people that we know own Affinity Designer will get the email. Ironically Microsoft Store AD owners are unknown to us, quite rightly those sales belong to MS and so we have no email addresses for thise owners (unless they have claimed free Designer content through the Welcome screen and bothered to make an account). The flash in the welcome screen is there right now, but that requires users to run the application, so I think we are doing alright at the moment, all things considered. Lets see how this pans out over the weekend though. I am sure the others will surge at some point too.
  12. As of RIGHT NOW Plex 8% Penbook 18% todoist 24% Affinity Designer %50
  13. No, Please don't multi-vote, thanks
  14. @grasboom We may be able to help if you can zip up that folder and attach it to this thread, or send to (REF Ticket 133000) OR send that folder zipped up with your files you are trying to stack uploaded to a Dropbox type link, emailed to us or the link posted into your existing Facebook messenger support thread. Or we can provide a Dropbox link to you for your files.
  15. Our Affinity Designer Welcome screen now asks for a vote too, and a push on Social Media