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  1. As I understand it, Photo library does not always pass us the image for us to interpret as RAW, it sometimes passes us a JPG. We ask for RAW in preference and sometimes get it, but Photos decides what to pass to us when we ask for RAW. We have to work with what Photos provides. I am sure we will look again at this is anything changes in Photos.
  2. MBd, I moved this to give it better visibility and will try to get you an answer soon.
  3. Thanks for that. We have had this issue logged for a while and all we are asking is for his file to confirm that what we have logged is the same as his problem. The post from all that time ago starts with a line less that 1.2 mm long being converted to curves. Clearly we need to do the best we can, but that is a mighty small line/curve. More to the point our database had many many issues still open from 6 months ago and to keep discussing them as if they are the most important thing, seems way beyond the scope of this beta thread. How about we all stick to the topic of this beta build from now on. I propose we discuss the fixes, and any regressions introduced and new issues and not talk about what this build hasn't claimed to have fixed. That can be done outside of this thread and probably outside of beta forums.
  4. Are you using the current beta for your tests of this incorrect behaviour as you keep referring back to old posts?
  5. Hi, We are pleased to announce the App Store release of Affinity Photo for iPad, version 1.6.5 The change-list is as follows: - Build with iOS11 SDK, Xcode 9. - Dropping images into an open document now works in iOS11. - Dropping files into the welcome screen will now import them on iOS11. - iOS11 will now generate thumbnails and previews for Affinity documents. - New Stack now supports RAW files. - New HDR, Focus Merge, Stack, Panorama now support dropping of source images in iOS11. - New “Rotate” menu items when developing RAW. - New “Lock Children” switch in the Transform Studio (so you can move a layer but not the mask, etc.) - Ability to embed documents using drag and drop. - Ability to import brushes using drag and drop. - Ability to drag & drop of multiple files into the home screen. - Ability to “Save a Copy” from the home screen. - Ability to drag from export panel to Files application. - Photo library browser updates more sensibly when external changes occur. - Hide built in fonts which are not suitable for the current language. - Font family should use the localised name. - Vector export improvements. - Popups can now be dismissed by interacting with the canvas (painting, for example). A single tap still dismisses. - Guides are now visible when using the crop tool. - HSL adjustment now contributes per-channel adjustments to exported LUT. - PDF import improvements. - Mitigated Live Perspective crashes. - Placing RAW files is now more robust. - Stopped Liquify slightly blurring images. - Liquify now behaves correctly on rotated images. - Made the tutorial video player more stable. - Numerous adjustment now do not pollute the K channel in CMYK. - Fixed EXIF data when creating an image stack. - Fixed delete button on adjustments UI. - Fixed ISO metadata value issue. - Fixed some CMYK issues. - Fixed issue where you can get stuck in a numeric input popup. - Fixed layers page sometimes not scrolling to the end. - Fixed a couple of truncated localised strings. - Fixed occasional lockup when loading files. - Fixed occasional layer corruption under extreme load. - Fixed issue where the size of the selection brush was getting reset each time the tool was started. - Fixed halftone filter in CMYK. - Localisation improvements. - Numerous other small fixes and improvements. - Help improvements.
  6. In this post .you were asked "Could you attach the document you are using that gives you this result please?". We asked not because we cannot be bothered, but because your report matters and if we get your file working you are less likely to say that our fix (on our own files) has not fixed your problem. 3 Posts later and no file so we said "I simply asked you for the file shown in your screenshot". And yet you have now replied a total of 4 times and despite describing the problem over and over, which we are not denying exists for you, still you have not given us your file. You have made much more work for yourself doing these convoluted posts so clearly it is not because you don't have the time, so it does seem that you are only providing the cooperation you want to rather that what is requested. If you do not want your posts to be ignored please cooperate with my QA staff.
  7. David, thanks for your report here on the forum too. This was added to our bugs database yesterday, but any fix may just miss the 1.6.5 release build due very soon as we want to have a live public version on the iPad store with improved iOS11 support.
  8. Even if the folder did exist, the software would still need permission to write any files there, and therefore would fail with your unusual locked down permissions. We can and will avoid this problem, but this plugins file will still not be written there in your situation unless you consider changing the write permission rights to this shared location.
  9. can I confirm this is an issue for you on Windows, like your other posts please.
  10. Thanks RobN17, I see you are a corp customer, sorry. We will look into this for you.
  11. RobN17, Welcome to the Serif Affinity forums. I have moved your post into it's own thread to ease this discussion which does not seem to be related to the beta build exactly. The ability/options to distribute this software over a network is still being tested and will be official when 1.6.0 goes live. As far as I know Serif have not released instructions as to how to distribute this beta software on a network, so I am not sure where you got the msi to redistribute, and I am not surprised it has not worked. Did you send off this crash report, as we cannot find it? Please can you tell me what you did to get the msi to try and distribute? Also, can you please confirm your use case? Serif can probably put together some real instructions for you to try for us, but the standard license for our software is a single user or machine in a business environment, so these instructions will only be given to corporate and school customers who buy the multi-user license.
  12. mrdzyn, We do not pre-announce sales. We are very close to 1.6 release, and anyone who has already bought 1.5.x will get 1.6 as a free patch/update.
  13. Yes, you seem to have missed a member of staff saying that you have to use a Serif installer on the new computer. No third party application is going to be able to assist with this. Also as I said, you should come to or create a support ticket and we will assist you with this. Did you do that?
  14. I do not normally engage in private conversations, as others cannot read them and benefit/comment. However, all of the 1.6 features are already in the freely available customer beta, due for release soon. 1.6 is mainly a stability release and is not adding lots of new features. Serif do not comment on when features will be added or released, other than the feature roadmap, which does not mention macros or actions during the 1.X cycle .
  15. Willyrob444, Welcome to the Serif Affinity forums, where you can get support and advice about Affinity Designer and Affinity Photo software. I expect you have copied the installed files to the new computer without using the installer. All the legacy range requires to be installed and not just moved. As explained here, Support for the legacy range is all on so please go there if you need further support