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  1. Patrick Connor

    Translation to Czech

    @skalnik, @vlciho & @MartinR67 Welcome to the Serif Affinity forums I will come back to this thread if I hear anything about other languages (particularly Czech) being added to the list of locales for the Affinity range
  2. @Marika & @Deerum Welcome to the Serif Affinity forums To all readers, There are instructions pinned here for moving everything, and selective parts will be easier to move as soon as there is a Customer beta that will use the same files as the Public beta did.
  3. Thanks we can replicate. Also this has been reported during the Publisher beta and was recently addressed and so should be fixed in any forthcoming patches for all applications
  4. @Lapchas Welcome to the Serif Affinity forums We will see if there is something you can change in your document(s) using 1.6.5 that means that it will load into 1.7.x so you can update. Please be aware that if you want to use 1.7.1 or above you can probably just copy the whole 1.6.5 installation application/folder and keep it to one side to edit the older document(s) in and then update the software for use with new projects.
  5. Patrick Connor

    Publisher and Surface Go

    @Superb Chops I suspect you bought Designer and Photo from the Microsoft Store and as Sam Neil says you are running yout Surface Go in Windows 10 S mode, Windows S mode is designed to only allow applications from the store to function, so our stand alone version from our store will not work by their design. I suggest that you request a refund for Affinity Publisher from the Affinity Store , and buy it (in the next week while it's still on sale) from the Microsoft store instead. To get a refund email AffinityReturns@serif.com with your order number before 3rd July [14 days from launch].
  6. Patrick Connor

    No Column Guides

    @pfanni-foto Welcome to the Serif Affinity forums The option "View > Column Guides" is off by default, (as you have found though it is not called "Grundlinienraster einblenden"). Thanks for getting back to us.
  7. No there will not be a "full .pdf document" of "a full helpfile". User guides are not part of the documentation process. We focus on Video Tutorials , the built in Help file (press F1) and Physical Workbooks like this and this. Those deliverables keep the small documentation team very busy. Not very shortly, no but yes I would expect one to appear to complete the set.
  8. I fear you did misunderstand, sorry. Where did you see that written? It was not in anything I saw. Please forward any email to me (pconnor@serif.com) or link to any marketing or social media post where that was said by Serif staff or representatives. You have misunderstood what I am saying. This feature has never been a part of any beta, but is being worked on internally. It has not even been seen by the QA team yet, so I am sorry that you think nything has been removed but I assure you it has not. I still expect to see it in a future 1.x beta where x is MORE than 7 (the current release). So that woudl mean anyone who has already bought 1.7 will see this feature appear in a future version 1 beta and a future free update if testing goes well. That is not correct you can ask for a refund of your pre-order by emailing AffinityReturns@serif.com within 14 days of the software launch I do not know when that will be no.
  9. @mdriftmeyer I have split this from the announcement thread as it is not relevant to the launch. From my understanding of your post, you are asking whether a purchase of the Publisher Pre-order direct from the Affinity Store will show up in your Mac App Store. No it wont, we have no way to access Apples database of Apple customers and they have no way to access ours. A purchase from the Affinity store is exactly that and is non-transferable. If you need your purchase Affinity Publisher in the Mac App Store for any reason you would need to buy it from there and ask for a refund from Serif (Affinityreturns@serif.com) within the 14 day moneyback period [that started on launch day, not the earlier day that you purchased on].
  10. @Dov Welcome to the Serif Affinity forums Thanks for sharing your solution. I think that the only time we have seen this was when we had copied the Mac App Store version onto an external or network drive and the MAS copy was being updated not the original ! So the store knew it had downloaded the update but there was also the original still there. We had to do what you did putting the un-updated version in the trash and redownloading to get the store to update the /Applications version. Anyway hopefully your suggestion may help someone else in a similar situation.
  11. @Mario S Welcome to the Serif Affinity forums. The answer given by Lee is the best work around we have for someone who wants to use the current range with legacy documents. We have explained many times in that thread we are not adding import for any of the legacy range (specifically PagePlus, DrawPlus, or PhotoPlus). We realise that this means continuing to use those applications for precise editing of legacy documents or exporting and importing using PDF SVG and PSD files to move between ranges. @Jim B For any purchase from the Affinity Store there is a 14 day money back guarantee, [that started on launch day 19th June, not your Publisher purchase date] If you think this was wasted money we would rather you got your money back than felt unhappy with your purchase. Your 2016 purchase of Designer is obviously not covered.
  12. @eginald Welcome to the Serif Affinity forums Yes this is a bug, and has been reported to the developers. Thank you
  13. I agree, "reprint n" does not make it clear that changes were made if needed.
  14. There is no Windows Photo beta at the moment. Topic moved.