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  1. Patrick Connor


    @CIRO Welcome to the Serif Affinity forums. Fantastic work
  2. Patrick Connor

    User Guide

    @Dinaschlosser Welcome to the Serif Affinity forums. There is no official PDF user guide, sorry. The help is available to browse at https://affinity.help and we sell very popular physical Workbooks for each product from our website.
  3. Patrick Connor

    Unusable app

    OK, I will ask a member of the QA team to get back to you.
  4. @affin-sm Welcome to the Serif Affinity forums Yes, this has not yet been resolved, sorry
  5. Patrick Connor

    Unusable app

    @Jordan22 Welcome to the Serif Affinity forums. That is not normal behaviour for Affinity Photo for iPad. Can I ask if you have installed the beta of iOS 12, as it is not yet supported and early adopters are suggesting a similar problem to you.
  6. Patrick Connor

    Dialog Boxes still not working with Second Monitor

    @thegosling Welcome to the Serif Affinity forums I am not in the office at the moment, but there is a line in the release notes that implies this has been improved/fixed in the latest beta, that you can install side-by-side with the purchased version https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/58644-affinity-photo-customer-beta-165109/
  7. Patrick Connor

    Latest Affinity releases on each platform by store

    Thanks I will do it next time I'm using a browser (not on this phone)
  8. Patrick Connor

    Latest Affinity releases on each platform by store

    It's so complicated that I think customers should be able to ask questions here to clarify. More importantly I am editing the first post when the version numbers change and followers don't get notifications when edits are made, so I would have to make a new post too. So I have a suggestion that you follow the whole "News and Information" forum instead. When there are important releases we make new posts in this forum AND as only Serif Staff can post in this forum you will get notifications of new releases (and only a very few other things). Click Here to follow this News and Information forum.
  9. Patrick Connor

    Affinity Publisher - Sneak Preview

    No doubt some of you will rip me to shreds for this extra information too, but here goes.... To be 100% fair, I have realised that there was another reason why we didn't offer a discount just for Legacy customers when we launched the Windows versions in late 2016. As we launched the Windows software we also launched the Affinity Store. That was all new bespoke code and sold just 2 products, each for a single price. It had no concept of discount or any way to offer the products at one price to this group and a different price to another group. It is only in the last few months that this sort of functionality has even been available. So if the marketing team ever did decide to offer a discount only to legacy customers they can now technically do it, where before it was not possible. We would have had to encourage legacy customers to wait until we could do offer pricing (so over a year). That is one of the main reasons we launched with a discount for everyone as that felt like the fairest thing to do to our legacy customers (get the discount without having to prove eligibility or having to wait till we had a store that could honour a differential price). So legacy customers got the discount, and so did anyone else who wanted it.
  10. Patrick Connor

    Affinity Publisher - Sneak Preview

    It would 'define' you I suppose, but we already know what customers own from our legacy database. I did not say that we had a problem knowing who bought what. We are not offering additional discount to legacy customers. We are selling Affinity range cheaply and (so far) discounting newly released products for everyone. Hence my apology if you felt stung by this policy.
  11. @Lars S Welcome to the Serif Affinity forums and thanks for the thanks
  12. Patrick Connor

    Affinity Publisher - Sneak Preview

    Are you joking? I edited my post because of your pedantic remark (and after Rick G had asked you where you got it) ! I misspoke in terms of every software, you decided to read into it something that was not there. I changed a few words to now say I have left your quote of mine alone, as that is what I said previously, but you chose to misunderstand and question it. I can see that it could be misinterpreted and so I corrected it. With a thread this long you do not expect everyone to read every post and I thought I would avoid any more quotes of what I said leading to comments on something irrelevant to Publisher, apparently not. I am now out of this thread. Good luck getting any more honest answers in here for a while. Fed Up!
  13. Patrick Connor

    Affinity Publisher - Sneak Preview

    Is this pedants corner today? sigh
  14. Patrick Connor

    Affinity Publisher - Sneak Preview

    @Gravitass Welcome to the Serif Affinity Forums. Sorry that you feel 'stung' by your purchases from our legacy range. We are not planning to offer any of our Affinity range products for free, sorry. We have also decided in the past that when we launch a product it is almost impossible to fairly offer discounts only to legacy customers because of the difficulty making a fair definition of a legacy customer. So instead we launched at a reduced the price for all customers but made a deliberate attempt to notify legacy customers of the discount period.
  15. Patrick Connor

    How do you develop on Mac and Windows ?

    Don't worry. Some OS specific optimizations at the bottom of the code and a deep understanding of what the hardware is doing are at the heart of our software why our app is so fast and responsive. We care very much about every implementation and never stop trying to improve it. We not only attended Build 2018 and WWDC 2018 but we had high level meetings, making suggestions as to what we feel is needed to keep our applications bleeding edge on all supported operating systems.