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  1. KipV No, Just... NO!
  2. Tho Wer, Welcome to the Serif Affinity forums The Windows Affinity Photo 1.6.1 codebase is the same as the Mac Affinity Photo 1.6.7 codebase. Why do you ask? Is there something specific?
  3. Coastalguy Welcome to the Serif Affinity forums For various reasons (most of them Microsoft's fault) the Windows version of Affinity software doesn't support scanning directly into the software. The Apple OS makes this function straightforward so there is a difference between the two desktop versions in this respect. The trial functionality is the same as the purchased version.
  4. Wendy You passed the test Welcome to the Serif Affinity forums. Sorry you're right, the links are not obvious particularly from our main navigation, but try these or
  5. We use a 3rd party delivery service (a branch of Amazon I believe) and they do all of our deliveries. They do not offer Norway, and we do not distribute the book any other way at present, sorry. website perhaps don't always use their own distribution services, so offer more countries. It's bizarre but currently true, sorry.
  6. It's a bug to show that message in this situation. The message is for when a valid version is not installed, not for when a newer version is released. It's a bug, however fixing it is hard because of the way sandbox MAS apps work. We cannot add code to detect the app until we have released it, by which time the beta is already live. So that needs fixing by some other way of detecting the released app is installed, which is not the same mechanism as allows beta builds to run if a purchased one is installed.
  7. @KamilRT Welcome to the Serif Affinity forums Although the software translation looks relatively simple, there are tens of thousands of words in the software, and tens of thousands, perhaps hundreds of thousands in the help files and websites. We do appreciate the offer, but we have no plans to add other languages at the moment, as it's a big undertaking and requires cross team planning. If we ever do translate to Czech we would want to pay professionals, but you could be involved with testing and checking.
  8. When you say that the link broke down, do you mean that you have not yet created a store account and claimed this free content or you claimed it but cannot download. I'm not sure how far you got through the process.
  9. You can download it again at any time from
  10. Earth Design, Welcome to the Serif Affinity forums That dialog looks fine, it's telling you that nothing needs rasterising so is not requesting a raster dpi, and the Export button looks enabled, so what happens when you choose 'Export'?
  11. Inside the Affinity Software or browser or operating system?
  12. Lots of people have said that they only get a blank browser window. Do you know if you changed anything to get it to work, we haven't been able to give those customers a work around yet.
  13. No the promotional offer of free content with a purchase is technically over. Right now we are leaving the offer available in the software welcome dialog. Those people who have bought or upgraded but not yet claimed can still claim (at the moment) and should do it NOW. The offer will disappear soon enough, probably when the claims rate has reduced, but we have stopped promoting that it comes with this included/free content. So technically the offer has finished, but practically it it still there.
  14. It may be possible to order to other countries from (the com is important not any other Amazon site) currently the Designer Workbook has been deactivated on and Amazon haven't been able to say why, but when it was available you could order delivery to countries not supplied by So if the Affinity Photo Workbook is listed on then try delivery to your county and see what delivery price they quote. That is out of our control, as is the price Amazon charge for the book, in that they did not drop the price when we decided to.
  15. Why could you not download it? Store Account creation is explained clearly in the first post in this thread.