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  1. Without JIT compilation the browser window used in various places in the application (like the welcome screen and "My account" option) will crash on some macos versions, that is not our code and the JIT approach helps. Very frustrating indeed, for you and us.
  2. I can only suggest looking at your firewall settings on both applications, as there is no setting to block updates, but the app doesn't warn if no internet is found or if it's blocked. The beta is now on so I suggest that you don't update until you have found the cause, so you can keep checking if you've got it sorted. If you install you would have to wait for the next beta
  3. I appreciate this is a little tongue in cheek but having talked to Serif users for 21 years I am in constant awe at how extraordinarily knowledgeable & willing to assist so many users have been and still are. It is generous, kind and certainly appreciated by me. More power to you.
  4. It exists here: https://www.affinity-forum.fr. Everyone is appalled. Sorry they are "appalled" but (just so other readers of this thread are aware), please note that independent forum you have linked to is not a valid way to tell Serif anything, and yes, we are interested and we would welcome this in a new thread in the relevant bugs forum, posted in your native tongue if you wish.
  5. @Inspired Earth I have just noticed your post count, Welcome to the Serif Affinity forums and thanks for your contribution to this thread
  6. anon2, We are grateful for your original missed report and this subsequent one.
  7. Best to keep to one problem per thread, as we are not perfect
  8. These are the latest Windows customer beta builds : Affinity Designer Customer Beta build for Windows (NEW) Affinity Photo Customer Beta build for Windows (NEW) Affinity Publisher Customer Beta build (RC2) for Windows No beta currently available Please follow this thread for ´╗┐forum notifications of new Windows beta builds
  9. I can confidently say you are, in a good way. There is no block or insurmountable problem. We will not say any of the things you are worried about above. Regarding my earlier comments, that marketing should sell software based on the current feature set. I know what I meant but it seems to have disturbed so many that I apologise if I was unclear or have worried anyone about our commitment to making Publisher better and add this and other features.
  10. And it can colour pick outside of its own app window, so pick the colour from elsewhere on the screen?
  11. No there's no need to register the software other than to access the registration incentives, which you will get once we find out what the problem is. The function helps you to automatically install purchased content, but any purchased content can also be installed manually without registration
  12. @cxJames Welcome. I assume you have already used the Try Again button. Please can you restart your Publisher and Designer software and try again. If this happens again I will get a member of support ( @DanG ) to look at this early next week .
  13. Because we did not know the recipe, despite it being reported many times we had not been quite as good detectives as @loukash it seems
  14. Apple store doesn't allow you to download previous versions once there is a new release, sorry
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