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  1. Nothing, other than that others using the forum can see you have had a warning, normally for rule breaking.
  2. The warning point does not affect your use of the forum. When applying penalties other options are also available to moderators, such as restricting posting for a certain time or making posts require approval, but that has not been applied in this case.
  3. @DavidSilverSteel Thanks for confirming that you have resolved this problem, sorry that the new file locking caused this temporary issue. @Pim Welcome to the Serif Affinity Forums and what a helpful first post, thanks for the suggestion that turns out to have been something Serif were not aware of, much appreciated.
  4. Everyone who is on our database as a registered owner of V1 (and has not opted out of email marketing communication) has been offered subsequent generous discounts repeatedly, even outside of our sale periods. Anyone else can always email Affinity@Serif.com and see what discount is available to them without opting back into marketing communications. We also tend to do generous Black Friday discounts to everyone, as you say.
  5. No comment anto, because you have hijacked another person's thread on a different topic. Your issue is not their issue and I explicitly told the team not to respond to your first post trying to derail the thread. Please stick to the relevant threads If you have not been told that an issue is fixed please don't go around other people's threads interrupting with "whataboutery" jumping up and down about demanding timelines. I told this user about a timeline only because their issue has already been addressed for a future build, but we don't comment on issues that have not been addressed. I have split your posts from the unrelated thread
  6. Oh, then that is to be expected till it is fixed. Sorry this is taking so long. I will push for it to be added to the next cycle, sorry for not being clearer in my first reply, and there is no need for a new thread.
  7. Oh, actually there are 2 bugs in this thread [other than the original crash) "Develop Persona - White balance not correctly saved/recalled with preset" which is still open, and "Develop Persona - Last used preset shown in list but not applied" the one has been fixed in 2.2.0. Did you mean the first (which we know is still a problem in 2.2.0) or the second (which should have been addressed in the new release)
  8. @Csala Tibor Thanks for letting us know and sorry there still seem to be some circumstances where this fix does not work for you. We have checked and the original recipe was addressed, so there must be a similar recipe that is still not fixed. Please can I ask you to make a new Bugs forum thread and describe your process or upload a video and we will see if we can replicate it.
  9. I have looked into your original report, and these bugs were reported quite late in the 2.2.0 beta cycle (2 of them during the first Release Candidate Once Serif Development Beta cycles enter Release Candidate phase, from then on only high severity or very very safe fixes make it into the software. This is to avoid last minute regressions. Consequently although they have actually been addressed already those fixes did not make it into 2.2.0 and so will be tested as part of the next customer beta cycle.
  10. Sorry, but the issues you reported have not yet been fixed. There is no need to make a second thread for issues that are already acknowledged. If your issues were addressed the "Serif Info Bot" would have posted to your beta thread to say they were fixed, and as that has not happened, you can tell that those issues are still outstanding. Is there anything in your post above that represents a new bug that also needs reporting in addition to your earlier post?
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