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  1. The other personas are simply not active at the moment, but they will not have the full functionality of the other applications and their additional persona, no.
  2. Patrick Connor

    Beta download

    In the long term we will have delta patching for Windows updates, as we have recently implemented in the Mac beta releases and will be used for release builds going forward. The library we have used on Mac doesn't make small (delta) patches on Windows so we are looking to implement this ourselves.
  3. Patrick Connor

    Work with RAM.

    UI is being used in a more technical sense than you are implying. The screen drawing code does not fall under the definition of user interface. We mean the toolbars and studios, nothing else, particularly not the rendering of the images to the screen or particularly the processing of the filters where most of the memory is used. The user interface cares not which document is open (or even if one has been, let alone 10 big images).
  4. Until Affinity Publisher supports anchored / attached objects in flowing documents docx import is not going to be satisfactory to anyone with more than text in their files. There's an orderly way to develop Affinity Publisher and we are building from the ground up. All in good time.
  5. Patrick Connor

    offensive splash screen

    As the new beta does not have this image I am closing this thread as fixed.
  6. Patrick Connor

    Affinity Photo Workbook

    No, we have not done this and we do not list all the links anywhere, to stop the downloads being abused. Some are licensed and we try to encourage them to be downloaded only by those who have bought the book and have it in front of them, sorry.
  7. @k_au Thanks We've got those and I've deleted the attachment from the forum.
  8. Try Tags for now like DAM or specific forum based search
  9. and We might well have a public beta for any new product (like Publisher), but we do not normally have public input before that. If you want to say something make a fantastic post like this one
  10. A new category in the forums for any new product will appear when there is a new Affinity product to beta test, and not before. Thank you.
  11. @mobydriver Welcome to the Serif Affinity forums There is a long thread about this with some staff replies including this one saying The best available work around is PDF.
  12. @ChrisBorry It seems obvious to me.... Export to another format loses a lot of info. "simply use .... Indesign" is the problem... If you rent your own files (through the subscription model) then those files are useless if you stop paying. The subscription model is expensive for many people (perhaps you are rich enough to not worry). Others would like to simply stop paying for InDesign without thinking first about exporting all their files to another unsatisfactory intermediate format in case they will need them. (P.S. currently we do not import word files either)
  13. I have moved this discussion that is not build 238 specific to it's own thread no.
  14. Well.... oh no that would be a spoiler. There are some important ones still to come some soon. They will need to pass internal testing. Whether they make it into the release of Affinity Publisher 1.7, I expect they will be in the release before too long. You know that those who have not followed this beta process (the majority of the world) will look at the 1.7.0 release and pick on one 'missing' feature they are used to in a 20+ year old product and dismiss the whole program without an understanding of where we are going with this suite, or that 1.x free updates can include new features as well as fixes. We may depend upon social media followers and forum regulars who undestand how far we have come, how quickly and our ambitions, to suggest to doubters that a little patience will be rewarding.