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    I think he might be asking for something akin to the "highlight" mode in Resolve: qualifier_highlight_demo.mov
  2. Does the same thing happen if you extract the RAW file from Photos and open it in Affinity Photo Beta directly? Does the same thing happen with the release version (1.6) with the same photo? What camera was used to take the photo?
  3. I don't really. I haven't actually found any scripting languages that I consider good. Lua just has less offensive syntax than most of the others and was intentionally kept simple as it is engineered from day one for being used as an embedded language (very few scripting languages are). I'll grant that this would be an improvement; we would be going from horrible to just really bad. Agreed. In the end it would be what would be available. The only other option would be the kludge that web developers are starting to use: compilers that translate one scripting language into another.
  4. Two of the worst scripting languages to have been designed. Python because of its odd use of indentation as syntax, and C# because its code looks too much like C. No, it just happens to be something that we are stuck with in web development because no one wants to break compatibility with what everyone else is using (and because it happens to be standardized). Just because web browsers are stuck with it doesn't mean we should be. Lua would be a much better choice than any of these.
  5. This makes sense as that is the purpose of the forum. To them it might be a priority, but that doesn't mean it will be anyone else's priority.
  6. fde101

    Wow, tabs in text do not work right.

    I do agree with this.
  7. fde101

    Text Wrap Issue

    No, it's not really a dialog box, but more like a palette in disguise. You can leave it open and switch objects and do other work and such behind it. Not seeing this on 10.12.6.
  8. Agreed, the selected profile in Display preferences needs to be the calibrated profile for your display, NOT a generic profile unless there is no calibrated one available (in which case you cannot expect accurate results on the display).
  9. fde101

    selection from layer problem

    In Photo you can save a pixel selection for later reuse, but you need to do it explicitly: On the Channels studio panel, right-click on "Pixel Selection" and choose "Create Spare Channel" in the resulting menu. This will create a "Spare Channel" entry below the Pixel Selection channel in the list (depending on how big the panel is in your configuration you may need to scroll to find it), which will effectively match the pixel selection. To re-select that later, right-click on the Spare Channel and choose "Load to Pixel Selection".
  10. The scaling mode is considered a property of the frame rather than a property of the contents: the frame is maintaining the scale of the image in the frame, so when you are trying to change the scaling mode, you are in effect trying to edit the frame. For some strange reason, the color has something to do with being a property of the text frame as well - that sounds *extremely* far-fetched to me, but that is how Affinity team members explained this one in another thread where this was discussed. You can work around it by applying the color to a style and the style to the text (which is probably the more technically correct approach anyway), but I do think this should be fixed - if it is not a bug, it is definitely a design flaw. Agreed, there is still a lot of room for improvement.
  11. On the page where you are trying to adjust it, before opening the properties, right-click on the master page in the Layers panel and select "Edit Detached"
  12. You could always change the "Toggle UI" shortcut to something that does work when you are editing a text box.
  13. Yes, but the settings in the picture frame properties are behaving the way that the text wrapping options were previously. I suspect this is related in that the underlying mechanism being used to provide the controls in the UI may be the same or similarly coded and hitting up against the same underlying issue.
  14. So can features that are built-in, as this beta process has evidenced.