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  1. Those sizes are not used in all countries. We don't use them in the USA for example. While there is room for improvement, that is not it.
  2. I think that would be absolutely horrible and there would be nothing useful gained from it. The iPad apps have a completely different UI and for good reason: interacting with an iPad is quite different from interacting with a Mac. There is very likely a LOT of common code between them already so I don't think this would be of any real benefit at all.
  3. Thanks, yes, that would be an exception. Wasn't really thinking of that one. It would be nice to be able to select one for that effect. The other effects don't currently seem to allow for gradients at all. Adding that to some of them would also be a nice enhancement.
  4. This is extremely unlikely. As I mentioned above, Serif has already stated in another thread that it is a specific toolkit on the Windoze platform that prevents them from doing this right now. Porting the Mac version to ARM would not face that same issue, so even if they do release an ARM version for the Mac, that won't make any progress at all toward a Windoze version on ARM. They already have the iPad version running on ARM so anything the Mac and Windoze versions would have in common to benefit by for ARM is almost certainly already in place for that.
  5. Hi @hstupno, welcome to the forums! If you are trying to install a purchased app, the first thing I would point out is that you are in the wrong section of the forum - this section is specifically for issues encountered while testing beta (unreleased) versions of the software. This thread probably should have gone here: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/forum/51-customer-service-accounts-and-purchasing/ I'm a bit lost on how you would get an alias with a simple drag. To begin with, where did you purchase Publisher (app store or Serif web site)?
  6. Actually, I was able to rig this fairly easily using Keyboard Maestro (Mac) to do it in the Affinity applications, as long as the transform panel is visible on the screen when hitting the key combination:
  7. There are two ways to make that happen: stop developing the software and waste the time they would have spent working on the code explaining things on the forums instead, or raise the price of the product significantly to offset the cost of hiring new people dedicated to chatting with users on the forums... Why should it need to be? If your request is implemented in 10 months, 10 years, or not at all, you still got what you paid for. Feature requests are just that - requests - they are not guaranteed to happen at all. Your expectations are not in line with reality.
  8. From what I can tell this isn't a question of palettes; it seems the FX don't support gradients at all - only solid colors. For me if I do this while the fill (gradient) tool is active it adds the color of the selected stop on the gradient instead of the gradient itself. If I switch to a different tool it adds the gradient from the selected object.
  9. I would argue that a better solution to this would be allowing us to map a keyboard shortcut that focused one of the fields in the transform panel with its content selected, so we could hit that keyboard shortcut and start typing without needing to move the mouse or open a pointless new dialog box.
  10. When using the fill tool (called the gradient tool when in Photo) you can drag the gradient across an object to add one; when you click on one of the end points you can then use the color panel to set the color of that point, as well as making other manipulations directly over the artwork.
  11. This is highly unlikely. Serif does not normally respond to feature requests. If they decide to implement this, the first time you will know about it will likely be when it shows up in a beta. They only have X amount of time to work with for each release and need to prioritize which features to work on when, so this is competing with a lot of other requests. I agree this would be nice too, but in the end, you can work around it... bug fixes obviously need to take priority, and when it comes to new features, there are other things being requested that would be much harder if not practically impossible to work around which should probably get higher priority.
  12. Agreed, that is what I think I'm seeing too, particularly when looking at the textured washes in the background and the purple shirt when combined with the thick outlines and the pencil-shading on the mask. More specialized digital artwork programs such as Corel Painter have features that are much more suitable to a task like this than is a photo manipulation program such as Affinity Photo (tracing paper, surface textures, natural media brushes, etc.), but even then this would be much more of a manual effort rather than an automatic effect of some sort. The "next best" thing might be a carefully tailored "comic book" type filter; there are a few in Filter Forge that might be able to give you something useful if you spend some time playing with it, but I don't think you will find something to match that "effect" quite exactly without putting in some manual effort.
  13. Nope. QuarkXPress behaves more like what you are asking for by allowing multiple instances of a single hyperlink to be repeated in the document, but in Affinity Publisher each one is a separate entity in the panel. I have asked for this to be fixed before, back with the very first Publisher betas before it was released, but it seems to have fallen on deaf ears.
  14. Arabic is right-to-left. There are numerous threads about this, but indications are that support for this is a (very) long way off, though likely to happen *eventually*.
  15. The perspective tool in Affinity Photo is actually quite a bit more flexible than the perspective crop tool in Photoshop, but it does require a few extra steps. First, switch to SOURCE mode, then drag the handles to the corners of the object. Then, switch back to DESTINATION mode, and drag the handles out so they are square. Rather than yet another tool to do the same thing, I would argue that there are three specific improvements that should be made to the existing Perspective tool (and live perspective filter): Have the tool start in SOURCE mode instead of in DESTINATION mode. If there is a use case for starting in DESTINATION mode I haven't seen it, but if that is a concern, make this a preference. Add a "square" button to the Perspective window that automatically squares the DESTINATION corners after the user has set the handle positions in SOURCE mode (and switches to destination mode if not already there). If the user doesn't like what this does they can manually adjust from there. Add a "crop" button to crop to the filled area when the user actually wants that. This should NOT be automatic as I mentioned before - it would be nice to have it as a semi-automated capability sometimes, but there are also plenty of cases where I would not want this. (There could actually be two variations of this: one to crop the layer but leave the document size unchanged, and one to crop the entire document).
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