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  1. Paired with great on-document manipulation UI, this would make a really sick feature for Affinity.
  2. +1, this would be really helpful. Additionally, this should also be on context menus. I believe these "Collapse All"/"Expand All" should be in the same places as Designer's 1.6 Beta 5 "Hide All"/"Show All".
  3. +1, perhaps there should also be an option to color pick entire gradients and noise levels plus other parameters.
  4. bump?? I need a way to make the artboard size down to fit all contents (or a selection)
  5. jemhuntr

    So meta

    Redesigning the new design showing the redesign redesigning the redesign. http://i.imgur.com/FZuhjzc.png I planned to practice my skills on this and create the alternate dark and contrast modes (plus a plethora of other alternate UX options for some controls in AD). A lot of stuff are yet to be recreated (the buttons up top, the additional layer controls at the bottom, other tool windows, selection focus modifications, etc etc etc), but this seemed like a good WIP I can share. PS: Liking the new light UI on AD. Thanks, devs!
  6. Rounded rectangles export nicely, but rounded corners made with the corner tool disappears upon exporting the document to PDF.
  7. Based on observations, Text Styles are saved per-document by default, with the option of setting a set of styles as the "Global Default" with the "Set as Default" option. Color Swatches can be saved on three levels: document level, application level, and system level. This is pretty handy, although may be a little overkill for my purposes. The regular "Styles", however, are only saved globally, with no option of saving the set of styles for the document only. This makes it pretty hard to track, change, and scale a design with a lot of similar styles like border widths, colors, corner size, etc. Is there currently any way to achieve this? If not, is this planned or is this still a back-burner at the roadmap? Lastly, are there any preferred or recommended way to organize documents using Symbols, Styles, Text Styles, and Swatches (plus whatever else AD feature there is that I do not know of)? My document setup feels a little too clunky to be manageable for bigger design projects. I have way too many palette colors that I can't even find the right color I need. Thanks!
  8. Hi! I know this is far from being prioritized, but it would be great if there was a way to write math in Affinity Designer without having to manually draw lines for fractions, etc. Perhaps implementing just a few typesetting features from LaTeX would greatly help in my scenario, which I will most likely still encounter a lot of times in the future. Thanks!
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