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  1. I agree that the Styles panel is half baked. Tagging objects with a colour in the Layers panel can be useful because you can then select all objects with the same colour and change fill, outline, insets etc.
  2. Hi @AndreasS - Bleed is always rectangular (I think). Printing stickers with a cutout shape is something different. The normal practice is the create a spot colour called CutContour and tag the outline shape with that spot colour. Then export to a PDF making sure to keep spot colours. I would check this with your print supplier. I would also suggest doing a forum search for "CutContour".
  3. I've been using PLDA for many years for digital impositions. Most of it is very simple to use though it can also do quite complex stuff. There is a 14 day free trial.
  4. Hi @Stephen_H I understand what you are saying but I think you are seeing a problem that doesn't really exist. Any imposition software that a printing company uses will remove any inner bleed and keep any outer bleed. It doesn't matter what the exported PDF looks like - I agree it can look a bit messy with bits of facing pages appearing in the bleed area. Also, printing companies might normally provide an electronic PDF proof for you to check.
  5. Double click the round fill area in the Colour panel or at the bottom of the Tools panel. That brings up the Colour Chooser. Then change one of the CMYK values, then back again. Easiest way is to use the mouse scrolling button to go up and then down. That changes the fill to CMYK rather than Pantone.
  6. On my printer when I scale at 100.5& the display shows 101 but the output is printed correctly at 100.5%. Scaling at 100.3% displays 100% but the actual print does seem correct. So it might be worth experimenting with the scale value in increments of 0.1%..
  7. Thanks @Return - it was an RGB document and making it CMYK did the trick. The K image still won't print but that's a different matter and I have reported it.
  8. In Publisher Beta 1847 on Windows, when I select an image the "K only" button is missing. On 2.1.0 it is between "Replace image" and "Fill".
  9. Fault confirmed on Windows 10, except PDFs are exporting okay and the placed PDF with slanted text does print okay.
  10. Hi @Print Monkey On the specific tent card question why not just use a Master Page with the top text frame rotating 180 degrees as required (for editing or outputing). There is no need to use spreads. Or am I misunderstanding the question?
  11. Hi @AMB RAJ I couldn't open the pdf in CorelDra version 19 - I get an error message. I can open it in Acrobat. I then printed to a PDF printer from Acrobat and the resulting PDF file opened okay in CorelDraw.
  12. Hi @GarryP Yes - I misunderstood the original question. A hidden rectangle with text wrap will do the job but it's not pretty. I'm pretty sure InDesign CS6 has the same problem with curved frames.
  13. This is a single object converted to a text frame, then given a 1mm inset. The afpub file is attached. If You are still having problems i would suggest uploading a file for people to look at. example.afpub
  14. Hi @Joe_1 As a workaround you could temporarily give the document a very large bleed size. Wrong spellings off the page are picked up as errors as long as part of the text frame is within the bleed area.
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