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  1. I agree with that but apparently that is "by design", on the assumption that the table width shouldn't change. You can use the mouse to move the column label and that will do as you want - it's just the numeric input which is strange. The vertical size behaves differently and is better.
  2. I would create a rounded rectangle and use the layers panel to move the photo on to the rectangle. Position the 2 elements as desired.
  3. When I open this file in Publisher it crashes immediately. If I create a simple 2 spot colour InDesign file (2 circles) and then create a PDF, it does open correctly in Publisher and the circles are tagged correctly using the "Colour" panel. The Eyedropper won't pick them up as spots unfortunately. There is an issue in importing eps files with spot colours in not keeping their spot colour.
  4. Have you tried selecting the artboard with the artboard tool and then copying, then New From Clipboard? It seems to work apart from the Document size which is much larger. Probably best to just save under a new name and remove the Artboards you don't want.
  5. I agree completely with that. I really like the way Publisher is progressing but the user interface needs a fair bit of work to make it less cluttered. The InDesign interface is just right IMO.
  6. Hi GStudio - thanks for these Roland palettes. All I need now is a Roland VP540 which doesn't stop working half way through a print job!
  7. It looks like you can do the same with picture frames.
  8. I think I have worked it out! If I click on any of the shape tools and then click the text frame, the top context bar does indeed change.
  9. That's weird. I can see that you have a frame text box and that the context toolbar is showing corner adjustments. But that doesn't happen on my machine. When I click the node tool I get the same context toolbar as the text tool. Screenshot here.
  10. The single radius is definitely unchecked. I think the screenshot you uploaded showing 4 nodes + property bar with input details showed a shape that had not been converted to a text frame. Here's a screenshot after converting to frame text. The 4 nodes are adjustable but not numerically, only by moving with a mouse.
  11. Hi Typo998 - I only get these options before I have converted to a Text Frame. Once I have converted to a Text Frame only the 4 red nodes are available for changing the curvature. There is nothing on the Context Toolbar for that.
  12. I've used Designer with a Versacamm and it has always worked fine. You need a global spot colour named CutContour and you need make sure that when you export to PDF you click the More/Honour spot colours. As always with Versaworks this won't work if the artwork contains any transparency.
  13. MickRose

    Cut contour

    Hi Enigma57 - what software are you using to drive your vinyl cutter? I have a Sumacut D60 with a basic Vinylmaster software and I am fine exporting eps/PDF files from Designer. If you are doing a print & cut then you'd need to check the specifics of your cutter software.
  14. It looks like changing the corner size has to be done visually with a mouse rather than entering a value somewhere, which makes it much less useful IMO.
  15. If you give the corners a value and a corner shape before you Convert to Text Frame you should be able to change the corner value but not the corner shape after you have converted to a text frame.