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  1. I get the same strange result from a postscript & non-postscript printer. But making a PDF is fine. I seem to remember other strange print issues. If I open this file in ADes it prints fine to a ps printer but not to a pcl (just lines - no text).
  2. Object styles at the moment are a half-way house. They can be applied but not edited and updated. So if you have 100 objects with a certain style you can't easily change these objects. Hopefully this will be improved in some update.
  3. I'm not getting that here. FOGRA27 documents are keeping the profile when saved and reopened in beta 206. Also, have you tried changing Preferences/Colour settings?
  4. The bleed and margin settings seem to be part of the Page preset information. If these were changed it would be nice to have a "+" character added next to the page preset used to indicate a variation from the original info.
  5. I create an object in an APub beta 206 new document. Select File/Edit in Designer... Designer 1.7 opens correctly and shows the APub document. Back to APub and close the document. Now back to ADes and try to close the program. Get a message. Need to use Task Manager to close ADes. I can sort of see why this happens but hopefully this bug won't happen in future versions.
  6. Thanks for beta 206. Size import of PDFs is fine now. If I place a PDF and tick Text/Show Special Characters, these characters don't display in PageBox/TrimBox but they do in the other box modes.
  7. Using a dashed line as a decoration will normally cause symmetry issues. The dash stays fixed on the right with a fixed dash and space width so the left edge looks untidy. Better to fix the left and right edges with dashes and allow the space to vary.
  8. Neither would I. Could do with an option to keep the dash length the same.
  9. Until symmetrical dashed line boxes are implemented a sort of workaround is to copy and paste from either Illustrator or InDesign, and maybe store as Assets. Maybe some kind person could create a downloadable PDF file for people to import and store.
  10. That's not happening here. Pages can be changed after changing the Properties setting.
  11. Unless font embedding can be implemented the idea of importing a lot of pages from a PDF sounds like a recipe for disaster. If there were to be a missing font warning that might make it useful.
  12. I've sorted this out. If you double click the picture frame, then select the arrow in the bottom thing (does it have a name?) - then the page can be chosen. Makes sense.
  13. If I create a picture frame and try to put a page from a multipage PDF inside it, I can't see a way to use anything other than page 1. I don't know if this is a bug or if I am missing something.
  14. I imported an A5 PDF into Publisher and it scaled down to around 1/4 size. I enlarged to fill an A4 page. Exported to PDF. Acrobat shows an A4 page. Opens as A4 in Designer. Publisher still opens/imports this A4 document at around 1/4 size.