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  1. I've only just noticed that if I use the tab key to go to a particular box in the transform panel, then there is a tiny blue box round it. It looks like 1 pixel thickness. Its so hard to see I have always thought there was nothing at all to indicate the active box. The same applies to various other boxes - for instance document size and the bleed size. I would like to see either a much thicker line or have the active box the same as if it had been mouse clicked.
  2. MickRose

    Fit text to path

    You need to duplicate the circle before adding the text.
  3. MickRose

    Objects resize when resolution changes

    It looks like all sizes are really stored as pixels and the Units in just for the transform panel. To me that's a strange way of working. In APhoto that would make a bit of sense. But using pixels in AD is strange to me. For web stuff it does make sense but not for print.
  4. MickRose

    Objects resize when resolution changes

    I'm using Windows 7 AD1.6.4.104 Using your 2 files I copy the 100mm box on your 300dpi file, open the 72dpi file & paste. The box is now 416.7mm
  5. MickRose

    Objects resize when resolution changes

    I know, but I just think its ridiculous that changing a document's resolution can change the size of objects. I normally use artboards and the option to rescale/anchor to page isn't available I think.
  6. I create a document (300ppi, units mm) with a 100m square vector box. Change the document resolution to 100ppi, Anchor to page. Object changes size to be 300 x 300mm. Why?
  7. MickRose

    Cut Marks With Jobs That Bleed

    That's strange. It works okay for me. Screenshot attached of A4 with trim marks. mick
  8. MickRose

    Affinity Publisher - Sneak Preview

    Personally I find Indesign pretty stable, though I stopped upgrading at CS6. I wonder if the expectations of APub are getting too high. I'm sure it will have some amazing new features but there will be lots missing which ID users have taken for granted over the years. Hopefully it will be the start of a long road though I suspect it will be pretty buggy for a while, like most new software.
  9. Also, if you have some layers which you want to have some transparency you would need to remember not to put them to 100%. It could all get a bit messy.
  10. Alt click a layer hides all others. I'd like to see an option (ctrl alt click??) to make other layers have a small transparency rather than being invisible. Similar to Illustrator Isolation Mode.
  11. AD - The Assets, Display as list option seems to be affected by the shape of the object. Better just to display as a left justified list, preferably with much smaller gaps between the items.
  12. ADesign - If text characters are selected with different values the Character panel, Positioning and Transform section shows readings of the first character. It should really be blank (like the font size). Hopefully this screen shot should be clear.
  13. Because the price is likely to be pretty low I think it will sell very well. Some small companies will buy it with a view to using it as the main page design software. Larger ones might buy out of interest & use it sometimes (hopefully). On a different point Serif as a company seem to be targeting the artistic market with AD rather than the bread & butter user and I hope they change this for Apub. Page design is about getting the job done quickly and without to much stress rather than creating works of art! On the IDML topic I think its a red herring. I agree that the conversion I have seen from Quark isn't great. I've also had some IDML files not open too well in Indesign. Conversions which are thought to be 100% accurate but actually are not can be a nightmare. Serif might be better off sorting out the handling of embedded fonts when opening PDFs in AD - at least we know the PDF conversion might not be 100%.
  14. I don't think APh will be aimed at the Indesign market. Users in the print industry who have CC files are stuck for life with paying the rental if they want to open older files so they might as well keep it as the main software. Personally I think ID CS6 is great for jobs involving tables, longer structured documents, outputting PDF files and many other things. But many people still use MS Publisher and Word for simple documents and I'd guess that is the market AP will be aimed at (as well as enthusiasts). My concern is that many people using these programs might not be that interested in improved software. We'll see.
  15. I'm in the process of changing over from InDesign (CS6 Windows) to Affinity Designer for designing things like business cards & leaflets.and I've just found out that copying & pasting text from InDesign to AD seems to keep the formatting, It even adds any paragraph styles. It doesn't include any inline graphics because I don't think AD can handle this. If the InDesign text frame has been scaled then that is ignored. I'm mentioning all this because I'm really impressed.