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  1. Feathering is easy. Select the picture. Then select the rectangle tool and draw a rectangle slightly inside the picture and keep the rectangle selected. Use the layers panel and Mask to below. With the rectangle selected use layer effect (I think), Gaussian blur, move the slider. You can adjust the rectangle size and position and blur to get what you want. I can't remember if the blur is transparent.
  2. Empty text frame, convert to curves does nothing. So better to have it greyed out. Or maybe "Convert text to curves"
  3. Thanks R-CR - that's what I was looking for.
  4. Geometry, Intersect is greyed out here.
  5. This applies to Designer & Publisher. Skewing a text frame always skews the text inside the frame. I know I can apply a reverse skew to the text with the text panel. but is it possible to create a skewed text frame without skewing the text?
  6. I'm not aware of any page layout program that does anything other than very basic imposition and I certainly wouldn't expect Serif to be any different.
  7. During installing 350 RC1 my PC rebooted itself. It has not done this before. The installation does seem to have worked but it was a bit worrying.
  8. Hi JimmyJack - your right, there's no bezier handle on the top node. But it seems to me that when you delete a node the software just uses the 2 adjacent nodes and bezier handles to determine the new shape. I don't have a problem with that because that might be what you want. But there doesn't appear to be any intelligence there to try & keep the shape. Whether I press delete or alt delete doesn't seem to make any difference. It's the same in Illustrator. Only Astute Graphics knows to do it.
  9. If I duplicate the left curve and move it to the right, click the right node on the new object, press alt + delete, I get the right curve.
  10. So it does - I didn't realise that. I'd guess the squares indicate there is no glyph for these 2 triangles in the selected font.
  11. In the Paragraph/Bullets and Numbering panel, if you click a White Triangle or White Right Triangle I get a White Square.
  12. MickRose

    Beta update?

    If you look at the link above there is a list of unauthorised apps and they are all CC ones, not CS ones. It looks like Adobe is just trying to get CC users to use up to date versions. They are not suggesting CS software is somehow unauthorised.
  13. It looks like the vertical guide ruler issue is fixed when the origin is moved on multipage documents. Thanks.
  14. I don't know what this means. I'm using Windows 7 Pro, Publisher 312. It might be relevant that the clipboard manager was changed between saving the document previously and re-opening it yesterday. I have rasterised all the images and the resource manager now shows no links. The scrolling messages have stopped.
  15. I'm opening a previous document with a few missing links and I keep on getting this heavy warning. It scrolls up. I can delete the messages but it keeps on reappearing. It's very annoying. I think the missing files were just pasting from the clipboard but I might be wrong.