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  1. Hi Foomandoonian - I have no idea how to create the above effect you want but in case you don't know its easy to produce roads like below using a combination of the Appearance panel and the Merge command. It's still editable but I think it only works for the same appearance.
  2. Looks like a MAC issue. On Windows the 2nd field changes rather than the text itself. I wonder if all MAC users have that problem. Do you have Publisher or Photo to try it on?
  3. On my Publisher & Designer screens in Windows I can tab between fields in many panels but there is no indication of where the focus is. I'd like the background of a selected field to have a blue background (as if mouse clicked).
  4. I've always thought both Publisher & Designer had that same annoyance on my Windows machine, but I've just discovered it does in fact go to the next field but it just doesn't highlight it. You can tab to the next field and it looks like nothing has happened, but if you press the up/down arrows the values do change. Is you Mac like that?
  5. Try View/View Mode/Clip to Canvas (uncheck). It works on Windows. Or have I misunderstood the question.
  6. You should be able to click the "Update Paragraph Style" icon next to the Paragraph Style drop down menu.
  7. The point I'm making is that the use of master pages for text frames can provide a lot of structure. Quark has Item Styles and ID CC has something similar. Maybe Serif should move this useful facility away from Master Pages and create a new Studio called Text Frame Styles or something.
  8. That's true, except sometimes customers change their minds and might go from an unstructured layout to a highly uniform one. Also, I think the Styles menu is not up to scratch for this kind of thing. It's not updateable and it doesn't pick up size and position.
  9. I have a list of missing features that I would like to see added at some point. One of these is the ability to make multiple text frames on different pages have the same size, position, fill etc - and to give them a style so they can all be easily changed. AfPub doesn't have this as such but I have found a pretty good workaround. I'm sharing this here in case others aren't aware of it. I have a 12 page booklet with each page having just 1 text frame. I've been lazy & just drawn out and filled the frames in an unstructured sort of way. I decide to have all the frames the same size, position, stroke & fill. This is what I do. I create a master page containing just a single text frame with the required properties. I then apply that master page to the pages with the text frames on. I make sure the new masters don't replace any existing ones - they are additional ones. On each page I select the text frame with text in and click on the top left text flow icon and then inside the master page frame. This reflows the text into the master page frame. Then delete the original frame. It sounds a chore but it can be done pretty quickly. If I want to change the size, position, formatting etc of all these frames I just select one of them, make the changes, select the master page frame in the layers panel and chose "linked".
  10. Hi Henry - I'd definitely keep Acrobat 10 Pro if I were you. It's not on subscription so why remove it?
  11. These are the fonts in your document. If you have them, you can open it and it should look fine. If not you'll have to make some font substitutions. If you have the facility to convert text to curves within Acrobat, then that might be useful.
  12. Check your Character/Language - spelling settings. It might be set to "None"
  13. Hi John - you're welcome. That's part of what these forums are about I think - mutual help. We're all on a learning curve.
  14. I think you just have overset text. You can see it in the layers panel. Just make the Text Frame larger.
  15. I'd guess it's the cap setting, Use the middle (square) one. You might need to asjust the Dash settings for the right gap.