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  1. I reset it and the profiles were deleted so that's fine.
  2. I can edit and delete profiles created in the beta but not if they were created in a previous beta.
  3. Beta 531. Preflight panel is looking great but nothing happens when I click the Rename or Delete profile buttons.
  4. I frequently get A4 booklets which need to be changed to A5 and I usually get a problem with this. At present I have a 4 page document and when I put in A5, the page width is going from 210mm to 231.3mm. The page height is similarly wrong. Sometimes it works correctly and I can't see an obvious pattern. The only thing I have noticed is that if I put in the actual values of 148 and 210mm rather than "A5" it is more likely to work correctly. The same problem exists with the release version.
  5. Hi Inprint - I have used Affinity Designer quite a lot with my Summa D60 machine. I always export as eps and it works fine. What are you doing? I don't know what Roland cutters are happy with but I'd be surprised if eps files are not okay.
  6. I wonder if the slow speed on long documents is caused by the deep linking with Designer & Photo, plus all the fancy fills and graphic features. Maybe it's just a trade-off.
  7. Title says it. Its not a big issue, just a slight annoyance. Same in Release version. Same in Designer.
  8. Beta 523. The pre-flight panel looks excellent. I have a couple of suggestions to make it even better. 1) It should be split into bleed and safe zone 2) As it is at the moment it seems to take its required value from the bleed. I can see why this value is used for both the bleed and safe zone but it would be nice to be able to set these individually.
  9. Beta 518 on Windows Using drag & drop to insert a new Master page into the Pages panel doesn't carry the page size. I don't know if that is by design or an oversight but I'd have thought the page size should be carried over, or at least have a dialogue box giving the option to choose.
  10. Beta 518. If I want to increase the height of a table row I click on a row intersection at the left. The icon displayed is one with two horizontal arrows, but they should be vertical - as in the release version.
  11. Check the document resolution. I've noticed that if the resolution is low the size of the PDF can be quite a bit out. Unfortunately for large page sizes that might not be too helpful.
  12. It looks like a 2 column text frame which has been locked. Use the layers panel to unlock it. There's likely to be a shortcut to lock an object so maybe you keyed it while trying to do something else. I'd check the Preferences, & remove it if you want to. I think it's "Ctrl L" on Windows.
  13. I've no idea what is going on here. Something strange seems to have happened to the text frame. I put "ABC" in to replace your test. I can't see anything obviously wrong but the behaviour is certainly wrong. I used the Designer persona, outline mode, and there seems to be a box within the frame. The 4 lines of the box were separate and could be changed (screenshot). If you just copy and paste the text into a new text frame you should get what you want.
  14. Column rules are centred initially but move off-centre if the frame is resized using the right or left frame handles. The top value is also not working as previously mentioned.
  15. I think it's not a new feature - it's an IDML import not supported fully property.

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