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  1. Assuming you don't have the missing font, there are a lot of free on-line PDF to vector converters which will convert the PDF to eps. This won't have any fonts so it can just be placed like an image file but it will keep the sharpness of the original PDF. Or you could use an online PDF to image converter.
  2. The problem only occurs here if I use a PDF/X compatibility. I'd guess these are purposefully designed for CMYK printing only. If I use a PDF 1.4 to 1.7 then these keep the PDF as greyscale. I think APub is working correctly.
  3. At present if the first line indent is different in selected paragraphs, the reading in the paragraph panel shows the first paragraph setting. It would be better if it was blank. This way of working applies to most of the panels I think. The font size in the character panel does show a blank and this is much better I think.
  4. Hi Robertoad - could you upload the file so people can have a look?
  5. If you click Use Fill you can have a fill for open curves.
  6. It's there in the release version as well. Only when you align stroke to the outside. I don't think it effects the PDF - it's just a display issue. Same problem in Publisher.
  7. That's really annoying. I had to tweak that arc differently and now I can't create the dashed line problem. I did have to reboot the machine so that might have helped.
  8. I'm trying to produce an eps/pdf of this curve It always ends up like this. What an I doing wrong or this a bug?
  9. Or put the cursor in a frame and ctrl A to select all the linked text
  10. Its working fine for me here, unless I'm missing the point. I just use the text cursor to select the text.
  11. If I create a table and resize the columns or rows the row and column headers move with the columns and rows. But if I use the "scale" (bottom right) button the headers don't get scaled and it looks a bit of a mess to be honest. I don't know if this would be called a bug or "by design".
  12. It definitely depends on the zoom. Sometimes it moves up a bit, sometimes left. If you draw a box with a stroke & click it, I can see that the blue frame with the 8 circles doesn't move but the drawn stroke sometimes shifts a pixel. I'd guess it can actually move up or down and/or left and right by 1 pixel. I'm using beta 292.
  13. I'd say when I click preview objects move 1 pixel to the right. No vertical movement.
  14. Hi GabrielM - it hasn't happened since or before. If it happens again I'll let you know.