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  1. To be honest I've just realised the palettes can be edited and renamed. So I've now got a palette called "Greys K only" with all the grey values using just black. Easy when you know how.
  2. I'm not bothered what greys look like on a screen - it's the final PDF that matters. If the panel says "Black 80%" I think it's reasonable that the PDF should be Black 80%.
  3. If I use the grey swatches in the Greys swatches, then these are really CMYK (or RGB) colours and not tints of black. For example Black 80% is C=67, M=60, Y=56, K=66. Users beware. I can see why Serif do this but I'd much prefer all grays to be just tints of black.
  4. I don't think you can set the opacity numerically in a text frame. I'd guess the devs just forgot so I would put that in as a feature request if I were you. I agree that your text frame fill looks wrong but I'm not getting that here. All my colours look the same. The colour next to the eyedropper is a different kind of thing & can be completely different. Maybe someone else can help.
  5. It probably depends on the print/cut software you are using. With Versaworks, then in Affinity Designer you create a spot colour called CutContour and tag cutting lines with that outline colour. Then make sure spot colours are preserved when exporting to PDF.
  6. Pages/spreads will sometimes have a mixture of text frames, some of which will have rotated and some not. A rotated view makes it easier to edit rotated text frames. The orientation of the page itself is not the issue.
  7. Hi Sean P - I'd have thought the ability to rotate the view by 90 & 180 degrees is pretty useful for a page layout program. If that has been removed it's a shame.
  8. Designer uses "Artboards" rather than pages but they act similarly. The Artboard (A) tool is next to the Move Tool (V). Once you click it you can insert as many Artboards as you want. You can export the file as a PDF with the Artboards coming out as PDF pages. Why don't you download Designer Beta & give it a go?
  9. If you have a CS version of Acrobat I'd just be thankful & continue to use what I think is great software. I think it's unlikely that any Serif programs will want to have Acrobat functionality in the foreseeable future.
  10. Do you have Acrobat Professional? If so you can extract all the images from the PDF.
  11. Hi andyjones - Affinity Photo can open a PDF with layers so I don't see the problem.
  12. When I first open Publisher & create a 20 page document I get a grid view in the pages panel and "small" is ticked in the Page options. The visible label on all the pages from 10 to 19 is the same. If I change the option to Medium or Large and then back to Small I get a linear view which is much more usable. If I change the Pages panel width I can get this. I think the Pages Panel needs a bit of work on it. But this a minor niggle on what's looking like great software.
  13. InDesign doesn't seem to have this problem with BT fonts
  14. I can't see how to do it either using the shape tools.. If you create a shape with the pen tool or join an adjacent rectangle & triangle, then you can make this shape a text frame and get what you want.
  15. I don't get that here. There was a capitalisation issue that got fixed in version 238.