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  1. That's strange. Column guides show okay here on
  2. An easier way is to click "Convert image colour spaces" in the PDF export settings. It doesn't work in PDF X/1a but the others are okay.
  3. Try this. Keep the document as CMYK. Click on the colour photos and click the "K only" on the top toolbar. Then change the document to Grey/8 and export.
  4. More info on this. If I set the Text Frame/Columns/Width to zero or negative then drawing a frame of any width gives a zero width frame even though the frame looks like the drawn value. If I set the Text Frame/Columns/Width to a positive value then drawing a text frame puts the correct value in the box.
  5. If you look at Text Frame/Columns/Width it will probably show zero. Change it to a larger value and it should work as expected. The fact that the frame is displaying as a non-zero width looks like a bug. On the other hand if you do want vertical text (any alignment) then you can just make the frame zero.
  6. Have you tried the Beta versions Many good points here. 1) PDF passthrough 2) Scaling value displayed on main scren 3) Scaling value can be set exactly. 4) Easy to change PDF page. However for a multipage PDF each page would have to be placed individually.
  7. Has this been posted in the wrong section? Looks like a Mac version in the Windows forum.
  8. Crashes here also. Beta crashes as well. A workaround might be to save original design as PDF or eps and just import into Publisher.
  9. Yes, I think that's right. To be honest I'd never heard of these alpha channnel options before but it seems a badly implemented pre-multiplied alpha channel can give a grey halo around the object. Saving a CMYK converted Photoshop image must convert it to straight alpha. So I'd guess the problem is in how Word creates its image effects. The learning curve goes on!
  10. Hi Gabe - I've found that if I click on the problematic image in Acrobat Pro, Edit Image in Photoshop, convert to CMYK and save the PDF - the image opens correctly in AfPub.
  11. Hi Gabe - Thanks for that tip. It sort of works but I have apply that filter quite a few times to get the feathering as it should be. It does have the advantage of not segmenting the image (this seems to happen if I print the Word file to a PDF file).
  12. I use Word 2010. My customer uses Word 2019.
  13. Sorry - maybe I sent the wrong files. I've just sent 2 new files. One created by saving the Word file as PDF. The other by printing to PDF. Both are feathered on screen. The feather on the one created by saving Word file as PDF has a greyish colour when opened in Publisher.
  14. Hi Gabe - I've uploaded some files. It looks like it's when I use Word to "save as PDF" that the problem happens. If I print to PDF from Word the feathering is okay in AfPub
  15. For what it's worth Quark is even worse with this file. The displayed image and the exported PDF also display the feathering as grey.
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