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  1. +1 Vote for variable fonts from me as well. A nonprofit I work for provides a Creative Cloud License for me to use in creating all their marketing content. I use the Affinity Suite for all personal and client projects. Jumping back and forth is a great way to compare products. (I use AI and ID primarily on the Adobe side and Publisher with Studio Link while using Affinity.) Variable fonts and RTL text are two of the biggest features I miss when using Affinity. Other than that, I actually prefer Publisher to ID in a lot of ways. (I love Studio Link!)
  2. @NathanC Thanks! 😊 I apologize for the repost. I checked for any other posts on the topic before submitting but must have missed that one. 😕
  3. I agree with the original premise… while I like the new three finger swipe, I really miss not being able to do a single tap at the bottom to delete…It doesn’t seem like having multiple ways to do things is a bad idea… just my opinion though.
  4. When adding fill color to a Palette, (either document or application) recent colors immediately show up in the current palette. To fix this, you have to go back into the swatches menu and re-select the palette you were working on… then the correct colors will show up.
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