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  1. I do have it as RAW in the PEF format. This particular image is just an example of a recent landscape in an extreme situation. I decided to post because sometimes this comes up in studio shots as well. For example with high contrast products which have glossy, black and/or white elements on white background or back-lighting. Those often need a little more shadow adjustments.
  2. Hi, currently working on a (tricky) photo and looking for the best way ho use most possible dynamic range. (16bit tiff) I'm trying to lift the shadows and got very different results in the three different shadow sliders in Photo. The Develop persona shows very good results in this case even though it's a singe slider. The Shadows/Highlights adjustment layer doesn't show as good results as the develop persona. It doesn't bring up the colours in a pleasing way. It's hard to describe. It seems to add a slight white overlay making it a little bit hazy which I can't recover with other adjustments. The Shadows/Highlights Live Filter seems to something that I don't understand. It makes the shadows green. This is is in 1.8 and also in the 1.9 beta version. I'd like to suggest some improvement to the adjustment layer and Live Filter. Even in lesser demanding photos these two shine with their not-so-good results. I don't think they need to be the exact same but it would be useful if they showed similar results as the develop persona. Thanks!
  3. I'd like to request that as well. Flow is a frequent thing to change when masking, painting etc. Perhaps via hotkeys + mouse like changing the brush size. Shift+cmd+drag. Or via hotkey + typing. Shift+cmd+12 for 12% flow or so...
  4. Hi, I'm struggling to create new paragraph style that is not based on another style. The expected workflow would be: (1) select text, (2) click on "create new paragraph style", (3) select "based on no other style", (4) give it a name and click Save. However, the new style does not save some settings like font family which says "no changes" instead of the current font name. When I save and apply the new style, it sometimes changes the font and sometimes not. I do not understand how that works. The new style should save exactly what the currently selected paragraph is. When I try to detach the current style before creating a new style (by clicking on "no style" in the styles panel) then the text changes to a different font etc.. It seems that "no style" is in fact a style with again different settings but I cannot find out how to change it. My question is: How do I create a new style from a text selection that is not based on any other style and saves what the currently selected paragraph is? Thanks!
  5. I'd find such a feature useful for my SpyderCheckr 24 as well.
  6. Hi, when working in Publisher and editing text, what is the easiest way to switch to the Move tool? Is there a convenient keyboard-shortcut? From Photo I am used to hit the V key, but in Publisher this sometimes results in typing a v in to the current active textframe. Currently I use the mouse but I have noticed that this interrupts my workflow quite a bit on a large monitor. I'm wondering how others are doing this. Any ideas? Thanks!
  7. (Removed my post because it has already been posted by markbowen)
  8. Hi, I'd like to change the font family of a paragraph style so that it applies to all text that is formatted in that style. Now there is some text somewhere in between that was manually changed/overridden to a different font family (by changing it in the "Character" setting but not changing the paragraph style). How can I get those to update/reset to my newly defined paragraph style? I hope I could describe my question well enough. Thanks!
  9. Oh, ok. I guess every software has its own lens profile and this profile does not eliminate it completely. But someone else might know more about that than me.
  10. Thanks. It even works with multiple layers in one go. Great!
  11. I'm no technical expert, it looks like at that level of detail the lens profile needs some manual tweaking. To get rid of it, I adjusted the settings to 340° hue, 20px radius, 100% tolerance and 10% in the bottom slider.
  12. Hi! I wonder whether it is possible to fill a mask with black or white in order to "reset" it. Often I copy adjustment layers from one photo to another one. For example at a series of product shots or portraits and I want them to have the same look. With the adjustment layers I usually use the inbuilt mask to avoid additional masking layers. Now, when I paste layers in, what is the quickest way to fill the mask black again? Currently I use the brush but it can be cumbersome to repeat setting it to a large hard brush at 100% flow and back to a small soft brush with low flow again. I've tried the fill bucket or clicking on colour swatches but haven't found a solution yet. Any ideas for a shortcut here? Cheers!
  13. 😁 I'd take it immediately! It was so good to use!
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