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  1. Oh, ok. I guess every software has its own lens profile and this profile does not eliminate it completely. But someone else might know more about that than me.
  2. Thanks. It even works with multiple layers in one go. Great!
  3. I'm no technical expert, it looks like at that level of detail the lens profile needs some manual tweaking. To get rid of it, I adjusted the settings to 340° hue, 20px radius, 100% tolerance and 10% in the bottom slider.
  4. Hi! I wonder whether it is possible to fill a mask with black or white in order to "reset" it. Often I copy adjustment layers from one photo to another one. For example at a series of product shots or portraits and I want them to have the same look. With the adjustment layers I usually use the inbuilt mask to avoid additional masking layers. Now, when I paste layers in, what is the quickest way to fill the mask black again? Currently I use the brush but it can be cumbersome to repeat setting it to a large hard brush at 100% flow and back to a small soft brush with low flow again. I've tried the fill bucket or clicking on colour swatches but haven't found a solution yet. Any ideas for a shortcut here? Cheers!
  5. 😁 I'd take it immediately! It was so good to use!
  6. Hi, I wondered if there is a tendency what the best practice is for skin retouching. I mean specifically smoothing skin of non-professional-models, reducing wrinkles (not removing them completely) as well as removing the dark areas under the eyes. Any recommendations? Thanks
  7. As a follow-up: This feature is now in the HSL Tool. I don't know when it came but I want to say a big thank you. I find it just perfect. Click on one of the solid colours and adjust range and feathering. Dragging the line between the dots moves the range – great little detail and very useful. It takes just seconds to make a lot of adjustents.
  8. Menu "Filter" has two "Remove white background" and one "Remove black background" in German language. One of the "white" ones works (the lower one). If clicking one of the upper ones, nothing happens. MacOS 10.14.6 (18G87) MacBook Pro (Retina, 15", Late 2013) 512GB SSD 2,3 GHz Intel Core i7 // 16 GB
  9. Hi, wanting to switch my document from 8bit to 16bit in 1.7 I could not find this option that was previously easy to find in the menu. It is still there but isn't as easy to find as before. In German the menu item is called Format/ICC-Profil umwandeln… I would like to suggest an improvement to this: Farbformat / ICC-Profil umandeln… "Format" isn't very accurate, so "Colour Format" ("Farbformat") would be the precise description. I don't know what the English menu item says. Also adding spaces improves readability in that menu list.
  10. Hi, How can I switch my document from 8bit to 16bit? If I recall correctly, this used to be a menu item under "Document", but I can't find it any more. (I'm using 1.7) Thanks
  11. Just to follow-up, I fixed it by cloning from an area next to it correcting slightly with a colour brush. The original image has some challenging colour cast that gave me some headache during raw conversion already. However, in the end it worked out.
  12. Thanks. The tab next to it is the Colour tab. When I switch to that one, it uses the same picker with the same result.
  13. Hi, I'm trying to fill a selection with a gradient and I need some help. Please see screenshot attached. The color should go seamless to those next to it. When I open the gradient tool (the pizza slicer in the tool bar), I can define the start and end colours. But when I try to pick them with the colour picker, the tool closes and I cannot find out how to get it back. When I use the picker in the gradient tool, it picks a slightly off colour. Perhaps because it only picks 1 pixel but not 3x3 or 17x17 pixels. I also tried to save the colours before starting the gradient, but I cannot find out how to save a picked colour in the swatches (cannot drag them there). What is the best practice to achieve this?
  14. Hi, Sometimes I'd like to just merge masks into the layer which it is attached to. – Pixel Layer – – Mask How can I do that? I have managed to do so before, but I cannot recall how. I can only "merge down" which merges several more layers and "merge visible" which merges all layers. The menu option "merge selected" never works somehow. It's either greyed out or – if not – doesn't do anything when clicked. Maybe someone can give me a hand here. Thanks
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