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  1. Good evening, I still have a Problem with the Combination Affinity Photo (1.8.3) and Topaz Denoize AI (2.2.2) or Topaz Sharpen AI (2.0.5). When I call the Plugins from Affinity Photo, the Image is handed over to the Plugin. But after that nothing happens anymore. No matter if I work in manual or automatic Mode, the Sliders in the Plugin are always at a Default-Value, the Plugin obviously doesn't work. When I call the Topaz Tools manually, they work fine, except when I call them from within Affinity Photo. Other plugins, such as NIK, work fine. Does anyone have an idea what this is due to? Cheers and thanks a lot! Martin
  2. I have a similar Problem here on my Mac. I see the Plugins, I can select them, but the Plugins are not called. No Error-Message, nothing. Is there an Instruction how to enter the Path to the Plugins? p.s. ok, sorry, just recognised, that the Reason for this Behaviour is the App Store Version of Affinity-Photo. So let's stay tuned!
  3. Just 10 Minutes later the Updates are available! Thank for the very quick reply. BR Martin
  4. Good evening, I'm using all three Affinity Products (Photo, Publisher, Designer) on Mac, but only Affinity Publisher is providing an Update this Evening. In Affinity Publisher I find the Menu-Item "Check for Updates", not in Photo or Designer. I'm not sure, but I think that I purchased Affinity Photo and Designer via AppStore, but the AppStore is also not providing an Update. How can I update Photo and Designer too? Thanks and best Regards Martin
  5. Hi, when I open an image box, I have four possibilities how the image behaves in this image box. That's very good so far! But I don't have the possibility to adjust the image box automatically to the proportions of the image. If I choose "scale to min fit" or "None", I can manually adjust the frame to the image, but this is annoying, and my hand is usually not calm enough to see a very narrow border again and again. An automatism would be great! Thanks and br Martin
  6. Hi, I know, the discussion is not new, but I didn't found new statements to this topic. Is it ever planned to load export defaults from a .jobobtions file? Many printers offer these presets, which simplifies the settings for PDF export. Thanks and best regards Martin
  7. Thanks, Dominik, thats a good workaround, for sure! Martin
  8. Hi, Currently I can create image boxes in a free aspect ratio. There is no way to determine the aspect ratio beforehand. But it would be great if I had the choice to create my picture box in a defined aspect ratio, f.e. 2x3, 3x4, 1x1, free. Within the properties of picture boxes I still miss the possibility to adapt the picture box to the picture ( "Properties") automatically. BR Martin
  9. Hi, I created Textboxes on a Mastepage. Now I see these Textboxes in all related Pages, but I cant apply text to these boxes. How can I do this? Thanks a lot! Cheers Martin
  10. Hello, I noticed a very annoying effect in Affinity Photo today. If I want to use "cmd+," to change settings Affinity Photo crashes hard. After restarting Affinity Photo the following error message appears (see attached file). It's reproducible, a restart of the system has no effect. Furthermore plugins such as NIK filters are no longer invoked or do not appear in the display anymore. Something has changed since the last time the program was started. Does anybody have an idea? Thanks and best regards Martin AffinityPhoto_crash.txt
  11. Thanks, MBd. No, I did not know about that. And it must be possible to make changes in the Composite Lightness Channel. Thats normal work!
  12. Hi Chris, oups, sorry, and now with document. http://www.ansichtsart.com/Downloads/LAB-error.pdf Thanks Martin
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