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  1. Thanks Alfred. I had assumed that it was to the Hamrick site.
  2. If you use VueScan and if Affinity is your default program to open tiff (or jpeg) then when you save your scanned image, it will open automatically in Affinity. Almost as good as a plugin!
  3. We visited Shrewsbury in mid-September, so the sun was fairly low as well as bright. This meant that there was a strong contrast between the lit areas and shadows. The four images were merged using Affinity's HRD stack, then the final image straightened to set the far roof horizontally. I think that the merge has been very successful apart, perhaps, from my wife, who must have moved slightly between shots. The subject was a sculpture called 'Quantum Leap' which celebrated Shrewsbury's connection with Charles Darwin, who was born there. I have to say that, even when wearing my hat as an evolutionary biologist (retired), I was not too clear as to the connection. The bicycle belonged to another photographer of the sculpture!
  4. Thanks. I see this area of the forum as a place where people can show what can be done with Affinity. For a photo, this would typically be the post-processing. From the second image, I can see that there was quite a bit. I have only posted one image to date, My Avatar, which was originally on film so needed much clean-up. I live in Essex and there are many similar tidal marshland areas like Zwin. The plants in the left foreground look like Sea Aster, a common feature of these marshes. John
  5. It would be interesting to know what post-processing you did with AP. The edge of the dunes against the sky looks rather oversharpened. It's a nice image and scene nonetheless. Are those tidal dykes?
  6. This is a forum for Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer, neither of which will process videos. You need to find a video forum for your problem. Note that Photo will process your gh5 stills OK. Try
  7. I don't think you can, but if you save it as a .png, then there are many online conversion facilities.
  8. Are you saying that the focus merges actually changes the size of the final image (that is, the pixel dimensions)? Changing the dpi will make no difference for most purposes until you come to print it.
  9. You can change the window size of the Nik pugins, but this does not affect the text size. This is because of Nik rather than Affinity. We must hope that when the promised Nik Collection 2018 appears from DXO, then this will be fixed.
  10. Yes, the Nik plug-ins are destructive in that they replace the active layer. You need to remember to duplicate the actve layer before invoking Nik. (Which I do not always remember to do!)
  11. I think you are probably right. When Graham (OP) said that he had reduced the file size, I had assumed that this was the pixel dimension rather than the jpg image quality.
  12. As has often been pointed out, the resolution is largely ignored by Affinity, and is irrelevant unless you are printing. @owenr's suggestion seems a good way forward.
  13. I attach here several merges, resized to 800px wide. Your original 7-image HDR merge with obvious banding: Your original 4-image merge with different banding: My 7-image merge: My 4-image merge: Your 4-image merge with the sky from darkest original added: These might help someone more expert to diagnose what is going on! When I did the first HDR merge on 7 images I first ran it without tone mapping. There was no banding visible, I then added the tone mapping.
  14. I tried an HDR of the first four images and it was much the same as I showed above. I will post it later, when I can get at my computer. I will also post the merged images that you obtained. I think that I am at the end of what advice I can give. It seems to work on my computer, but not yours. What are the specs for your computer? OS, memory, graphics? What version of AP are you using?
  15. Yes, I did and it was certainly different. I see what you meant about banding. It occurred to me that your last three exposures may be redundant. Can I suggest that you try to merge just the first three or four. I suspect that you may have been trying to incorporate the rather fine sunset sky. If so, I would suggest that you combine it with a merge of the first three, with a bit of judicious masking.