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  1. Works for me with no problem on Windows. Note that this is from the VueScan menu system, not Photo. John
  2. This could probably be done using Equations. Have a look at my macro to wrap an image around a bottle here or here. You could then further scale it so that the upper parts were condensed linearly. John
  3. @Nigel Kendall, I am the author of the ChangeDPI macros recorded with Photo 1.6. I have just tried it using 2.2.1 on my PC and the macro works fine, both as a one-off and as a batch. John
  4. I have also tried this, resizing to 1500px, Lanczos, and see no moire at any view magnification between 25% and 400%. John
  5. I use PhotoZoom rather than Gigapixel, and I tried what you have been doing using PhotoZoom. It uses splines as part of the resizing process. The size of the output from PhotoZoom as exactly the same as the input. John
  6. @Golden_Cheetah Welcome to the forums. I take it that the box pops up when you first open Affinity Photo. Is this a new version or a new update? Did you get the 'Please try again in a moment' the first time it popped up? What happens when you then click on the [Activate] button? You say you have tried everything. It would help if you told us what you have tried, to avoid us telling you to try what youhave already tried. Have you tried a Reset? Hold down the Control Key when opening Affinity. I would help if you have a more informative title such a 'Licence Activation Problem'. John
  7. What do you mean by 'Firmware'? As far as I am aware, Affinity comes as regular software, not as Firmware, (that is embedded in the hardware). John
  8. The macro functionality for copy and paste is limited. If you Copy (Ctrl-C), then it copies that selection into the macro memory so that, during a macro playback, when you Paste (Ctrl-V) it pastes whatever was copied in the original macro recording, not what you copied in the macro playback. John
  9. As has been stated many times before, Serif never (well, hardly ever) comments on what it is working on until it announces it in a beta. For all we know, it has a team of twenty developers working on AI. Then again ... John
  10. They have been watching too many police programs on TV. I am amazed at the enhancement capabilities of TV-police software! John
  11. Same for me. I reduced the exposure by 1.3 stops before developing, and the developed Photo image was just like the adjusted RAW image. John
  12. @VectorWhiz, I downloaded your original png image and applied a curves as close as I could to your one. What I got was this: I have to admit that the solarised effect was more what I expected from the shape of the curve you depicted. It was nothing like the first image you showed. John
  13. @jurand, I have not seen anything like you seem to be getting. It would help if you could give more information: what camera did you use? what is your operating system/platform (MacOS / Windows...)? what version of Affinity Photo? are you using hardware accelleration? John
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