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  1. Problem is that, from Microsoft's point of view, this is the new normal! John
  2. The ordering depends on the order in which the Operatng System dishes up the images. It would be possible for the Application to order the loaded files. Clearly Photoshop does it but Affinity does not. John
  3. Given an svg file, it should be possible to create a script to 'defractalise' it. I can see how it could be done, but it would not be a trivial exercise! John
  4. I was writing about Photo, but why would Publisher be different? If you did not want a different document size, then why change the dpi? The current behaviour of V2 seems logical to me. John
  5. Yes, this is what I would expect. How are you defining 'size'? The size in pixels does not change. The DPI maps the pixels onto printable measurements. Change the DPI, and you change the physical measurements. I would expect to see a new measurement of 417mm (100×300/72). On this basis,V1 was wrong. When you resized the documents, was Resample ticked? John
  6. In what way is this 'Feedback for the Affinity V2 Suite of Prorams'? John
  7. @benrymnd should there be images in your post? John
  8. Would this do what you want? Copy the desired selection (not the inverse). File > New from clipboard. This will give you the selection with a transparent background and clipped close. John
  9. Hello @Z S and welcome to the forums. It would help if you could post a before and after image for us to see the effect you are after. John
  10. @ToS_, you might like this method here: I was using this method to add leaves, but there is no reason why you cannot use it for partial paintings. John
  11. Hello @ToS_, and welcome to the forums. It will very much depend on how different your abbutting sides are. You could try the following: Bring the two images together as close as possible (or overlapping slightly). Merge the document (Layer > Merge Visible) This creates a merged layer on top. Use the Inpainting brush and choose an appropriate size (use the [ and ] keys). (Note that the Inpainting Brush may be hidden below the Healing Brush tool.) Draw along the junction with the Inpainting brush. If your images are really images of adjacent subjects, then using the Panorama tool may work (File > New Panorama). Note that you will need to load the images from files under the Panorama tool). John
  12. Hello @AppleTree, and welcome to the forums. This has been asked several times before. Serif have stated that they have no intentions of developing a website creation program. John
  13. Do a search for 'underwater' and you get several threads offering advice. https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/search/&q=underwater&quick=1 John
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