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  1. Very impressive. I will have to give it a go myself. John
  2. Have you tried exporting your DrawPlus files as pdf, then importing them into Designer? What happens to your layers then? John
  3. So do I on my Android tablet. At least I see these same pages. I cannot say about Artboards. John
  4. John Rostron

    Incorrect tabulation order

    Seems like an excellent suggestion. John
  5. Can I elaborate on this. It took me some time to suss it out. You first check the spelling of the target user's name - very important! Then enter the @ followed by the name. As you type, you will get a list of suggestions. When you see the right one, click on it and it will appear highlighted in your mesage. John
  6. Depends on where you live, but I would think that this might be a consumer protection issue. In the UK it might fall foul of the Trades Description Act. Offering an eps file should imply that it is eps, neither more nor less and should not include proprietary material that renders it unusable. (Unless this is made explicit at the point of sale.) John
  7. Thanks @Wumpus. Please bear in mind that there are many more users out there than there are Serif staff. Even so, Serif staff do contribute regularly to these forums. John
  8. Could it be Cheddar Cheese made by the Pressure Process? John
  9. Sorry, I missed the link in the original posting. It seems that the original tutorial had some errors, according to the comments below it. Did you amend it according to these? If the noise is different, as @GabrielM says, then it looks as if you will need some trial and error to get it to work. It would also explain why your histogram looks very different from the one in the tutorial. You could try to tweak your noise image using levels and curves so that it more closely resembles the histogram in the tutorial. How did you generate your noise? I wonder if it it might be worth exploring the noise() function in the Equations filter. I would be happy to have play with this procedure to see if I can produce a credible starfield. I am not at my PC at present, so it may be some time before I can. It looks like an interesting challenge! John
  10. If you are not using the same image then you would be choosing different black and white points. Tutorials on Levels should really be referring to locations dependent on the histogram rather than absolute values. It would be interesting to see this tutorial if you could post a link. The screenshot you have just posted seems to be about noise not levels! John
  11. Are you working on the same image as in the tutorial? I ask because the PS histogram and your Affinity histogram look very different. John
  12. Did you load the images into the stack manually, or did you use the File > Load Images into Stack commsnd? If the latter, then you have the option of ticking the Align Images checkbox. This usually works very well. If you have loaded the files manually, then you can align them manually by: Hide the top layers, set the bottom two layers to show. Select the next-to-bottom layer and set its opacity to 50%. Select the Move tool and use the up-and-down and left-and-right arrows to align the next-to-bottom layer. By default this will move one pixel at a time. When it is aligned, set the opacity to 100% and repeat with the next layer up. There are other ways, which involve setting the opacities (from bottom up) to 100%, 50%, 33%, 25% and 20% John
  13. John Rostron

    Extract images from PDF

    Thanks for that. I do pose the question because it is relevant to the terms of reference of these forum. There have been several postings that appear to be indirectly asking how to circumvent copyright restrictions. I'm only sorry that I cannot actually offer any useful advice on your original question. John
  14. John Rostron

    Extract images from PDF

    None of these responses seem to have addressed the question: do you have permission from the copyright owner to use these images? John
  15. Could you possibly upload scaled-down versions (as 8-bit png or jpg) of the files you are trying to stitch together? We can then see if there is anything in the images that is causing the problem. It would help if you can say how much they have been scaled down. John