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  1. Hello @jaktrip. Welcome to the forums. What is the document dpi of your target file? I presume the source file is 600dpi as you have said. John
  2. Putting each image into a separate message makes it easy for viewers to like (or otherwise) your images. John
  3. @GrahamMYC It would help if you would tell us what your solution was. If others have the same problem, then your solution might well work for them. John
  4. Hello @Sovereign One, and welcome to the forums. Yes, you can do this. You can uninstall from your C drive, and re-install on your D drive. Or you can use an App such as ApplicationMover (Windows), which will transfer everything and adjust the registry keys. I have all my apps on my D drive. John
  5. If you could identify all your non-breaking spaces in context, then you use alternates such as: (Tel:)\s(\d)|(\d)\s(\d)|(\d)\s(ext)|(ext)\s(\d) etc You may need to apply the GREP two or more times. Or does APu include a Global option to the GREP? John
  6. Using what? Affinity Photo? How? By using Save? Save As? or Export? What do you mean by 'Document'? Affinity uses the term 'document' to refer to th image file as loaded into your computer. You would save it as a document. What format did you sve it as? afphoto? jpg? png? tiff? Bu default, the Affinity apps save/export a file in the last folder you saved/exported a document to. At the point of saving/exporting you have the opportunity of changing the location. Having said that, the save/export location often bamboozles many users, including experienced ones like myself. It behoves you to look carefully during the save/export process to see where your document is goint to be located. John
  7. @FriedmanF, this is the forum for Serif Affinity Software. If you are looking for advice on Ventura, you need to look elsewhere! Google gives: https://community.coreldraw.com/talk/other_products/f/corel-ventura John
  8. Hello @Sujeesh Krishnaand welcome to the forums. If you go to Edit > Preferences, then select the User Interface, you can alter the number of decimal places displayed for various units. Even if the displayed decimal places is zero, you can still enter however many decimal places you like in the box. John
  9. It might be worth trying a Focus Merge. John
  10. Hello @malcwatson, and welcome to the forums. Your fonts are determined by the Operating System. Publisher will just report fonts that the OS tells it are there. Have you looked to see if the missing font is actually on your syetem? John
  11. I've no idea, but I understand that there is a flag in the exif data that indicates the orientation. Rasterizing might reset this flag. John
  12. I find that rasterizing the image (Layer > Rasterize) before calling the plugin usually solves this problem. John
  13. I was basing my assertion on my experience. When I placed an image into Publsher with unmatched dpi, it has always printed with lower quality than if I match the dpi. I prepare the image in Photo to the required physical dimensions, specifying 300dpi. I would be happy to be told if I am doing this wrong. As I said earlier, I am not a Publisher expert. John
  14. I could tell you how to do this in Photo, but I am not a Publisher expert so I will leave that to those who know. What puzzles me is your requirement here. You should be aiming to have your image dpi the same as the rest of the document, which may involve changing the size in pixels. John
  15. Herllo @RolfS, and welcome to the forums. I have just tried to replicate your problem and all worked well. I was able to continue working on the developed panorama. Do as @DWright suggests! John
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