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  1. John Rostron

    Shear Tool - Pefect Arch

    That cold well be true. However, I do have some macros which might do what you want which is why I was asking for details of what you wanted to do. Feel free to post examples of what you have and what you would like to do with them. John
  2. John Rostron

    Location, Location

    If that is the case, then my solution is to add a space after the colon. Hardly a great innovation, but I hope that this post may help more recent members when editing their profile. John
  3. John Rostron

    Location, Location

    Yes, I'm pretty sure that the solution posted some time ago was not the one I came up with. I still cannot remember what it was. So I had to re-invent the wheel by myself. I cannot remember for sure, but when I came up with my solution, I was not aware of others having invented it for themselves. This does not imply that there were not any such inventive users. John
  4. John Rostron

    Location, Location

    I solved this for myself some time ago. I have since noticed that others have solved it in the same way. However I have not seen this solution explicitly posted. I'm still trying to work out what your comment actually means. John
  5. There has been a persistent bug in the Forum software which results in the member's location being elided with the word 'Location' in a message ID. Someone posted a solution to this a long time ago which I cannot now find. A problem is that if you prepend the location with a space it gets lost. I have solved this by simply prepending the two characters ': ' (colon-space) to my location. I entered ': Essex' rather than just 'Essex'. You can see the result in my message information to the left. John
  6. I was going to ask why you need to shave off half a second of your workflow to call the plugin with a keyboard shortcut. However I have recently developed a wrist problem which means I try to avoid the mouse if possible. So it would be worthwhile for me if you found a solution. John
  7. The discrepancy comes from the Resample box. I did not have this ticked, I presume you did. I took an image and selected Document > Resize: The first image shows the dialogue box with the Resample box unticked and the original 72dpi. The second is with 300dpi selected. Note that the image size remains the same, indeed it is greyed out. The third image shows the box with Resample ticked and 300dpi selected. The question is: Do you want your image to be resized (in pixel dimensions as well as MegaBytes) when you change the dpi or do you want it so remain the same? PS: The sizes increase proportionally, not exponentially. 8800 is 2112*300/72. John
  8. If you are having trouble with the output from a DOS command, then you can direct its output into a trxt file, for example: CHKDSK > chkdskoutput.txt A problem might be that you don't always know where the text file is being wriitten. I would recommend using a full path, for example: CHKDSK > T:\chkdskoutput.txt Where T: is my Temp directory. Or you could try %Temp%. John
  9. John Rostron

    Shear Tool - Pefect Arch

    @MCFC_4Heatons, what exactly are you trying to achieve? Do you have an image or a selection that you are trying to convert to an arch? Do you want it to be part of a circle or part of a parabola? It could well be that you could do this using Equations: Filters > Distort > Equations. (Some would say that this is my answer to any such problem.) If you could upload an image that you wish to convert, then I or someone else is more likely to be able to help. John
  10. What do you mean by the MB setting? Is this the size in MegaBytes? If so, then how has this been affected by setting the DPI value? Changing the DPI should just set an internal flag and not affect the file size. John
  11. John Rostron

    Do Not Adjust Your Set

    This looks like the distortion effect that I am trying to create. How did you do it? John
  12. I would like to withdraw my assertions above. The Filters > Distort > Equations acts on the Document and not on the Canvas, which is what is needed here. I would be interested (and indeed amazed) if anyone could prove me wrong on this. John
  13. I tried some regression analysis. I made two assumptions: The data would fit a logarithmic relationship (log Sales depends on year) The figures are given for a 'year'. I assume this means the end-of-year, so I entered this as Year+11.5/12 From the best-fit line, and seeing when the line would reach 2 (million) gives a date of 10th May 2019. So that's my entry into the sweepstake! John
  14. Don't tempt me! John
  15. John Rostron

    A few free macros - tested in AFP 1.6 & 1.7 Beta

    Use the search facility to look for free macro. You might also like to look for "free macro". The former looks for both words in the same posting; the latter looks for the phrase free macro John