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  1. Note, too, that there's an application Preference, under Tools, called Move Tool Aspect Constrain, that can affect whether you need to hold Shift or not. When set to the default, for images, you do not need to hold Shift if you want it to respect the aspect ratio when enlarging I reset the preferences and I cannot do anything but scale respecting ratio from the centre. In your example how would one scale the image until it fit in to the right hand guide respecting the ratio and NOT scaling from the centre but expand to fit WITHOUT messing wih ratio. in orders words leave the top and left static where it is and then expand to the right and down and RETAIN RATIO? I have tried everything and nothing works. I lose the ratio as the image gets taller or fatter.. Perhaps I am dense.
  2. I hope I am in the right thread for my question. Hope this makes sense: After 3 publications I am still not able to find a way of scaling an image in such a way that it scales from one edge only. At the moment after placing an image in Publisher and selecting the image and then dragging by the bottom anchor using cmd key the image is enlarged from the centre. . But I want to enlarge the image so that the scaling is from one side or the other and NOT all four sides at once which makes it very difficult to place in a grid. I know I used to accomplish this in InD. Note I do mean scale and not random enlarge from one side or another. ( Publisher V1.10.6 for now)
  3. oh dear/ What could be so difficult? is it not simply toggling a setting? Perhaps Affinity should make PAGES the default and NOT Spreads.
  4. So i have made headway. it now shows the PRESETT that i created.... but DAMM no matter what i do it insists on defaulting to SPREADs rather than PAGES which is what my printer wants. Oh well soon i should be getting a new computer and then ill be using the new V2.
  5. I am NOT using V2, I am using V1 of APub and it does not show ny saved PRESET perhaps i am not doing it right, but i have not found the help file for V! that corresponds to your link for the V2 version.
  6. i did it in V1 where i created a preset. But odd that it does not show up in the area where it should. NOTICE in the Dialog BOX PRESET in the default window that is displayed when one exports, Why is my CUSTOM present not showing up? (second pasted graphic)
  7. Every time i export my publisher Newsletter to sent to the printer in for press ready formats i have to remember to go to the MORE tab and set > include bleeds and printer marks and output in pages rather than spreads. > Can we not set a profile so that all these settings are saved! I hope so. I often forget and i have to redo the export
  8. yes! i still dont under stand how to turn off baseline grid for JUST the two Poems that i have to add and increase their font size and leading. More fiddly work.won't really apply as once i have the poems set i wont be editing the text again.
  9. wow! i have been struggling for two days to increasing the Leading on ONLY one text frame. Disabling Baseline Grid worked. BUT doing so also disabaled Baseline Grid on my whole document of 30 pages! I ONLY want it to be in effect for one selected text frame ....not the whole document. How do i achieve this for only one text frame?
  10. PS. I have not been able to outline a url via the hyperlink styles. I can underline the text, colour the text, and also highlight the text. but how does one have a thin outline of the hyperlink text? i.e. "box" around the text
  11. One simply unchecks "include hyperlinks" on export to PDF This remove any hyperlink formating. I used to have hypelinks styled with a boxed outline. which on the web version indicated a link. For press printing i simply unchecked "include hyperlinks" and the url text was just plain like the body text without the text appearing outlined or underlined. Did it for years that way.
  12. Ah Yes i see your point now. So for a Web based PDF in your example one leaves links highlighted in blue, and for sending to a printer you turn off highlights prior to exporting for press. and the link text is just plain like the rest of the copy. That is one solution. In my case i have chosen to use a simple underline of any link text. and leave it as is for both outputs. Alltough i may try to toggle undrline off before exporting to press ready PDF. Nonetheless as this a basic setting for exporting from ID CS5 12 years ago, i am perplexed as to why it is not available in AF Pub.
  13. what is the easiest way to globally change from one to another? i have created a SS-HyperlinkPlain style that has no blue or underline which will be used for print version. I use SS-Hyperlink for the web version which has urls styled in bue underlining .
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