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  1. ELBeavers


    This may be an opportunity for me to play with LaTeX. I've always thought about having a go at technical writing. Of course, I know what apps I would use for photos and illustrations. If only i had a page layout app from Affinity…
  2. ELBeavers


    Beautifully rendered. Thanks for sharing!
  3. ELBeavers

    Agave Syrup Bottle

    I chose Affinity Designer to learn how to render a real world object using a bottle of syrup. The lines were pretty easy to work with and with Designer's help, the project was easy to finish. A .png comparing the photo with the render is attached to this message. The project file exceeded the size limit by a bit, so you can grab it at this link for now. I hope it helps someone else learn how great Designer can be for new users.
  4. ELBeavers

    Introduce Yourself

    My name is Eric and I do a fair amount of design work as a communications specialist. I'm excited to add Affinity Photo and Designer to my MacBook Air and look forward to additions to the Affinity suite. Thank you for an amazing set of tools! I look forward to learning and sharing more in these forums.