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  1. Hi Ricewind, Sorry for the delay in responding to you I am still looking into this with one of our other technical support agents I will make sure to give you an update by the end of the week with what we have found! Thank you for your patience! C
  2. Hi Spartacus, Welcome to the forums Please could you tell me which app you are using Designer or Photo? Thanks C
  3. Hi Jackamus, The below video shows how to do what you are looking for The result you are getting in example B is because close curve joins the first and last node in the curve you have drawn. To select multiple layers the way I do in the video hold CMD while clicking the layers C Jackamus join
  4. Hi Jillc, Welcome to the forums You should be fine with the app despite not using PhotoShop in the past. I recommend downloading the free trial available from our website Thanks C
  5. Hi RJ Scott Author! Welcome to the forums I would use the Selection Brush along with the Refine selection feature to mask out the back ground below you can find a few tutorials explaining these tools along with a version I did myself very quickly. I'm sure if you took your time you could make it look much better! C
  6. Hi Rickerus, Welcome to the forums! I have been able to export your PDF and import it into AI without it being flattened however there were a lot of compatibility issues. If possible I recommend exporting to .SVG instead Thanks C
  7. Hi MissEB47, Welcome the forums The below post form MEB should explain how to do what you are looking for! Thanks Callum
  8. Hi Bpedit, Please could you provide the document in question if thats possible and tell me what the zoom level of your document is? Thanks C
  9. Hi Grant, Welcome to the forums! You will need to convert your files to use them in Affinity I recommend converting them to PDF's or SVG's Thanks C
  10. Hi Reza, Welcome to the forums I'm not sure I understand your issue completely would it be possible for you to provide a screenshot of the problem? Thanks Callum
  11. Welcome to the forum MadHatter1 Depending on the project it can take a while for the Paint Mixer to work. Our developers have stated in the past that the tool is performing a complex task so there sometimes might be a slight delay. Thanks Callum
  12. Hi Resunoiz, Welcome to the forums You can go to Edit > Defaults > Synchronise from selection to change the defaults for your tools however this will only work for certain tools at the moment we are working on improving this in the future Thanks Callum
  13. Hi Toltec, Please could you go to Document Setup > Bleed and make sure all the values are the same? If that doesn't solve your issue would it be possible for you to provide the file in question? Thanks C
  14. Hi Activelazy, Welcome to the forums There forums are only for support with the Affinity line of products I'm afraid. To find help with X range products you will need to make a post on Community Plus found below Thanks Callum
  15. Callum how can I make a custom font


    1. Callum


      The below thread should help you with this :) 


    2. AlexM101