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  1. Ah that would be the cause then! I recommend using the Overlay or SoftLight blend mode they should so what you are looking for in Designer C
  2. Was the original file from Illustrator to by any chance? C
  3. Hi Mithferion, I am currently still looking into this with the QA team but I would like to say for a moment you had a few of us stumped! The 1st two groups are actually the ones behaving badly! If you change their blend mode from Passthrough back to Normal then back to Passthrough you will see they behave like the 3rd group however we aren't sure why the first two groups are behaving badly! You can achieve the effect of the first 2 groups by setting the blend mode to Overlay. Thanks Callum
  4. Hi Apixel, We don't have anything like this at the moment however we would like to make a Plugin API in the future so we might make some documentation for that. However this is quite a ways off at the moment as far as I'm aware. Thanks Callum
  5. Hi Michael Sheaver, Welcome to the forums Thank you for sharing this with us I hadn't read it! Thanks C
  6. Hi Kogios5, Welcome to the forums Your wife can use your copy using Apple Family Sharing you can find out more about it below! Thanks Callum
  7. Hi Jarden Black, Welcome to the forums Its not something we have any immediate plans for I'm afraid. C
  8. Hi Agypsy, Welcome to the forums Just to clarify are you using the iPad version? Thanks Callum
  9. Hi Icus9, Welcome to the forums We don't have a filter like the one you have described however you can favourite fonts you use often to make them easier to find Thanks C
  10. Hi Superadam, There is no way to resize one object relative to another you would have to use the work around that you have already discovered. Thanks C
  11. Hi NoelC, Welcome to the forums The plugin list you have linked to is one hosted kindly by one of our moderators @MEB he should update it for you C
  12. We aren't a public company I'm afraid so our stock is not for sale
  13. Hi mimamo, You would have to create your logo then export it to a separate file then in the command menu which is the 3 dots towards the top left of the screen you will have to go to Place and place your logo into the 360 image. Thanks Callum
  14. Hi liorla, Welcome to the forums As far as I'm aware there is no way to fix this. You could try tone mapping before you go to Layer > Live Projection. Thanks Callum
  15. Hi Oldytrom, This isn't possible in Designer just yet It would be possible in Affinity Photo using the Perspective filter however. Thanks Callum