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  1. Callum

    Preserve Exported Raster Layers?

    I'm glad to hear your issue has been resolved, what was the cause if you don't mind my asking? C
  2. Callum

    Preserve Exported Raster Layers?

    Hi XXXbeforedecaf, Welcome to the forums If possible could you provide the file in question? Am I right in thinking all layers import but some of them are rasterised? Which file format is it you are trying to import into Procreate? Thanks C
  3. Hi C-Anthony, Welcome to the forums Live filters don't support split view I'm afraid. If you would like to see what effect a filter is having on your image you can toggle it on and off through the layers panel. Thanks C
  4. Hi AndyH1, We don't have any written tutorials I'm afraid however the official videos on our website have captions if you are struggling to follow them. Thanks Callum
  5. Its playing fine for me here when I re-download it. What length is the video for you it should be 10 seconds.
  6. I am re-opening Affinity via the menu towards the top left which only appears when Affinity Photo is the active app. This is what I think SueB needs to do.
  7. Hi Kientuctayho, Welcome to the forums I think if you change the Model dropdown in your screenshot to N-up I think this will do what you are looking for. Thanks C
  8. Hi Photo Lucky, I will move this thread to the Feature Requests section as I think it would be better suited to that category, Thanks Callum
  9. Hi SueB, Welcome to the forums It is likely that you have closed the apps active window but not the app itself. You can see an example of what to do in this situation in my attached video. Thanks C Filing_problem.mov
  10. Hi DannyBCreative, Just to confirm is this problem now resolved? Thanks C
  11. Hi Jedimindtraveler, Welcome to the forums Id say depending on the volume of your groups flattening them could be a good idea however they will then be raster objects so you wont be able to edit the individual objects anymore. RAM usage at 80 is likely the best setting if you have other programs open when using the app as they may also need to utilise RAM. If possible could you provide a screenshot of your performance screen so I can see what settings you are using? Chrome at the same time shouldn't be a problem but it will definitely increase the amount of resources being actively used on your computer. Thanks C
  12. Callum

    iPad Air 3 (2019)

    Please could you provide the file you were working with? If you don't want to post it publicly let me know and I will send you a PM. C
  13. Callum

    iPad Air 3 (2019)

    If possible could you provide one of the files in question regarding this issue and a screen recording demonstrating the crash? Thanks C
  14. Callum

    iPad Air 3 (2019)

    Hi Majorel_pa, Welcome to the forums What problem is it you are having? Thanks C
  15. Hi Hunnicutt, Welcome to the forums I will answer your questions in the order they were asked. 1. If you set the model dropdown to N-up you should be able to layout the booklet the way you have asked using the settings that appear. 2. Unfortunately I don't think this is possible as it will only apply the page numbers to each page in the pages panel if you have designed your document so that multiple pages fit on one page it will just count that all as one page. You would have to number the pages manually by hand. Thanks C

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