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  1. Hi Mrcrash, Welcome to the forums Please could you provide a screenshot of the problem and if possible a copy of the file itself? Thanks C
  2. Hi Robert Hansford, As far as I'm aware assets shouldn't affect performance until they are placed into your document Thanks C
  3. Hi LionelD, I asked Matt our Designer tutorials guy to look into these questions with me. The first ones a bit of a mystery to us - because you ca toggle scale with object on and off and it resets to show two different states. Whereas that doesn't seem to do the same thing with other default brushes so this might just be some sort of bug with that particular brush. But generally speaking Scale with object usually works really well for me and hasn't brought up any other issues in the past. Matt had the following to say regarding your 2nd question. So my understanding with the transform panel vs using the node tool to change the line is that the node tool is redrawing the line in a new place or extending it ‘officially’ but the transform panel is dragging it and resizing it, so that kind of makes sense that by extending the W in the transform panel you are technically effecting the overall characteristics of the shape, but using the node tool always seems to me more like you’re redrawing it. I guess thats hard for me to explain but personally I think if the stroke width increased by just dragging out the end with the node tool that wouldn't make as much sense to me from a workflow point of view etc, so it seems quite logical the way it currently works. With regards to your 3rd question The end points or caps not looking correct on custom brushes is to be expected sometimes. The round cap option on a regular plain line is just adding an additional bit of vector shape at the end of the line so if you had a custom brush it just wouldn't know what to extend to. Thanks C
  4. I still cant seem to open your file, I will send you a PM regarding this.
  5. Hi Lozzieloz, Welcome to the forums! I'm really sorry to hear one of your files has been corrupted if you provide a copy of it our developers may be able to repair it for you. Did the app crash while saving at all when you were last using this file? Thanks C
  6. Hi Taipan87, Welcome to the forums The below tutorial should help you with this. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lnurTrgE85M Thanks C
  7. Hi Herenow, Welcome to the forums Please could you provide a a screen recording of you recreating this and a copy of the brush you are using? Thanks C
  8. Sorry for the delayed response I have asked another member of staff to look into this I am just awaiting extra information from them now.
  9. Hi JosMo, Welcome to the forums Please could you provide a copy of the image you are using so I can see what you are working with? Thanks C
  10. Please could you try exporting the file using the new beta build found below to see if you get this problem? https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/120705-affinity-publisher-customer-beta-184687/ C
  11. Hi Chris, Welcome to the forums I'm not seeing this behaviour on my computer with Jpegs and despite this not being related to Affinity please could you provide a screenshot of the variables as I am interested to see them! Thanks Callum
  12. Hi Pubdude33, Welcome to the fourms I'm not sure if I understand what you mean by frozen pages please could you provide the file in question and if possible provide a screen recording demonstrating the issue? Thanks C
  13. Hi Jim, I would always use the Place image tool just to be sure. Are the images embedded or linked? Thanks C
  14. Hi Lesdmd, Please could you make the app crash and then provided the latest crash report? You can find out where to find them using the below link. Thanks C
  15. Hi hello coccus, if possible could you provide the project file in question so I can try this at my end? If you try a different format does this problem still occur? Thanks C
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