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  1. These brushes are vector unfortunately so they can't be used in Photo there is no way to tell until they are imported. Once imported it should show up on the import message (see attached) Thanks C
  2. Hi Colboy, Welcome to the forums If possible could you provide one of the brush files in question that isn't appearing in the app? To group up your brushes create a new category then right click the brushes in the brushes tab you want added to it and hit Move To Category. Thanks Callum
  3. It only takes me a few seconds to open one of the files using our latest beta please could you try that? Thanks C
  4. Hi laurencem, Welcome to the forums I recommend following the below video and stopping when you get to the offset part as that doesn't apply to this case. I followed it using your image and managed to get pretty satisfactory results. I imagine with more time to fiddle with the specifics you'd be able to get an even better result. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pnZWU8vHCY4C
  5. I'm sorry but I'm still not seeing an issue in the video provided could anyone elaborate a little further?
  6. Hi Chironex, Welcome to the forums Does this only happen with the Fuji files? if possible could you provide one of the files in question? Thanks C
  7. Hi RealAle, In the Type section does it say Affinity Publisher file (.afphoto) ? I imagine the first part of this line the "affinity publisher file" part is actually just reading which app is set to open this file by default and not which app created the file. If you change the default program used to open .afphoto files to Affinity Photo this issue should go away
  8. Hi Giustone70, Welcome to the forums This is currently by design as the Macro functionality is quite limited however this should hopefully improve in a future update! Thanks C
  9. Hi AffinityAppMan, As far as I'm aware there is no way to do this on iPad I'm afraid. I will move this thread to feature requests. Thanks Callum
  10. Well they should disappear if he makes a change once he has gone back to that point in history but it is difficult to tell without seeing a screen recording. Unfortunately there is no way to restore history once it was lost. If possible could you provide a screen recording of this happening?
  11. This is because you have gone back in the history to a point where only that layer was part of the project.
  12. Hi NoisyboyUK, Welcome to the forums This is a feature of the latest beta you can download the latest beta from the beta sections of this forum. Thanks Callum
  13. Hi Nadar, If possible could you provide a screen recording of this happening? Thanks Callum
  14. Hi Nessx, Welcome to the forums If you select the layer with your cut out object on and then go to Effects panel the Outline section should do what you are looking for. Thanks Callum