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  1. Hi Abject39, The first bug you have mentioned is by design as you are no longer using single radius so all corners will mirror the corner shown towards the top left of your shape. From what I can tell the second issue you described is the same behaviour seen in V1 if you enable absolute sizes do you see different results? Thanks C
  2. Hi Scientific Designer, From what I can see from testing here this seems to be down to the size / DPI of new documents in V2 compared to V1 if I paste my lines into a document that has the exact same DPI / size as my document in V1 the lines paste correctly however if the DPI / size is higher than in my original document then the lines are pasted at a smaller size and in a different location. I believe this is by design however I'm not sure so I will ask a member of our QA team to look into this. Thanks C
  3. Hi All, I believe this is something that is already logged with our developers to be fixed. Thanks C
  4. Hi All, I can't seem to recreate this behaviour here at all using French or English. Does this happen if you create a brand new document with a TOC with minimal entries? As the one I was trying this with only have 2 entries. If you find this only happens with one file or large TOCs would you be able to provide a sample document I can use to recreate this here at my end? Je n'arrive pas du tout à recréer ce comportement ici en utilisant le français ou l'anglais. Cela se produit-il si vous créez un tout nouveau document avec une table des matières avec un minimum d'entrées ? Comme celui avec qui j'essayais, je n'ai que 2 entrées. Si vous trouvez que cela ne se produit qu'avec un seul fichier ou de grandes tables des matières, pourriez-vous fournir un exemple de document que je peux utiliser pour recréer cela ici à ma fin ? Thanks C
  5. Hi ID_eklp, Welcome to the forums I'm not able to replicate this issue here I'm afraid. If possible could you copy the table into a new Affinity project file and send a copy of it to me? This will allow me to investigate this further with you. Thanks C
  6. Hi All, I have logged this issue with our developers to be fixed in a future update, I will update this thread once I have more info. Thanks C
  7. Hi SilentCartoonist, Does this occur with all of your files or just the one shown in your attached video? It's possible that this file has become corrupt I'm afraid which will prevent it from being opened. If you click the 3 lines shown towards the top right of the projects thumbnail are you able to save a copy of the file? Thanks C
  8. Hi All, I have added this thread to the original bug report made for this issue so a member of our QA team can look into this and determine if this bug has returned etc. I'll update this thread once I have more info.
  9. Hi Hanjo, If possible could you provide a screen recording demonstrating this or steps that can be used to recreate the problem? Thanks C
  10. Hi All, This is a known issue that is currently logged with our developers to be fixed. I apologise for any inconvenience this has caused you in the mean time. Thanks C
  11. Hi Fahrenheit, I have reproduced this at my end and have logged this with our developers for further investigation. I'll update this thread once I have more info. Thanks C
  12. Hi All Media Lab, I apologise for the delayed response. Please could you tell me if you still run into this issue using our latest 2.0.3 version? Thanks C
  13. Hi François R, Would you be able to provide a copy of the file in question so I can take a look at the grid here at my end? Thanks C
  14. Hi GenewalDesign, I apologise for the delayed response. Does this issue still occur with our latest build? (2.0.3) Thanks C
  15. I have asked a member of our QA team to look into this and will update this thread once Ih ave more info. Thanks C
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