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  1. Hi JodyC There are just desktop features for the moment they may be added to the iPad version of Designer in a future version. Thanks Callum
  2. Hi HermitNew, As far as I'm aware there are no printing plugins compatible with Affinity Photo unfortunately. Thanks C
  3. Hi Stamps09, Welcome to the forums Photo is missing a few of the filter effects that PhotoShop has so depending on how the style was created they may not appear 100%. Other forum users have made requests for effects in the the feature request section: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/39370-not-quite-there-yet/ Thanks C
  4. Hi Xamaba, Welcome to the forums Please could you try what MEB has suggested below. Thanks Callum
  5. Callum

    Affinity designer iPad workbook?

    Hi Lunar, Its not something we have any immediate plans for but that doesn't mean it can't happen! Thanks C
  6. Hi Blackxacto, What do you feel is broken about this tool? Thanks C
  7. Hi Bennyboe, Welcome to the forums Unfortunately it isn't possible at the moment I'm afraid. Thanks Callum
  8. Hi Cuttysark, As long as you are the primary user of both computers thats fine Thanks Callum
  9. Theres nothing like that in Affinity unfortunately. C
  10. Hi Pontiac 1960, You could use the vector brush combine with the Erase blend mode to remove parts of your vector drawings but unfortunately there would be no other way to go about this without rasterising your image. Thanks Callum
  11. Hi Irish14500, Welcome to the forums The apps will be compatible with Mojave. You can find a list of our tested plugins below! http://www.miguelboto.com/affinity/photo/plugins-support/ Thanks C
  12. Hi Tancutin, Welcome to the forums If you press CTRL + D it will disappear. It is a selection marquee and this shortcut deflects. Thanks C
  13. Hi ApvdG, Welcome to the forums If possible could you post a video of this happening? Thanks C
  14. Hi Sharpstick, There is no way to add presets to this menu I'm afraid. Thanks Callum
  15. Callum

    FileExplorer Pro & Nas

    Hi Squirl, Welcome to the forums This is a known bug at the moment and should be fixed in the next update. Thanks C