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  1. Hi basilic, Welcome to the forums It looks like we are interpreting the layer orders wrong I'm not sure why. My attached video shows you how to fix this. Thanks C Instagram.mov
  2. Hi Duboiz, Welcome to the forums We don't currently support embedded fonts within PDFs however this is something we would like to do in the future! Thanks C
  3. Hi Rhyswoos, There is no way to flow tables from one page to another at the moment I'm afraid. You would have to use 2 tables if you wanted to create this effect. This has been requested in the past during the apps beta so its something we might consider for a future update Thanks Callum
  4. Hi Abaji, Welcome to the forums The trial isn't available right now, you could purchase the app and then you would have 14 days to return it for a refund if you find it isn't for you. Thanks Callum
  5. Which operating system do you have the apps installed on?
  6. Hi Titan384, Welcome to the forums Is Publisher installed into the root of your applications folder? If it is please could you try uninstalling then reinstalling to see if it appears in launch pad? thanks C
  7. Please bear with me while I look into this further
  8. This is logged with our developers at the moment buttons should be added to Photo and Designer soon
  9. Hi Jstech, Welcome to the forums Please could you call up the run box by holding down the Windows key and tapping the letter R and then enter the following %temp%\AffinitySetup into the run box and click ok. This should open a folder, with some other folders in. Open the latest folder and there should be 2 log files, Setup.log and SetupUI.log. Please attach these two files to this thread. Thanks Callum
  10. Please try C:\Program Files\Affinity\Designer
  11. Hi Ianhg, Welcome to the forums It's not something we have any immediate plans for I'm afraid. However that doesn't mean it can't happen! Thanks Callum
  12. Please could you try installing to the default location on your C drive.
  13. Please could you make sure you have re opened the apps after you reinstalled them then close the apps and open Publisher and try the studio link?
  14. Hi Golokios, Welcome to the forums Are all of the apps installed in the root of your applications folder? Thanks Callum
  15. Hi MichaDE, If possible could you provide a screenshot of the button you are referring to? Thanks Callum