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  1. Callum

    Pen tool

    Dark UI was a heavily requested feature upon the apps launch along with a Windows edition as a matter of fact. Just because 3 have been mentioned doesn't mean there only are 3 I will see if anyone has a list but this isn't something I'm about to get into an argument about. The Feature Requests section would not exist if it didn't serve a purpose.
  2. Callum

    Pen tool

    Theres no definitive list but two that immediately come to mind is the rope pull (stabiliser) feature for the brush tool and things such as Dark UI.
  3. Great spot! I've been looking at this for a while and couldn't suss it out!
  4. Hi Eftee, Which app are you using? C
  5. Callum

    Pen tool

    I wouldn't say submitting a feature request is a waste of time however defaults for tools is something that has been request many times in the past and is something that is on our agenda to be added in the future.
  6. Callum

    Pen tool

    Hi Jackamus, There is no way to do this at the moment I'm afraid. C
  7. This is the fastest way at the moment I'm afraid.
  8. Hi Max P, I think this is happening because you already have the preset imported. I can see from the top of your second screenshot that the preset is listed in your procedural texture window. However I do think this is a badly worded error message as it doesn't convey this information correctly I will see if this can be changed going forwards. Thanks C
  9. Hi JustR, Welcome to the forums Please could you make sure you have the same colour profile applied to both documents? Thanks C
  10. Hi Rilkar, Welcome to the forums Please could you provide a screenshot of the error message? Thanks Callum
  11. Hi Wvanderzee, Welcome to the forums You should be able to do this using the Align tool shown below. C
  12. Hi Chester-llyod, Welcome to the forums I'm not familiar with the apps you have mentioned however if Font Awesome installs fonts into your system fonts then they will show in Affinity at the moment Affinity Designer doesn't support plugins. Thanks C
  13. Hi Darren S, Welcome to the forums There is no way to do this I'm afraid. Thanks C
  14. Hi 276ccm, If possible could you provide the file in question so I can see if I have the same difficulty at my end? Thanks C

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