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  1. Hi CatLover, We have tested this plugin in the past and during past tests it hasn't worked I'm afraid. Callum
  2. Hi LA420, Please could you try going to View > Show Tools C
  3. Hi artofmtl, Welcome to the forums This is because in your first screenshot you aren't logged into the store so it doesn't actually know where we are shipping to. Once you have signed in and provided your shipping address it will recalculate to the correct shipping cost instead of guessing where you are located. It looks as though in your first image it had guessed it would be shipping within the USA and not to Canada. C
  4. Hi Frankii, If you are using Affinity Designer the best way to load it is as all pages as it will bring every page into Affinity as a separate Art Board. You can then export this file to PDF and it will create a multi page document for you. Thanks Callum
  5. Hi Polygonius, Would it be possible for you to provide a screenshot of the issue? Just to be sure I understand what you mean by wetness. Thanks Callum
  6. Hi Macangelo, If you go into the apps preferences and then UI you should see the option for Light and Dark UI Below is a video showing this. Thanks Callum
  7. Hi Nickpan, This might be the my favourite ever forum post! I have done a very terrible version that you can see below. I will also include the Affinity Photo file with Save With History enabled so you can see the steps I took Don't worry if you don't like mine I think a few of my colleagues have also had a go and will be posting theirs shortly! I went for the aged biker tattoo look the-a-team-80s.jpg.db335ef6c942bb16cb40aa2b819b6acb.afphoto
  8. Hi amynnasser, Welcome to the forums Affinity Photo can open .PSB files however if you like you could send me one of yours and I can try opening it in Affinity here at my end just so you can be sure You could also download the free trial from our website if you would like to try yourself. Thanks Callum
  9. Hi Berger was the document you have open stored on any external storage? Thanks Callum
  10. Hi imagegod, We have been working with the Filter Forge developers to try and improve its compatibility with Affinity Photo at the moment is is un compatible with the release version. You could try using it with our beta which can be found here. C
  11. Hi Ghaeth, Affinity Designer isn'y currently available for iPad I'm afraid. However Affinity Photo for iPad was a mobile version of the full app so I imagine Designer will be the same You are more than welcome to make tutorial courses for our apps Thanks Callum
  12. Hi Dmstraker, I have spoken to James (the lovely voice behind our tutorials) and he has informed me that Contrast Negate is used for text. As it will make the colour of the text contrast the colour of the object behind it to ensure the text is legible you can find an example below Thanks Callum
  13. Hi Paul, I recommend using the Transform tab towards the bottom right of the app to resize the ArtBoard to the correct size for you You should then be able to use the Export Persona to export the image to 2x and 3x respectively. Thanks C
  14. Hi Karmaluck, Welcome to the forums Do you have force pen pressure enabled? (see attached) Thanks C
  15. Hi Christian Kogler, What application is your colleague using to view the PDF? If I export your file to PDF then open it in Preview on Mac it shows fine. Thanks Callum