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  1. Hi Nagoodman, Welcome to the forums ALT clicking a layers thumbnail will show just that layer! C
  2. Hi tersmuse, Welcome to the forums If you to View > Studio > Paragraph the paragraph panel will appear in this panel you will see the option for spacing Thanks C
  3. Hi MancDan, Welcome to the forums Unfortunately this isn't possible within in Affinity at the moment I recommend posting about this in our Feature Requests section. Thanks C
  4. Hi Mikkelnl, Welcome to the forums As far as I'm aware there is no way to change the default colour format. If you save an image as a afphoto file and re open that file then it will have the colour format you selected. Thanks C
  5. Hi Linslusen, I'm not sure I understand your issue completely is Affinity unable to open the photos from Play memories? Thanks C
  6. Hi Shell, Welcome to the forums Please could you try going to View > Show Tools this should bring your tool bar back! Thanks C
  7. Callum

    Affinity Photo crashes on brushes

    Hi Gyan1, I'm sorry to hear the app is crashing for you. I would like to try and recreate this here at my end in order to do that I will need your Affinity Photo app data folder I have posted steps on how to find this below. Please could you press the Windows key + the R key on your computer. This should bring up a little Run window, in this window please type %appdata% and then press enter this should make a file explorer appear with a list of files in it. Please could you send me the Photo folder found inside the Affinity folder? Thanks Callum
  8. Callum

    Error While Using Boolean Operation

    Hi Rizki Akbari Utama, welcome to the forums I'm sorry to hear you are having issues performing boolean operations in Affinity I would like to try and recreate this issue. If possible could you provide the file in question that is causing this? Thanks Callum
  9. Callum

    Affinity Photo Mac Help not fully searchable

    Hi Cseeman, Are you using Mac OS Mojave? If so then this is a known issue currently logged with our developers to be fixed. Thanks Callum
  10. Hi Dae, Welcome to the forums I have unfortunately been unable to recreate this here at my end. Do you have any other keyboard software installed on your Mac? Thanks Callum
  11. Callum

    AD no nodes with node tool

    Hi wgphoto, As far as I'm aware this is intended behaviour as the desktop version also works like this. As DM1 has said above converting to curves will make the nodes appear. Thanks Callum
  12. Callum

    live layer masks not working using paint brrush

    Hi Alfonso Dimasi, Welcome to the forums I have been un able to recreate this issue here at my end. Does this only happen with specific live filters or is it with all of them? If possible could you provide a screen recording of this issue? Thanks C
  13. Hi Romney, If possible could you provide one of the files in question so I can look into this further for you and see if I can recreate this behaviour at my end? Thanks Callum
  14. Callum

    Shape add operation - failure on rotated shape

    Thanks for that Matt.baker, I have recreated this issue and have logged it with our developers. Thanks C
  15. Hi John T, It should automatically be ordered with the headings aligned to the left and your numbers to the right. If possible could you provide the Publisher file so I can look into this further for you? Thanks C