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  1. When I print it here the dimensions are fine when measured with a ruler. Please could you try setting the Scaling from 100% to actual size to see if that makes it print properly if that doesn't work please could you provide a screenshot of your print settings so I can make sure mine match yours! Thanks C
  2. Hi Gt70, Please could you provide the file in question so I can look into why this might be happening for you and try and recreate this here at my end. Thanks C
  3. Callum


    Hi Robin, Welcome to the forums Would it be possible for you to provide the file in question so I can test this at my end? Thanks C
  4. Callum

    crash, crash, crash!!

    Hi Martin new, Welcome to the forums If possible could you provide the images in question so I can look into this further for you? Thanks Callum
  5. Hi Ajay, You can go to File > Share > Add to Photos this will add it as a JPEG to Photos. Thanks C
  6. Callum

    Serious font problem

    Hi Forcecommand, How many fonts do you have installed? Thanks C
  7. Callum

    Windows 7 will no longer boot

    Hi GDstorrick, Welcome to the forums, I am sorry to hear that your computer will no longer start after installing Affinity. However I'm afraid to say this is just a coincidence there is nothing Affinity could do to cause this can assure you of that. I recommend possibly taking your computer to a local repair shop. Thanks C
  8. Hi Bad_wolf, We don't have an ETA just yet I'm afraid. Thanks C
  9. Hi Mikelattanzi, Welcome to the forums Under the general tab in preferences in Affinity you should find a tickbox that says Enable save over imported PSD files. This should do what you are looking for Hopefully another user will comment regarding your second question! C
  10. Callum

    Affinity Photo Trial Copy

    Hi FT_SG, Welcome to the Forums Please could you go to Edit > Preferences and under performance try changing the renderer drop down to the other options to see if they improve performance? Thanks Callum
  11. Hi Rocketdrive, Welcome to the forums We use CPU for our processing in the apps so the performance would improve the more cores you have. Thanks C
  12. Callum

    PDF export duration and size

    Hi Rocketdrive, I'm not a developer so unfortunately I can't answer your question however could you provide the file so I can see if I get the same behaviour at my end? Thanks C
  13. Hi Austin RW, Welcome to the forums! You should be able to do this using the boolean operations found in the below video Thanks Callum
  14. Hi Justone73, Welcome to the forums I am looking into this issue if possible could you send me the RAW files in question? Thanks C
  15. Hi NovaL, Welcome to the forums If you click the button in my attached screenshot you will find the option to export your styles you can use the same button to import them on your other OS Thanks C