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  1. Hi Jdjames, There is no way to stop this behaviour at this point in time I'm afraid. This is something that has been brought up in the past however and may be considered for a future update. Thanks C
  2. S'il vous plaît, pourriez-vous essayer d'ouvrir l'application avec la touche Ctrl enfoncée et lorsque le menu de réinitialisation apparaît, appuyez sur Tout sélectionner, puis sur Effacer ? J'espère que cela devrait résoudre ce problème pour vous. Merci C
  3. Hi RRKL, I'm sorry to hear the apps crashed and caused your file to become corrupt. Please could you provide a copy of the the file in question so I can look into this further with you? Thanks C
  4. Hi Diego, Parece que su captura de pantalla no se adjuntó correctamente. ¿Podría proporcionarla nuevamente? Thanks C
  5. Hi Dezső, What happens when you try to use the develop persona? If you get any error messages please could you take a screenshot of them and attach them to this thread? Thanks C
  6. Thank you for letting us know the fix for this, we are currently investigating this issue so we don't have an internal bug report just yet but I'll update this thread once we do. Thanks C
  7. Hi MikeTO, I can't seem to replicate this issue here do you have any pointer settings applied in Mac OS which are non default? Thanks C
  8. Hi Stuart, I've just tested this here at my end with a .CR3 file and it seems to be working fine please could you provide the affinity project and linked raw file when you get chance so I can try and replicate this here? Thanks C
  9. Hi MoiraH Affinity Publisher doesn't support PagePlus .ppp files. You have to export your documents in PagePlus to PDF and then import them in Publisher. Thanks C
  10. I will log an improvement for this however if I'm being honest I feel as though this behaviour is unlikely to change as its consistent with the behaviour of locking objects throughout the app. Its also very difficult to accidentally delete a guide due to you needing to be within the guide manager.
  11. Hi Srg, I'm struggling to find a bug report for this problem internally please could you provide a link to one of your previous threads reporting this so I can check if this issue has been logged previously and find out what progress might have been made etc. Thanks C
  12. Hi wls, This is currently by design but we are looking into improving this in the future to address both the issues you raised with this post. Thanks C
  13. I have just checked and I believe our apps will only create an autosave if they detect the document has been modified since the last auto save.
  14. If you haven't already please could you try installing the MSIEXE versions of the apps from the below link? Please note you will need to uninstall the MSIX versions of the the apps.
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