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  1. Hi MCKarl, Unfortunately we don't offer any discounts for buying the app for all platforms. Thanks C
  2. Hi Kay, Welcome to the forums Another forum member posted the below tutorial It should show you what you are looking for! Thanks Callum
  3. Hi Ala01, Welcome to the forums Designer can do both Vector and Raster artwork. It is more comparable to Illustrator than Photoshop I recommend trying the free trial from our website to make sure it is the app for you Thanks C
  4. hi Holly-032009, Welcome to the Forums Yes it will work fine! C
  5. Hi IR69, This is by design at the moment we may add this feature in the future however C
  6. Hi Dickie43 With the object selected you can pick a new colour from the colour panel towards the top right of the app C
  7. Hi MtotheC, I'm not sure if i understand exactly what you mean, we don't provide any plugins ourselves you can find a full list of compatible plugins here with their developers listed with them. Thanks C
  8. I'm not sure exactly what you mean by residue are your trying to seperate the 100 from the word info? Thanks C
  9. This is by design however the help is written a little confusingly I will bring this up with James to see if he could make it more clear
  10. Hi Jesahs, Welcome to the forums Please could you also send me a screenshot of your layers tab when you have this layer selected? C
  11. I have tried this on Mavericks using the file you provided and have still been unable to recreate this issue I'm afraid.
  12. Hi Callum

    Could you maybe try and bump that again? I'd be very grateful (just happened again).


    I can also explain again why this is bothering me, if you'd like.

    Big fan of Affinity Photo though :-)

    Kind regards

    1. Callum


      Hi Manu,


      I'm sorry this hasn't been actioned by our developers yet I have bumped the thread for you and asked for an update to pass on to you :)




    2. Callum


      The developers have told me this could make it into the next beta we release.

    3. manu schwendener

      manu schwendener

      Thank you, looking forward to it! :-)


  13. I can see Chris B has already replied to your other post regarding this issue below please reply to him there
  14. Hi Redge, Welcome to the forums We don't offer an on screen ruler I'm afraid however this has been requested in the past and may be added in a future update Thanks C
  15. I'm not able to recreate this either I'm afraid. I'll ask around with the QA team tomorrow to see if anyone is running Mavericks. C