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  1. On the validation screen if you hit Back and then Continue with trail how many days does it say are left?
  2. Hi Elizabeth, Welcome to the forums This should have been resolved with yesterdays patch (1.9.1) please could you try installing it? Thanks C
  3. Hi Hazelbow, Welcome to the forums, We don't currently support this format so I've moved this thread to the feature requests section. Thanks C
  4. Hi Lara, Welcome to the forums If you go to File > Export select PDF and hit more a export options window will appear. Here you can downsample your images etc that will reduce the size of the file however you may need to experiment to make sure the quality of your document doesn't drop too much. Thanks C
  5. Hi Pixero, This is a known bug we are looking into it should hopefully be fixed soon. Thanks C
  6. Hi Nolfy, Welcome to the forums I'm not aware of anything like this that works with Affinity I'm afraid. Thanks C
  7. Please could you if you haven't already try reinstalling the latest version of .Net? https://dotnet.microsoft.com/download/dotnet-framework
  8. Please could you try the latest beta build available from the beta section of the forums? https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/forum/61-affinity-photo-beta-forums/
  9. Hi Studio Jason, I think at this point in time the only way to add more linked layers is to reselect and do another duplicate linked with the layers you need included. Thanks C
  10. Hi Gryszczy, Unfortunately I don't think this is possible in the Affinity suite currently. Thanks C
  11. Hi Bluetoff, Sorry for the delayed response am I right in thinking you have solved this problem? Thanks C
  12. Please could you download the pack from our website as Walt suggested as this is one of the packs that can't be downloaded automatically unfortunately
  13. Hi Pszczyg, Welcome to the forums, I apologise for the delayed response we have been extremely busy with the launch of the 1.9 updates and it seems this post may have fallen through the net. Please could you try the suggestion found here to see if the file size is the cause? Could you also see if you still get this problem using our latest beta build found here? Thanks C
  14. Unfortunately Final Cut is the one of the only video editing softwares I'm not familiar with however typically when you import media it asks if you would like to match the project settings or keep its own media settings, if it does do this I think matching project settings should resolve this.
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