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  1. Hi Goldblacc Welcome to the forums Do you have any examples of what it is that you are trying to create? Thanks C
  2. Hi Alex_M, As far as I'm aware its not something we have any immediate plans for I'll move this thread to the Feature Requests thread. Thanks Callum
  3. Hi Wumpus, Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. We use the Lens Phun database in the Affinity apps and from a quick look at the list on there website it would seem the lenses aren't supported by them unfortunately. @R C-R Thank you for bringing this thread to my attention sometimes they do slip through the net! Thanks Callum
  4. Hi Tbmunn, if you make a basic file in Affinity for example a QuickShape on a page then export it to PDF and print does it appear black? Thanks Callum
  5. Hi Krollian, This feature is on our RoadMap to be added in the future but we don't have a solid ETA just yet. Thanks Callum
  6. Hi JDD, Welcome to the forums If you import the file this image comes from into Affinity does it look correct? Thanks Callum
  7. Hi PMudditt, Welcome to the forums This brush category isn't in the iPad version, you could export and then import this category from your desktop versions if you would like to have it on iPad. Thanks Callum
  8. Hi Adisee, Welcome to the forums Unfortunately your attachment isn't working for me please could you try re attaching it? Thanks Callum
  9. Hi charlotteda, Welcome to the forums Unfortunately the tools needed to do this can't be found in Designer and can only be found within Affinity Photo. Thanks Callum
  10. Hi John, Could you provide the file in question along with step by step instructions on how to replicate the issue? Thanks Callum
  11. Hallo Axelos. Bitte wählen Sie Ihren InPainting-Pinsel aus und senden Sie mir einen Screenshot der gesamten App, damit ich sehen kann, welche Einstellungen Sie auf den Pinsel angewendet haben. Vielen Dank Callum
  12. Hi viscabarca, Welcome to the forums What model camera were the RAW files from? Thanks Callum
  13. Hi John Bateson, This certainly sounds odd. If possible could you provide a screen recording of this issue? Thanks Callum
  14. Hi Yellow, Welcome to the forums If possible could you provide the file in question? Thanks Callum
  15. Callum

    Moving files between iPad and PC?

    Hi LostInTranslation, The best ways to do this is using a Cloud service like you are already, you may find that iCloud works better for you. Thanks Callum