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  1. Aha! That was what I was doing wrong! Thanks so much for the correction. 😊
  2. I have a book with 260 total pages, 32 sections using Masters A, B, and C. Pages 1-240 use Masters A & B in portrait orientation (all pages numbering correctly). I made the remaining pages using Master C with landscape orientation as a totally separate document as they are charts which I wish to place as an Appendix. I have set up Master C with page numbering to begin at 242, starting on pg. 1 of that section. The problem is: it repeats 242 on all subsequent pages (should be pp. 242-256, starting on p. 249 of the Publisher). What must I do differently? Thanks, Twila P.S. As you can see, there are two failed attempts to upload a file showing my master as I had it setup.
  3. Hi, here I am almost a month after your wonderful explanation...Somehow I overlooked the email notice letting me know there was an answer...so here's my THANK YOU for your time. Twila
  4. I am trying to achieve the pic on the right from the two pics on the left. in a previous post I was instructed to use the blend mode and then get rid of the parts I don't want. I am working in Publisher as that is the only persona I have. What tool or tools do I use to get rid of the unwanted parts? Using the crop tool doesn't get it... As I am still a newbie, please give me step by step instructions. TIA Twila
  5. The image you placed is exactly the effect that I want to create! But as I'm new to Publisher, (actually new to anything of this type of work), can you give me all the steps to accomplish that? First, where do I find "masking" to "add a mask to the small image", then which part of layers do I use to "blend the image" etc. I appreciate your help. TIA Twila Later, Okay I've answered some of my initial questions, I've found and explored the "blend" feature... I've also found the adjustments function in the layers panel. The remaining question is, how to delete the unwanted parts? What tool do I use for that? I know how to use the "crop" tool but that doesn't quite get it. Please direct me on this. TIA. Twila
  6. Is it possible in Publisher to use this blend mode for imposing one pic on top of another so that it appears to be part of the original pic? Or what steps would I use to accomplish this? See below. The dimensions of the pic of the Dominican landscape is to be full page width (6.5 in.) by approx. 3 in. in ht. I wish to impose the pic of the flamboyant tree at right into the lower right quarter over the landscape picture so that it blends into the scene as part of the hillside. Please give me the proper steps to accomplish this. (The only persona I have is Publisher.) Thanks in advance. Twila
  7. Ok, next question: Should I make my landscape master as a single page or as a vertical spread? The reason I ask is, when these charts appear in my book, I need the inner margin to be opposite on the top page from the bottom. Or should I make two masters one for the top and the other for the bottom and apply them to even and odd pages? Also, when I place the page numbers, I know to go to Text>Insert>Fields>Page number...and in my case, the numbering for this section is to begin at 241...and I know how to start at that number...BUT then How do I get the numbers to continue to 242, 243, etc. instead of sll appearing as 241?
  8. Thanks for your reply. So when I make a new master page where can I name it? Twila
  9. My real question is, is it possible to put page numbers on a section with all pages in landscape view? I have a number of charts in landscape view and have the master for these pages with facing pages, upper and lower, like in a book format when you turn the book on its side.
  10. Why can I not get the tutorials to open? I am signed in to my account, need to watch a tutorial...I can find the tutorial I need but it will not open, all I get is a black screen. I have tried different tutorials and each one has this problem.
  11. Thanks for your swift reply. I'm sorry I posted to the wrong section, I'm still a newbie! Please give me a bit more specifics: where do I find the 'blend mode'?
  12. I'm working in Publisher as that is the only Persona that I have. I want to place an outline map of a country over an article of that country. How do I get just the outline to show through the text?
  13. Thank you very much! The stroke did have a width and when I removed that, it solved the problem.
  14. I have done multiple pages of adding text to text frames by copy/paste from a Word document with no problem that the text frame is invisible when I do a preview. After I made a table in my AP document, the text frame remains around my content, in subsequent paragraphs and pages. The following screenshot shows a paragraph before the table, and several paragraphs after the table which illustrates the problem. How do I get rid of the unwanted frame around the content below the table?
  15. After creating a table according to the instructions given in the tutorial titled "Tables", I have trouble inserting my file from Excel. After selecting all the cells in my table, I choose "Paste without Format" as he says in the tut, but all my data ends up in a single cell and my table gets expanded way off the page. HELP!
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