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  1. Please could you provide a screen recording showing the green line not appearing?
  2. Please upload the log to the following link. https://www.dropbox.com/request/7gDNYSN6rEzPW9fK4hmM
  3. Hi Arachiya, As with all new software it will take time to learn the new features etc. You can find some tutorials which should help with this below. https://affinity.serif.com/en-gb/tutorials/publisher/desktop/ Please could you provide a screenshot of your printer settings within Affinity? When start a print job via Affinity does the job appear in your printer que? Thanks C
  4. Hi MmmMaarten, If you haven't used Publisher in quite a while it might be worth checking if disabling hardware acceleration in the apps performance preferences improves the crashing at all. It may also be handy if you provide a copy of the latest crash report found using the below link. Thanks C
  5. Hi Chillr2021, The green centre line will only show when you have snapping enabled perhaps this is why it sometimes doesn't show for you? As for your second point it sounds like you need to enable Snap to Guides in the Snapping Manager which can be found by clicking the horseshoe magnet icon or by going to View > Snapping Manager. Thanks C
  6. Hi Billtils, If you go to View > Show Context Tool bar does it come back? If this doesn't solve your issue please could you provide a screenshot demonstrating the problem? Thanks C
  7. Hi Roled, As far as I'm aware there is no one click way to do this I'm afraid. Without the motion blur filters that Photo has etc I can't see a way of creating this effect without drawing it by hand. Thanks C
  8. Bonjour Bienvenue sur les Forums Pourriez-vous me dire quelle version de l'application vous utilisez ? Pourriez-vous également me dire combien de fichiers vous avez ouverts dans la page d'accueil des applications ? Si vous avez un grand nombre de fichiers ouverts dans l'application, il peut être utile de les enregistrer puis de fermer certains d'entre eux. Pourriez-vous également me dire quel modèle d'iPad vous utilisez ? Merci C
  9. Hi Arachiya, Welcome to the forums I can see from your previous thread that PagePlus also wasn't able to print via this printer are any other apps on your computer able to print to this printer? Thanks C
  10. Hi st.guadagno, Welcome to the forums We will likely need the file as Joe has mentioned above, If you would rather not post it publicly please upload it to the following DropBox link. https://www.dropbox.com/request/uW0SZoYTkWrFm87Nh0AI Thanks C
  11. Hi Bluerose, Welcome to the forums I'm sorry to hear the iPad version of our apps aren't working well for you. Please could you tell me which iPad you are using and how many documents roughly you have open on the apps home screen? Thanks C
  12. Hi TrevTheDev, I have logged this with our developers to be fixed in a future update Thanks C
  13. I think GarryP has hit the nail on the head it very much seems like that cause of the discrepancy between app view and export. Thank C
  14. Hi sSlvio, Please could you provide a copy of the latest crash report found using the below guide? https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/98904-where-to-find-crash-reports/ Thanks C
  15. No I'm just making sure we are on the same page. It should be working fine when double tapping with your finger please could you provide a screen recording that shows this isn't working?
  16. It seems to work here when I try this, are you using and Apple Pencil etc?
  17. Hi PL Shutterbug, You should be able to confirm the crop by double tapping the crop grid. Thanks C
  18. Hi Dr. Johnny Fever, Welcome to the forums You will need to install the fonts separately on your iPad in order to use them in the file, we have a tutorial on the subject of installing fonts into the iPad version of Designer I will include a link to it below as you should find it handy. https://affinity.serif.com/en-gb/tutorials/designer/ipad/video/273647530/ Thanks C
  19. Hi Peter, If possible could you provide a screen recording or screenshots that demonstrate these issues so I can look into this further with you? Thanks C
  20. Hi Flandish, The app stalling on data merge with artboards is a known bug with the app which has been logged to be fixed in a future update so hopefully we shouldn't need a warning like this in the future Thanks C
  21. Hi Ed C, Welcome to the forums Sorry to hear the app is crashing when you change your document from facing pages back to single pages. If possible could you upload a copy of the file to the following DropBox link so I can try and replicate this here at my end? https://www.dropbox.com/request/U3QWZ3rqLJyJlWsOrdkj Please could you also provide a copy of the latest crash report found by following the below guide? Thanks C
  22. Hi Sslvio, Welcome to the forums Please could you tell me if you have tried reinstalling the apps since this issue occurred? Thanks C
  23. Hi Mr Gateau, Welcome to the forums Please could you try reinstalling your GPU driver to see if this has any effect? Thanks C
  24. Hi James, please could you try the suggestion in the below thread to see if it solves your issue at all?
  25. There are no filters like this in the app as standard however you may find the following video handy. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vdOgVFvW-jA Thanks C
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