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  1. Please can we have a box to input image scaling or zoom in a picture box on x- and y-axis independently or locked in proportion through keyboard entry. The current method of sliding the zoom control is OK for quick and dirty work, but it's too imprecise as it depends on the mouse behaving well, and it's sometimes hard to repeat. Please have the boxes accept both exact dimensions or percentage (not mixed of course). And it's best if it's the percentage of original image size, not as placed. Disappointed not to have in this latest release, otherwise very happy with it. Cheers.
  2. I know it's elsewhere, but would like to repeat request to add .idml export as option in AP. Business case: this would encourage more to migrate from ID to AP as that allows homeworkers to collaborate with corporates etc. still in Adobe's strangle-hold. If there's a licensing issue, perhaps offer feature as a paid-for plug-in, so only those who need it can pay for it.
  3. The drop-down menu on the Spacing section of the Paragraph tab/panel isn't resizing, so it disappears under the RH side of the panel. Compare the two screenshots. In fact, I have to stretch the panel to almost full screen width to see the drop-down. This is a bit of a pain. Please fix. Or is there an easy fix? Delete p-list? Thanks. Thanks.
  4. Sorry; should have given all that data. Mac OS 10.13.6 (that could the problem if there's a recent fix), Publisher 1.8.3. And weird thing is, I have to pull out the tab wider and wider each time to get the drop down. I've tried closing the Paragraph tab and re-opening, also re-starts of Publisher but no joy. Thanks for your attention.
  5. Please could you fix this: the drop-down menu for Leading shows up only when the panel is made very wide. In the attached it's starting to disappear. Obviously we all prefer narrower panels/tabs, but then we can't access the drop down. Thanks
  6. This I found useful: https://www.prepressure.com/pdf/basics/pdfx-3
  7. Understood. But that's what they said about colour film, about Photoshop, about cameras in mobile phones ...
  8. May I put my hand up for variable font functionality? It'd be nice not to be able to tweak at least the weight axis. Nice? Actually, it'll be LIBERATING! Please, pretty please. Sooner than later? Cheers
  9. Answering my own question here: you can change opacity of an applied swatch colour if the page is edited detached i.e. master page override allowed.
  10. I want to make a noise about the 'Create palette from image' feature in the Swatches palette of Publisher. It's GREAT!! For fun, I asked Publisher to analyse a 80MB image: took a few seconds but it coped, and took only a few more seconds to generate a 256-colour palette. Easy, powerful and adaptable. Abs brilliant! What I don't understand is why I can't change opacity of a swatch colour once it's applied.
  11. Agree. Agree! By themselves none of these are deal breakers. And lucky ones with big screens can display long panels full size. But if there are no down-sides and it's not hard to code, let's have it, please!
  12. Thanks for the back story. I realise that feature requests may well be repeated elsewhere. I'm guessing developers will look at weight of numbers and set their priorities to match. We'll see. Publisher is more than good enough for the money, it's better than InDesign CS6 in some respects, and I'm happy to pay for UI upgrades to make it even better.
  13. I used this forum as I couldn't find anywhere obvious to give you a pat on back. Of course, there are things you could do to make it even better. Here are some reqs: With panels such as 'Paragraph' that has a lot of options, it'd be good to have the scroll bar respond to mouse scroll to access items that are hidden. At present, we have to navigate to scroll bar, click and drag. In 'Help' you could say more about baseline shift: took me 30 minutes to figure out it's in 'Positioning and Transform' under the Character tab. Picture box: When I first used 'Replace image' in the toolbar, I expected the new image to drop into the same position and at same size as the original, but it doesn't. Please can we have this, or a choice: replace image 'as is', and replace image 'anew'. 'As is' is useful when you alter an image - say turn it to monochrome - so you save as and want to see what the new version looks like when in place. Please could we have 'save workspace'. Different jobs call for different panels to be up, separated etc. For example in InDesign I have one for typography-heavy work, another for books where all styles have been set up. Please could we have a story editor. This is really useful (a) if layout is at small magnification or font used is small you can edit text without having to change zoom level (b) if font is decorative or informal, it's easier to edit text with readable font like Times in a story editor (c) When editing text that links over to another page it's easier to see whole text in a single box, especially if the jump is more than one page e.g. over picture spread. Cheers Tom
  14. Just want to start by congratulating Serif on Publisher. I was brought up on Quark XPress, then used InDesign from its launch in 1994. Publisher has learnt from all their mistakes, uses hardware acceleration well and I LOVE IT! Have to get used to differences in language (positioning instead of baseline shift) but that's fine. I'm so happy to be able to dump Adobe's horrible subscription model and actually use something that's easier and more logical. So far, I've only produced 48-page booklets, and I don't know how it will handle big books. But I've always worked on 400 page books as spreads or small folios anyway. Cheers to the developers!
  15. So, software engineers. Can we or can't we have a Story Editor?
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