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  1. Yes please add import support for this default format on Affinity apps. Specially iOS apps as its a default shooting mode for iPhones
  2. Yeah rotate the cursor to match the canvas view rotation. Simple right?
  3. When I rotate the view 90 degrees, the transform cursor on objects shows up swapped: horizontal for vertical cursors: Thanks for all you do!
  4. Hey Miguel, I wasn't able to when I wrote this post... It was stuck on the spinning rainbow mandala and it wouldn't accept mouse or keyboard input... however, I have since quit the app and relaunched, and now it seems to behave as you describe...
  5. When Exporting large pixel dimensioned images from AD, the Estimated File Size /n Calculating feature takes over and I get macOS' rainbow spinning mandala for 30 - 60 seconds... Would it be possible to make that a background process or give it less priority somehow so one can select the Export settings without having to endure painfully long wait times? Thanks for all you do!
  6. When I crop an image using the vector tool in AD, and then change the opacity, AD renders the image much more translucent than if the same image is not cropped using the vector tool. Check out the screen grab. It's the same image (TIFF with masked background made with AP)
  7. ronnyb

    Pixelated Grids

    When using the grids for anything other than straight vertical or horizontal grids, ie, dimetric etc, the current grid implementation pixelates diagonal grids. When zooming in, one looses accuracy. Would be great to have "vectorized" grids, or some way of not making them get pixelated... Thanks for all you do.
  8. When I pull up the Grid and Snapping Axis Manager, the Show Grid checkbox is off but highlighted with a blue rectangle. If I then press the Space Bar to enable it (as is standard in macOS) nothing happens. If the checkbox is highlighted one should be able to 1) use the Tab key to move to the next control and 2) use the Space Bar to enable or disable the highlighted control. Currently, pressing the Tab key shows/hides the UI, which should not happen since the Grid and Snapping Axis Manager is the currently active panel. What happens is that focus changes from Grid and Snapping Axis Manager main art-board window. Additionally, if I press the keyboard shortcut to pull up the Grid and Snapping Axis Manager that works fine, but if I press it again to hide it, nothing happens. It would be nice if the same keyboard shortcut used to pull up the panels was used to close it if it's already open, like a toggle. Thanks for all you do.
  9. ronnyb

    Brush tool bug

    When I attempt to click, then shift-click with the brush tool to paint a straight line, AP always botches up the first segment, connecting from a previous click (it seems). After I undo, then it behaves properly. Thanks for your time and all you do.
  10. 1 ZILLION Gigapixels!!! (Dr. Evil)
  11. ronnyb

    Bug: touchbar controls

    Update: they update AFTER the following brushstroke....
  12. I went for it and purchased Inklet + pogo to be able to doodle and do basic brushwork on the field w/ laptop and I have top report it actually seems to be working fine on the latest MAS release...!
  13. ronnyb

    Broken Layer Visibility

    I was expecting the marching ants selection to turn into a corresponding 8-bit image (like a mask) once I entered Quick-mask mode.... so that I could use the painting tools to refine my selection... Is that not how it's supposed to work?
  14. ronnyb

    AP: Photoshop export of HSL adjustment broken

    @MEB how goes? I adjusted only the Reds (-15% saturation) not the entire Master range. I exported to PSD using Editability checkbox. I’ll upload again when i have a chance...
  15. ronnyb

    AP: Photoshop export of HSL adjustment broken

    I reported it over a year ago...