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  1. Yes I tried w new beta, it opened it once I chose the Make Copy option, then it crashed when I tried to zoom as well....
  2. Duh missed that in the Select menu, was looking in Layer menu....
  3. Alphabetical order is great. I've also requested this for the Adjustments pop-up menu in the Layers Studio.
  4. I always want to use Symbols but find that by the time i remember to set it up i already have lots of cloned objects and variations on the canvas and relinking everything seems like a bigger pain... It might be beneficial to add a “Clone and Make Original a Symbol” command and/or perhaps add it as an option for the Assistant to automatically add the original object being cloned / duplicated to the Symbols palette.. Kinda like having AD suggest “best practices” for the user. The same could be done with AD automatically adding “Smart Global Colors” to an automatically generated “Smart Document” palette based on the colors of objects created by the user. And if the user deletes the objects using that Smart Global Color, AD would also delete the corresponding colors from the Smart Document palette (this could be a preferenced behavior).
  5. ronnyb

    Affinity Photo Customer Beta (

    I figured as much... was being facetious but that wud be sweet if Affinity cud leverage connected devices’ CPUs/GPUs
  6. ronnyb

    Affinity Photo Customer Beta (

    So if I have an iPad Pro connected to a Thunderbolt 3 Dock which also connects my MBP, Affinity will also leverage the A12X on the iPad Pro ???? That wud be awesome if Affinity could turn one's connected iPad Pro (or Mac) into an eGPU for the other device, in real time. So I could choose to work on the iPad for freehand sketching and painting, then set it down and use the MBP and mouse for precision, expanded workspace, etc.... Yes, YES, YEEEESSSSS!!!!!
  7. ronnyb

    Edit Mode - Node Tool

    Yes, to make precise transforms, it wud be extremely useful to reference and snap the origin to existing geometry elsewhere on the artboard
  8. Also AP doesn't seem to recognize the built-in Intel GPU and also lists the incorrect specs for the discreet GPU, I have a Radeon 555 not 460...
  9. Hi Chris_K that didn't work. I tried on a flattened version of the file and it opened it but not the layered version. I can send you the file but it's big, about 1.6 GB
  10. ronnyb

    Billboard image in AP

    Thanks Matt! I’ve been trying to open up this file w new betas but no go, it crashes them consistently
  11. Edit Mode is very cool!!! Great job! Wud be great to have an anchor point option available when using the transform mode. Thanks for all you do
  12. ronnyb

    Billboard image in AP

    For client building custom modern rustic cabins, concept was to be evocative and aspirational/inspirational Before_n_after.mov