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  1. It would be more ergonomic if the Plus and Minus icons on the Navigator Studio would be next to each other, not on opposite sides of the studio, as is currently implemented. This should make obvious sense why shoud there be several other zoom controls in between the Plus and Minus which are a logical set...
  2. Small suggestion: It would be great if Affinity Photo gave meaningful names to newly created layers. For for example, the Merge Visible command would name the newly created merged layer "Merged." I know @James Ritson would appreciate that after watching his AMAZING astrophotography tutorial videos. Thanks for all you do!
  3. Sean I just uploaded the font file. Hope u can replicate
  4. Hey @Sean P So the file that is not rendering properly is actually the JPG I exported from AD beta and then opened in the new AD beta. It’s not an issue with AD beta misrendering the MAS Affinity Designer file as originally reported. Sorry for the confusion I just noticed that. So it’s that JPG (and PNG) exports are messing up character spacing settings. I uploaded a screenshot of how the JPG should export, the incorrectly rendering JPG, and the master AD file. In the master file there are several art boards. The one you want to look at is the last one on the lower right. MAS version renders the PDF correctly. Thanks for all you do!
  5. This still beta incorrectly renders a file which I created in the MAS version of the app. Do you want me to upload the file to a private dropbox?
  6. Nothing is connected only using the built in trackpad. Yeah I’ve gotten that issue with tablet pens before as well. This happens right after I load a document, if I move the cursor while it’s loading it jumps to the lower left corner.... I noticed it happened again with the new betas. I will try to get a screen recording when I get back to my computer. Thanks for all you do
  7. It also does it when I quit ADBeta, it jumps the cursor to the lower left corner and pops up my hidden dock...
  8. Actually it doesn't only do it when opening documents, it does it randomly as well. VERY annoying
  9. Whenever I open a new document, ADBeta moves my cursor to the lower left corner of the screen, and when I move it out of the way it snaps back there a few times. I can see my hidden dock appear, thats how I kn know its happening. Itts really annoying and takes several jumps back and forth before it settles down...
  10. New Document ALWAYS defaults to iPad 9.7" which is not helpful in most use cases. How about defaulting to the last document settings used? Seems this would be most useful for most people in most use cases.... thanks for all you do.
  11. The app icon is missing the BETA tag, it's identical to the App store version; would be good to include the BETA tag like the Photo Beta to distinguish when launching. I was testing for 20 minutes and nothing had changed until I realized I was using the App store version
  12. Is there an utility/app that does this HFS+ compression ?
  13. Hello, this beta doesn't respect the portrait orientation of photos brought in from my iphone 12 pro. All ll photos come in landscape Also, is there a tutorial on how to use the new Astrophotograohy stacking feature? Thanks for all you do!
  14. I shot this using my Celestron 25x100 astrobinoculars using the Celestron NeXYZ smartphone mount and my iPhone 12 Pro 2x telephoto lens. Shot with Procam app. Processed on Affinity Photo latest beta. Showing both original and processed shots. The sky was also made from scratch - the stars were added for effect, shot handheld with iPhone 12 Pro (no astrobinoculars) and Nightmode which is quite impressive.
  15. I tried this process on the beta and it didn't work. It seems most of the bulk is in the Resources direcxtory, not in the Affinity Designer/Photo/Publisher binaries Perhaps the Devs can add this as a preference setting for the automatic updates?
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