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  1. Hey guys, I just tried that file with the new beta and it still crashes if I choose the option to Continue instead of Make a Copy, and then select Convert Artboards to Pages... Let me know if you want me to upload the file again
  2. Great workaround... yes a keyboard equivalent wud be better...
  3. It woulds be great to have a Select All command that only applies to the currently active page/artboard. Thanks for all you do.
  4. Running latest AD. I have a Group containing vector and text elements. When I scale the group, all but one of the text objects scale. I've selected Scale with Object but that doesn't seem to help. All the other text objects scale appropriately. The item in question is a Text Box, not Art Text. This seems inconsistent. Any clues on how to make that item scale as well?
  5. It only happens when I DON'T create a duplicate file when prompted by APub. There is no upload option.
  6. I can't seem to upload to the folder. I clicked on your link, then an empty folder icon from dropbox appears. I try to drag n drop the zipped file from the finder, I get the green circle with + on it, but nothing happens. I can't find an upload option. Maybe you have to give me permission to upload?
  7. I sure will Patrick. Also, my original file, as you will see, has adjacent artboards to mimic spreads in APub. When the document is imported to APub using this new conversion feature, APub doesn't recognize the "Artboard Spreads" and breaks out each spread into individual pages. It would be great if APUb honored adjacent artboards and converted them to actual spreads, not just pages. Thanks for all you do!
  8. Hey Patrick, I posted the issue and workaround in a new post under Mac bugs. Sure you can have the file, but it's YUGE (808MB). Do you have a dropbox or other online storage I can upload to?
  9. I did Patrick, and I found the solution as well...
  10. When I try opening an AD 1.6.1 file with multiple artboards (same size) and chose NOT to make a copy, and then select the Convert to Spreads option, APub crashes... The file opens fine when I don't select the Convert to Spreads option. HOWEVER, if I select the Make a Copy option before the Convert to Spreads option, it works fine. Perhaps APub should AUTOMATICALLY open a copy when the user selects Convert Artboards to Spreads? It also makes some logical sense, as the file is no longer the same. Thanks for all you do, hope this is helpful!
  11. It would be great to add support for Apple's free Pages software, which many use as default word processor, and can serve as a bridge between MS Word compatibility as well... Thanks for all you do!
  12. When I try opening an AD file with multiple artboards (same size) and chose the Convert to Spreads option APub crashes... The files open fine when I don't select that (very important) option.
  13. Yes please add import support for this default format on Affinity apps. Specially iOS apps as its a default shooting mode for iPhones