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  1. That works thanks! The suggestion would still be more efficient and consistent with current UI controls....
  2. Trying to drag out guides to snap to a curve's nodes but AD won't snap.
  3. I'm trying to expand or collapse a set of selected layers/groups from the Layers Studio, but Affinity apps don't allow me to do this en masse. My file has over 700 layers/groups and this is VERY tedious. Could you please add this functionality, in the same way changing visibility or locking layers en masse currently functions? Simply put, if I have a bunch of layers selected and I click the triangle to expand or collapse, apply that toggle to ALL selected layers, just like Visibility and Lock icons do. Another level of functionality for power users would include expanding or collapsing ALL layers/groups (even those nested within currently selected layers/groups) while holding down the Option or Control keys on the keyboard. These small things really make a huge difference in speed of workflow and productivity. Thanks for your consideration and all you do!
  4. I have a curve object, ungrouped. I'm trying to move the Transform Origin to snap to a specific point/node in the curve. It doesn't work. I have Snapping turned on with all options turned on. Thanks for all you do!
  5. I have a square allegedly sized at 0.9” x 0.9” I made my grid size 0.45” to match the square every 2 grid rectangles since theres a bug preventing larger grid size than 0.853” in size. When I place the square over the 2 x 2 grid it doesnt match. When i checked the size by tapping on the circle with the dimensions in Transform panel and the number input panel comes up, it doesnt supply more accurate numbers. Seems like AD just rounds off to one decimal place so I cant ever know the true size of objects.
  6. I cant set the grid size larger than 0.853” on Standard mode.
  7. ronnyb

    Adjust Handle Size pref

    Hey Callum, thanks for the reply. Can this be submitted as a feature request?
  8. Congrats Devs! Keep up the great work! We're ready for Publisher on iPad to win next year...
  9. Do you have a Before shot?
  10. What?! How is this acceptable?
  11. IDML ! NICE! I will test when I get back in the studio!

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