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  1. ronnyb

    Align bug

    Thanks @Old Bruce but its set to selection
  2. Tabbing across text input fields is broken in the FX panel. And in many other areas of the UI. For example the stroke panel. I can only press the Tab key once, and it functions like pressing the Enter key, which is not macOS HUIG compliant. Pressing Tab should accept the current input AND jump to the next editable field in the studio/panel/window. Current behavior is after the first tab is presed, the second tab will hide the UI... Thanks for looking into this, these little UI inconsistencies really slow down productivity.
  3. I'm trying to make an artboard and it's contents into a symbol, so I can drop it back into the document and resize it for different use. However, when I try to resize the Symbol of the Artboard using the resize all handle (second lower-rightmost handle), AD only scales the Artboard, not it's contents... Is there a way to make AD scale the entire symbol, not just the artboard? thanks for your help!
  4. Not sure if this is a bug per se, but the behavior definitely changed in the last release of AD as far as alignment goes. Say I want to align two objects on their left side. Expected behavior: AD ought to move the RIGHTMOST object so it aligns with the leftmost object. Current behavior: AD moves the LEFTMOST object to the rightmost object. Of course this same behavior should happen for top, bottom and right alignment as well. Thanks for all you do! AD 1.7 is a BEAST!
  5. It would be great if Affinity continued stepping and repeating changes in color shifts, so if I drop the saturation of JUST repeated and transformed object by 10%, then the next time I invoke the Duplicate command the app would drop saturation by an additional 10%... you get the idea, it could work with any of the color pickers’ Slider color modes... congrats on 1.7, incredible upgrade!
  6. ronnyb

    Affinity Designer for MacOS - 1.7.0

  7. ronnyb

    Affinity Photo for MacOS - 1.7.0

  8. What happens if one opens a Publisher file with Linked resources on Designer on a machine without Publisher installed? Will one be able to access the Resource Manager in Designer?
  9. My default keyboard equivalent for the Zoom tool was changed from Z to B for some reason, just fixed it as well...
  10. Apple's Pages is a robust app and able to import and export MS Word .doc files, and it's free and has web app as well, including markup and collaboration ability... seems like a no brainer to plug in to Pages...
  11. Instant crash upon loading file. Please supply upload link as the file in question is 800MB +
  12. Fine tuned for drawing, painting, sketching; minimal UI ala ProCreate...
  13. ronnyb

    Develop Assistant bug

    Your described behavior after selecting North America is correct. Perhaps it's not a "bug" per se, but it certainly would be nice for the app to default to correct location...
  14. Just click on the name of the artboard on the Canvas to select it. No need to drag around the entire artboard....