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  1. Not sure this is a bug or missing feature: it would be great if there was a way that when using a wacom stylus, Affinity respected the current brush and just switch the brush mode to eraser while maintaining the current brush settings. Thanks for your consideration.
  2. ronnyb

    Leading not real-time

    The issue is still present in the latest MAS release (1.7.2), no realtime update (must press Enter/Return and then lose the ability to try a new size without another mouse click) in viewer of selected text attribute changes (size, leading...) using the keyboard up and down arrows.
  3. ronnyb

    Affinity Publisher for macOS - 1.7.2

    congrats folks!
  4. ronnyb

    Affinity Photo for macOS - 1.7.2

    congrats folks!
  5. ronnyb

    Affinity Designer for macOS - 1.7.2

    congrats folks!
  6. ronnyb

    Affinity Photo Customer Beta (

    Can't wait to see it! One more thing on the Crop tool: It would be really handy to allow the user to resize the crop area from the center by using the Option or Cmd or SOME keyboard equivalent. Oftentimes I find myself wanting to increase the size of a document evenly around all margins.... thanks for your consideration!
  7. ronnyb

    Affinity Photo Customer Beta (

    I really need to get an iPad Pro already!
  8. No it doesn't really make sense. If it's specified it in the document, it shouldn't be ignored! It negates the advantage of the OP's workflow. Just as they offer the options for PDF, the same ought to be offered with native files which are embedded.
  9. ronnyb

    Affinity Photo Customer Beta (

    1. One thing I noticed when using the Selection tools: In the Context Toolbar, we have the handy Add and Subtract mode buttons. Of course we can press the Option key on the keyboard to temporarily alternate between Add and Subtract modes. It would be better UX if the buttons on the Context toolbar reflected this temporary switch between modes. 2. Additionally, when one presses the Refine… button, we are presented with the same options but they have been renamed Foreground and Background. Perhaps maintaining the Add and Subtract labels instead of renaming them Foreground / Background would maintain consistency and avoid confusion. 3. Some years back I made the following suggestion, and this speaks to a larger issue and opportunity: Selections are one of those super important and tedious parts of most image editing workflow. Affinity is uniquely poised to deliver a much better UX than the industry standard. AP certainly has all the tools and features, but they are spread out between the various tools in the tool palette and the context toolbar, and hidden behind the Refine... button. Consider leveraging the Persona concept and creating a Selection Persona where all the Selection tools and modes reside. This would be a game changer if executed properly. Thanks for your consideration.
  10. ronnyb

    Affinity Photo Customer Beta (

    Except that there is a "special" mode that the tool takes one into, and there's an Apply and Cancel button in the Context toolbar, and I can press Return/Enter to Apply but I cannot press Esc to cancel, which is the universal key for Cancel. I suggest the first time one presses the Esc key, it resets the Crop rectangle to original canvas dimensions, and the second press of the Esc key takes one back to the previous tool used or the Arrow/Move tool. Why even have an active Cancel button in the toolbar before any changes have been made using the tool? When I press Cancel without changing the defaukt Crop rectangle, AP swaps me back to the Move tool. Why? Seems inconsistent on a number of levels. Crop tool acts as more than a tool, it's almost like a mini-persona mode. If you want to present it as a regular tool, then DON'T preselect the entire canvas; wait for the user to draw the crop rectangle desired. Otherwise it feels like one is in a mini-persona state, and as such, Esc ought to invoke the Cancel button, just like in every other instance when there is an Accept/Apply (Return/Enter key) or Cancel (Esc) choice to be made. Thanks for your consideration and everything you do.
  11. ronnyb

    Affinity Photo Customer Beta (

    PLEASE: When using the Crop tool, can you enable the Esc key to = Reset crop selection to original (uncropped), and if no changes have been made, to activate the Cancel button ? This is so basic to my muscle memory! Thanks for all you do!
  12. ronnyb

    Leading not real-time

    Yes @Sean P like the OP, using the arrow keys....
  13. ronnyb

    Leading not real-time

    Ssme issue with changing the the font’s Size field
  14. Yea; but it would mimic the already existing functionality of Find & Replace...