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  1. The Map Default Region option defaults to Europe even though my default System-wide region is set to US/North America. Is this a bug? Seems like it should respect my System's setting, not Serif's native Europe setting. #MAGA
  2. ronnyb

    Affinity Photo Customer Beta (

    What displays support EDR? Do MacBook Pro displays support EDR?
  3. Press the period . on your keyboard to reset bounding box
  4. Deluxe Paint on Apple IIGS was incredible!! Showing our age here, boys...
  5. Ain't no skool like the old skool Virtuoso was amazing on my pizzabox NeXT machine... Illustrator had NOTHING on Virtuoso... ahhh, good memories...
  6. ronnyb

    Angkor Wat

    I would consider adjusting the white point of the source image to be warmer toned to match the sunset sky. As it is now, the highlights and over all tone are clearly from a few hours before or after mid day, so the source image looks too cold/blue in its tones. I would try Split toning the image with much warmer highlights and slightly warmer shadows.
  7. Why not just try stacking the photos on your Mac’s copy of Affinity Photo?
  8. It would be great if Affinity apps introduced Layer Effects (FX) masks, initially only one master mask for all effects, and perhaps even better, individual masks also available for each effect. Thanks for your consideration and all you do. Affinity apps are awesome!
  9. Try making a vector brush using a cross section of the line pattern. Besure to include one full “period” of the dadhed line (dash and no dash).
  10. ronnyb

    Ruler origin issues in v1.7.0.7

    Yes it would be great to be able to set the ruler’s origin with any tool. It’s the corner of the 2 rules, the origin, which enables the action, not any specific tool...
  11. Hey @MattP, I was thinking how the widget reminds me of transform widgets in 3D software... It might be nice to add the ability to move the Origin by dragging one of the widget's handles. The origin would only slide along the corresponding handle axis.
  12. Nice quick fix Matt, thanks!
  13. ronnyb

    Outline view bug

    Confirming it's been fixed in latest beta
  14. ronnyb

    TIFF Export

    Not sure if this is a bug report or not but current ADBeta doesn't allow for user-definable compressions method for TIFF, whereas the current APhBeta does...