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  1. Thanks for the great explanation @EmT It seems it would be beneficial if pressing the . key toggled/cycled through using the current method to calculate snapping, or the current spiral/object’s displayed bounds, extending similarly existing functionality of transformed /grouped objects’ bounding box calculation….?
  2. Trying to snap/align certain spirals (Fibonacci, Semi-Circular, Decaying, Linear, Plotted, ) to the center of the page with all snapping options enabled, but latest beta doesn't respect snapping nor Align Center command (both axes) which gives wonky spiral placement, not center of page. The only Spiral type that works properly is Counter Semi-circular, my guess is because it has symmetrical object bounds.
  3. Hmmm, it seems more of a mislabeling the term then.... but from a UI/UX perspective, the slider does the opposite of what it's labeled... doesn't make sense....
  4. This warning panel does not respect the Large UI Font preference
  5. Thanks, got it working now, I didn't click that little per turn icon!
  6. Ok I duplicated your existing Spiral in Artboard1 in your sample file, and input the formula as specified (no quotes and 45 for the cos value) into the Decay% field and I get something very different (in green) and gives me a decay of 29.28% ...?
  7. To repeat: 1. Zoom into document until not possible to zoom in further (10,000,000%) 2. Select Spiral object 3. Nudge using Right arrow key 4. Spinning cursor appears CRASH - cusped decaying spirals.afdesign
  8. Got it... and how did u figure out the "Decay Ratio" to be 93.75%?
  9. Thanks @lepr So from your example file, am i correct in calculating the decay angle for this type of spiral as ½ of the encompassing polygon’s corner angle?
  10. There seems to be a mislabeling of the third slider, Selected Handle Power, which seems to do the opposite, as you increase the value of "power" for a specific handle, it's influence diminishes and the other handles' influence increases. This tutorial video details it, I've cued it up to the spot where she shows it.
  11. Hey @Ben One more question about types of spirals: Can the tool can produce polygonal spirals based on a simple recursive / flip pattern....? Below is an example of these spirals using 3-9 sided polygons, recursively scaled and flipped, creating the spiral as the blue line advances across each consecutive polygon while rotating around the center...
  12. @Ben Thanks, your technique using the decaying spiral works perfectly —I checked the measurements and it's good! Am I correct in assuming this technique still yields an approximation of a true golden spiral, as it "decays" 4 times per complete turn, in 90 degree segments? Hope you can figure out the maths for the Plotted spiral type!!!
  13. I disagree, the functionality breaks down with multiple items selected, hence this post. Thanks for the workarounds, those are good ideas.
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