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  1. Printing JPGs is not my recommended format; although one can increase the quality/decrease compression, the format still tosses aside color information; JPG is a great format for online viewing and distribution, and although it's become standard for quick transfer of files, I cringe when people use it for printing, which aready has a much smaller gammut than RGB... those are my 2 worthless cents...
  2. I made a custom shaped text container to put my text into. When it is empty, the outline is invisible in Keyline/Outline view. Even if I add a stroke to it, it remains invisible. Seems like this is a bug. Even when the custom shaped text containers have text, there is no outline visible in Outline/Keyline mode. One has to select the container to view the blue outline, which is not useful when trying to find an empty container. Thanks for reviewing this bug and all you do.
  3. Hey Chris, I just tried it again and it's working, so go figure.. I'll keep an eye out for it again... HOWEVER, you know what's really annoying? Having to untick the little lock icon when resizing canvas. I mostly resize my canvas in a single dimension, I raraely need my resizes to be proportional; can we make the default be that the lock is UNTICKED, so we can resize as we wish in any dimension? Or at least remember the last used setting and leave it the same.... Thanks for your consideration and all you do.
  4. Thanks Chris, a simple View menu item option would be a great way to add this
  5. I did have conflicting shortcuts. BUT the software should put up the little yellow triangle which it doesn't do consistently... only some conflicted shortcuts show it, not all...
  6. Hey Chris that worked (Thanks RC-R for verifying) ; I found the missing conflicting shortcut I had assigned it to Break Curve, which DID display the little yellow warning triangle, however the other conflicting command was NOT highlighted. Perhaps THAT'S a bug?!?! C'mon, give me somethin' here!!!
  7. Doesn't work when using the Path/Pen tool, only the Move tool
  8. However it doesn't work with the path/pen tool active.... I guess I should report this as a bug
  9. I have a multi-artboard PDF and AD 1.6 exports the last page first and first page last, all pages are in reverse order... can we have a fix for this... it seems to stem from the way layers are created on the layer stack; here's the original discussion
  10. Posting to feature request... MikeW I ROFL reading your custom preference setting "illogical page order"
  11. Thanks R C-R, for some reason it wasn't working on my AD; I had to change it to something else, then change it back and now it works... I KNEW i hadn't gone completely crazy!!! Maybe I should report this as a bug... but it's working now... Thanks!
  12. Guides only show or hide on the currently selected artboard; would be nice to be able to do it document wide, perhaps holding the Option/Alt key? I use guides across art-boards and need to see them all at once. Thanks for all you do!
  13. The title explains it all; I tried anchoring the canvas to the right, but AP adds the extra space on the right, not on the left; I tried anchoring on the left, and the results are the same...