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  1. Is there an utility/app that does this HFS+ compression ?
  2. Hello, this beta doesn't respect the portrait orientation of photos brought in from my iphone 12 pro. All ll photos come in landscape Also, is there a tutorial on how to use the new Astrophotograohy stacking feature? Thanks for all you do!
  3. I shot this using my Celestron 25x100 astrobinoculars using the Celestron NeXYZ smartphone mount and my iPhone 12 Pro 2x telephoto lens. Shot with Procam app. Processed on Affinity Photo latest beta. Showing both original and processed shots. The sky was also made from scratch - the stars were added for effect, shot handheld with iPhone 12 Pro (no astrobinoculars) and Nightmode which is quite impressive.
  4. I tried this process on the beta and it didn't work. It seems most of the bulk is in the Resources direcxtory, not in the Affinity Designer/Photo/Publisher binaries Perhaps the Devs can add this as a preference setting for the automatic updates?
  5. Does Photo support Apple‘s newly introduced (as of iOS 14.3 Beta) iPhone 12 Pro RAW photo format?
  6. Those arguing against idml export in Publisher are really missing the boat. I wonder if they argued against psd export in Affinity photo as well. As if everyone is creating ultra complex layouts in InDesign (which they assume Affinity devs won’t be able to implement properly in export.) By they way, the same silly argument can be smade for psd export, yet we already have a great working implementation, and while it’s not 100% perfect, it’s still highly compatible and usable for most users. What a waste of time, arguing to those of us whether what we request is something we and out clients would find useful. If it doesn’t work for your workflow, that’s ok, but please stop clogging up the thread with these silly, incoherent arguments.
  7. Yes but I’m referring to doing it with the mouse
  8. Awesome update Matt! Image placement options and Resource Manager are fantastic additions to the workflow!!! @MattP I think it would be beneficial to be able to rotate the screen in fixed increments, 15° is good. This way it's easy to return to level without having to move hands off the keyboard or to jump to the menubar and "Reset canvas" to verify strokes, then have to rotate canvas again, and level the canvas to verify strokes over and over.... Thanks for all you do 🙏
  9. Thanks Gabe. Also mention the issue of redundant UI elements in iPad’s limited screen space. Thanks for all u do
  10. Beautiful! Question: How come you didn’t do the sketch in the Pixel person in Designer?
  11. Are you able to use the Art Text tool and Scribble /write text using the Apple Pencil? I cannot
  12. I’m using the Pencil tool in Vector persona, and trying to specify a Fill color with noise, I noticed there is no Noise slider. That’s only available in the color picker on the right side of the screen with the other studio panels. Also, why use up UI space to add a lesser functioning color picker? Might as well get rid of the color picker options for the tool and use the main color picker with access to Quick Colors, Swatches etc. This might help with getting more options on the tool’s pop up menu along the bottom and having less scrolling thru all the tool options... Thanks for all you do!
  13. Same issue here. I select the Art Text tool, drag out the size of the font I want, and once I attempt writing anything, it simply places another resizable A on the screen. I’m using the latest version of the app released today
  14. Thanks Walt, been here long enough to know how that works. We don’t need a release date to corner the devs into, but we still need to know if this is in the pipeline... Still, the question remains for the Devs: any update if this feature is coming? For many of us, although Publisher is a great app, specially for v1 release, lack of file exchange with InDesign is a show stopper for most of our clients and their projects. A lot of printers and clients don’t only want the final PDF, they want access to the file to be able to tweak in-house without having to go back and forth with the designers for minutia. I would venture to say that at this stage of the game, file format interoperability is more important than new tools, a plug-in architecture, and many other professional features that InDesign offers, which often times there are creative workarounds for...
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