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  1. Check Live Filters pop-up menu in Layers Studio
  2. How about realtime highlighting of the item currently being rolled over in the pop-up menu?
  3. 1. Tap and hold on image in browser, then select copy 2. In Affinity Photo choose New from Clipboard
  4. Adobe Bridge is free and can be configured to open Affinity apps. Only thing is lack of preview for native Affinity files, which is easily remedied with a JPG export, then creating a stack in Bridge with the Affinity file and it's JPG preview. Just remember to make the JPG the stack cover. Hope this helps until Serif release native Affinity DAM.
  5. Any news on this? it's been 5 years and is a basic feature in competing PRO apps...
  6. @stokerg: Any idea when this will be addressed? I can't edit 16bit images on my 16bit retina display on iPad... I bought the ipad + Affinity to be able to do this, and thought it was supported on iPad just as it is on desktop.... This is really important for my workflow. PLEASE!!!!
  7. Would be great to have access to Icons8 library of icons right in Designer.
  8. This is a great option, and I think it could be improved for and aid one's accuracy while using the Apple Pencil thus: A much smaller, circular cursor (similar to the iOS default) but much smaller and thinner outline, for precision. It would be nice if Affinity respected the cursor COLOR one can choose in iOS System Settings. Thanks for your consideration and everything you do.
  9. It would be great to be able to open a bunch of image files as one Affinity Photo documents, with each image as an independent layer in the Layer Studio. Thank you for your consideration and all you do.
  10. Can I submit a confidential PDF via private link to show you PDF import errors? Thank you.
  11. I noticed the Device Preset color format and display for 11" iPad Pro Retina is set to 8-bit; I thought those displays were P3 / 16bit displays...?
  12. That works thanks! The suggestion would still be more efficient and consistent with current UI controls....
  13. Trying to drag out guides to snap to a curve's nodes but AD won't snap.
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