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  1. Hey folks, first I want to thank Serif for the great v2 upgrade - for me this is a real game changer (especially the publisher IPad App and the new Ipad optimized UI - I total love it and it changes my workflow completely in a very positive way. And to optimize it further yesterday the delivery guy brings me a nice new tool for my work. I want to share the benchmark results here if anyone else is considering to get a new IPad. Now I am using a 12,9“ M2 Ipad 16GB Ram (it is my companion of a 15“ 2016mbp which is signifikant slower… in the affinity benchmarks) I hope this is good Place for the results because @MikeTO wishes a new thread (he is the guy who brought all the results together in the past) and I think the beta photo forum part is not the right place for such a threat - If anybody else has a good Idea maybe the mods could consider to change the place. And if you have other results to share with us this could be a very useful thread to get an overview wich System runs how well with the affinity suite. Here is my result:
  2. Wait- I also see the announcement of Affinity v3.45 at April 2023 - I heard it includes ai to make all of our Work. Maybe the time we are winning at this point we can spent at discussions in forums and have a look into our glass balls to tell development teams who are they in a very complex design process what they have done, should done and have to do. Or we all should doesn’t burning these kind of time and focus on our main projects - in my case this is not a discussion about any software - it is about a productive use of this wonderful piece of software in a professional way.
  3. In the 9min presentation they also use AP2 for Ipad - looks good so far and looking forward to it
  4. Hey Publisher Team, @Patrick Connor thanks for the silent work in the background on this problem. It is getting better beta for beta. Before with the 9.2 it needed a swap file of round about 65 GB. Now it is round about 800Mb (while short working with the same file). Thanks!
  5. The problem in this case is not the external hard drive -> Affinity transfer all the temp files to the internal SSD. I total understand your point and also agree with you with the hardware tools. But in this case it isn't any low end system... and the overall speed is great. The problem is that I have to work mobile sometimes and for me a twin system with two computers makes no sense because of the daily Data transfer to do etc... At the moment I do it with placeholder jpgs. and there is no problem with it. I think at the End I split the document and put the .tif data in the parts and then make the export. But I think there should be a possibility of a software solution - because affinity already has algorythms to save pictures in other formats. And maybe this "part of lines" could find the way to publisher Scenario: You design a document and place photos as linkes images. Your setting here is "draft" -> the drafts setting render every linked image maybe as a .jpg 80% (maybe full resolution) If you want to check the color accurrancy in some points you set the view mode to "final quality - part wise" -> here the software renders the original data to the document but just in the Area your screen is shown. If you want a complete final preview there should be a mode like "soft proof" -> here is all based on the original files and all is shown in the right color space (maybe here is also a possibility to simulate greys and also papercolor, etc.) This is may be a workflow with a slight better and faster resource management also without a 21.000 € mac pro
  6. Actually I work on a catalogue for an art exhibition with round about 200 pages. For this type of catalogue it is very important to get the best visual quality in the photos. I became the photos from the photographers as 50mpix .tifs at round about 270mb each and 26mpix at 140mb. To keep the possibilities of cropping inside Publisher I use the full source images (and this is kind of my workflow). the last days I had the feeling of a very very slow System not just affinity. Ich checkt everything and saw that I run out of hard disk space on my system SSD. I made a few tests and found out that the opening of the publisher file with all photos linked takes up round about 42GB of my SSD space. And I just finished a quarter of the catalogue with the original source files. I think in this way I cannot finish the work because my whole System has just 512GB of System SSD (thanks to apple for their policies). Maybe for the future hopefully near a kind of preview rendering inside publisher should be great - In this case It renders one time a preview in a "preview mode" and do not need to keep the whole Database behind it. At the moment It feels like I embedded the photos because I put them specially on an external drive to keep my space (to keep the system workable - I think you know that free hard disk space is very very important for an stable and fast macOS) free but all the data transferred into a "cachelike" data package on my System hard drive. This is a big big Problem for high quality photo Catalogues because also in the end format cropped stage the Photos sometimes are big in file size and a photo catalogue / book in a professional context with up to 300 pages is not unusual. Is there any solution, any workaround without losing the cropping capacities and without quality looses? Are there any plans of improving this kind of space hungriness? bye the way - thanks for the great tool itself!
  7. i hope also for this because for me my cs6 now is totally gone because of OS Catalina (an I think we (@jefferis and me) are not alone with this. I am happy with the Serif products. Yes some details are missing but it is very good to work with it. But sometimes i have to search things in old Indesign files and hope publisher is ready to made it in the (near ) future!
  8. Thanks Affinity team for the hard work on this great tool. I'd love to complete my toolbox with the non Beta soon. I hope for a long love with this toolbox within my Designer, Photos and publisher apps. And thanks to give me the chance to finally broke up with Adobe! I were really scared about the shutdown of the 32bit Apps in newer macOS because of my Indesign Cs6. At least it is time to say goodbye -> and I am really happy with my new love with Affinity! ps -> I hope for a IpadOs Version
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