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  1. At my end, the new facing spread is a single double width page. The margins seem to apply to this wide page, rather than to two facing pages.
  2. Perhaps you can look at the attached .aftemplate file? Try changing the first master (Chapter Start Odd) to a Facing master. To me it seems to hang onto its single origin after the change ... or? MyTest 6x9.aftemplate
  3. Thanks, Gabe. It seems to be working well at your end. I was tearing my hair out yesterday, so I'll start afresh today and perhaps make a screen recording if I still have issues.
  4. Perhaps it's just me being an idiot, but I'm having a hard time converting a Single-master to a Facing master page. Mostly when it comes to setting margins, but the whole master behaves oddly when it was initially created as Single and later converted to Facing. If I initially create the master as Facing I see no issues. But if I create it as Single I find I'm better off deleting it and starting all over if Facing was what I needed. Anyone else seeing this? If I recall correctly, I've noticed this in earlier versions, as well. To recreate: Create a new master as Single. Go back and edit and change to Facing. Try to set margins, page size, etc.
  5. I tried to reproduce my previous steps, but there tends to be numerous tiny actions one forgets. As expected, I couldn't make it freeze up, this time.
  6. It happened once, a little while ago. I will try to reproduce it and report back.
  7. This probably can't be reproduced, but here are the steps: Opened a 3 page PDF file and did a simple font substitution on import Saved the file as an Affinity Template Changed the document to Facing Pages Created the first master page to use for chapter start On the master, created a text frame to hold body text Created another text frame to hold the chapter header text Started resizing the last text frame by dragging the bottom boundary Apub then went into not responding stated and had to be terminated from Task Manager.
  8. I'm using Luxology (The Foundry) Modo as my example, since this is the application I know best. 1. Mirroring along the X and/or Y axis when drawing (Also see Workplane). I believe this one is self-explanatory. 2. Extending an edge. Select an edge (or 2 consecutive nodes) and activate + drag. The old nodes are left where they are and 2 new nodes+the edge between them can be dropped into the curve. 3. Workplane. Selection determines a new, temporary x-axis with appropriate 0,0. A new workplane is defined and as long as this workplane is not reset, all functions will act with X/Y axises defined by this workplane. This is extremely useful.
  9. After a lot of deliberation (and a wish to use APub), in the end I decided to use PagePlus X9 for my book in February. My gut feeling was that APub 'isn't quite there yet'.
  10. As it turns out, the problem was me (Of course 😀). See this thread:
  11. Yesterday I spent several hours drawing maps. After several hours without issues, I noticed the Pen Tool pointer had acquired a new symbol: the Circled Asterisk. This means the tool will "create a new curve from existing curve's node". In this mode, the Pen Tool will no longer extend a curve when you draw from an end node. I have no idea how the tool became stuck in this mode, nor how to remedy it. Most of my layers contain multiple curves and doing a Layer -> Geometry -> Separate Curves solved the issue for a little while, and the Pen Tool operated as normal. But shortly after the issue returned, including on the newly separated layers. The issue follows the saved document, so a restart doesn't help. Not sure if this is me doing something wrong, but I'm reporting it in case it's a bug.
  12. Hmm... I got it working again by doing Layer -> Geometry -> Separate Curves and then selecting the newly created layer containing the path I wanted to modify. Is it supposed to work like this? I'm willing to swear I have worked on several layers containing multiple curves all day without seeing this issue.
  13. That's the weird part: I have not enabled any options on the tool's options bar that I can see. (I've compared settings with another document where this doesn't happen, without noticing anything) Moving to a different curve layer doesn't help, even if it's a freshly created one. Opening the document on another computer gives the same result.
  14. Thanks a lot. I searched, but never hit that page for some reason. Any idea what toggles that mode so I can exit it?
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