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  1. As far as I know, no. Unfortunately, AD doesn't have a gradient tool for shapes. I'd be delighted if someone were to contradict me.
  2. If I've understood the question correctly, you can draw a sloping line to the vanishing point. Set "Enable Transform Origin" to the vanishing point. "Ctrl/Cmd + J". Slightly rotate the line at the end opposite the vanishing point. Repeat "Ctrl/Cmd + J" as many times as necessary. Video_2023-09-29_150503_modifier.mp4
  3. I don't have this problem under W11, however some vectors do not appear on the page.
  4. Hello @Pyanepsion, For a very small puzzle, I proceed as follows: after creating the pieces individually and assigning them a slight 3D fx, I place a copy of the photo inside each of them. It's then possible to move one of the pieces. If I want a ghost image of the moved piece, I duplicate it before moving it, remove the 3D fx and reduce its opacity. For the background, I place a very light grey square under the pieces. I've attached a very simple example of four pieces, with and without ghost image. I'm well aware that this method can't be used for large puzzles, as it requires a lot of manipulation, but I'm just adding my voice to the discussion.
  5. @thomaso, You can ask the question on this forum: https://typography.guru/forums/ it's a German site (in English language) that usually gives relevant answers.
  6. Select the object (or objects) to be cut before using knife tool.
  7. @RBeci, You're welcome! Now, thanks to @NathanC we have confirmation that there is a problem with this tool, Best regards.
  8. @RBeci, Here is the requested video. As @NathanC says, I noticed that the tool works better using individual clicks instead of dragging it across the drawing.
  9. Works for me on Windows with the same result (I did the right blade).
  10. @WelpITried, type the text, apply an "Outer Shadow" fx to it. Set "Fill Opacity" to 0% in the "Layer Effects" tab.
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