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  1. @Jason Gibbins You can put a fill to the circle, apply the fx "Outer Glow" and set the opacity of the fill to 0% (in the "Outer Glow" window).
  2. Hi @firstdefence No problem, I didn't take that as a criticism, I also find the result strange. Even hiding the circle, this kind of nesting works on straight text, less on a curve, because of the offset.
  3. @firstdefence Indeed, it is perhaps not the desired effect, at the beginning I had tried with two circles but the result was worse.
  4. If that's the desired effect. 1/ Draw a circle, duplicate it. 2/ Select the copy, "Convert To Text Path". 3/ Take "Text Tool", click on "Align Centre" in the context bar. 4/ Click on the top of the circle but do not type any text, do "Enter". 5/ Make "Enter", the cursor passes at the bottom of the circle. 6/ Type all the text without the size of the largest characters. 7/ Insert the cursor between the two letters "D", hold down the "Alt" key and press the left arrow on the keyboard to reduce the space between "Wood" and "Dream". 8/ Select "Wood" and set its base line ("Character", "Positioning and Transform" tab of the studio). 9/ Reduce the size of "LLC". 10/ With text selected, use the outer green triangle to align the two ends of the text horizontally.
  5. A circle, type the text, reduce the space between the two words, set the baseline for Wood, reduce the LLC size and align both ends horizontally.
  6. To enlarge without distorting pull the outer point, the "text" will follow the shape.
  7. @BofG, Interesting but how would Affinity applications detect this specificity?
  8. Hi Aybek Ahras, For me (Windows), the shortcut for zooming in is "Ctrl +" in all three applications.
  9. In Designer you can place the callout shape, duplicate it. Select the original (at the bottom of the layers), "Layer", "Convert To Text Frame", type the text. Then, in the layers, nest the text in the upper callout shape.
  10. I tried another way, inserting a brushstroke with pressure into the original stroke. For a simple and regular shape (the crescent on the right) I proceeded in the same way.
  11. Sometimes some .eps files simply have a white background at the bottom of the layers, you just have to hide or delete it.
  12. In the meantime, it is already possible to add several outlines to text that remains editable. Type the text, put an outline then an fx "Outline", group. Put a second fx "Outline", group again, etc.
  13. Place guides at both ends of the form. Duplicate the shape, remove the "3D" fx from the copy and reduce the length of the copy (bring the edge to the flat part of the original shape). In the layers, nest the shape with relief in the one without relief. Resize the general shape to the original dimensions using the guides.
  14. For 127 shapes, by proceeding in 4 steps it is possible to have the shapes aligned horizontally and rotating regularly. I drew a shape, "Ctrl/Cmd + J", typed "360/127" in the rotation window of the "Transform" tab of the studio and moved the copy slightly. Then I repeated "Ctrl + J" until I got a quarter circle with the shapes. I aligned and distributed these shapes. I calculated the rotation difference between the last two shapes. I duplicated the last shape, added the rotational deviation to the copy, moved it slightly, and did "Ctrl + C" again until I got close to a quarter circle. Alignment and distribution again. I repeated all this twice more to get the 127 shapes, aligned and distributed the whole thing. I am well aware that this is not a good workflow but I wanted to try to solve this problem.
  15. Hi @Shr , You can duplicate the group, place the ellipse on top of the set and nest the top group in the ellipse. This could be a problem if you change the group later...
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