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  1. Turn the octagon by 22.5°. Copy the octagon for later use. Draw behind the octagon a square bigger than it, select the set and do "Intersect". Transform the result to "Text Frame" and type the text ("Justify Center" and "Bottom Align"), set "Baseline" if necessary. Paste the previously copied octagon and place it under the text.
  2. Make a series of strokes for each size, all perfectly superimposed, you can directly enter the number you want for each size (360/x) or draw the same number for each and then delete the unnecessary strokes to keep only those that should be displayed. In my example I have three series of strokes: Small green, medium red, large black.
  3. @Zhang Drorin, You can use a pen line for this but you must do "Expand Stroke" with this line before doing "Divide".
  4. You can keep all objects intact by duplicating the first and second and placing the copies at the top of the layer stack. Then do "Subtract" between the two copies.
  5. If you are using the Pen Tool, the Add New Curve To Selected Curves Object button automatically merges each new curve to the previous ones (without the need to do Expand Stroke). In the layers, the object made up of all these curves is then marked "Curves" (with an s). Afterwards, if you want to delete or recuperate one of the curves, you can separate these curves: "Layer", "Geometry", "Separate Curves". To merge them again: "Layer", "Geometry", "Merge Curves".
  6. Yes for the colour, but you can't change the position of the points in the gradient, nor can you add or remove any, that's why I said it can't be changed.
  7. @Belifant, You're right, I created a square with the gradient, I exported this square as a png and created a textured image brush from it. Unfortunately the gradient itself is no longer modifiable. In the screenshot I attached to my first message, I used four different brushes.
  8. If I understood the question correctly, you can create a brush that you then apply to the stroke.
  9. Ungroup the letters before adding them together, "Add" does not work with groups. You can drag your file directly into the blue zone when you write your message or search for it on your computer to add it with "Choose files".
  10. @Rachel75, make "Expand Stroke" with the ellipse before making "Add" between it and the words.
  11. Another way would be to use the "Space horizontally" button.
  12. In the layers, nest the curve in the circle.
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