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  1. Hi @IsabelAracama, Try rotate the outer shape by -90° and "Horizontal Flip" the inner shape before subtracting.
  2. I can create styles with the red, green, fine gray and copper wires, but if I want to create a style with the big black, I can't add it to the others, I have to create it in another category. I can however add other styles in the previous category...
  3. Draw an object, "Ctrl/Cmd + C". Draw another object, "Ctrl/Cmd + Shift + V". The parameters will be assigned to the object.
  4. Das Forum ist jetzt hier: https://designer-forum.net/
  5. On Windows, does not work with your example, but works with new objects.
  6. The status bar is something I should look at more often, I never think about it! 😟
  7. Click the handle with the left mouse button, hold it down and press the right mouse button. Keep both buttons pressed while adjusting the handle. When finished, release the left mouse button first, then release the right mouse button.
  8. Select the objects, click "Transform Objects Separately" and rotate the object with the handle.
  9. One way to do it: copy the upper circle, "Divide" with the two circles, delete the two upper layers. Then paste the previously copied circle.
  10. Hi, Simply select the circle, "Expand Stroke". Then select the circle and the letter, "Add".
  11. Hello @W00den, Select the relevant curve with "Node Tool", add a node at the intersection of the two curves, hold down the "Ctrl/Cmd" key and click on the segment to be deleted. or Add a node as before, keep this node selected and click "Break Curve" in the context bar and then delete the segment.
  12. In the "Appearance" panel, click "Normal" to the right of the stroke that should be transparent and choose "Erase" at the very bottom of the drop-down list.
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