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  1. Thanks for the feedback, it is because there is no shape builder tool, as mentioned @Alfred, that we are forced to use a workaround.
  2. If you want to get something like my example, select the set, "Convert to Curves", do a Boolean operation "Xor". Then take "Node Tool", hold down the "Ctrl/Cmd" key and click on the curve segments you want to delete.
  3. reglico having left the forum for a long time now, I'm not sure if he reads your message of thanks. You will not get any reaction to your message since this member is not registered anymore.
  4. Another way to do this would be to use a font that allows you to create decorative borders, for example Baroque Borders, National Currency, and there are many others. This is not the quickest solution as there is sometimes a bit of work in the settings to get the corners to match perfectly.
  5. @Ehrie, if "Inner Radius" is equal to "Hole Radius", "Separate Curves" will do the job, as @NotMyFault indicated.
  6. @andren, you may select all circles that straddle the sides of the rectangle, "Add". Then select these circles and the rectangle, "Divide". Finish by deleting the parts outside the rectangle.
  7. Another way to do: - Add a node on each curve at the intersection of the two curves. - Select the two center nodes, "Break Curve". - Delete the two excess curve segments. - Select the two curves, "Join Curves". Video_2022-07-06_133324.wmv
  8. Ich denke, dass das Verbotszeichen einfach die ursprüngliche Position der Ebene im Stapel anzeigen könnte. Das kann nützlich sein, wenn es mehrere ähnliche Ebenen gibt und aus irgendeinem Grund die Ebene, die verschoben werden sollte, wieder an ihren genauen Platz in der Hierarchie zurückkehren sollte.
  9. Hi @westlin, With the cap positioned differently, it might be easier to recreate the text.
  10. If I understand the question correctly, you can use "Point Transform Tool" for this.
  11. The Cupcake font, like many fonts on Creative Fabrica, does not have accented letters.
  12. Another solution: type the text above the rectangle, group the two and set the text blend to "Erase".
  13. You are right, I answered the wrong question, thank you for correcting it.
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