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  1. Thanks guys for the answers its been a great help. My textures will be made from RAW photos of bricks and tiles as well as some other woven textures & fabric plus a host of watercolour paintings/ splashes.
  2. I am trying to build up my own set of 'Texture Images' to use in my other images. However before I go any further, I'd like to know if I should save them as jpeg's or PNG's? ~ Should I save them as Square or Oblong and/or what is the best pixel size I save them to? I have quite a few to do so I would rather start off on the right track & workflow than keep on chopping and changing as I go along. Hopefully someone can shed some light on the topic ~ & Much'o thanks if you do.
  3. Thank you for that Wosven. It's been a while but I have, by my own trial and error methods (as you'll see in the attached image) got to that same stage. It sure does take a while to get organised and type in all the sayings or words you want to use but evens, I think its worth it… if only for the affinity photo learning & use of curves and layers and so on. Thanks again for your contribution.
  4. Thanks GaryP ~ I'll keep on trying, even though I'm unsure where to start, let alone how I'll finish it off. I keep thinking that there must be some instructions or even a tutorial out there somewhere but …no matter what I type in to Google or Safari I just can't find it! On top of that… I've never used Photoshop, Lightroom or any other Post Processing Gear so, even if its not the full ~ 'Step-by-Step' Procedure ~ then, something, anything pointing in the right direction would be a help. (here's hoping) 😉 ~ I thought I'd posted the above comment but Here's my latest attempt I'm not
  5. This is the kinda thing I'm trying to get towards ~ It's an image I wanna create for one of the 111 call handlers. I'm trying to put all the words & sayings that they hear or have to say, day-by-day on each & on almost every call. I might have to get Affinity Designer 🤷🏻‍♂️ but I'm hoping that there's a way to do it or to get really, really close to it by using Affinity Photo on its own.
  6. I have become very interested in ‘Typographical Portraits’ I’ve seen a few on Pinterest but so far have been unable to find any instructions on how to do them in AP. I don’t even know if it is possible (I hope so) or can it only be done in A Designer op A Pub. Any guidance would be great. TIA.
  7. A big thanks for all the help and advise so far… excellent examples Jowday just what I'm aiming to get to & firstdefence thanks for the screen shot that'll help no end 👍
  8. Does anyone know if there a method or workflow of somesort on how to achieve either one of these attached type of images? Apparently they are usually referred to as 'Divided' or 'Split photo's' ~ They've been done in something call Photoshop 🤷🏻‍♂️ if that's any help ~ but either way, I just don't know how to go about achieving the effect. I'm guessing its probably using Layers 'n Masks but beyond that I dunno. Thanks for any help supplied 😉
  9. Same Problem ( I create a LUT using a Gradient MapLayer beneath a finished Pixel Layer > I go File > Export LUT > system Crashes)
  10. h_d Excellent result and a good explanation too ~ Thank you ~ Thank you, Thank you!
  11. Yes that's what I was after but I wanted the words Little Snoring left in and the rest of the words taken out & then when that's done I'd like to bring in the black border so as there isn't too much wasted space above nd below the words 'Little Snoring' I hope that makes sense ~ Thanks for getting back
  12. I'd like to adjust & straighten this sign as well as removing some of the wording ~ (Welcome to & Please drive carefully) ~ Then with those words removed to some how bring in the Black surrounding border so as it'll look more normal. I have tried by cloning out the words and yes that works but if there is an easier/ quicker way to do it then I'd be dead chuffed to know. I also tried Cloning the black border inwards but I just couldn't get it to do what I wanted it to do. If there is a way to do this then any 'Step-by-Step advise' would be brilliant. As usual thanks in advance to
  13. Thanks Alfred ~ like all things ` easy when you know how. Thanks again
  14. This sounds brilliant but after downloading & going to >swatch menu >hamburger>import palette. ~ I'm then left with two choices either ~ 'As Application Pallet' or ~ 'As System Pallet'. To me they both sound like they do the same thing. So… is there a difference? What is it and which one should I click on, if I want to use any of the gradients, at any time, on any image?
  15. Many thanks Alfred. I was just reading that when up popped your message but thanks all the same for taking the time out to share your knowledge.
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