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  1. Thank you LeeThorpe ~ At the moment (very early stages) I want to add texture to images (of People, Flowers, Still Life & the like) that will help to alter the overall 'feel' of them but at the same time not to have the full blown effect it on peoples faces for instance. Yes, I know I could Mask these areas out but so far, when I've tried this method the underlying image always appears way, way too bright but perhaps that's just how it is and no amount of opacity adjusting will cure the problem.
  2. So here's the thing…I have seen various YouTube videos where people ~ 'Add Textures' ~ to their images. Sometime it's not just one but two three or more. However, most of these YouTube videos are for Photoshop users and they either use Paid or Free downloadable Textures. But there are several others who appear to "make their own". So-oooh…I'm wondering and what I'd like to do is… find a way to make numerous textures (probably in the 100's) that I can then file by colour or colour combinations and call these up as 'n when I think they will help on any image that I'm working on. Is this possible ? is it relatively easy to do? ~ & ~ If this is not possible then, which sites are recommended for free or paid textures & are there certain things to be aware of, should I go down the Downloading route? ~Any help or step by step guides would be great. Thanks for any help given.
  3. This is a big BIG thanks to jmwellborn for taking me through all his hits and misses but in the end proving that what I was after truly can be done in Affinity Photo ~ also Another Big thanks to StuartRc for his lead to some brushes to try out. Its late at night and I'm just picking up these messages but wanted to say thanks to both of you for helping me along the way ~ Thanks again!
  4. firstdefence ~ I'm currently just working with an iMac & a Mouse but I'm already thinking if I have any success at all then I'll probably invest in a Wacom type of tablet thingy
  5. I've just had a very quick look at your suggested link and although I haven't read the whole thing it seems its exactly what I'm after so thank you, thank you, thank you! I don't think I would ever have found it. Thanks for sticking with me and for ALL of your advise and tips . really appreciate it. 👍
  6. Thank you Thomas for all the considerations I should give to the idea & I totally get that part of it but I'm still unsure how to commence . Do I just open up a blank pixel layer and then using a paint brush start adding in details like the Sky Clouds and the like & gradually bit by bit build up the image until I get to doing the grasses at the front?
  7. Yes, I know I can download interesting ones from the internet and place the Rhino in it but that's not what I want to do So, if you have a look at the the attached image this is what set me off down this "can I do it?" path & I want to give it give it a go, give it my best shot but dunno where to start.🤷🏻‍♂️ The artist who made this image (Jai Johnson of http://www.dailytexture.com )painted all of the foreground and background. She used Procreate to create but I do not have Procreate nor do I wish to get it because I think it can all be done in Affinity (either Photo or Designer) I'm working on an iMac & I just wanted to know what is the best way to go about it ~ Again thanks for any help given.
  8. I have several images of Rhinos, Elephants, Wild Boars & the like but where they are standing looks awful… all lacking vaa-va-voom feeling. So-oooh I'd like to paint a more suitable landscape image and then palace said Rhino in the image & then adjust colours and tone to match. I'm okay with the finial adjustments butI just don't know where to begin or what steps I should take to begin painting the actual landscape. Any help, steps to take or pointers to good tutorials on the subject would be wonderful. I have both Affinity photo & Designer but know less about Designer than photo. Thanks for any help given
  9. While all you guys were doing all that wonderful checking and comparison stuff I was still trying to get the channels bit completed and the result was… it just looks wrong & I'm thinking (not that I know as much as you guy's) perhaps using something different like Perlin Noise might have a better displacement effect? If that's of no help what so ever its only because of my inexperience but its really good to see all you guy's trying to figure out a workaround (neat rabbit hole or what?)
  10. No problem I've put a reminder on my calendar to check it again in 6 months hopefully at some point in the future it'll work in all systems as it looks really useful
  11. Thank you iconoclast ~ I've had a look at this free G'MIC-Plugin ~ the only problem is I'm working on a Mac and although there seems to be some workarounds for it & mostly it still remains a Windows based plugin. However I'll keep an eye on it simply because the previous time I was told about it, it was only Widows and now they actually mention Mac but even-so it comes with a warning.
  12. Thanks for that firstdefence & thanks for the explanation regarding the differences between PS & AP displace filters. Is it just me or is everything we'd like answers to somehow manage to turn into yet another rabbit hole to go down? 🤪
  13. Thank you v_kyr ~ I replied earlier via my phone but it lookalike it didn't come through. So, perhaps for the 2nd; time I just wanted to say that you for the screen shots and helping me with the Chanels and how to make them work. I'll get to work on it soon ~ thanks again for all your help.👏 .👏 .👏.
  14. So, having had a quick look v_kyr I think just sticking with Emboss might do the trick for now but even-so… when I create the New Document at 600 x 1000px and fill it with Black absolutely nothing happens when I click on the Red Channel nor the Green one either. In PSDDISRE YouTube video you can see both colours appear on screen on the document... So-oooh, how can I get this to happen in Affinity? ~ or ~ have I just come across a bug?
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