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  1. Thanks for responding guy's ~ every little bit of help from you is a BIG Help to me.
  2. I've been working on a Portrait but I wanted to look at it a bit closer at it particularly the eyes so, I clicked on View Tab ⇢ Zoom ⇢Zoom to Width. The result was great! So good in fact that I now prefer this 'close up, in your face image' much, much better than the original portrait so-oooh heres the question…is there a way I can keep this view, crop it or save it and then work on it as I would on any normal image? Thanks for any help or suggestions
  3. Wow! I wasn't expecting that. It kinda takes my thinking in a whole new direction ~ thank you. Just one follow up question… Can the new light source be changed to make it look like it is coming from a longer narrow source & can it's beam, instead of fading out, can I show it stopping stop abruptly?
  4. In the attached image, I'd like to add a small spot of light somewhere within the 'Black Area' on the left. My idea is either a small single source of light or better still… a 'Line of light' ~ similar to the light you'd see coming from underneath a closed (or partially opened) door. Is this possible? & if so, how should I go about achieving this? Thank you for any help given
  5. Thanks for the quick response Callum. I have done them before like that but just thought, in a strange kinda way that it was 'too simple' and therefore I was missing out on something or loads of detail was being wiped off. However if that's what it is then so be it ~ Much'O thanks ~
  6. On numerous occasions I have taken 10 to 12 shots of a section of coastline with the plan to stitch them together and end up with several really good Panorama's fit enough to print. So, My question is ~ What approach will give me the most consistent results achieving this do I ~ Simply add my RAW Files into the 'New Panorama' and work from there? ~ or ~ Should develop each single RAW File shot save them as a Tiff file and then add these to the 'New Panorama' ~ or ~ is there an even quicker, better more efficient way to get the best result. Ideally I'd like to have a smooth slick workflow to use as I have 50 plus panoramas to work through. Thanks for any advise and help given
  7. Sorry but I'm still slightly confused ~ so fill in the blanks for me ~ So, I load a RAW file into Affinity Photo in the 'Develop Persona' - Question 1 ~ What Profile do/ should I choose at this point sRGB 1EC61966-21 - ProPhoto RGB or ROMM RGB or One, which I have calibrated for my iMac using an i1Studio calibrator Next - I finish Developing my RAW File and I transfer it to the 'Photo Persona' where I carry out adjustments until I am happy. When happy I go to File ⇢New where upon a New Document Dialogue box appears… So, at this point… Question 2 ~ What should already be in the Colour Format & Colour Profile boxes? Question 3 ~ Do I need to change the Colour Profile to one of the previously mentioned Profiles or a completely different icc? - (I have a Canon iP8750 Printer & I use either Photo Paper Plus Glossy II or a 3rd Party equivalent). If I have the answers to the above questions then I simply copy and paste my image into the New Document ⇢ Then ⇢ Go to File ⇢ & follow Printing procedure. Hopefully this is now much clearer to answer. Thank you in advance Digby.
  8. Hopefully some one can help me out…. I am trying to get a much better all round understanding of what 'Colour Profile & Colour Format'. is/are. When I open a New RAW Image, I see, along with all the other adjustments an icon for Profiles ~ When I check this box, it shows ~ Output Profile - sRGB 1EC61966-21 and… if I open up the box, there are a hole host of other profiles with weird names and numbers (including one profile, which I have calibrated for my iMac using an i1Studio calibrator). I have seen or read somewhere that a much better profile to use is one with a Larger Gamut & the ones suggested were ~ ProPhoto RGB or ROMM RGB. So, at this point in the RAW Development process am I better to leave it with the ~ sRGB 1EC61966-21 or, should I switch the profile to either my latest i1Studio calibrated version? ~ or not that then ~ use as suggested a larger Gamut such as ProPhoto RGB or ROMM RGB.? If I then switch to any of these New / Different profiles, whilst I'm in the Develop Persona, do I have to switch-back-later-on to the sRGB 1EC61966-21 before I print? And, if that's the case… How do I go about this? Normally when I've finished editing an image I go File ⇢New⇢ a 'New Document' dialogue box appears and because I am unsure what to enter in the Colour Format or Colour Profile boxes shy away and just check that the size of paper is correct and click okay. (My bad I know) My prints to date are always slightly disappointing and so perhaps a better understanding of 'Colour Profiles & Colour Formats'. Will help get me to where I should already be. Hopefully someone out there can guide me through this latest post processing maze.

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