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  1. When I get content from other sources, many from national organisations who have bespoke fonts I open them the use microsoft print to PDF and then use place, I have had not trouble so far.
  2. The settings I would use are as below, it would probably be helpful to attach a copy of the settings you have used to enable further advise. You will need to workout how you arrange your pages as the inbuilt printing does not arrange the order the pages
  3. AlanPickup

    Managing System Fonts

    I use favourites under the font family drop down to solve this problem
  4. I have used WIx both for premium and free websites and found the wysiwyg editor quite simple to use and they have a range of templates. The premium site cost me £140 with domain registration and hosting for 2 years. you can also try it for free but your domain name is via a wix domain. Their support has been quite responsive. https://support.wix.com/en/article/building-a-website-for-free
  5. If you go in to view customise tools you can drag the hand tool of the tool bar and the re add it at at the bottom or just drag to reposition
  6. AlanPickup

    Booklet layout issues

    If it is any help these are my settings for printing 4 pages on A4, you would just need to change to shrink to printable. Once happy save the setting in the save as at the top
  7. Could someone please explain the actions or changes that will be seen by choosing or deselecting these option in preferences/performance? Thanks in advance
  8. If you select all text in the frame and then adjust your leading using the incremental arrow you can get the effect you want, which appears to be leading at 6pt for 12pt Arial should have said in the Character Panel
  9. A quick and dirty way would be to put the image layer to the bottom, lower the opacity of the cartoon layer until you can just see the photo then erase around it on the cartoon layer in the areas you want to show through. then bring the opacity back up
  10. Hi Lucky13 and welcome to the forum. If you do a search on templates in the forum you will find that there has been a lot of discussion on this subject, both for and against. With the import facilities of Affinity there are lots of resources like freepik where you can download the content and adapt it to your needs. Having been a previous serif user I have access to their templates and I have got to say I have only ever used about 5 in the past. You will gain more from the Tutorials both on the official Affinity sites or on Youtube because there are explanations on how something is acheived. Good lick for your future journey in learning these great programs
  11. Hi Trevor I think the item I am referring to has been in since the first launch of Publisher so should be in all versions, i am on 1.7.481 you can check your version by clicking on help>about which will bring up the splash screen box and give your version number. You should be able to bring up a drop down list by clicking on the arrow at the side of where is says box+ and be able to select no style Also if you click on Veiw>Studio and tick at the side of text styles you will get a tab in your left hand panel where you can also select No style
  12. It is set under the paragraph styles in the context tool bar
  13. I asked this same question almost two years ago, albeit with Inkscape not Adobe. This can be done but it is not as easy as with out the spiral tool in the other programs as you can set the thickness variation either as triangle in or triangle out, or even the middle. For widened the stroke the secret is to convert the line to shape so the nodes are on the outside of the line / object and you can then easily get the leaf effect. my posting is below and you can see the mods answers. If I want to create the swirls I go to inkscape and then save them as a svg and bring them in to designer. We may one day get a similar tool in Affinity
  14. Thanks for taking a look, I had not thought to look at the layers. It seems what is happening is that sometimes the ctrl & drag creates a picture frame where the image is in the layer but cannot be seen, nor is there any controls for manipulating the image within the frame. I think this is dependent on where you click to do the drag operation. Because I have not seen an image, just the outline of a frame I have presumed it did not work, so dragged again to the same area. I also had the scenario of multiple images that could not be seen, through repeating using stacked layers on the canvas. Suppose the answer is to always use a blank frame if you want multiple copies of the same size using ctrl & drag. There is obviously something happening away from the norm and developers can look at it in time.
  15. I have noticed this happens with similar scenarios where you duplicate a picture frame complete with image and then change the image. I did one with a circle I had done as part of a Christmas Bauble converted to picture frame. Scenario 1 Create a picture frame 2 add image 3 duplicate using ctrl and drag about six times 4 replacing image in duplicated frames causes crash? On windows 10 and happens on both my laptop and PC. For note I also use one drive for synching

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