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  1. AlanPickup

    Publisher and Fontbase

    Just some updates after trying different scenarios The Cheri Liney font had a style added so tried a few options deleted the text that did not have the fonts installed and it still crashed Installed the Cheri Linney and Breamcatcher fonts to the windows fonts and everything was OK and I could activate new fonts from Font Base. Created a new document and added text from fonts from font base closed saved and closed fontbase, opened again and substitute fonts loaded, when I opened fontbase the correct font was added to the text. I next applied styles to the fonts (different to the first problem) saved and closed. Opened AFPub again and loaded the file which showed the substitute fonts with the style, went to start Fontbase and as soon as it fully loaded Publisher crashed. So looks like styles may be part of the problem
  2. Installed the new GM version and opened a poster previously created using fonts activated in Fontbase. The poster comes up with substituted fonts and when I load Fontbase Publisher crashes. If I launch Publisher after fontbase is running it picks up any activated fonts, but if I try to activate another font publisher crashes. On the first method a message came up in Publisher whilst Fontbase was initializing saying the Font Cache was being updated - then crash. This had worked fine on previous versions If you want the crash report please advise location and place upload a copy of the poster as this is confidential at the moment. The fonts in question are Cheri Liney and Breamcatcher
  3. AlanPickup

    Help Search Dialog

    working fine on my windows 10 with Publisher, also gives refines results as you type
  4. Many thanks for the improvements in versions 1.7. I am interested in the stock photo panel in studio and whether there is a way to add your own photo sites to the drop down list? This would be a great feature in Designer and Publisher also, where I use more stock photos when designing material for health, not for profits and charities free of charge. When the new release of Publisher comes out and we have the Photo link may be that will enable us to use the facility? Regards
  5. Hi I have come across a couple of anomalies which are different to Page Plus, as I have not worked in any Adobe products I am not sure if they are intended, request features or I have not yet found them. They are things I have found useful in Page Plus I quite often load a previous design into either program (PPX9 or AFPub) with the intent of replacing elements to update or move them to another area in the design. In PPX I can place the elements any where on the canvas and switch between pages. In AFPub I can only drag elements to the left or right of the design, if placed below the items disappear and if you go completely below the line you cannot see them to get them back once the highlight is removed. The other feature I have used in PPX is sizing boxes to the same size as the last one selected and I cannot see this as a tool in AFPub? This may be a bit of OCD on my part but I like to keep elements sized and inline for various reasons Regards
  6. Hi Sean Been away for couple of days so only just picked up your post. Not been able to make it crash with other options with ticked Thanks for the good work being done at Serif Alan
  7. Thanks for the input everyone. So following on from your observations I tried opening on my new laptop as it appeared and once again crashed. After playing about with various options the only setting that does not crash is as per screen grab. When it opens a font warning panel comes up but soon automatically closes. I the tried these setting on my PC with 8gb of ram and it opens no problem again with those settings and the font warning appears briefly. Ticking favor editable text over Fidelity makes it crash also. So one for the mods to check and see if it needs a bug report Regards Alan
  8. Thanks for the reply Jeff. I have noticed from the forums that there seems to be machine specific differences even using the same Windows version, I had the same thing with installing prior to this build because it would not be do it unless I launched it as Administrator, yet my laptop with less spec and same windows versions never failed to update. I have a new laptop with 16gb of Ram and a dedicated graphics cards so will give it a try with that later tonight. PagePlus opened it without any memory issues on the same machine, so I would think a final version of Publisher should be able to run on 8gb or a lot of non professional users will balk at adding a lot more ram, if they have the slots. I would have to abandon my 2 x 4gb to upgrade as I have only 2 slots. That would mean an outlay of over £100 to go to 32gb, so would just keep on using PagePlus in that case. Be interesting if others could try it on lower spec machines and report their experiences Regards Alan
  9. Hi I have just tried opening the attached pdf (which was done by a design company) In Publisher Version 305 and the program crashes. The same file opens in PagePlus X9, with a lot of warnings and font substitution but every page seems OK. This is a Charity for which I am Chair of Trustees so there is no issue with copyright other than the usual not to redistribute any modified version or parts etc as it is freely available on the web. I want to do the next issue, hopefully with AFPublisher as a start to using this as the software for new projects. Windows 10 Build 1809 64bit 8gb ram Carers Newsletter Autumn Winter 2018 web version.pdf
  10. The link to the file does not appear to be working
  11. The problem is then seeing images on the paste board as I have trouble with dark screens through the astigmatism in my eyes, which as likely makes the bleed guides even more undetectable for me. In Pageplus the canvas is enlarged which makes it easy to see.
  12. Thanks Garry founded and re-instated
  13. Hi many thanks for the update. I am pleased to report this is the first version that has not failed during the install process, however I still had to right click and run as administrator (this is also required by other installations as this PC fails to create directory). A new anomaly this time was the icon pinned to the start menu did not pick up the new version, I had to remove it from the start menu and create a new item. Another difference is the splash screen no longer appears when the program is open, cannot find option to show at start (but have not checked help out as yet) I have not done many production projects on Publisher as yet so not used bleed in practice and testing. I use the light interface and the paste board quite light as it works better with my astigmatism but the bleed guides are almost invisible, is there a setting to change the colour of the bleed guides or thickness?
  14. Just opened the help file to read up on text on a path and got the following, which may be tied in to the j script error above?
  15. Hi Further to my post in this thread I have just tried installing the latest version and still get the failed error on the event first time round. After restart program installs as if fresh installation, probably because the initial attempt un-installed the previous version then failed. However this time I got another error which I do not particularly understand about an element missing which I think related to J script?, I clicked not to continue but it then came up installation successful. I have saved my event logs from the start of the process but not sure if they will help, if you want them can i send direct as I am not sure if any confidential information contained in them