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  1. I do not use symbols much, but according to the https://affinity.serif.com/en-us/tutorials/designer/desktop/video/301628203/ you need to turn off sync to edit individual symbols
  2. I am seeing this when I right click on a hyperlink - go to target takes me to the webpage
  3. These are the standard sizes in pixels to fit in to their particular places on the various apps. It may be you are not realising that the zoom level is only at 6% so it just looks like a lot of shapes on one artboard, but each shape is an individual artboard. Find the shape you want e,g. for a face book post highlight that particular shape and copy, then from file select new from clipboard and you will get an idea of the size you are working with. Many designers will produce a variety of these designs in the various sizes to show to clients. When finalises they will be exported as individual elements to add to the app. Hope this gives you some idea, but I am not really in to designing social media posts but it is how I would see it. Looking at https://affinity.serif.com/en-gb/tutorials/designer/desktop/video/301627979/ may help you
  4. Thanks IanSG for confirming it was not some setting I was missing. Downloaded the free version of PDFSam and as you say seems to do the trick. The only thing I wonder is about whether embedded fonts would be carried over or will they get converted to curves, or does it matter if they are converted if it is the final proof?
  5. If I esported these as jpg I would get two seperate jpgs, this is what I am trying to achieve with pdf
  6. The options I get are All Pages or Current Page. If I type in the pages box 1,2 it still exports it as one pdf file. I have to repeat the process specifying current page or in the All pages add 1 and then repeat the process for 2 and rename the files to indicate which is which. I just want to tell the export to create two files automatically
  7. Hi Apologies if this has been answered prviously I have tried to search and thre is a lot of info around spreads. Most of the work I do is for online viewing and is mainly newsletters and leaflets. When I do get something commercially printed the firm I use, for price and turn round, requires with 2 sided leaflets that you load one side then load the reverse side seperate. Is there a way in publisher to create two seperate pdfs when exporting or do I have to export current page or put 1 in all pages, then save with the front added to the name then repeat for the reverse. Or can it export automatically as single page pdfs number as page 1 etc. without the use of other pdf tools?
  8. May be something to do with the dictionary or type, works in windows beta version with English UK dictionary
  9. If the crop marks where in the 303x216 you would not see them if the image went to the edge of the bleed around, if they were in the bleed there is a chance that the crop marks would be visable when the pages are cut to size if they were slightly off alignment, hence you have bleed so you do not end up with a white stripe down one side or whatever the paper colour is. Most commercial printers work to SRA sizes SRA4 is 320x225. The only way would to be to set up a custom template with 3mm bleed and draw the crop marks on the template, unless anyone else knows different
  10. Text changin size definately looks like fixed - many thanks
  11. Changing of Text sizes when grouping appears to be fixed in this version - many thanks
  12. One of the things I have noted in later versions of Publisher is that previously I used to double click on the canvas to get the move tool highlighted, but quite often lately it has created an object based on the tool previously selected. I have had rogue blank txt boxes on the canvas, and sometimes only noticed them in the layers panel as a empty text frame. Could not recreate in latest beta.
  13. Is this part of the same bug that is across all applications and been logged many times, including before release of the retail version. You will find info under my profile
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