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  1. The link to the file does not appear to be working
  2. The problem is then seeing images on the paste board as I have trouble with dark screens through the astigmatism in my eyes, which as likely makes the bleed guides even more undetectable for me. In Pageplus the canvas is enlarged which makes it easy to see.
  3. Thanks Garry founded and re-instated
  4. Hi many thanks for the update. I am pleased to report this is the first version that has not failed during the install process, however I still had to right click and run as administrator (this is also required by other installations as this PC fails to create directory). A new anomaly this time was the icon pinned to the start menu did not pick up the new version, I had to remove it from the start menu and create a new item. Another difference is the splash screen no longer appears when the program is open, cannot find option to show at start (but have not checked help out as yet) I have not done many production projects on Publisher as yet so not used bleed in practice and testing. I use the light interface and the paste board quite light as it works better with my astigmatism but the bleed guides are almost invisible, is there a setting to change the colour of the bleed guides or thickness?
  5. Just opened the help file to read up on text on a path and got the following, which may be tied in to the j script error above?
  6. Hi Further to my post in this thread I have just tried installing the latest version and still get the failed error on the event first time round. After restart program installs as if fresh installation, probably because the initial attempt un-installed the previous version then failed. However this time I got another error which I do not particularly understand about an element missing which I think related to J script?, I clicked not to continue but it then came up installation successful. I have saved my event logs from the start of the process but not sure if they will help, if you want them can i send direct as I am not sure if any confidential information contained in them
  7. Thanks Walt & Typo, both good suggestions and both easy to work with. The double click in the frame seems the easy one to remember for now and double clicking outside the text box on a blank part of the document or the grey work area returns focus to the select / move tool
  8. A difference i have noticed between Page Plus and Publisher is that in PP clicking inside a text box allows you to edit the text i.e. it changes the focus to text editing. In Publisher you have to click on the text icon before you can edit. Do not know if this is intentional with a rationale from professional vs dtp or if there is an option to change it to edit when clicking inside the text box, but I find it annoying keep switching rather than it being dynamic. Using the latest Beta version on Windows 10
  9. Hi I have posted about similar problems that I experience. I get the create directory error if I just click on the upgrade. What I have to do to overcome this is right click the update file and select run as administrator (even though my user account is set as administrator). I usually the find the install may fail on the first attempt, but after a restart it install without problem. Hope this helps. I would say that run as administrator is not unique to Publisher and I have had other programs that have failed on the create directory exception.
  10. AlanPickup

    Updating Publisher Beta

    Just to update my previous post - one again version 206 installed first time on my laptop, but failed first time on my PC. After restart it failed again, this is the first time it has failed after a restart. I had unchecked create a desktop shortcut, tried again with it checked and it updated. Again all these have to be run as administrator as somehow my PC requires this or it cannot create a file, throws up exception error. Again this is just for observation
  11. Thanks everyone for the explanations, fortunately in this case is was not too complicated that my system could not handle it, all be it slowly, and I could manage the alterations to customise and an exported png was sufficient for my final needs. But it is good to know the reasoning so that I can be aware of the complications eps files can present.
  12. Thanks for that. now the I have looked at the layer groupings I can see what you mean, all though I do not understand the data logic for the size increase between formats.
  13. Hi When I open an eps file size about 2mb file it seems to be increasing to about 37mb in designer, when saved as an afdesigner file even though the image at 100% is less than 20x20cm on screen. When exported as an svg it becomes nearly 67mb. These make the files very slow to work on. I have not worked with eps files before so not sure if I need to do something to bring them down in size when opening. Any help greatly appreciated. The file is from freepik.com 6423.eps
  14. Many thanks for that Carl that is a lot better than how I was doing it (individually). The problem faced once again is the preview size in the assets panel (small thumbnails) I did highlight this in a previous thread, also mentioning that png files were near impossible to see using the dark interface. Hopefully that will progress. The Place Panel has really good size preview images and a size somewhere in between would be great for the asset panel (unless again I am missing a setting.
  15. I know there have been a number of threads on updates failing and I am just offering this as an observation. On my desktop PC every update I have attempted has failed on the first try. When I restart the PC it installs without problem, but acts as if it is installing a new application (presumably the first attempt removed the existing version). I also run this as administrator as I get failures with installations not being able to create a folder/file in the process without this permission? When I install on my laptop it updates first time without error every time. The screens below show the specs for each device, I only attach a tablet to my laptop as and when needed, the PC has a permanent one attached PC Laptop