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  1. AlanPickup

    Being Able to see bleed Clearly

    Thanks Lagarto for the explanation and the work round I will use that for my A4 and A5 templates, also the other orientations. At least it is something they are aware of, I set the bleed to 5 mm knowing I was over the line, but the printing company I use automatically sets it at 3 mmm when I upload, I was more concerned that I was hitting the edge and leaving the yellow still showing as a guide then I new I had not gone too far over. Once again thanks
  2. Hi I know this has been discussed previously that is is hard to see the bleed outline when working in the light mode. I have astigmatism and working in the dark mode is uncomfortable in intense work, but I then have the bleed line problem in light mode. So I thought I would be clever and set up templates for my popular A paper sizes where I have a rectangle that lives in the bleed and remove it in the master before printing, this worked fine on the master and if I copy and paste the rectangle to pages, but if I create a page from a master the rectangle appears small, yet the dimensions show as the same in the transform box. Apologies if this has been discussed previously. File attached Affinity A3 template with 5mm Bleed.afpub
  3. Hi As mentioned in previous posts all my work has been for Charities or community groups FOC. Whilst these may not be overboard in design they illustrate the jobbing printing capability of Affinity. The last few weeks have seen me fully switch from Page Plus to the full Affinity suite and I thought I would share some of the work inc a 32 page brochure about Health Services in our community, much of it working from a range of supplied pdfs and images. We received the printed version today and it has been well received. You can see the online copy at the printers website https://mixam.co.uk/share/5d6a5d422b0e5d1600d4a8d7 I have also done a 6ft x 2ft Banner to display in the town using Affinity throughout, shown below, also leaflets and posters The only thing I have resorted to using in the serif suite recently has been draw plus for the autotrace function to convert photos to svg and when exported as pdf Affinity loads them without problem, it can save a lot of time when creating svgs. So I gave thumbs up for this as a feature request in Affinity PS I am on page 3 of the brochure
  4. Hi First of all can I please say a big thank you to all those users who post resources freely, it is greatly appreciated, I have had some spectacular result with downloaded resources. I am just posting this as it is one of my frustrations and may be the same for others on the forum. I design a text layout that I am happy with but want to embellish the headline, I quite often load a style which the designer has saved using a particular font and point size that I may not have installed on my PC so Affinity substitutes a font and the point size is entirely different to the one in my design, I have to then go in and change it to my font and point size and see if it works for me, if not I can end up going through the same procedure numerous times. I do not know if there is an action to retain my font and point size, if so I am missing it. What I do when I have imported a set of styles is pick one of my favourite fonts and set it to a big size. If when I apply the style it changes them I create a rectangle with the shape tool and apply the style to that and then import it back into my styles from the rectangle using add style from selection, then delete the one linked to a font and size.. When I then apply if my font and point size remain unchanged. Sorry if you feel this is in the wrong category but is applies to resources.
  5. To test it I use projects I am working on and have found Studio Link so useful as a workflow, maybe just me as it is confusing getting used to the different working from the Serif Legacy products, I want to keep to a structure that is same in both live and beta and I can wait. I am sure there are others like myself. I am not a full time designer and do not charge for any work I do as it is all for charities. May be the fact that I served my apprenticeship in printing in the 1960's when an IBM Varityper with Golf Ball head was considered a big advance, and left the trade in the 1970's that I am stuck in my ways.
  6. I came to the download from another part of the forum Reporting bugs in Publisher where it dos not state about the Studio Link not working in this version, as I had read the changes in that part of the forum I did not read it again in here and went ahead with the upgrade, now need to wait for Photo and Designer Betas to be upgraded before fully functional and use it. May be best updating that posting to advise of this issue
  7. thanks Lee, this issue resolved itself and I noted this in the same problem post of another user. My thoughts that the update server was overwhelmed by checking requests and could not connect to look for updates as this happened with Photo and Designer
  8. AlanPickup

    Version 1.7.2

    Photo offered update on third time of launching, will try Designer once this is updated
  9. I went in to Publisher and it advised there was a new version, whilst it was downloading I went in to the forum and found that Designer and Photo had also been updated so I opened those applications and neither offered a new version from 1.7.1 If I go to my account to download from there will it over right my settings in my existing versions or is there something else I can do. There does not appear to be a manual check for updatesin the programs
  10. My experience is that if you have edited or created a file in the application it will show an image if you have thumbnails view selected, it does not show files opened in the application but closed without saving or changing eg svg files
  11. AlanPickup


    This is the sequence on my machine each time I press locate
  12. AlanPickup


    Hi Dave I have extracted a text box from the newsletter that seems to break at a space in the first line and at the ff in effectiveness when using font manager,Ligature break.afpubLigature break.afpub hope it transfers it shows up in the uploaded version
  13. AlanPickup

    Crop problem still not fixed!

    I think the problem is that with 1:1 photo has to choose one dimension to start the crop and in this case is choosing the longest dimension, whether previously it chose the short dimension I do not know or if there is a setting to change the preference. However if you click on rotate before applying the custom dimension it will crop the 1:1 to the shortest dimension
  14. I do not know if this is just in the Beta or may be the same for retail version also. I went to export a leaflet I had designed and it said there was overflowing text. As there was not many text boxes I just clicked on each and none showed as overflowing. As I was in preview mode I clicked this off with no difference. I then clicked outside the document and the overflow box was highlighted with a red dot. I have attached the file as it is not sensitive material. I also did not spot it as it read ok without the other wording showing. I do not know if because the other text boxes overlapped had any bearing myGP App.afpub