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  1. Possible work round import the pdf then in document make the size less the four bleeds (LRTB) then set scale to anchor to page. Then export with no bleed, then open the export and resize the document to finish size scale rescale to page and set the bleed as required
  2. thanks Walt, did not even know that existed, should spend more learning time instead of just getting on with jobs🤭
  3. I had a picture to go in a round picture frame in publisher. The picture was oblong so there were going to be gaps at the side. I thought the best way to deal with this was to add a fill using colour picker tool and picking up the background of the photo to fill the frame. But this does not work. There does not seem to be a way of having a fill colour in the picture frame and an image unless I am missing something. Tried with both jpg & png. If I am not missing something what is the point of having fill on a picture frame, it may as well be a shape? I tried this with a shape converted to a picture frame and same result. Only way seems to edit the photo to increase the canvas and fill the background, which seems a lot of work. Not a big user of photo so any advise welcomed
  4. I agree with MmmMaren, if you highlight an email address and then click create hyperlink it adds the https:// element to the text If you then change the url to email it then blanks the address box and you have to close the box and go back and copy the email address, then start again. I come across this a lot and try to remember to opy before inserting the hyper link. Previous versions left the email text insitu when you change the type
  5. Are you using the link text frames? If you do not if you start typing in a new text frame it will think it is sperate. Using linked frames just carries on?
  6. Hi Walt Tried replicating this and I think it relates to my other post re large Asset file, must have had that open when I was doing the cutting and pasting. Tried now with same content and performs as expected
  7. This was related to the same asset pack and slowed down the loading, did not try any actions before I detected what was the problem and closed that asset pack
  8. I opened an A3 template to design a poster and did not note I was working on the master page until I needed to edit an EPS clip art file I had obtained and placed on the master and nothing happened when trying to select so it would open in an editing window on a page I then cleared the master from the pages that had been created at the start, went to the master and copied everything, went to one of the pages and did C+V and Publisher crashed. This happened a number of times and also when I cut and pasted. Just copying the text and omitting the eps worked
  9. I have the icon_pack.assets installed, which I downloaded from the resource forum. If I perform actions or as previously documented in a prior post Publisher crashes. I do not know whether this is the size of the asset file or something in the designs, but is easily replicated as it has happened previously with a different design. Good news is the recovery file had most of the work I had done intact.
  10. It would appear that this is printer related as you exported the pdf and the margins appeared correct, but when printed the pdf the same shift to the right was experienced. This makes me think that the setting of the notch on the rear printer guide is the culprit. Glad the rotating the document cured the problem which again confirms that 6inch wide is a setting the printer guides align to.
  11. I noticed in a previous posting it showed you used the rear tray for the supply, most printers have a click in notch system for sizes, it could be this is giving the problem. May be worth turning it on its head and try a 6 x 8 (rotating your image) to see if that moves the offset to the other dimension. You could then factor that into the design to compensate. Once you have got a design that works you can save it as a template. The forum does not seem to let me upload adesign files of 5 or 6mb just hangs, so cannot attach, may be my security settings?
  12. Whilst you are trying to get this right use a basic rectangle to give you the dimensions and save ink. On selecting the type from the Designer options of sizes pick Print selections, not press ready, that automatically includes a bleed and changes the colour profile to CMYK which is a four-colour process for commercial printing, selecting print will give you RGB/8 which is used for home printers. I tried different things and found that when I created a custom size in my printer set up it reduced the paper size when transferred back to Designer, only slightly but maybe the reason. I found if i exported to a print pdf when I came to print that my output was correct from the left side, because I had to use A4 paper to test. I have attached the file I used, and the pdf created which may help you test. I am having problems attaching the Designer file so have zipped it to see if that works designer test export to pdf.pdf Designer photo card.afdesign.zip
  13. May need to share which Affinity app you are using Photo Publisher Designer and whether you are printing direct from the app or saving as a file and then printing through your printer app. There may be a setting in either the affinity print dialogue or it is picking up your printer settings. Attaching in a file is also good so the settings can be investigated even if using any image
  14. Affinity Photo is the equivalent program to Photoshop, whilst not knowing what the photo copy effect is I am sure there are equivalents in that program. I am mainly Affinity Publisher so do very little photo manipulation
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