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Found 87 results

  1. If you purchased your Affinity app through the Mac App Store you may see the error Failed to Open File when trying open a document into the app. You may also get the error Failed to Save Document when trying to save or export a document from the app. You may also notice the app taking several minutes to load. This issue is caused by using a Font Manager to activate a large amount of fonts and Sandboxing. Any app purchased through the Mac App Store will be Sandboxed. Sandboxed apps are designed to prevent unrestricted access to user data and system resources. It also limits the amount of files/resources a Sandboxed app can open within the app. If you're using a Font Management app and you have a large amount of Fonts activated, 2,000 or more, and they're not stored in one of the default macOS Font Locations: Library > Fonts, System > Library > Fonts or Users > {Username} > Library > Fonts - you may experience the issues mentioned above. If you suspect that you're having this issue, open the Console app and then open the Affinity app and look for any errors similar to: Sandbox: Affinity Designe(1637) deny(1) file-read-data /Users/{Username}/Desktop/Font Cache/{Fontname}.ttf To get around this issue, please deactivate any fonts that are not needed or try moving your fonts to one of the default macOS Font Locations specified above.
  2. Are there any plans for making an Affinity product mainly focused on digital drawing, painting, and art? The Affinity Suite all have features that can do a little bit of each but at the same time, they all have a core workflow behind it. Affinity Photo can somethings of Designer but it is mainly focused on photography works like photo retouching and photo manipulation and the like. Affinity Designer has a Pixel persona and can do a bit of Publishing but is mainly focused on UI designing and Visual Design and the like. You can do digital painting in there but it's not robust and "made" for that. Affinity Publisher is meant for making publications and bringing works together. It has a Designer and Photo Persona in there for doing tiny adjustments or creations but they are not as robust as the main apps. So they have their core functionality but What about an app created mainly for "Digital Art". When I say digital art I mean, Painting, Drawing, and Colouring. It would be a great addition for the Affinity Suite and with the Studio Link Functionality, you can bridge between Photo and Visual Design and Publications workflows with Digital Art Workflows. And the name Affinity Draw seems like the perfect name. P.S. Also and app with that painter's/artists feel would be amazing. XD
  3. Applications Affected: Affinity Photo Affinity Designer Affinity Publisher Operating Systems Affected: Windows Description of the issue: Rotated objects with stoke(s) print incorrectly - the stroke gets thinner based on the rotation amount Recipe: Create a new A4 document Draw 5 rectangles with no fill and 5pt black stroke Rotate one rectangle 30deg, one 60deg, one 90deg, one 180 deg and leave one at 0deg rotation Print document to scale Note the Stroke width is being calculated incorrectly and appears to get thinner based on rotation amount. Known Workarounds: Tick "Rasterise entire page" in Print > Rasterization dialogue
  4. Hello! I wrote text over a transparent background to use as a watermark over photos. However, whenever I export the file as JPEG, the transparent background is white, essentially making the transparent background useless. Is there a way to truly get a transparent background? TIA!
  5. If you're trying to start an Affinity app but it's failing to start, crashing on startup or the user interface is not displaying correctly, please check out our list of issues caused by Third Party apps: Issues Caused By Third Party Software The most common issues from the list are caused by the following apps: RivaTuner: Affinity crashes on startup Duet Display: The user interface is not shown, other than a portion of the welcome window, and the document FastPictureViewer Coded Pack: Affinity crashes on startup D3DGear: Crash when creating or opening a document Graphics Card Drivers: See below If you don't have any of the Third Party apps listed in the above link and the app is still crashing, please start a new thread and attach your crash report - this will allow our support team to investigate your issue further. You can find out more information about crash reports in our Where to find Crash Reports FAQ.
  6. Even though it's possible to specify which Graphics Card (GPU) is used within our apps by going to Edit > Preferences > Performance and selecting the relevant Graphics Card (GPU) from the Renderer dropdown menu. Sometimes, you may need to use Window's Graphic Performance Preference to force Affinity to use your Integrated Graphics Card (GPU) or Dedicated Integrated Graphics Card (GPU) if Affinity is crashing or failing to start because of out of date Graphics Card drivers. More information can be found here. You can use Window's Graphic Performance Preference in Graphics Settings to force a specific app to use your Integrated or Dedicated GPU. To do this: Open the Settings app and go to System > Display Under the Multiple displays section, click Graphics Settings If you've purchased the Affinity Store version: Select Classic App from the Choose an app to set preference dropdown menu Browse to the location of the Affinity .exe file. For example: C:\Program Files\Affinity\Photo.exe and click Add If you've purchased the Windows Store version: Select Universal App from the Choose an app to set preference dropdown menu Now select the relevant Affinity app from the list and click Add Now select the Affinity app and click Options Your Integrated GPU ( Power Saving GPU ) and Dedicated GPU ( High Performance GPU ) will be listed Select High Performance and click Save When you next run your Affinity app it will use the GPU you've just set within Window's Graphics Settings.
  7. We've had a few users report that when opening RAW files into Affinity Photo on a Surface Pro they appear darker than expected. This issue is resolved by running the Colour Calibration tool within Windows. For instructions on how to do this, please read the following article on Windows Central: https://www.windowscentral.com/how-calibrate-your-pcs-monitor-windows-10
  8. Hello, I have a problem with the affinity suit (hot on all three systems, just had to decide to post) when i open one of the programs the message "maintenance progress" (Wartungsforgang, German original text) appears and it asks me to repair it or to uninstall the application. no matter what i choose the window closes and the message appears every time i start the program... EDIT: Fixed the problem (open as admin)
  9. Hi, Is there going to be an Affinity Publisher workbook getting published anytime soon ? I have already bought the workbooks for Designer & Photo. Waiting for the publisher Thank you,
  10. Applications Affected: Affinity Designer Affinity Photo Affinity Publisher (Designer Persona) Operating Systems Affected: Windows Description of the issue: If you have a document containing multiple artboards, the grid will draw over every artboard starting from the top-left most artboard. However the grid should only be displayed on the selected artboard starting with its origin starting at the top at 0,0 (top left document, unless spread origin has been changed). Recipe: Load the attached Artboards.afdesign Ensure View > Show Grid is enabled Select Artboard 1 Observe that the grid begins in the top left, but the grid is overlayed on Artboard 2 and also the pasteboard Select Artboard 2 Observe that the grid switches to the one applied to the grid, but doesn't start at the top left (spread origin), and also is overlayed on Artboard 1 and the pasteboard. See attached screenshot Artboards.afdesign
  11. It would be neat if we can implement a word count feature, similar to what Microsoft Word has, here's a photo demo of what I was talking about.
  12. Hello everybody, Studio link not working in affinity Photo and Designer. Both apps are purchased from the affinity website. Both apps are updated and I'm using Mac OS Catalina which is also the latest version. Both apps are a clean install. I also try downloading the trial version of affinity publisher and for some reason only the affinity publisher has the studio link option. I've attached a screenshot which shows the three interfaces. Can anyone please help?
  13. While working on a file, having both the "Colour" and "Swatches" panels open, I thought both offer a fair amount of wasted white space. Secondly I thought "why are these two panels separate anyways?". Both utilities compliment each other, complimentary colour pun intended, and it would clear up the UI a bit more for users with preference for minimal opened panels and/or smaller screens. Why not split the revised Colour panel into two columns: colour wheel/meters/editing components on the left-hand side, and the swatches on the right. I've made a quick, rough mockup of this as attached.
  14. Hello, There is one technical thing I miss to create a template by Affinity Designer, Photo and Publisher. I have to save as to rename the title. It wastes time. I would like to create a template by Affinity Suite and I click on the "template" file to open new. Does it exist? For example, I use Photoshop and I save it in PSDT format (template). That, I want like Affinity. Is it possible ? Waiting for your return.
  15. Good day, I'm well aware that the Stock Photo search panel is only available in Affinity Publisher, but, I was wondering when the Unsplash panel would come into the other Affinity Softwares. Now that I have Affinity Designer and Affinity Photo in my arsenal(ditching the subscription model of Adobe altogether), It would be very favorable if it were so. Is it somewhere hidden, perhaps? let me know. Thanks!
  16. There is a known issue that causes apps purchased from the Windows Store to give the error "The data area passed to a system call is too small" when trying to launch them. This issue is caused by SQL Server and more information can be found here: https://support.microsoft.com/en-gb/help/4073393/fix-the-data-area-passed-to-a-system-call-is-too-small-error-when-you
  17. When you have Enable Dial Support selected in Preferences > Tools you will be able to use the Surface Dial to adjust brush properties such as Width, Hardness, Opacity, etc.. It also supports Canvas Rotation, Radial Blur, and History.
  18. Each Affinity software has alignment option which is great. But it'd be much better if we can have a separate panel for it which we can dock anywhere as we wish. Currently we've to click on the alignment icon each and every time when we need it, and that's kind of boring. What do you think friends?
  19. Sometimes Affinity will stop showing results when searching for a topic within Affinity's help on macOS. This issue is caused by Apple's Help Viewer cache not being correctly indexed. To clear the Help Viewer's cache, run the following command in Terminal: killall helpd; rm -rf ~/Library/Caches/com.apple.help*; rm -rf ~/Library/Preferences/com.apple.help* Once you have ran the above command, please reboot your machine. When you next open the help within Affinity please allow some time for the Help Indexer to reindex our help.
  20. In this video, I will show you, How to create a colorful vector flower / Simple Mandala in Affinity Designer.
  21. Please support the new Loupedeck CT device https://loupedeck.com/en/products/loupedeck-CT in your application suite. There is even an SDK available for application integration. https://loupedeck.com/en/developer Thank you all for your fine suite, Simon
  22. Hello everybody! I would like to know what is the total duration of the tutorials for: Affinity Designer (all of 66 of 66 videos as of 03/12/19); Affinity Photo (all of 69 of 69 videos as of 03/12/19); Affinity Publisher (all of 47 of 47 videos as of 03/12/19) It all being for Desktop and from Affinity Serif Website. Thank you! Ps. I could just count everything manually, but if someone else has the same question as me there will be already an answer for that.
  23. None of the Affinity (1.7.3) apps will open. I downloaded new .dmg files of each and deleted the existing apps. Copied all three into my Application folder. Following is a basic timeline when trying to open each: :00 click icon :02 minutes–Verify window opens and progress bar immediately jumps to 2/3 and stays there for next 30+ minutes :34 minutes–Verify progress bar drops to 0 and starts moving up :37 minutes–Verify progress bar gets to 2/3 again and "Are you sure you want top open…? pops up (click yes) :39 minutes–Verify bar gets to 100% and it closes, icon in dock is still not active (i.e., no "tick" to indicate the app is open) :40 minutes–Quits or crashes, icon in dock disappears, there is no dialog box saying the app has crashed On trying to relaunch each app, it will bounce for about 2 minutes before I get the Not Responding message in the Force Quit Applications window. Then it quits by itself. This is all very strange to me as I've not seen anything like it and have no idea how to troubleshoot this situation. Do I need to delete preferences from someplace or otherwise do a more thorough uninstall? And I've no idea if it's related, but I'm also having a lot of trouble with Creative Cloud apps not opening, too. I'd appreciate any thoughts on what might be going on here and what I can do next to get back to work. Thanks! Mark
  24. We've had users report that when trying to launch our apps on Windows they're getting a Blue Screen of Death message relating to cldflt.sys. This is also affecting other apps including Microsoft's Visual Studio as reported on the Microsoft Developer Forums. This BSOD error started appearing after Microsoft released the Windows 10 KB4517389 update. Microsoft released a Windows 10 update on 10/12/19 (KB4530684) which includes the below fix. Please download and install this update and try opening the Affinity app again to see if your issue is resolved. Addresses an issue that might cause error 0x3B in cldflt.sys on some devices.
  25. Hello! I'm thankful for know Affinity Suite! I'm a web developer (not designer), and recently received a job through a PNG file from Adobe Fireworks, containing some pages. I don't have view the pages, just a image (in Affinity Photo, Designer and Publisher). It's possible open as project with Affinity?

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