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    Digital and traditional art enthusiast currently into hard-edge geometric abstraction. Moderately experienced using Illustrator and Xara Designer. Have an academic background in Digital Media Arts (Brighton Uni), graphic design and some DTP (but a good while ago).

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  1. I’d be interested to know about rulers and guides too! Edit: found guides and have read rulers are coming
  2. A longer than usual time taken install here but completed successfully.
  3. (Thought I'd add this here as it seems to fall into the 'sticky settings' area.) Export settings Just a small thing but I would like the export dialogue to remember what 'Area' settings (Whole document, Selection with background etc) were used from the last export. It currently remembers 'File type' (PNG, JPEG etc) and 'Preset' (...for print, ...for web etc) but 'Area' always defaults back to Whole document.
  4. Not sure if I've missed something, but when I right-click on a curve, or select from the 'Layer' menu, the option to 'Rasterise...', ellipses normally indicates there are further options or a dialog box will appear before the action is performed, but none does. (mind, I'm not sure what options I would expect).
  5. Thanks MEB, that's great news to hear. I'll give that a try tomorrow. Thanks also to Carl and Walt for taking the trouble to look into this too.
  6. Maybe this is in the pipeline with Affinity Publisher, but something I frequently seem to need is the ability give frame text a solid background colour. I currently do this by grouping a filled rectangle with the frame text in the layers panel. This works well until you apply a transparency which is also then applied to the text as well. So my request is to have the ability to change the formatting of frame text including the background (including transparency) and line style. It would also be useful for alignment purposes to have the option to see the frame of the frame text when viewing in Outline view mode when not selected.
  7. I'm also still experiencing high levels of CPU activity when there should be none. I can't pin it down to one particular action other than having several files open at the same time. Hopefully it's already being investigated. I posted a thread here:
  8. Jonopen

    Artboard export size bug

    Thank MEB. I must have just been lucky up until now. I had no idea the coordinates of an Artboard changed its export size.
  9. Jonopen

    Artboard export size bug

    I have a slightly different example where the export size is different from the artboard size (example file attached) I have created an artboard 850x500px called 'template' I have duplicated the artboard and called it 'copy' Using File - Export and changing export Area to 'copy', the export size changes to 850x501px Edit: in the screenshot below, I think 'PDF' was also highlighted because the mouse pointer just happened to be resting there when I took the screenshot. info-box-copy.afdesign
  10. Jonopen

    CPU active whilst AD is minimised

    Thanks for replies. As I'm working on a laptop I tend to hibernate it rather than shutting down which probably means it stays open much longer between restarts.
  11. Just thought I'd mention that I noticed a lot of warm air blowing out of the side of my laptop today so checked Windows Task Manager. I was surprised to see such a high level of CPU activity, even when AD was minimised. The percentage of CPU activity was constantly changing whilst observing the Task manager. I had several combinations of files open during this work session but have since closed them and restarted AD (beta This has cleared the idling CPU activity to 0%. Unfortunately I can't replicate the issue again at the moment.
  12. Jonopen

    Artboards and margins

    Thanks for looking into this and the workaround for the time being.
  13. Jonopen

    Artboards and margins

    v1.6.3.103 (beta) Hi MEB, thanks for reply. I'm just going over what you suggested but now I can't seem to see any margins at all. I've checked View -> Show Margins is active and attached a screen shot of the Document settings. If you can see margins for both artboards in the attached file then presumably something's wrong my end. I've checked that I can display margins set for a document with no artboards (see screenshot immediately below). artboard_margins_not_displaying.afdesign
  14. I'm just setting up a new document that is going to have multiple artboards of the same dimensions but I only can see the document margins displayed for first artboard. Additional artboards don't appear to display them. Is this normal?