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  1. Beta Designer immediately closes/crashes when attempting to expand a stroke (file attached). 1) Select line 2) Layers > Expand Stroke 3) Shutdown! expand-line.afdesign
  2. Are you saying the centres have to be aligned for divide to work properly? πŸ˜‰ I think understand what you are saying as an explanation why the missing object is in a different position, but what I'm saying is the object should not be missing in the first place! I've tried a similar divide exercise in two other graphics programs and do not get this happening either when the ellipses are aligned or not. This is the kind of thing I would expect to end up with when I drag the divided shapes apart:
  3. Here's another observation in Beta relating to the divide option demonstrating it's not working quite right! divide.afdesign
  4. Just to mention this beta also crashes if you change the page orientation, for example from portrait to not portrait in the document setup dialogue box.
  5. Thanks for the link. Windows is reporting the graphics driver is up to date and working correctly but I may try investigate a bit further. Do you think using the new OpenCL acceleration option will actually make much difference with these type of β€˜built in’ graphics chips or is it really aimed at dedicated graphics cards?
  6. Beta I don't have a graphic card, only Intel HD Graphics 4600 (i3-4000M CPU), but out of interest thought I'd see if I could squeeze a bit more performance out of this old laptop. Not sure if this is expected but this is the message I received from Windows notification panel just before beta stopped working.
  7. These presets are a great feature. Should they also be able to hide/unhide things like rulers and left/right studio panels too? Thanks 😁
  8. Beta - Small thing but when starting up the welcome panel is sometimes not the top most panel.
  9. Matt, thanks for the explanation behind the programming efficiency and UI with regard to the Contour tool. Your right of course, once you've used it, it's obvious that a contour has been applied or not.
  10. Thanks Sean, I guessed that might be the case that you are aware of this. Obviously it's early days and the team are working hard to develop this but I wondered if this development will eventually lead on to a blend tool? πŸ˜€
  11. Hi Angelize, hope you're ok, long time no see on TG forum. I think I know where your thinking stems from (Xara Designer Pro?) πŸ˜‰ and I agree with your ideas for further enhancements.
  12. (apologies if this has been mentioned already) Beta - I've noticed that the ends of pointy shapes like stars and triangles are sometimes clipped when the 'Miter' (US Spelling?) contour type is selected. Also there appears to be no indication in the layers panel a contour has been applied to a shape or an option to remove it once applied other than Bake Appearance. Fantastic to see new tools being developed. Thank you. contour test file.afdesign
  13. Affinity Designer v1.8.4.693 Wacom driver v6.3.402 (DTK-1660) See the attached video clip. When using certain brushes, for example 'Inks - Jagged Ink' the line does not form correctly, it jumps back to the starting point once the line gets to a certain length. vector-brush-problem.mp4
  14. I've also experienced more than expected screen lag recently after applying several Effects to a curve, for example 3D, gradient overlay & outer shadow. Caveat: I have quite a low powered PC i3-4000m CPU @ 2.4 GHz, 8 GB RAM, but it normally manages to get through most things smoothly, but using Effects has quite an affect. lag-example.mp4 lag-example.afdesign
  15. Hi all This image (made for fun as a learning exercise) was inspired by a drawing by the scientific illustrator, Des Helmore. I must confess my version is not a completely accurate representation of the original weevil beetle, and is also a work in progress, as it needs more detail (hairs) and better shadow and highlights etc. It was originally drawn in colour, but looks more interesting in black and white. It was made using Affinity Designer and mainly uses these resources. Dots on legs and body: Fineliner brushes and vector texture from Artifex Forge (makes loads of excellent brushes) Organic texture: DAUB paper 15 from Paolo Limoncelli, who did an excellent 2020 creative lock-down session Background texture: a texture file from Trevor Young's (Tapocketa) lock-down session (also very excellent!).
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