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  1. Affinity Photo, Designer (and Publisher) all purchased from the Affinity Store. As far as I can remember I’ve never used a trial version of any of the apps. I have used beta versions in the past though.
  2. photo-not-running.mp4 photo-already-running.mp4 Hi Sean, here are a couple of screen recordings: photo-not-running.mp4 This shows what happens when Affinity Photo is not running and is opened from the menu link in Affinity Designer. photo-already-running.mp4 This shows what happens when Affinity Photo is already running in the background and opened with my preferred layout. Note: For some reason the menu option showing the 'Edit in Photo...' does not display in the screen recording, but it definitely looks ok when I'm viewing my screen.
  3. Sorry Sean for delay in replying, I’ll have a try over the weekend and post my findings back here.
  4. Sorry for confusion. Here's what I get...
  5. If Photo is not running and opened by selecting 'Edit in Photo...' under the File in Designer (v1.7.3.481) menu it opens without any preferences. If Photo (v1.7.3.481) is already running it maintains preferences. Maybe this has always been the case, if so is there a way around it?
  6. If for example I have three files open, and one has been modified, when I exit the program I am prompted to the save before closing. When I start Publisher next time the file I was prompted saved does not automatically reopen, but the other two do. If I had modified two of the files and prompted to save them when exiting, only the one not modified/saved would reopen next time. Obviously a quick Ctrl-S before closing sorts this out, but I thought I'd mention it.
  7. Thank you for sharing your technique, experience and approach. I think I’ve known for sometime it takes patience, time and skill to achieve excellent work like yours, both digitally and traditionally, and what you’ve said here seems to confirm this. I find it all too easy to either rush through what I’m doing, looking for a quick fix technique in order to get on with the next thing, or I loose confidence in what I’m doing and just give up (or don’t even start!). I was interested to read how you break things down and work in sections and groups. That’s something I’ve not really tried before! I’m afraid I’ve got too many things on at the moment to ‘play along’ but will be following with keen interest.
  8. Not sure if this is a bug as such or just a mistake that I've made in the past, but my email address is wrong in Preferences > Misc. I can't find where it takes the address from to change it. It's not the ('registered name') one I use to register or access my Affinity account. It's almost correct but is missing an underscore character. The email address is also incorrect in Designer and Photo.
  9. Beta - The layer blend mode name for grouped shapes has changed from 'Passthrough' to 'Pass Through' which is not a searchable search term.
  10. Only a super-small thing, but within preferences, the drop-down list appears to be in a different order to the displayed icons.
  11. Beta - / Win 10 For example... 1. create any new document 2. zoom out to 15% 3. drag a photo or image from Windows File Explorer onto the pasteboard 4. Zoom changes to Zoom to fit (in my particular case 119%)
  12. Hi Gabe, I'll try your installation suggestion. Many thanks.
  13. Hi Gabe, have uploaded file as requested.
  14. Affinity Designer iPad v1.6.4.45 I’ve just purchased a set of brushes (Finest Vintage by Artifex Forge) which install and work perfectly on my Windows desktop version but they won’t install on my iPad (model A1893). I’ve tried several times, and have also tried restarting the iPad. When installing everything seems to be going ok, ie from the import brushes option I locate and select the file, it downloads for about 10 seconds, but then it doesn’t appear in the list of brush categories. I’ve also looked for them under the list of pixel persona brushes. The creator of the brushes has kindly sent me a single test brush which does install ok and works fine on the iPad, except when I edit the brush to change its properties, like size variance, the program quits immediately, or if it doesn't do that, it stops the drawing tools from working with any brush until I restart the app. I’ve seen a few other forum posts relating to brushes not installing on iPads and was wondering if this is a related issue and already awaiting a fix? Thanks.
  15. Jonopen

    Grave Etcher Brush Pack

    Hi I believe one of the brushes that J.T could be referring to is 'Etch Single - Short 04' (see screenshot). I've also purchased these brushes and have on the whole been disappointed. I'm new to using brushes and was hoping they would behave like Illustrators vector brushes. They are, as far as I can see, just bitmaps along a vector path. (ie not really scalable vectors). That being the case, I think the problem for me at least, is they are much too low in resolution to be useful for my printed output requirements. In addition to their soft blurriness, I've also experience grey shadowy lines appearing when the size variance and pressure properties are changed (see screenshots, 100% and 300% views).

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