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    Digital and traditional art enthusiast. Moderately experienced using Illustrator and Xara Designer. Have an academic background in Digital Media Arts, graphic design and some DTP. Other interest include real ale, curry, fish keeping and anything to do with the natural world.

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  1. [] I can't seem to find a way to numerically change the Opacity value for the Fill and Stroke of a Text Frame. I think also the Text Frame colour is showing the 'RGB version' of the colour, when you compare the swatch colours on the left side of each of the opacity sliders.
  2. Only a super-small thing, but within preferences, the drop-down list appears to be in a different order to the displayed icons.
  3. Jonopen

    [] screen redraw lag

    I still experienced the same problem no mater what I did. I've now rebooted computer and returned Affinity Designer to factory defaults by clearing all user settings at start up. Happy to report all is back to normal again.
  4. Jonopen

    [] screen redraw lag

    Sorry for delay in getting back to you. Snapping on/off makes no difference. I’ll have another try tomorrow and also test StuartRc’s formula to recreate the problem. Thanks.
  5. See attached screen recording. This doesn't happen with current version ( lag.mp4 lag.afdesign
  6. Beta - / Win 10 For example... 1. create any new document 2. zoom out to 15% 3. drag a photo or image from Windows File Explorer onto the pasteboard 4. Zoom changes to Zoom to fit (in my particular case 119%)
  7. Hi Gabe, I'll try your installation suggestion. Many thanks.
  8. Jonopen

    Expand stroke still sucks

    My workaround is to use Inkscape's Path > Simplify tool. I copy the expanded stroke, paste into Inkscape, apply Simplify, copy and paste back into Designer. The clipboard copying behaves well (on Windows at least) and the result is normally fairly accurate. Of course if you've got a copy of Illustrator handy there's a more sophisticated simplify option available.
  9. Hi Gabe, have uploaded file as requested.
  10. Affinity Designer iPad v1.6.4.45 I’ve just purchased a set of brushes (Finest Vintage by Artifex Forge) which install and work perfectly on my Windows desktop version but they won’t install on my iPad (model A1893). I’ve tried several times, and have also tried restarting the iPad. When installing everything seems to be going ok, ie from the import brushes option I locate and select the file, it downloads for about 10 seconds, but then it doesn’t appear in the list of brush categories. I’ve also looked for them under the list of pixel persona brushes. The creator of the brushes has kindly sent me a single test brush which does install ok and works fine on the iPad, except when I edit the brush to change its properties, like size variance, the program quits immediately, or if it doesn't do that, it stops the drawing tools from working with any brush until I restart the app. I’ve seen a few other forum posts relating to brushes not installing on iPads and was wondering if this is a related issue and already awaiting a fix? Thanks.
  11. Jonopen

    Grave Etcher Brush Pack

    Hi I believe one of the brushes that J.T could be referring to is 'Etch Single - Short 04' (see screenshot). I've also purchased these brushes and have on the whole been disappointed. I'm new to using brushes and was hoping they would behave like Illustrators vector brushes. They are, as far as I can see, just bitmaps along a vector path. (ie not really scalable vectors). That being the case, I think the problem for me at least, is they are much too low in resolution to be useful for my printed output requirements. In addition to their soft blurriness, I've also experience grey shadowy lines appearing when the size variance and pressure properties are changed (see screenshots, 100% and 300% views).
  12. I’m fairly new to using brushes of any type in Designer but was also surprised at the blurry quality of the lines. I notice the included example file (rocks-glass) is quite large (approx 6000x4000pt, 72dpi) so I’m wondering if that holds the answer to getting the best out of these brushes, ie to set up the document size as if it were a bitmap for printing. I hope this is the case as I am/was planning on creating some fairly large (A3/300dpi) prints using these brushes.
  13. Hi Sean, yes it was a new document (a default web svga page) When I tried this morning, initially I couldn't get it to happen, then suddenly it did. Unfortunately once I had opened and setup my video capture app (screencast-o-matic) it was ok again! If it happens during the course of the day, I'll be ready for it! Another possibly related observation, but after opening the program, starting a new document, and drawing (for example) a rectangle, when I move it across the page it doesn't move smoothly ie it jumps as if it were snapping to a grid (which I've checked is off). Once it has been moved about for several seconds the movement becomes smooth. I've tried to make a video capture of this happening (attached). beta-test.mp4
  14. Beta - / Windows 10 Possibly because I use a non-standard Windows scaling of 120% and possibly related to the Outline view not working, but if I draw a shape like an ellipse or rectangle then toggle on/off the Outline view, I can then no longer move the shape. I can select it, change it’s colour, delete it etc just can’t move it on the page or resize it, either dragging an edge with the pointer or changing the size values in the Transform panel. I’ve checked it’s not locking the shapes in the Layers panel.
  15. Jonopen

    isometric ui

    Also you can miss it as the new panel sometimes pops up under the main grid and snapping panel.