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  1. Hi, I thought I'd share this image, not because it's anything particularly special (it'll never fly!), but mainly to demonstrate a potential use for the Warp mesh tool when applied to a group of parallel lines. By adding nodes and moving them around the warp group, some interesting effects can be achived. In other design apps a blend tool might be used to do this, but using 'Power duplicate' and 'Mesh warp', maybe goes someway towards help make simple 'blend' like effects easier. Obviously this is no substitute for a proper blend tool. (thanks!) 🙂
  2. That's really great. I definitely spotted a few 'easter eggs', particularly the unmistakable reference to the Duke of York's. Having now moved 'up North' I miss Brighton, especially the diversity and vibrant music scene (but obviously not the property prices!).
  3. I have also occasionally just started seeing this freezing/pausing/spinning wheel using Designer v2.1.1. It happens when text is selected and then mouse up and down the font list to view the different fonts. I don't have any external hard drives attached.
  4. If not already mentioned, you can also use a round cap line style to help join roads and a dashed line to make centre road markings.
  5. After seeing the design shared by GaryRS in his post: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/186604-the-hat-aka-einstein-shape/ I was intrigued by the '13-sided shape that can be arranged in a tile formation such that it never forms a repeating grid'. Anyway, whilst fiddling about I discovered Affinity Designer's Advanced grid setting 'Horizontal triangular' can be used to make 'the hat' shape. So I just thought I'd 'tip my hat' to GaryRS and share that bit of info! 😉
  6. Superb, and thanks for showing the construction shapes.
  7. Affinity Designer v2.1 macOS v13.3.1 (a) Hi, this is not a bug as such, but it might be worth adding a note to the 'What's New in Affinity' online guide, to mention the blend mode keyboard shortcuts may need to be added 'manually'. When I first tried a blend shortcut, for example: Option Shift M, instead of going to Multiply, it went to Add. After checking the keyboard shortcuts for Blend Modes, they were all blank/unassigned. To rectify this I clicked the 'Serif Defaults' option, which added the shortcuts, which then worked as expected.
  8. Just adding my vote for this to be fixed. 🙂 I'm not a beta tester, but also experience this issue with Designer v2.0.4. My workaround is to right-click the icon (in the Dock), then select the open file from there.
  9. This is fantastic. 👍 You have really inspired me to try much harder and also learn the tools!
  10. This is superb. I've just been comparing it with a photo of the shop and marvelling at your design decisions and how you've cleaned up the window reflections. 👍
  11. Very clever attention to small realistic details. 👍 Hope you had plenty of reference samples to help with research. 😉
  12. Hi Something possibly related has happened to me several times with an undocked layers panel. Layers panel is ticked in the Windows dropdown menu but it's nowhere to be found, although in my case, ticking it off and on displays it again in the last location it was positioned.
  13. Hello all. Just giving v2 a quick spin. Faced with a blank page, this what I ended up with! I’m really enjoying the new warp tool for shapes and text.
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