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  1. Hi Sean, the screen recordings have now been uploaded. Here are my mapping settings (screenshot below). I've tried changing them to your settings ie to Area to full, but it made no difference on my pc.
  2. Another 'old' Wacom tablet user here! Device: Intuos3 6x8 Model: PTZ-630 Driver: 6.3.15-3 (set not to use Windows Ink) I have two observations: 1. The first time I try to use the pencil tool the lines are drawn in a stuttering way ie there is a slight delay before they appear and 'pings' to where the cursor is. This results in flat/straight lines where the line catches up with the cursor 2. After drawing a line (as above), then change to the move tool, then back to the pencil tool, no line appears when drawing. If I then click the page and draw a another line, the line then appears. No problems using current version (v1.8.3.641) of Affinity Designer. I have screen video captures of these issues but unable to attach due to forum upload error '7'.
  3. I've also experienced more than expected screen lag recently after applying several Effects to a curve, for example 3D, gradient overlay & outer shadow. Caveat: I have quite a low powered PC i3-4000m CPU @ 2.4 GHz, 8 GB RAM, but it normally manages to get through most things smoothly, but using Effects has quite an affect. lag-example.mp4 lag-example.afdesign
  4. Hi all This image (made for fun as a learning exercise) was inspired by a drawing by the scientific illustrator, Des Helmore. I must confess my version is not a completely accurate representation of the original weevil beetle, and is also a work in progress, as it needs more detail (hairs) and better shadow and highlights etc. It was originally drawn in colour, but looks more interesting in black and white. It was made using Affinity Designer and mainly uses these resources. Dots on legs and body: Fineliner brushes and vector texture from Artifex Forge (makes loads of excellent brushes) Organic texture: DAUB paper 15 from Paolo Limoncelli, who did an excellent 2020 creative lock-down session Background texture: a texture file from Trevor Young's (Tapocketa) lock-down session (also very excellent!).
  5. This has happened to me a few time recently. Glad I spotted this post, as I kept thinking I was doing something wrong. Thanks anon2 for the workaround - which works! Here's another example: boolean-add-glitch.afdesign
  6. Hi Hopefully the attached files show what I am experiencing. As you will notice the pixel layer being masked (DAUB Paper 15) was edited in Affinity Photo. Thanks layer-mask.mp4 layer-mask.afdesign
  7. Hi, here’s an experimental idea made after learning something from one of the lockdown creative sessions. I’ve been using AD for quite a while now, and still have a ton to learn, but I can’t believe I missed the adjustment option on the layers panel. I do totally get the ‘stay safe’ message, but on another level it seems quite an abstract command, which possibly accounts for the progression of this graphic!
  8. Superb! The glossy shading is really effective. I think your definition of 'complicated' and 'easier' are a bit different to mine. 😁
  9. I’m always thrilled to see your wonderful illustrations and especially this Swallowtail butterfly. This clearly demonstrates brilliantly both your technical illustrative skills and what can be achieved using Affinity Designer. I’ve longed to see a Swallowtail flying in the wild. I've read there’s a rare subspecies (ssp. britannicus) that's confined to the Norfolk/Cambridge areas of the UK. Maybe one day.
  10. Hi Gabe, sorry for the 16 month delay in replying to this thread!!! This problem still exists (for me at least) but in the end I found a way around it. I’ve outlined how in this more recent post started by another user that initially had the same problem as me. https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/106930-designer-crashes-when-importing-vector-brush-set/&do=findComment&comment=607712
  11. +1 Yes, I would also very much like to see the handling of brushes improved, particularly so you can easily identify which brush has been used when a curve is selected, in both the brush studio panel and editing brush properties. Additionally I would also dearly like the option for the brush tool to use the last attributes (including brush type) of a selected object (much like Xara Designer does). This is a real time saver. For now, what I've done is create my own brush category containing copies of my favourite, most used brushes. I also frequently copy and paste the brush style from one curve to another, for example: Select curve Ctrl-C Select a new curve Ctrl+Shift+V
  12. Glad this is sorted out for you. 🙂 Unfortunately for me importing them still crashes iPad Designer in the same way as you previously described. My spec: iPad software v13.3.1, iPad 6th gen, Designer v1.8.3.2 I've actually got around the problem by grouping the brushes into smaller categories, for example: FV Shader, FV Diagonal, FV Dense, FV Horizontal etc Then doing the following: On Desktop Designer 1. create new brush categories (as above) 2. view the Vintage brushes in the brush studio panel 3. right click on each brush in turn and copy to a category (as created in step 1) 4. export the brushes to a Dropbox folder (or other cloud storage etc) On iPad Designer 5. create new brush category to contain all the Vintage brushes 6. import the brushes (from step 4) * 7. view and right click (long press) each brush and move to the new category (as created in step 5) 8. repeat this until all the imported brushes have been moved 9. delete the empty categories * Note: I still had difficulty (crashing) importing the diagonal brushes, but on a second or third try it worked.
  13. Thanks MEB, good to know. 👍 I thought I could temporally get around things by turning off the tools option, 'select object when intersects with selection marquee' but it is still possible to select (if you try really hard!). The same is true when putting a locked object inside a locked layer.
  14. Same also happens with Windows version ( When I lock something, I want it locked! 😐
  15. Thanks, this issue has now been fixed (ie works as expected) in v1.8.2.620 (Windows 1909). 🙂
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