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    Digital and traditional art enthusiast. Moderately experienced using Illustrator and Xara Designer. Have an academic background in Digital Media Arts, graphic design and some DTP. Other interest include real ale, curry, fish keeping and anything to do with the natural world.

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  1. Just to mention my copy of v1.6.5.123 Designer has also started occasionally doing this after no particular work. After clicking Exit and any open documents have closed, I see the message 'Affinity Designer not responding' in the title bar. If I leave for a while the program is left open, when I can then select Exit again and close it normally.
  2. I'm afraid I'm a bit out of touch with font tech, I'm just getting back into graphics work. All I know is the font doesn't display correctly in AD, and at first glance, looks like a similar issue to the poorly made font problem mentioned. Having just checked, most of the apps I have installed seem to understand variable fonts - particularly apps that use this simple type of font selector:
  3. Ah, thanks Callum (well spotted!). I've not done this sort of work for quite a while and haven't found my rhythm yet. It always seems more difficult taking over some else's work.
  4. Affinity Designer (v1.6.5.123) Windows 10 I have the same issue with a standard Microsoft font. (Displays ok in other apps like ArtRage etc).
  5. Affinity Designer v1.6.5.123 & Publisher beta, Windows 10 I've got a leaflet which was originally created in Adobe InDesign, then exported and printed from a PDF. It's the PDF file that I have to work with together with the fonts and images used within the document. Initially I installed the supplied fonts and opened the PDF in Xara Photo & Graphic Designer (v15.1), had a fiddle about with the text, then exported as a PDF (using the default 300dpi high quality setting) and viewed the PDF in Acrobat Reader and all looked ok. I then opened the same original PDF file in Affinity Designer, all looked good on screen but this time when I exported as a PDF (default PDF for print 300dpi) the text didn't display correctly. Out of interest I also tried opening it up in Affinity Publisher beta but had the same issue as Designer. I've made a screenshot showing the difference in text (Baskerville font) when viewing the PDFs and also of the PDF properties for the respective apps. I'm not sure what the different symbols against each font mean in the PDF font properties and what options I can change in AD/AP to help improve the look of the text? I've been trying a few different PDF export settings without success. Normally I would keep trying through trial and error, but there are so many permutations, and I suppose it could also be a bug.
  6. Just an idea, but I think it would be useful to see which guide has been selected from within the guides manager. If you have a lot of guides it would provide a visual confirmation of the guide you want to delete or change (see mockup, where I have highlighted a selected guide).
  7. Any progress with this problem? Just installed latest version (v1.6.5.123) and caught the CPU idling at 99% and laptop getting very warm. Clicking the tab for each open document (four in total) stopped it.
  8. I read somewhere that adding a "+1" to posts adds no extra weight to the design teams decision making processes - but having just landed a job where scaling and dimensioning would be extremely useful, I'm adding my "plus one" here anyway! Maybe line dimensioning will come when they (eventually) add line arrow heads!
  9. Jonopen

    Zig zag / wavy line shape

    I think those old type of illustrator vector plugins were great time savers. It would be nice to see something similar for Affinity Designer. Out of curiosity I just tried making a curvy line using this method. (the nodes seemed to stay in place for me).
  10. Thanks. Feeling a bit stupid now. The ‘fine mesh grid’ is actually the transparent page indicator. I must have flicked it on when exploring the menus!
  11. Not sure what I’ve done but I can’t find a way to deactivate a ‘fine mesh’ grid applied to the background. The grid doesn’t change when I zoom in or out. See screenshotl Thanks
  12. Yes, this is a feature I’ve been missing too.
  13. I’d be interested to know about rulers and guides too! Edit: found guides and have read rulers are coming
  14. A longer than usual time taken install here but completed successfully.
  15. (Thought I'd add this here as it seems to fall into the 'sticky settings' area.) Export settings Just a small thing but I would like the export dialogue to remember what 'Area' settings (Whole document, Selection with background etc) were used from the last export. It currently remembers 'File type' (PNG, JPEG etc) and 'Preset' (...for print, ...for web etc) but 'Area' always defaults back to Whole document.