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Found 601 results

  1. I noticed my artistic text tool text has borders around it. I'm not sure if I've accidentally turned something on. I can try to redo the page... But I'd really like to know why it's happening. (FYI: Turning on the stroke style outlines the letters not the box the letters are in.) Any thoughts on how to remove these? Windows 10/version 1.8.4/Publisher The image attached with the toolbar on the side is Publisher with some details (i.e. no stroke width) The other image is an from an exported PDF. Thank you.
  2. Hi, I just learned about column guides, and realized that they would be useful for the magazine layouts that I'm doing. However, when I tested the column guides, the column shading worked fine, but I was surprised to see that I couldn't snap anything to the edges of the shaded columns or to the center of the gutters between the columns. I checked the snapping options for my document, and "Snap to guides" is enabled. Is snapping to column guides supported in version 1.8.4, and if so, what do I need to do in order to enable this? Thanks, Ken
  3. I can't for the life of me work it out. Affinity_Publisher_Text_Different_Size.mov
  4. I'm designing a one-off magazine for a holiday gift project. I purchased a layout template from Creative Market, and the 50-page .idml file imported perfectly. Now I have questions about "What next?" By way of background, when Publisher was in beta I self-published a book, and was an occasional (3x/yr) InDesign user, so I can get around and get work done. But I feel like my questions are so basic I'm not even sure how to ask for help. I EXPECTED the workflow to be something like: Purchased .idml files are imported as master pages. I add document pages or spreads, and select which master page to apply. I build up the magazine, spread by spread, adjusting, re-ordering, etc as I go. INSTEAD, the .idml file imported as pages, and I'm not sure what the workflow should be... I could just start dropping images into frames and flow text into boxes, but I don't necessarily want their specific sequence of spreads, or this number of spreads, etc. Of course I can re-order the spreads, and add new ones by duplicating existing spreads, but is this the right way to start? I thought, Well, I'll create a new document, and copy pages/spreads from this purchased layout to my new layout, but it doesn't appear that I can copy a page/spread, much less paste it into a different document. I could leave all the new (template) spreads in place, and "build" the magazine with new pages added at the end of the document, and near the completion of the project delete all the unused blank template spreads. I could just start hacking at this imported .idml file and if I delete a page/spread I later want just import the .idml file again and delete the other 49 pages I don't need. None of these seem like the way to go. What's the clean, normal way to design a document based on a purchased layout file? I want to use it as a starting point, a collection of pages, as if they're modular elements, that I can apply to my own spreads. I seem to have a conceptual gap about what the normal workflow should be. The question seems so entry-level it's embarrassing to ask!
  5. Since updating to the subject release the program crashes in resource manager. This has happened with two documents. Is this a known problem? All other functions seem to be working just fine. Tom Elliott
  6. Issue/situation: In Publisher I've created a bullet list, but I am not sure how to keep a multi-line bullet-point indent so it aligns with the other entries. Question: Which settings do I need to change to make a multiline entry align with the other entries? Screenshots: See attached screenshot of the issue and my bullet point settings. Operating system: OSX Catalina 10.15.6 Affinity Photo: Version 1.8.4 Unusual hardware: Wacom tablet Intuos pro Any help or input on this matter is much appreciated. Thank you in advance. PS: if this post is in the wrong forum, then please let me know, and I will submit it in another.
  7. How can I find/replace execute only in a selection or a text chain? I’m woking on a book with 280 pages (which works really fine, btw.). But when it comes to change some things by find/replace i.e. only in one chapter – how can I do that? Showing hundrets of results over the complete text isn’t really handy … Is there a way? I would be glad to hear about it!
  8. Hey there! Not sure if this is a bug or if there is something I'm doing wrong with my setup. I have a master page set up like the following: Everything looks 'right' here but when I switch over to one of my pages I get the following: It looks like the part of the image I want to show up on the right shows up on the left and vise versa. Is there something I'm doing wrong here?
  9. Hello! For our magazine, we switched to Affinity Publisher after years of using InDesign. In InDesign we used to layout each article/ad page/editorial etc. separately and in the end create a book, out of which we would then create the PDF versions we needed. The book option is not available with Affinity Publisher, so we switched to merging documents. I have created a 'master document' with the cover page and the four master pages we need for our publication. This is where I want to insert my individually layouted documents into. There are different paraghaph styles in the different layouted documents, but the problem also occurs when I want to insert documents with exactly the same layout, i.e. same paragraph styles (but different images/text ofc). So: if I want to insert these documents into my 'master document', I have to decide whether to replace the paragraph styles or rename them and keep both (image 1). - If I replace, the fonts and frames in the previously inserted documents are distorted (image 2) - If I rename and keep both paragraph styles, the fonts in the document I import are distorted (image 3) There seems to be no way around distorted fonts. Of course I could go through the whole document and redo it all manually, but our magazine is 90+ pages and we would usually get this task done in less than an hour. I assume this is a bug. Is there anything you could do? Will a book feature like the one InDesign has will become available eventually? Thanks! Anke (operating system: Windows 10)
  10. Hello, I installed the new versions of all my Affinity desktop programs Photo, Designer and Publisher. Today I wanted to change a picture. I can start the programs, I can open the picture or a new project, I can use hotkeys, but I can't use the tools inside of the programs. There is no change. My system is PC, Windows 10, version 1909, 32GB RAM, Intel i7, Nvidia Geforce GTX 680 Driver version 451.67 Thank you for your help!
  11. Can anyone help me? Finding this hard to understand. Affinity_Publisher_Grid_Baseline_Question.mov
  12. Is there a way to change all the different font sizes across all pages by percent/multiplier? eg. Change all the type set in Arial by 78% I tried using find and replace, but the format function only allows a fixed point size. I'd like to use a percentage or multiplier (eg. 78% or *0.78) I use percentages/multipliers all the time for individual instances in the character panel, but here I want to make all the type smaller but in proportion to each other. There are just too many different sizes and pages to adjust all of them individually. Is there a regular expression I could use that searches the formatting? something like: Font size:.*? and then replace with something like: $&*0.78 Or is there a way to enter the format information into the replace box manually instead of the dropdown menus? eg. Instead of replacing the format with "Font: Arial; Font weight: Normal; Italic: Off; Font size: 12pt" manually type in "Font: Arial; Font weight: Normal; Italic: Off; Font size: 78%" So far using expressions I've only managed to search the actual text, not the underlying format information. Is there a list of the Publisher specific tags I could be using in expressions, or do regular expressions only search the text?
  13. Hello, If you guys could add these contrast ratio feature in Affinity, it would be a really great tool. Here are some links that checks the contrast of background and foreground color. https://coolors.co/contrast-checker/112a46-acc8e5 https://colourcontrast.cc/ https://webaim.org/resources/contrastchecker/ I also attached a video explaining the feature request. Regards, Hossein Affinity-Feature-Request.mp4
  14. I'm trying to export a PDF file and can't figure out why the l's in my text keep showing up so thick. All of my text has been converted to curves. Any ideas- am I missing a setting?
  15. After upgrading to Publisher 1.8.4, every time I try to open an .idml flie for the first time, the program just disappears. It seems to be working on idml files that I have opened previously in version 1.8.3. I am using system 10.13.6 and have sent several versions of the same crash report to Apple. I have also put this topic on the Windows forum as it seems to be a recurring issue on that platform.
  16. Hey community and devs! Problem is the following: I am not able to use the right click on the buttons of the stylus of my HUION display tablet in the complete Affinity Suite (latest release as well as beta). The right click doesn't get recognized. I have already tried experimenting with the preferences, but have not come to a sufficient result, but to the realization that it could be related to Windows Ink. I have already written in more detail about this here, a topic about a similar problem. I'm using the latest release of OS and drivers as well as both latest release and betas of the Affinity Suite. Display tablet I'm using: HUION Kamvas Pro 13 Now in the beta, the option to set Windows Ink has now been removed - but the problem still exists for me. Any thoughts/idead/workarounds/solutions about this? Greetings MrDoodlezz
  17. BUG REPORT - What happens when I Expand the Stroke. Everything I tried doesn't work on this particular font and rasterizing is not an option for me due to professional publishing needs. The only workaround for me on this one was taking it into another software to make the paths. I wish there was a fix for this in Affinity. This issue really needs to be fixed or at least some way to have a viable workaround. Font is Krupper Additionally, I first noticed the font was breaking from Publisher when exporting to PDF. So I tried to convert to curves in Desginer which causes the font to break. Running MacOS 10.15.5 & Affinity 1.8.4 Steps to repeat this: Download Krupper Font Add Stroke set to 3.5 Convert to Curves Expand Stroke New Document file attached as well as a photo. Memorabilia.afdesign
  18. hi. After yesterday's update, all tools not working. Any ideas why? I will just add that in all affinity programs as well
  19. I found the Fields Tab, allowing me to change the Author, Title and Subject etc. However I'm designing templates and I would like to also change the PDF document restrictions. Changing the defaults from what is and is not allowed. Is there a way? I'm aware that Acrobat PRO can do that, but I would like to not use Adobe programs anymore. Thanks. Linda
  20. I'm happy with the new release of the Affinity suite but as always ... I'm a beta cycle man, So I feel such boring and would like to know when is next Beta session planed and what's targeted ! Thanks.
  21. Hi to everyone! I'm designing a tiny game, a riddle. There will be ten riddles (printed in brochure-print-mode) and ten brochures for hints and solutions. Each page is A7-sized (74 × 105 mm) in landscape-orientation. The brochure will be printed doublesided on A4-cardboard. For paper-saving-reasons I want to print two brochures on one A4-sheet. For timesaving-reasons I want to edit all brochures in one file. Is there a way to archive that? Kind of brochure- and n-up-Print in one step? If not: Is there another solution to my problem? Thank you!
  22. Does it now support geo-tagging of images?
  23. Guten Tag an alle, hoffe es geht euch gut. Vor allem seit der letzten Version bin ich begeistert von Affinity Publisher. Da hat sich einiges getan. Ich habe das Problem, dass mir der Publisher in der Checkliste folgende Mitteilung hinterlässt: "Fehlendes Wörterbuch für Sprache (de-CH). Seit Version 1.8.2 korrigiert der Publisher auch die Fehler richtig und reagiert auch auf neu erlente Wörter. Ich möchte jetzt diese Meldung noch los werden. Ich vermute, dass ich das fehlende Wörterbuch irgendwie einfbinden oder installieren kann - aber wie? Affinity Publisher Version: 1.8.2 System: macOS Catalina Ich habe gelesen, dass auf Mac Affinity den Spell-checker vom OS verwendet. Muss das Wörterbuch nun in Affinity Publisher oder im OS eingebunden werden? Danke für eure Hilfe und Gruss Dominik
  24. Publisher 1.8.3, MacOS Mojave 10.14.4 The Alignment Panel used to remember the previously used 'Align to' dropdown menu setting. So for multiple objects, if I changed the 'Align to' dropdown to Last Selected, the panel would remember this and every time I opened the panel Last Selected would still be the choice in the dropdown menu so all I had to do was click an alignment button to align to the last selected. Quick and easy. But now the Alignment Panel dropdown menu defaults to Selection Bounds every time the panel is opened (for single objects it defaults to Page every time). So now if I change the 'Align to' dropdown to Last Selected, the panel forgets this setting and reverts to Selection Bounds the next time I open the panel. This means I have to click an alignment button and then open the dropdown again and choose Last Selected again every time I'm aligning objects. This is very annoying and really slows down work. I can't imagine this was intentional. Please revert to the previous behaviour where the Alignment Panel remembers the 'Align to' dropdown menu setting.
  25. After installing the 1.8.3 update on the Affinity publisher, I am unable to export PDF files that were exported simply fine before the update, without rasterizing the whole PDF. If I don't rasterize the file, I am greeted with the following message every time, no matter what I try to change: "An error has occurred while exporting to...". Is there anyone else experiencing the same problem? Or is there any recommended fix? Thanks for your time
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