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Found 201 results

  1. Here is an attempt to layout my latest poem using Affinity Publisher. I used layer effects outer shadow on the title artistic text. Font use News 706. The word 'Interrupted' is in DTC Funky and uses an outline to enhance the text using the stroke function. The background image is a pencil style image placed on the master page with an obscuring rectangle with light opacity to create the watermark effect. Foreshadowed Grief Interrupted.pdf
  2. I started a thread in feedback on font organization but now honestly this issue has turned into a bug or a glitch and wanted to address it here. My original request/complaint was that Affinity Publisher (or any Affinity product) could handle font organization better, grouping the widths together as a condensed/normal/extended format. Adobe does it this way and it works well. Now however, I sent feedback to a font foundry because I thought they had mislabeled SemiExpanded to be wider that Expanded. They told me it was the case with my software not their font. I looked again and realized they were correct and want to share a screen grab from Affinity and another from Photoshop to compare. Please see how the weights and widths organization is messy but the optical illusions of the widths. It seems the word length is squeezing down the sizes as well. Since Affinity Publisher is a master layout assembly tool especially where typography plays a critical role, and where many designers use thousands of fonts and many superfamilies that are extremely difficult to navigate through in the current font organization scheme, I ask for the fonts to be displayed as they are with Adobe. This would help tremendously. I love Affinity products but this is issue a thing to deal with.
  3. William Overington

    Peppermint song

    I was opening a box of peppermint tea bags and I noticed that they were not actually labelled as peppermint tea bags but as peppermint infusion. A song started to form, the first three lines of the result. So I wrote them down and just continued writing as it came to me. My original intention - an intention still in existence - is to use it as a song in the novel that I am writing. Yet, as there are not many threads here for Affinity Publisher I wondered if I could produce something that might look good here. Here is what I have produced. William
  4. I would like Affinity to add the option to be able to scale the glyphs into the Justification palette. This option can be pretty useful when someone is using some justified texts, flush on both side, because it will help to get better white spaces between the words in some difficult situation, as an example with narrow colomns of text. I am sharing with you here some specs I was using with success into some publications, see the joined picture where I placed (in blue) within Affinity Publisher's Justification palette the option I would like to be added. You can see a sample too of a document I created with these specs many years ago. In this sample page the width of the column if not too narrow, but more problems may occurs with the white spaces between the words where someone is using narrow columns where the text is justified, this latter is where the option of scaling the glyphs may come really handy.
  5. Hi, I used the print function of Affinity Publisher to print a page with an image. Unfortunately, diagonal lines are printed in steps here. This is also visible in the PDF export and can only be fixed by deactivating the image downsampling. Is there also the possibility to deactivate downsampling in print. Many greetings Christian Mertens
  6. Update: It's just happened again in my latest file -- my cursor hovered over Drop Caps and the application stopped responding. I've about 300 6 by 9 inch pages that are mostly text. (it would be nice if there were an automated back-up system, since this happens so often). The Hardware: MacBook Pro, Retina, 13-inch, Late 2013 OS: 10.14.5 Steps: I select a word on its own line, formatted as 'Body', and in attempting to change it to 'Heading 1', my curser hovers a moment too long over the 'Drop Cap' selection. This always results in Publisher freezing. Attached is the relevant publisher file, along with a screenshot showing when the application stops responding. Also attached is a list of files that Publisher has open (lsof on xterm). affinity_publisher_open_files_when_frozen.txt dad's memoir in affinity-inprogress.afpub
  7. I've been trying to recreate my character sheet for the Marvel Super Heroes RPG using publisher. On Windows 10, it causes a BSOD on save. On my Mac Pro (mid-2010) running macOS Mojave, it will cause a beachball of death after about ten to twenty minutes of use. At which point I have to power off the system and continue on the next boot. Rinse and repeat until finished. This is totally unacceptable for a pro product.
  8. Hi there, I'm working on my calendar templates for 2020. My printing house want all even pages (back) rotated by 180 degrees but I want to design them how I will see them in real life. Is there way to rotate all even pages upside-down before exporting the pdf for the printing service? Any ideas or work arounds? Right: How I like to work Left: What my printing house want. Thanks in advance Norbert
  9. Hi, I have problems with preparing file (book) for offset print in two colours black and P285U. In five places in the book I used image (like in attach), BW image with colour overlay in spot colour. When I export file in pdf this image convert in cmyk. Does anyone have any suggestions?
  10. I produce a 2-side mailer in Publisher that generated a huge PDF. I recreated the job in Xpress and generated a PDF 1/7th the size. There are other things that I don't like in Publisher (too many layers are generated, for instance) but they usually have work arounds & learning curves. Bloated PDFs are another thing. They are slow to load and quickly get too large for conventional email. In this case the Publisher file was 4 times the size of the Xpress file. The art in both files are the same. There are fewer options, as far as PDF creation goes, in Publisher than in Xpress. Both these PDFs are intended for print. The point is that if Publisher generates bloated PDFs, then it is not yet a pro application. Or have I done something wrong. Viera Mailer #4 APub.pdf Vieira Mailer #4.pdf
  11. I changed the font of some text fields in the master (the whole field, not inside the field). My document has already 16 pages, all referring to this master, but the copy text was already inserted. Now I changed the font in the master, and thought that the font change will affect all layout pages (at least those where I did not explicitly change the font within the text field). But this did not work. If I re-apply the master, all my copy text in the 16 pages is set back to the text of the master! Am I missing something?
  12. Greetings, and good evening ... after searching for about four hours now for a solution for my problem ... I've come here, really hpoing, someone can help me with this. So ... I made a flyer for print, with all three programs, Affinity Photo (for picture editing and converting them into CYMK, after the original try to export the PDF directly from RGB into a CMYK file), Affinity Designer (first try to design the flyer, with the result of a "red tinted" pdf) and Affinity Publisher (same result). I can't seem to get the right result after exporting the file into a printable pdf. Always got that red tint, and frankly, after trying for about four hours, I'm done ... with this *PEEP* programs. I searched the internet for a solution of that problem. The screenshot shows the difference between the look of the file in Affinity Designer and in browser or pdf viewer. The file looks more "yellowish" in AD. I've also opened the settings, with which I run the program. As I wrote, I'm really done with this ... *peep* ... really. I've had the same problems when exporting to jpg files ore other files as well. Colours seem way off sometimes and I've read every topic about this as I could. There seem to be others, with the same problems. Maybe someone out there knows whats off? Best Regards Mel
  13. Hi there, I've seen many topics on Affinity Publisher Printing Issues, most of them talk about DPI and PPI as well as bad print quality. If you want to learn about DPI and PPI, you can take a look to "James Ritson – Understanding DPI" in an Affinity Spotlight, it's very good and understandable. I encountered some problems too, but after some investigation I can say that the DPI-Settings in Document Settings are not the culprit for those issues. I'm a professional designer and use Affinity Publisher to create Layouts as well as PDFs for Print Productions, and all that works fine. If you stay with the default document setting of 300 DPI, you can produce high quality layouts and PDFs. Our Layoutprints are done with an XEROX 7750, an A3 color laser and the colormanagement runs with ColorSync where we use custom ICC profiles for Linearzation and Colormatching, made with i1 Profiler. We use macs running 10.14 mojave. This workflow is stable and controlled with constant results. This Laser prints with 1200dpi mad makes about 150 LPI, which simulates standard offset printing correctly in terms of color and offset rastering. There is no RIP, we print directly to the printer. With Indesign and Acrobat as well as with other softwares, all works fine. For that reason, I can say: Its not the printer or the RIP. When printing directly from Affinity Publisher, we encounter all the time some "blurring" specially of typography. We made some tests, first with some labels, then with the "Manga-Layout". Let's take a look to the labels. The label on the left is directly printed from an Affinity Publisher document, the other one on the right is printed with an exported PDF (from that file using PDFlib+PDI 9.1.2p1-i (OS X/macOS) out of ACROBAT. In terms of color no problems. But you can clearly see the blur of the typo (NO pathtext) on the left side. Both prints are done under matching conditions (driver/settings/paper): The one on the right side is correct, the LEFT print directly out of Affinity Publisher is not. Typo is blurred, but surprisingly other elements not. Colors are good. Lets take a look to the second test. We made a quick layout, prepared a somewhat logo on Designer and an image with transparent background in Photo, a gradient as back, and the logo as placed PDF. Same export as PDF, using PDFlib+PDI 9.1.2p1-i (OS X/macOS) The page on the LEFT is directly printed from an Affinity Publisher document, the other page on the right is printed with an exported PDF out of Acrobat. Here we see the same problems with blurred text, but also some quirks with the background and overlays. (dont blame me for those iphone colors This is not correct, while the colors are the same. My personal impression: The blurred text as well as those not properly working overlays seems to be an POSTSCRIPT issue of the internal processing unit in Affinity Publisher, I'm not sure but I think Affinity Publisher sends a rastered image to the printer instead of a PDF. Normally this works fine, you can use such a feature in Acrobat too. Affinity Team, please take a look at that. From far, or scaled down like this picture, you don't see the blurred typo really well, for that reason another picture, which shows that clearly. And btw that this is not an issue coming from resolution settings – dpi and raster are exactly the same, but not the typo. So maybe you might want to reproduce that yourself at Affinity, therefore I prepared a DMG of 34 MB with the files I spoke about. Here's the link to download that: https://www.dropbox.com/s/oa9gzou5is2vgq8/19_08_24_Affinity Publisherprint issues forum.dmg?dl=1 and the screenhots high res: https://www.dropbox.com/s/k4c0aaz4l1dqr9m/screenshots_ap-print-issue.zip?dl=0 Thanks and Cheers, Marcus
  14. The attached screenshot shows where Publisher froze ("Application Not Responding"). My document file is 2.5 MB and consists only of text. Also attached is a list of the files that Affinity Publisher has open (lsof on xterm), in case that is of any use. I just bought Affinity after the trial version corrupted a previous document and am hoping my new file is not likewise corrupted; I am afraid to kill it for fear work will be lost. Thanks. affinity_publisher_open_files_when_frozen.txt
  15. Dazmondo77

    Blackout in Technicolour

    Really happy with the speed of Pub 1.7.3 on this album cover for the Steam Kittens new release, although I started off the digi painting in Clip studio paint, I did a fair chunk in Pub using studio link photo using Frankentoon and Daub brushes plus some vector colour overlays - did need to use Illustrator to distort the SK logo and the colour wheel around the image but really impressed with the speed of using studio link on tonnes of layers
  16. Join me discussing, reviewing and teaching awesome new stuff. In this Stream: - a SUPER COOL SURPRISE - Look behind the scenes of my channel - Learn cool things about Affinity Photo, Affinity Designer & Affinity Publisher - Presenting my new Channel Schedule for upcoming videos - Reviewing images & talking about photography Awesome Deals for Affinity Photo: https://gumroad.com/sarikasat Support me on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/sarikas Follow me on: https://www.facebook.com/sarikastutorials https://www.instagram.com/sarikasat/ Join us on Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/AffinityPhotoTuts/
  17. Hi all, I dont know if someone start this post yet. So, I had made a magazine on the publisher. When I want to print in booklet, it crushed on me. Good thing that I save my file. Can someone help me? Thank you.
  18. Hello! I am using assets quite extensively across both Designer and Publisher. Is there a way to use one set of Assets that would be updated in any of the applications with as little actions as possible? Ideally like fonts are, i.e without any intervention - when I add anbject to assets in Publisher, it shows up in Designer as well. That sounds too perfect for me and most probably has it's serious disadvantages, but I wondered if there's some workaround. Maybe, as mentioned in this thread, I should use the Windows junctions functionality and have the assets updated after application is restarted? Regards, Grzegorz
  19. Hey! I’m a teacher who uses Affinity Publisher to design worksheets for students, but I haven’t found a quick way to be able to make a text field for students to be able to fill in themselves. The kind I’m thinking of is, for example: Q: What is the name of a carved pumpkin? A: _________________________________ ___________________________________ ___________________________________ Does anyone have any tips? I’d rather avoid having to use the (_) dash in my actual work as some fonts aren’t compatible with it.
  20. Affinity Publisher hangs constantly and is not stable. I am developing a brochure and have meanwhile created 14 pages. Affinity Publisher can no longer handle this. What can this be? MacOS 16 GB of RAM
  21. This work was for may last assignment, is the mockup of a magazine, and I chose my favorite band as a subject, I hope you like it.
  22. Here is a poem which attempts to convey some of the challenges faced by caring for someone a relative with dementia. It is an experimental layout in Affinity Publisher. I found the layer effect emboss quite useful for adding interest to the page. Particularly using the invert option to create something unexpected. Adding 3D to the text also helped the output look far more interesting. This work is copyrighted. Treasure in Darkness.pdf
  23. Hello, We as a team work simultaneously on one project. Therefor we all work in our own documents and then import the our finished pages into one final document. Coming from indesign this wasn't a problem. But how do we manage this in Affinity Publisher? Gr. Eric
  24. Hello there Affinity Team, Do you have any plans on launching an app similar to "Adobe Bridge"? That would be a great thing! : ) That has been preventing me of purchasing Affinity Publisher. Thanks in advance, JP
  25. It's very nice to edit embedded files in Publisher with only a double-click or with clicking the "edit document" button. But if you do that with an linked file, it opens a embedded copy you editing... OK, so far so good. But if you edit the original-file, all changes will be overwritten. Please fix that bug, that the linked original file will open by double-click or editing. Tanks for your great software! Thomas

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