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  1. When the dash pattern for a stroke is clipped (meaning the stroke is too short for the dashes to apply) the pattern is ignored. Steps to reproduce 1. Create a line with the pen tool| 2. Apply a stroke colour and set the stroke to be dashed 3. For the dashes, set increasing sizes, like 1 | 1 | 4 | 4 | 10 | 0 (cap type doesn't matter) 4. Change the length of the line, if the line is too short to display all dashes, only the first two 1 | 1 will be used, rather than clipping off the parts that are too long (e.g. the last 10 should become 5 to make the pattern fit) Video 2023-10-04 09-41-45.mp4 This is on Windows 10.0.19045, Publisher/ Designer 2.2.0.
  2. I started a document in Publisher 2.2 on MacOS Sonama (14.0.0) on a 2020 MacBook Pro (Intel). I continued the working on a 4th gen. iPad Pro 11" running iPadOS 17.0.2. On the iPad, I got a warning about granting permission to access a folder for a placed graphic. When I granted permission, the app crashed. Could not keep it open on iPad. On the Mac, same behavior. The file opens but as soon as an action is taken with the Resource Manager, the first thing that pops up, the app crashes. I can open Publisher using another file and it stays open so far. So I believe the file that crashed the app was corrupted. I'm uploading a .zip with both the file and a text doc containing the diagnostic report sent to Apple when the app crashes. Cartagram-CrashReport.zip
  3. Publisher 2.2.1 ~ Mac App Store ~ macOS 11.6.2 iMac ~ Acceleration ON ~ Hello... I am re-making a digital planner for next year - last year was a manually edited of 700-ish pges. The file was 29Mb finished. I am using the same master pages, and this year I am data merging and making the merged pages as I go, and at only 10 pages, the file is 163Mb. The key difference is last year was using Publisher V1, and not data merging with the same OS and hardware. I have a Master page with a Data Merge Layer (created with the Data merge layout tool with 4 columns x 31 rows). The merge layer has 4 fields mapped - each in a text frame. The data merge works sucessfully, and generates an untitled publisher file with the resultant page populated. This is saved as untitled.afpub. I add the merged page into my publisher file [Document | Add pages from file]. This is also successful. I add another master page to this (header, footer and left index). This works. This makes a month summary page. save... 3 Observations: Importing the merged page also adds a duplicate of the master page [exact same name as the original] image attached. The file size doubles after adding a new merged page. The file started as a 5Mb file, and is now 163Mb with 9 pages. There are no images, backgrounds or heavily filled tables. Each of the 31x4 fields is turned into a group in the merged page. The save and open times are getting exponentially longer as the file grows - making it impossible to keep adding pages via data merge. The plan is to add the 12 month pages manually with data merge (got 10 done), then a month of daily pages with one daily merge Master... It may take me until 2024 to get this done. Add Page from file Correctly merged page added to publisher document Applied added Master page . This is OK. : ) File Size Increase : (
  4. I would see only advantages in a function, that would allow me to swap the position of 2 objects. They don't even need to be the same dimensions. They don't even need to be the same type (image, group, font...). For a flyer I am arranging lots of objects. In my case images, that all have the same size. And I have to arrange them in a grid layout. Now I really "waste" a massive amount of time by moving them into the correct positions. Checking how the images look, if I swap 2 images - e.g. one pic from 5th row/2nd column to 1st row/ 6th column and the other pcitures vice versa. It would genius, to just select two objects and hit a command key and they will be swapped. It would save soo much time instead of dragging and hoping that snapping works fine. And that Publisher orientates on the adjacents objects correctly. Be For me: the fastes way (because of using shortcuts) is: cmd+c object1 - I wanna move from A-to-B cmd+v and move the duplicate of object1 to B - it's correct position (above object2), then cmd+x the duplicate, to see object2 again select and move object2 to the position of the old object1 cmd+v to get get the duplicate of object1 and do the same cmd+x, delete,cmd+v stuff for getting rid of the old object1 and having object 2 only I miss this option since years, when I started working with Affinity Designer. Thanks in advance!!! Schubi
  5. My question is simple, is publisher supporting import of designer artboards (plan de travail in french) with 5mm full-bleed (fonds perdus in french) ? I was hoping a solution of this problem with 2.2 but the result is still completely uncontrollable (see pictures below) I founded a solution with no artboard in affinity but it is not convenient to make a good design. Did I missed something ? Sorry for my english, i'm french. Emmanuel
  6. Hi, I want to create text inside a shape and was wondering if Affinity offers tools to automatically resize the shape to the length of the text? I have created a rectangle and changed its corners to have a 5mm radius, this radius cannot be changed after adding text to the shape. Are there any alternatives? 2023-10-03 13-45-57.mp4
  7. Hey community, I'm having issues getting files to stay linked in Affinity Publisher on my iPadOS, using Dropbox. When I link an Affinity Designer file on Dropbox with the Linked Services feature enabled and set up, the files don't stay linked at all. Plus, I'm unable to select other artboards within that particular Affinity Designer file. To provide more context: I was able to succesfully link other file types on Dropbox. iCloud isn't an option for me in this scenario, and I haven't explored it. I have tested the recent 2.2 update, no difference in behaviour, files are immediately marked as missing in the resource tab. This issue hasn't surfaced on either MacOS or Windows. There, linking works fine, and I can also select different artboards after I linked an Affinity Designer file on Dropbox. A speculation I have is that maybe when linking a file within Affinity Publisher on iPadOS, it loads the file just for placement and then deletes it right post-placement, causing the link to break. Given this, has anyone encountered something similar or can offer advice on what might be the culprit? It completely breaks my workflow over different devices. Many thanks for any guidance! Dennis
  8. I have a book consisting of 9 chapters, 90 pages total. Each chapter/file passes the pre-flight, and I can export each file individually as a pdf. But if I try to export the book as a whole, the export dialog appears briefly, then poof, the dialog and Publisher disappear! 😱 🥵 I exported each one separately, then used other software to merge them into one pdf, but that's not a great workflow. Publisher 2.1.1 Windows 10, 32G RAM.
  9. Hello, Serif team! Here are some feature requests for Affinity apps: Affinity Photo: Add the capability of seeing missing fonts with Font Manager. It’s a feature in Publisher but not Photo. (Window>Font Manager) All apps: Add the ability to sync saved Studio Presets (and perhaps other global settings) with my affinity account, the cloud, or iCloud; or at least make it easier to understand how to export and import those to other devices I use. Affinity Photo and Publisher: Please add a “rotate 90º right” and “rotate 90º left” button to the View menu bar. It would be faster than clicking rotate left 6 times just to get to 90º. It’s something I’d use every day. Forgive me if some were already posted, I searched and didn’t see anyone mention those. Thank you so much for all the great work you’ve been doing. Have a great day.
  10. Affinity Publisher, v2.2.0, Windows 10 Home While text wrapping works correctly/as expected with masked objects, only wrapping around the visible part, when the masked object is part of a group, text wrapping applied to the group does not work correctly. The expected behavior would be to have the text wrap the masked portion only, the same as before. Instead, when you apply text wrapping to a group with a masked object in it, the text wraps around the original size of the masked image, as if it were unmasked. This bug is reproducible and occurs with new documents. I have attached a screen capture of the problem. The "Group (Text Wrap)" has the text wrap on. Nothing else has text wrap applied to it. (I couldn't get the xbox game bar to capture the Text Wrap panel.) Affinity Publisher Example.mp4 Example.afpub
  11. Hi, I am working on a book layout for the first time using Publisher instead of Indesign and I came across a confusing case of how masterpages are applied. Say, I have two masters, one contains the chapter titles and the other uses regular text only. Now, if I apply the text master to the document page on the left and the master with the titles to the document page on the right, you can see that there's something odd happening with the numbering. That is because the Titlepage master also adds masterpage content (albeit invisible) to the document page on the left. Why is this happening? And is this a bug? Though it also happens in Publisher 1.10.6.... See how the document is structured in the vid below: 2023-09-24 12-48-06.mp4 And the file: Master page item is applied to spread.afpub The reason I am using masterpages for this is so that I can still add and remove pages during the process without having to worry whether a page is left or right facing. Doing so, I noticed many issues when I had first applied a master to a spread and then overwrote it with a master applied to a single document page (leading to double items on page and content migration issues). While the problem is obvious in the example below, it really wasn't with completely different masterpage designs. 2023-09-24 13-09-36.mp4
  12. There has been a change to grouping masterpage content in Publisher 2.X that wasn't there in 1.10.6. I didn't find anything in the release notes for 2.0 releases on the forum, so I am not sure this change and behaviour is intentional. Anyways, in 2.2.0, I cannot use the group command to group a masterpage layer with another object. I also cannot drag a masterpage layer in an existing group. I can however use hotkeys and move a masterpage layer inside an existing group. This is 2.2.0: 2023-09-26 19-30-44.mp4 This is 1.10.6: I can group a masterpage layer with other objects, I cannot drag a masterpage layer inside an existing group, but I can use hotkeys to move a masterpage layer inside an existing group. 2023-09-26 19-33-49.mp4 Steps to reproduce 1. Create a new document 2. Create a masterpage with some objects 3. Create another page, master or document page (doesn't matter which) 4. Apply the masterpage to the new page from step 3. 5. Create a new object on the page from step 4. 6. Select the masterpage layer and the new object(s) and create a group (with Ctrl + G) * Notice how the masterpage layer remains ungrouped 7. Try to drag and drop the masterpage layer inside the group * Notice that this is not possible 8. Move the masterpage layer to the top of the document and use Layer > Arrange > Move inside * Notice how the masterpage layer is now inside the group - Compare these steps with 1.10.6 and notice how 1.10.6 allows you to select objects on the page and the masterpage layer and group them with Ctrl+G (step 6.), which 2.2.0 does not. This is on Windows 10.0.19045. Expectation My expectation is that I should be able to organise masterpage content in a left page group and right page group. That way, I can easily detach a master and delete the invisible page items (to prevent the shenanigans from topic below) In case I apply a masterpage to another masterpage, I should be able to nest it inside a group — or Affinity should automatically group masterpage content for facing spreads on a left and right page basis. For the latter case, that would be a new feature and I wouldn't need to be able to group masterpages myself.
  13. I am unsure yet what triggers this, but occasionally, when I create a new document, the paragraphs are not populated when creating cross-reference with the any style filter set. The work around is to pick another style and set it back to any style. It then looks like this (the fields are actually empty, was too lazy to do the editing). If you can find the trigger to get the empty panel, please post back here.
  14. What Application are you using? [Designer/Photo/Publisher] Publisher Are you using the latest release version? Yes, 2.2.0 Can you reproduce it? Yes Does it happen for a new document? If not can you upload a document that shows the problem? Yes attached When deleting a row or a column, it deletes all the emojis otherwise used in the table See below: 1. Table with emojis 2. Highlight row to delete 3. Row and all emojis deleted. Example file uploaded tableglitch.afpub
  15. I have looked and found no other info regarding my problem. I am creating a six page document of A5 size. I am placing (on separate layers) text, images, background and borders (for printing). The first page has no issues and works when exporting to png. The second and third appear squashed and the background is not visible. I am unsure what I am doing wrong as none of the page settings have changed from the first page. I saved & exited. The second page worked, I did a little extra on page 3, came back to 2 and it was squashed again. I figure it surely cannot be something I am doing wrong (I hope) since it worked once then reverted back again. I don't know where to start to try and fix and issue that isn't consistent.
  16. Hi When I place PDF-Documents into Publisher (Windows-Version), it complains about missing fonts, although the fonts are embedded in the PDF. I don't want to edit the PDF, so I don't need the fonts to be installed on my system. Greetings max1josef
  17. I don't know if the creator of the video already reported the bug or is going to report it soon, but I saw it and did the test, and yes, the selection marquee does not work as it should in AD2.2 (nor in AF 2.2 or AP 2.2). Thanks!
  18. Hi, I am working on a document where occasionally, the lines are too long to have the cross-reference on the same line. In this case, only the cross-reference moves over to the new line, but I want to last word of the sentence to also be moved over. Is there a way to make sure the cross-reference is a non-breaking character of some sort? I don't want this: But I do want this (without changing the column or text frame size):
  19. I created a music instructional book in Publisher v1. I opened the same project in version 2., and have had mostly good results. Problem being that every now and then a resource is depicted with the blue outline, but shows nothing. In particular, I have 2 small graphics that we saved as PDFs. Some of the PDFs placed in the document like this don't show. And I cannot seem to find a way to update the resource. One can see from the screen shot that a blue box is located where 5 graphics exists. Oddly 2 do show. When I export to a PDF they do appear. Anyone else having this issue? I am using v2.2 on macOS Ventura (13.5.2) Thank you, Robby
  20. I would like to suggest some things which could be beneficial added to affinity publisher: - QR code generator - watermarking
  21. Hallo, meine Seitenzahlen (im Masterlayout eingefügt) haben auf allen Seiten einen Orangefarben Hintergrund, wo bekomm ich den wieder weg? Danke!
  22. Please add renaming for masterpage labels with F2. Right now, you have to right click on the masterpage, click on spread properties, then click on the label tab after which you can rename a masterpage. If instead, this could be done by clicking on a masterpage spread, hit F2 and rename, that would be a lot quicker.
  23. Hello, I performed the 2.2 update this afternoon, and since then, Designer and Publisher no longer launches correctly. Either they close unexpectedly or I face an activation window where I can't log in ("Please try again in a moment"). I have already tried to run it as administrator, without success... I saw that other users were having the exact same problem, but without a solution yet... Does anyone have a solution to suggest? Thanks !
  24. Could the right click menu item options in the pages studio be added to the keyboard shortcuts? These options for pages and masterpages are not present in Publisher > Document.
  25. I have a text style decoration for drop caps. I am pretty sure that previously I could type the values into the value boxes, but that now longer works. Also, I seem to recall being able to use up/down arrows to set the values. That doesn't work either. The sliders work as before. Can anyone confirm if they see the same behaviour, and if they have the 2.1x version if this worked before? MacOS Catalina.
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