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  1. Hi @NathanC, So I tried it also with a new document and the problem was gone... Maybe the file I tried it was kind of corrupt... Sorry.
  2. Yeah, sorry, I forgot to add that I use Publisher on Windows. I edited the original post now to make it clear.
  3. Hi, I created my account over a month ago and there is still no option to change my profile picture... Can someone help me, please? It would be great if you could get an explanation why can't change your profile picture maybe if you want to click on the square...
  4. Hi, I have a problem with the date format. If I insert a date via Text > Insert > Field > and then any option and do a right click and then click "Edit Field" a window opens in which I can define how (in which format) the date (and also the time) is displayed. But if I change the format nothing happens. If I then close the window and right click again my changes aren't saved. Also if I click in the menu Text > Insert > Field > Date and Time only the date in the current format is inserted and the time is missing. But if I open the Fields studio instead and adjust the format via the three dots at the end of the line and then double click to insert, the format is correct. My current version is Affinity Publisher for Windows Would be great if this problem gets solved because how it currently works is very frustrating.
  5. I really like the "Duplicate linked" functionality of Affinity Photo. Fortunately, it is also accessible via the Photo persona in Publisher. But it would be really great if it would get a proper integration in Publisher (that the panel is there also available). For all, who don't know what this feature does: You can duplicate layers linked, so they share some properties. For example, if I duplicate a text frame linked, I can edit the text in one frame and the content gets also instantly updated in the other frame (same with changing font etc.). Or, if you change the thickness of the contour, it gets changed also on the linked layer. In the links panel you can configure, which parts of the object should be linked and shouldn't. So, my suggestion is to split the option "text parameters" in two: One called "text content" and the other one "text formatting". With this option, I could make for example fancy headlines (see attached file), where I could assign a different text style to the bigger text... This would open endless posibilities.
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