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  1. Great thanks, and I exported texts as curves now, but font under 1.7 version is correct (I think this is a Type 1 fix in beta version). Colour fix would be good for more compatible between versions, and reprint will same.
  2. Thank you, I uploaded my project. Open with Designer, no with Photo!
  3. Can I send my link in private? Because file is big, and include commercial parts. Thanks!
  4. mykee

    Onedrive sync problem

    I see this line in beta: "Documents are no longer closed when a network drive disconnects (prevents loss of work on transient connection errors) " but no helped for Onedrive sync.
  5. Dear developers, I have a book cover project from Affinity Photo 1.6.5 version. I use Designer for PDF export, because in Photo has not bleed settings (more information here). I exported same project and same settings in Designer 1.6.5 and latest 1.7 beta (v258). I get different colors, and effects. In 1.6.5: I cannot export Source Sans Pro (Type1 font), I exported fonts as curves. Here is two PDF's whats I made with two Designer, compare these: 1.6.5 version: https://1drv.ms/b/s!Ar9GB-v89284ga5RgKrxD67Hi8AdTw 1.7 b258 version: https://1drv.ms/b/s!Ar9GB-v89284ga5UIgtVpjdQmbiieg
  6. I think while can export to press-ready PDF from Photo, then without bleed is nonsense. And I need Designer only for bleed settings, if I make a photo to print? Like book cover, bookmark, flyer, etc. Just photo and texts. No need Publisher or Designer for export. But if bleed is missing, need open project in Designer for bleed settings and export from there. This unconfortable. In Designer hasn't photo settings what I need, and if no use any vector tool, I no need for Designer, just for Photo. Publisher will good, if create a new project from this, modify in Photo and add to vector in Designer, but now is disabled yet these feature. I use Publisher for book wrapping, and Designer for vector projects.
  7. Dear developers, I have Photo and Designer too (and testing Publisher too), but I missing Bleed settings in Photo. I'm a book cover maker, and use Photo often. Cover made in Photo, but need open project in Designer for bleed settings only. If bleed settings will in Photo too, then I could export a press-ready PDF export with cropmarks and correct bleed. Please add this option to properties too, this will help for photo to print export. (Second solution: enable Photo and Designer in Publisher beta, and I will start a project across Publisher, and I could manipulate picture in Photo.) Thanks!
  8. Dear developers, I found a problem in find and replace window: hungarian characters see as unicode format, not as text. See my screenshot. I think will be a good solution if turn on or off unicode view in find and replace results window, because maybe need this character encoded version in future, but when I see normal character as encoded, then is no correct, I think.
  9. Hmmm.. I tought that memory leak fix was fixed my Onedrive problem too, but not. More information here:
  10. mykee

    Screen bug -

    I tested this with latest, 240 version, and seems it was fixed. Great thanks!
  11. Ok, I will use workaround trick, while I waiting. I wrap a book now, but this bullet feature will help in next books.
  12. Thanks for new build, but my TOC problem was not fixed, replace TAB separator to Bullets not working yet... More information here:
  13. Ok, I modify to 10mm, maybe this will enough. Great thanks, and I hope I will understand these zones in future... Update: Hmmm... 10mm not helped, hyphenation is there :-/ Try larger, maybe... I calculate: 11pt = 3,8 mm, 3 lines x 3,8 = 12mm maybe enough...
  14. Hello, How can I set hyphenation to do not hyphenate last word of page? I see Column end zone parameter, but that's in mm (or other unit), not disable last word hyphenate...