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  1. @Joachim_L I tried this latest trick, but not worked me - I deleted old fill layer - changed bleed size from 3mm to 4mm - added fill layer - change bleed size to 3mm - export to PDF and results is same as before Try with a bigger photo: place to top of project, and will be bigger as canvas and bleed. Try then fill background with fill layer.
  2. Great thanks for tip! Yes, I use 3mm bleed for printing, this is a standard for bookmarks here. I used an other trick: rasterized this fill layer, and resize this. But Fill layer will better, because hasn't any dimensions of this layer.
  3. @Joachim_L Ok, but this project include copyrighted photos, and I will never share my project to a public place. I will send to a developer, if need this. But try this: - create a new project with bleed - insert Fill layer in Photo persona - export to PDF with bleed and cropmarks
  4. Dear developers, I use Fill layer in my project, but when export, then this layer cropped at bleed. I uploaded exported PDF to here: https://1drv.ms/b/s!Ar9GB-v89284getpudRP9fUPA6R9og?e=HRiJ2i Please fix this bug!
  5. @Joachim_L Thanks, it's a great tip, I will use in future over No Break option!
  6. @walt.farrell We talking about using the No Break option in the Character Panel. I use Non-Breaking space too between words, but when I get hyphenation ex. mond-tam, but I need keep in one word (mondtam), then I use No Break option. But when book text is move when I break it, then No Breaked text is move too, but I cannot see, what was this. I need a visually option can I see these texts.
  7. Dear developers, Please add an option what show No Break character as highlighted text. I used on a few word this Option for better hyphenation, but when text will move, I cannot see where applied this option. If can you add a highlight to these words, texts, this will great help in future. This highlight feature can show or hidden like Special Characters or Fields.
  8. @Pauls This column bug is fixed now in beta! Great thanks for quick fix!
  9. Thanks, and I'm sad. I will use gradient as color on font in future instead of 3D effects, and Outer shadow effect have not problem in PDF.
  10. Dear developers, I made a book cover, and I use a few effects on font (like 3D). After saved to PDF, then font will rasterized, not leave in vector. I tried many settings under PDF options (ex. font save as vector or PDF-X/4 format), but not helped. How can I save effected font as vector?
  11. @Pauls Thanks, and I hope this will fix in next beta. and release
  12. @Callum I opened a separate topic for column end zone bug, and I hope this will be fix in next release. But I need more information from zones, like visualization areas, and working, because not clear why millimeters, and not point (if we use point in frames for fonts), and what is Hyphenation zone, because I set to big value, then I get a few hyphenation only. So I need a tutorial or any visualization from these zones, if I change any parameters.
  13. Here is my sample with language dictionaries: https://1drv.ms/u/s!Ar9GB-v89284geN5M_39aik4spyBcg Check Body text style, where Column end zone is 20mm, ans see holes on pages 2, 5, 8. When turn off this zone, then will get hyphenation on pages 2 and 5. I have a problem with hyphenation on last word of column, because in book is not acceptable, but I cannot align text to right frame if set Column end zone.
  14. Dear developers, I have a problem with hyphenation: if I set Column end zone to big value, then I get a hole on end of column, but text set to Justify Left alignment. Need correct this hole, because I cannot align to right frame.
  15. Hello, I'm a book writer and wrapper too. I'm testing hyphenation zones, but I don't understand, how can I use it. After set score, length, prefix, suffix and consecutive hyphens I stopped. I have textboxes with flow text (book text), and I need no hyphenation end of column. I can't see zones, font's measurement is point, no millimeters. Where is zones? I read in help: 'The zones are measured back from the right indent of the frame text, ignoring alignment or justification.' Ok, if Hyphenation zone is 17mm, then this length from right side of frame? Is this a column? This word length or 'hyphenation margin'? I get rarely hyphenation. Ok, I change Column end zone. This zone start from bottom to top, or from right bottom corner to left? If I use this, will be a hook on end of text, no aligned last line to right side, if hyphenation not applicable. I set to maximum: 400mm, and see the hole on end of column. Is this hole a text-alignment or justification bug? And what is Paragraph end zone? Word lengths in millimeters? Can I use Capital zone for start character hyphenation limit? Like 'A panorĂ¡ma' doesn't hyphenate if set point of 'A' in mm plus space in mm? Zones is not clear me. I need no hyphenation at end of column, and justification will be correct. Can anyone help me, please?