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  1. Dear developers, I found a bug in PDF editing with linear gradient. Please check these steps: Create a (CMYK) project in Affinity Photo Place a photo to background Place a Rectangle to your project Fill Rectangle with linear gradient with breakpoint, and will two gradients (see attachment) save and export to PDF open PDF and see gradient bug: put a mask what incorrect, not same as in project under any PDF version. Please fix this if possible, because if I have PDF only, no project, then need create again this gradient. Same results under Photo and Designer too. Project version: PDF edit version: My settings for gradient:
  2. Wow! Great thanks for this fix, and I will testing in next build.
  3. Great thanks for bleed fix and developing! Nice build!
  4. Just ping for version 133: no fixed yet. Not in changelog, I waiting for fix.
  5. I tested in version 133, and bleed is working again, and great thanks for inside and outside bleed!
  6. Yes, I confirmed: when exported to All spreads, then bleed is ok, but to All pages, bleed is not. In previous beta version was ok.
  7. Hmmm.. I tried in version 128 too, but If I select Booklet model in Print window, then will print first page at twice (see in previrew), if first page start at left in document settings. This correct?
  8. Hmmm.. I tested in latest 128 beta, but this hyphenation bug no fixed yet. I waiting more...
  9. Thanks for information, but I found it, but crop marks no there, where I set margins. I have outside margins to 3mm, and inside margin is 0 for picture book. When I see crop marks, then I get to zero for all marks. Here is my project with margins: And here is my PDF with Crop marks (not on margins): Ok, I tried export with bleeds. I get this PDF. Bleeds on wrong place: on left side crop in 3mm, other sides added more 3mm. And I cannot set negative parameter for cropping, just 0 (this is a minimum): How can I get correct crop to right side, and top, and bottom, but no crop on inside side? Update: OK, I understand, when I turn on Show Bleed option in View menu (what I missed in Photo and Designer): create a project EXACTLY (cropped) size turn on Show bleed, and working with this bleed limits. Great!
  10. Hello, I made a catalog in Publisher, and use facing pages. I set out margins, but inside not. For printing need crop marks for margins. How can I set crop marks for this parameters? Bleed has set different position, and crop wrong place.
  11. I hope will this fix, because will a big help for book wrapping. HunSpell is same under LibreOffice and Affinity.
  12. I used same library under PagePlus, but there was no problem, just with hungarian special characters (öüóőúéáí) where need hyphenation. There was a bugtgy, but only there, not other. With consonant was no problem... But here is problem... I no use LibreOffice. Hyphenation library was no updated from 7 yers ago, but worked in PagePlus. Maybee need a little bug hunting in Publisher for HunSpell compatibility. Update: I installed a Libre Office, and setup document to auto hyphenation, and I see absolutely correct hyphenation (parameters same as in Publisher). See my screenshot.
  13. Dear developer, I installed HunSpell hungarian dictionaries with hyphenation. I checked auto hyphenation, but many place is buggy. See my attachments, these wrongs on one page, and I have many pages. Good hyphenation: Üd-vöz-lé-sem Ész-re-vet-tem nő-vé-re-met Can check good hungarian hyphenation here (Hungarian scientific Academy site): https://helyesiras.mta.hu/helyesiras/default/hyph I use version 58 now. Please fix hyphenation, because this useless now.
  14. Yes, after update to version 58, this bug is still there. Here is steps: Create a custom style from No Style and save it, with project Close project and reopen it Go to Text -> Find Click on ANY gear for Paragraph Style, and there is have only custom style. I found a workaround: Click on Text Styles tab on right side panel Check gear again, all style will show
  15. Ok, I tested with other language: working with English, and Spanish, others not en-US is better like en-GB, nearest to hungarian hyphenation I testing more... Update: I copied hu-HU folder to base install location (C:\Program Files\Affinity\Publisher Public Beta\Resources\Dictionaries) and rename old folder. After start program, hyphenation is working. Delete folder from base path and set folder name back on ProgramData path, and hyphanation working too. Hmmm... An I use these settings now, but I select on a pic a wrong hyphenation. Good is fel-a-jánl-ko-zik. (here is hungarian hyphenation site: https://helyesiras.mta.hu/helyesiras/default/hyph)