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  1. mykee

    Affinity Publisher (1.7) Launch Announcement

    I love this feature!!!! I waited this from first beta, and LOVE IT!!!! What I needed for book cover design! Fantastic! Ah, no words... Thank you, thank you Affinity for great work, and many months, and everything!!!
  2. mykee

    Onedrive sync problem

    I have a good news! After Windows 10 upgrade to 1903 version, and Photo was upgraded to, then sync working again! I tested with a new project, saved and nothing problem! Try it!
  3. Interesting... After install Affinity Publisher RC1, then problem solved. I opened a photo project in Publisher, place mode has changed from linked to embedded, save and open in Photo. And working. But if has linked images in projects, and change document settings from linked to embedded, then nothing changed, images will not embed from link. Need delete image, and insert again. Please add this feature for Publisher (if Photo and Designer will not include): when change from linked to embedded, then linked image insert to project from links. Thanks!
  4. mykee

    Onedrive sync problem

    Ok, this bug not fixed in release version, but here is a new bug, if use OneDrive:
  5. Hmmm.. I made same results on my second PC too... Here is deleted beta and 1.6.5 versions (Designer and Photo too), and install 1.7 versions. Images linked too. I see a few buttons with Edit image. If I click to button, image will open on second tab. Is this a Publisher integration? Update: ok, I found it!!! This is a OneDrive bug again!!! Source images from OneDrive, and then Photo/Designer linked automatically. Please check this: place an image from a OneDrive folder! We have a OneDrive bug too (locked folder), and here is a second problem..
  6. No, this is a final version of 1.7 version, updated from Beta versions uninstalled, and latest install was Publisher beta. I think, Photo get settings from Publisher (like bleed settings if edited in Designer), but nowhere settings under Photo and Designer. Ok, try it: - install Photo and Designer to 1.7 - install Publisher latest beta - create a new project with Photo, save it - place a few images in Photo project, asave it, and close. Move photos to a different folder, and run Photo.
  7. No, I created 1.7 project in Photo, and place many images. After these images moved to a different folder, I get an error: missing linked images, and change these. Project size is little: 610 KB only. I attached project here. Please add link/embedded options (as in Publisher), or I cannot use this project in future just with images... keseruen-edes-reloaded.afphoto
  8. Dear support, I updated Affinity Photo, and use linked imaged when place an image by default. I need old placement: embedded image when I place an image. Or need select what I prefer. How or where can I change this function in AP and AD? Update: Options there is in Publisher, but nowhere in Photo and Designer! Please check this if missed option is a bug!
  9. Dear developers, Please change unit on information bar, if I changed to a unit. Thanks
  10. mykee

    Affinity Photo for Windows - 1.7.0

    Fantastic and huge update! Great work, many thanks! I love it!
  11. Dear developers, I try settings what I find under Hyphenation settings, but not clear these settings. I read Affinity help, but no helped. Have anyone many examples for these settings? Need more from Column end zone, Paragraph end zone, Capital zone and Hyphenation zone, and Minimum score. How can I add score to words? Need convert points of font to mm if need a hyphenation safe zone to end of column? I'm a writer and use for publishing, but no need hyphenation for last line only for flowing text.
  12. mykee

    Onedrive sync problem

    I tested with (RC2) too, but nothing happened, sync bug is there.
  13. mykee

    Onedrive sync problem

    1.7 RC1 versions not solved our problem (like Publisher): save working, but sync no, file and folder locked as in 1.6.3 version.
  14. mykee

    Onedrive sync problem

    Hmmm.. Save problem fixed in latest Publisher, but sync bug has yet
  15. Under 1.6 version was other problem with Onedrive folders and files, more information here: I think maybe something has changed in beta, and this generate above problem. I will send my log soon. (Will I find log in Beta folder?)