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  1. mykee

    Screen bug -

    I tested this with latest, 240 version, and seems it was fixed. Great thanks!
  2. Ok, I will use workaround trick, while I waiting. I wrap a book now, but this bullet feature will help in next books.
  3. Thanks for new build, but my TOC problem was not fixed, replace TAB separator to Bullets not working yet... More information here:
  4. Ok, I modify to 10mm, maybe this will enough. Great thanks, and I hope I will understand these zones in future... Update: Hmmm... 10mm not helped, hyphenation is there :-/ Try larger, maybe... I calculate: 11pt = 3,8 mm, 3 lines x 3,8 = 12mm maybe enough...
  5. Hello, How can I set hyphenation to do not hyphenate last word of page? I see Column end zone parameter, but that's in mm (or other unit), not disable last word hyphenate...
  6. Thanks, and I waiting a fix in future
  7. Hello, I have a problem with separator of TOC: - if delete Tab as separator, and try change to Bullet, then nothing happened - add back Tab to separator, and this ok, but after click to other place, tab will deleted. I tried created a new Style, but nothing happened. Please fix this! Update: here is a temporary solution: format Tab. - select TOC - View -> Show Text Ruler - right click on Tab on ruler - select (.) button. But when refresh TOC, formats (fonts, tab format) will lost.
  8. mykee

    Onedrive sync problem

    Many thanks, and I waiting fix for this in future builds.
  9. mykee

    Onedrive sync problem

    Hello, I found a compatibility problem with OneDrive on two PC's too. When open a picture in AP, and edit, but result save with a different name (like picture1.png), and close picture and program too, Onedrive cannot sync to cloud. I tried restart Explorer and Onedrive too, but sync not working for folder where I have modified picture, and maybe project too. After restart Windows sync working. Possible a lock file or other flag from Affinity what block onedrive sync? I tested on 2 PC what have different places az IP's. Here is my example steps: - open a picture from OneDrive folder in AP - cut out anything with mask - save project to same folder from where opened picture (Onedrive folder). Name is anything. - export result with different name same folder where your saved project. - close all and will see Onedrive cannot sync saved result or your project. Please check this!
  10. Ok, this bug has fixed in latest, 209 beta. Great thanks for developers!
  11. Great update, thanks! Please add Pixabay too for Stock tab, if possible
  12. Ok, I understand, but just think these steps: - create a symbol - put this symbol to many places - unlink all - change text or what you want on each items - after a few days need change any symbol standard on one item, but need change this parameter on all headers too. If turn on link, then what's will there?
  13. @thomaso Symbol is great. but linked. Great tip for same styles, but when I changed anything, need unlink, and I will there like Assets. And I cannot use for headers, because header text is different long, (maybe wrapped), and symbol will no follow (no relative).
  14. Ah, directly upload not working. Open each SVG files, and after grouping can import to an asset... Slow working, but will an unique collection.
  15. Yes, will be great, if can embed to style, and format text with image (like SVG will great for resizing). I think header with an ornamental or an SVG lines will be nice and exclusive. I try this Assets now, but will great here, if I can import images directly (SVG or PNG too), like a collection, but I cannot. Try a few trick, maybe I can upload my Asset category with a few images.