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  1. I have HDR Projects 4 version and many Franzis more (Color Projects, Denoise Projects, Focus projects, Black and White Projects etc.). There is Lightroom, Photoshop and Photoshop Elements plugins, but no working with Affinity Please add support to these plugins too!
  2. Great, I wait this! And I hope this include hungarian language support too (not for GUI, just for text wrapping and hyphenation), please!
  3. Hmmm.... interesting. I attached screenshots from an svg file. I see this, when change type modes, and go to None tab and select Recent... I think latest is correct...
  4. Hello, Try these steps in Affinity Photo: - open an image - select Pen tool and create a closed object - turn off image layer - change to Node tool - select your object - select Fill on toolbar and select a Colour - change to Gradient tab there - click to end point for apply gradient - select other type from list: nothing happened in Elliptical and Radial mode, Conical is wrong. - select None tab - click on Recent item on None tab - change to Gradient tab again, and select a type: this will working. If change to Linear, and select None tab and Recent, type will not working again... And I cannot change position from 0%. Nowhere vertical, horizontal or diagonal (maybe percent?) rotate/angle for fill...
  5. I have Filter Forge 5, and I can use this with AP I use these steps: 1. Copy ALL files from this folder: C:\Program Files (x86)\Filter Forge 5\Plugin\x64 to this folder: C:\ProgramData\Affinity\Photo\1.0\Plugins 2. Open copied Filter Forge.config file and modify this line from "false" to "true": <IndependentUI value="true"/> 3. Open AP and test it! (Filters -> Plugins -> Filter Forge -> Filter Forge 5) After use an effect, need wait a few seconds or a minute when apply this to your picture.