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  1. On a multi-page, Multi-element jpg export I get warning 'one or moer linked resources missing or out of date. Bu how to find which one amongst the many resouces?
  2. Thanks, Walt, for your elaborate answer. To fully understand I had to go to Publisher to try it out. It does wat I want. Thanks.\ Harold
  3. Within Publiser I activate Photo Persona to crop the picture. This does not work. All it does is move the pocture around in the frame, as if I had selected the move tool (which I did not). I have W10 and the latest Publisher. Harold
  4. What makes an artboard different from a 'normal' document?
  5. Have dragged the vignette filter to below the background layer. Now point 4 asks me to bring it to the top of the stack again. however, the vignette cannot be moved by itself. It is now glued to the background! They move together. What has happened?
  6. I tested tis action, you are right. Shift and Ctl are close together! Also found it cannot be uncurved! I wish I had no such shortcut!
  7. I had a correct tekst frame. All of a sudden, when I select the frame, in the layers panel the focus goes to a black square (Group). Under this I see a host of (curve) objects. When I try to edit the tekst in my frame, this seems impossible. Instead I seem to select a curve. I had redo my whole document from scratch. Not nice,
  8. I like to be able to anchor a text frame to a word. For example: My text (in a frame) is: William II is qwwedd…. etc Now I want a text frame that is anchored the word 'William' that keeps its position in a vertical sense when William gets moved up and down. I then have a text callout to William, which can be very useful.
  9. I want to edit my base style. Base seems to inherit from [no style], which has no way to edit (or even delete). How do I go about this?
  10. Thanks for help. I tried with multi column and that works as well
  11. I like a text frame over another (multi-column) text frame with wrap options like the picture frame.
  12. Import RAW photo from google drive PhotoApp iPAD does not work. The file is grayed. I could import the file from Dropbox.
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