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  1. I regret to inform you that this does not work. Both "Paste" and "Paste in place" give me unformatted text, and all other Paste-related menu options are greyed out. As for Wonderings and Petar, sorry, no. Not sure why you felt the need to post in this thread at all if what you're here for is to tell people not to use the product.
  2. Yet another +1 for IDML export. I am currently, as in right now, today, in the position of having created a file in Affinity Publisher and needing to entirely rebuild it in InDesign for a colleague. It's not a complex file. Honestly, all I need are the paragraph styles and character styles. But there's just no way to do it right now, which means creating things in Affinity has become a pain point for my operation.
  3. I switched from InDesign to Publisher for a few reasons: Price. I can buy Publisher outright for what it costs me to rent InDesign for two months. Good feature set. It's not everything I could do with InDesign, but it's about 90% of what I used. The only real losses that I've noticed were object styles, book files, and cross-references. I'm just done with supporting Adobe. I use Affinity Photo, but I use Pixelmator more. I use Designer, but I never owned Illustrator in the first place, so it was more of a "complete the set" purchase.
  4. No, they're a cool feature but they're for a different purpose. Symbols allow you to make multiple copies of the exact same object in multiple places. If you alter one of them, you alter all of them. For instance, if you're writing a game book and you want to have one particular shape that means "this takes two actions", you could change that from an arabic 2 to a roman II and it would change in every location where you placed that symbol. (Which is great.) What I'm looking for is something that, for example, sets the color and border and wrapping of a text box but allows each instance of that box to have different text inside. If I made my sidebars as symbols, every sidebar would have the same text - unless I "detach" it, in which case changes to the original no longer affect it.
  5. The "esc" trick works for me. Type in a frame, hit "esc" and you've got the text frame tool again, hit "v" and you've got the move tool (pointer).
  6. I've found that having object styles available makes it easier for me to place graphics faster, as I can set a standard text wrap and apply it quickly. I've also used it to create standardized sidebars with simple designs when I don't want to create new graphics for all of them. I've also found a few other features that other folks suggested that I also liked (e.g. book files), so I've been using the "Like" button to indicate agreement rather than posting my own thread or adding more posts to theirs. Not sure if that's the right way to go about this, but hopefully the admins will be able to see that. Thanks for your hard work!
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