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    Background color on pasted text (highlight style)

    Same problem here on iPad and iOS 13.
  2. I completely agree... There are two very strong camps in the US: Adobe Suite and Corel Suite. Corel has in the past, been the more intuitive program. However, it has also become quite buggy... That said, I'd like AD to be my main design app for workflow, but without the ability to convert the 1000+ Corel drawings, I'm somewhat hosed. Exporting to other formats as an intermediary is not clean.
  3. I have no idea if this is the best place to post this or not.... I'm trying to replicate a 7-panel brochure I did in Adobe Indesign and having problems with making the transition. The finished, folded size is 4" x 9". So I created my initial document with those dimensions. The inside panels of the brochure must be 4 7/8 (3.875") x 9 to accommodate fold creep. So I create a second master with those dimensions. I want each "panel" of the brochure to be a page, and then want to lay them out side by side to create the brochure inside and outside. Attached is a thumnail of the Indesign page panel showing the page panels (pages) in spreads. Each panel is a page and, when dragged into this configuration, create the spreads to print. Is this even possible in Publisher?
  4. I agree completely. I've been a CorelDRAW user since version 1 on Windows 3. I had always found it superior to Adobe Illustrator. However, since Corel has been delivering buggy software, and AI is bloated, I have been trying to migrate to Affinity products.... the ability to open a navite CDR file would be tremendously helpful.
  5. I'm exploring under the hood of APhoto and wondered if anyone knew of a way (or utility) that would convert Photoshop Actions to APhoto Macros. I have a huge amount of time (and money in some cases) in Photoshop actions, so I I'd like to move them if possible. Ideas?
  6. Several things come to mind for me... First and foremost, based on the title of the post, I was looking for a thread with advice, observations, etc., about switching from Photoshop to APhoto. I spent 25 years working in high tech and enterprise software development. I spent a long time working on my Adobe certification and have been a user since the first Windows version in 1987, along with Aldus Photostyler and Micrographix Picture Publisher - all of which wound up being acquired by Adobe and rolled into what we call Photoshop today. I like Photoshop, but also feel it has become cumbersome and ultimately expensive, particularly when compared to APhoto which, aside from UI differences, does a good job and at $50. Similarly, I was never an adopter of Adobe Illustrator and have always favored CorelDRAW for a variety of reasons. I now own ADesigner and was able to turn out a show poster using it, out of the box with almost no pressing F1, in about 3 hours. So, while I have no interest in an Adobe vs. Affinity debate, I will say I've been impressed with Affinity's commitment to delivery functional code. It would be extremely helpful, if it's not already done, to have a literal "I'm switching from Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator to Affinity Photo/Designer" document, blog, thread, etc.
  7. I'm not sure if it's me, or if it's Affinity Photo... When I open a Photoshop file that contains text layers, they open as pixel layers, so the text is not editable. Is this normal behavior, or am I doing something wrong?

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