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  1. It took some doing, but I managed to create book covers in Designer using artboards. Exporting to PDF was a bit tedious, but it worked.
  2. That's nothing more than rearranging pages and not what the OP is about (3-page-spreads).
  3. UI posted on this about 14 months ago. Curious to know if there is any plan to add a nonprinting layer feature. This would be tremendously helpful in creating layouts with guides and other content you don't want to print, but do want to see. The Corel and Adobe Suites both offer this as well.
  4. Nope - it was entirely from scratch Publisher. And today, when I cut & pasted text from the first of a few linked frames, the text that flowed upward was suddenly very large, and filled the frame. I keep getting told there's a problem with my documents, but then it seems like virtually every document I touch has some issue, which makes me point to the program...
  5. I continue to have issue where, in Publisher, I edit text. After completing my edits, I press ESC twice and V to get back to the Move tool. About half the time, this works; the other half, the text tool stays active with the cursor at the last insertion point.
  6. Anyone else seen this? I'm using styles and created a linked text frame to contain overflow. That overflow, no matter where the frame is placed, appears tiny.
  7. I posted the question originally because I find it creates unnecessary extra work. I typically size places images before I get to layout. When I click to place an image, I obviously wouldn’t want it centered where I click. In fact, I can’t think of a scenario where you would. But regardless, establishing a default anchor by clicking one I. The transform panel prior to placing a file seems reasonable.
  8. I think I've got the Corel convention stuck in my head. Once a tool is used, the cursor default back to the "pick" or "more" tool, so you're automatically onto the next task.
  9. That's a helpful idea! It seems to me that one should generally size an image before placing it (within reason), so click/drag works, but also feels superfluous. Something else just occurred to me. I wonder why Affinity wouldn't automatically create a picture frame when placing a bitmap image? As I think about it, I'm not sure why you wouldn't want every picture in a frame.
  10. Unfortunately I'm under deadline and already reworked the file. I'll try to recreate the issue later.
  11. I've noticed something that bugs me, but can't figure it out in Designer (but also the other products). If I have an object - say an image I've placed. And I want to draw a rectangle on top of it, starting at the upper left corner of the image. I change to the rectangle tool, but when I go to draw the rectangle, the cursor "sees" the handle of the image and changes it, rather that 'inserting' the rectangle. Is there a key combination or something to prevent this? This is a basic example, but hoping for some clarity.
  12. I feel stupid asking this, but I've looked and can't find an answer... When placing an image in Affinity, the default seems to be to center the placed image (for example) centered at the click-point. I want where I click to be the upper left point, but can't seem to figure that out.
  13. I don't know if this is expected behavior or not. I have a Publisher document and have placed a Photo document in it. When I put a text wrap on the Photo, even without specifying the size of the wrap, the text jumps about an inch from the Photo. Dragging the photo to the left (second picture below) the next moves with it, but with the same inch space. It's only be cropping the photo (with the rectangle/crop tool) and setting the text wrap on that that the desired layout is achieved. Is this normal?
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