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  1. Created a new document, placed a vectorized SVG file. It ends up in the document as an Embedded Document without nodes in 1.9.0. It cannot be modified with the node tool, because there are no nodes - it is just a picture. In v.1.8.X it used to end up as a vector drawing (with loads of nodes). I used Vectorizer to vectorize the original (JPG). In that program the preview shows up vectorized as usual, with nodes. In short, placing vectorized always worked fine, now it no longer does. Is this a bug or if not, are there any settings I have to change in Aff.Des. ? Thanks, C.L. Diamond.svg
  2. Thank you DM1. I'll try it out as soon as possible.
  3. Thanks Pro. I'll give it a go (no pun intended )
  4. Totally new to Aff on iPad. Is there any way I can save to a USB stick ? If so, how would I go about that. So far I've only been able to find external saving to iCloud, which I think takes too much control. Thanks, C.L.
  5. Hi, guys, please read through my posts. i did all those things (rename org propfile,swap for photo propcol, restarted Des, which resulted in a crash), so put original back & restarted Des. Only one thing worked: manual download & installation. thanks all, problem solved šŸ™‚
  6. Was busy doing just that when your above post came in. Lo and behold, manual downloading & installing works just fine. All assets imported 100%, all show up in Des as well as Pix personas. So, it would appear something is amiss with the auto-download in the Affinity Store. Thanks, stay safe. C.L.
  7. Yep, I downloaded them separately for each app. Cats in Des and Pixel Persona: Default, IOS 12, various self-made assets and Daub Papers, which is one of the downloaded cats. The latter one is empty : no assets inside, just the name. The rest of those assets cats just aren't there. I'm giving up ...
  8. @walt.farrell : Thanks, Walt. I tried the New Category method but no joy. I looked up the Assets.propcol file for Des. and for Photo. They are an astonishing 2.22Gb and 2.57Gb in size, resp. The downloaded assets are available in Photo, so I swapped the Photo propcol for the Des file. As i suspected, Designer crashed spectacularly, not even the "Reopen" button on the crashreport did the job. Back to the drawing board I guess.... @R C-R : Thank you for that ! C.L.
  9. Thanks, old bruce. Tried & True. Still, it would have been nice to have read it in the advertisement webpage itself. As for those assets: they show up in the assets panel in photo, but not in the pixelpersona in designer. Iā€™d still like to know where they were installed in the HD (path on mac).
  10. " two new time-saving modifiers for the Node Toolwhich allow you to instantly straighten a curve or delete a segment to create two separate curves within one curve object " Such is the description on the 5-things webpage. How do I access these two new features ? -------- I downloaded the free assets, but they're not listed in Designer's Assets panel. I think they are supposed to load automatically and end up in the assets panel ? Where can I find them on my HD so that I can load them manually ? Thanks guys for yet another great job !
  11. Probably a by design thing, but I stumbled upon it and I thought I'd mention it anyway, just in case. >Create object > Move pivot point >Copy object X-times >Select all. The pivot piont is back center point on the top object of the stack. It remains at the chosen spot when selecting one by one. This also happens in the MAS version 1.8.6. See attachment. If it is by design, no need to answer this post Pivot point.mov C.L.
  12. See the mystery of the disappearing Operating System, see screenshot of your reply just now and compare.. Or do I really need new glasses ? Anyway, I'm on OSX (iMac Mojave) and there the ALT thing doesn't work either.
  13. Seems I need new glasses. Either that, or a new brain.. Sorry 'bout that. Still, those buttons and their function wouldn't go amiss, and indeed, the ALT pressdown doesn't work as advertised.
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