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  1. Hi, Callum Thanks for your prompt answer and the brush. It works just grand. So, that leaves the question, where did I go wrong with my brush ??? Obviously I made a mistake somewhere along the line, could it be because I exported it as a PNG ? I really can't figure it out ... Also the shift in position is very odd, the halo moves upward when I export it. At one earlier trial the entire the entire picture (separate layers) even ended up with one enormous Gaussian Blur applied when exported as PNG, which made it well, one big blurrrrrr Anyway, thanks again very much for your trouble !
  2. I'm having a terrible time creating a brush: The file consists of 2 layers, the lamp itself and the "Halo shine" around it. When exporting the file as PNG, the halo either : a)Shifts position and or b) doesn't show at all in the brush. See example attachments. I have: 1. created the file in Designer > export to photo >rasterize layers >create brush 2. created the file in photo itself from scratch. In both cases the problem persists. Anyone has any ideas about what goes wrong ? Any help is appreciated, as always. C.L. light.afbrushes light5.afphoto
  3. I'm trying to create a lamp, which I then want to turn into a paint-brush, with which to paint a string of lights. I've got the lamp sorted in AffPhoto, but the more I reduce the size of the lamp, the more it becomes pixellated. I simply cannot get a sharp image, see attachment. I cannot figure out what I'm doing wrong, the lamp-shape I created with the shape tool and converted into a pixel layer. Can someone please point the way ? Thanks a buch in advance ! C.L. lights-test.afphoto
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    Oops.... Pressed the "Send" button too soon. Forgot : Thanks, good write up
  5. catlover


    @Peterterhorst Hi, Peter, I have read the Dutch Wikipedia page. Just one comment : The Affinity software is listed as "expensive". It is not expensive. Maybe split the list in two parts, expensive & in-expensive ?
  6. catlover

    Why bother?

    Just before Christmas there was a notice on the Homepage of the Forum that the devs were off during the holidays for a little R&R. (A well-deserved rest IMO...) The notice also apologized for any delay in answerering questions posted during that period, > Back after New Year' day after which they would do their very best to catch up ASAP. My questions have always been answered promply, either by the Devs themselves, or by knowledgable Moderators or members of the Forum. I've never, ever, seen such a costumer-oriented software company as Serif , for as long I've been using a computer, which is a longgg time. Having said that, A little understanding seems to be in order.
  7. catlover

    Asset Library 2017 Inktober Vectors

    Thank you so much, Stuart !!
  8. Thanks, Walt. I'll give it go. In the mean time, I'll go through my fonts with a fine toothcomb. Got too many anyway.
  9. Thanks, R C-R., I figured it out: I did disable through the Fontbook app, and the fonts I did disable, do indeed not show up anymore. However, I thought I'd disabled these particular fonts as well, but when I checked it looks like I can neither disable, nor remove them. I think they're system fonts in some non-western script, my guess is Japanese, judging by their name. Hiragino Kaku, Hiragino Mincho. There are numerous others like it. I'll move them to a temp folder to see if that has any influence on the system. C.L.
  10. I have disabled numerous fonts. Yet, they still show up in the fonts listing in Aff Des & Photo & Pub. That makes the listing unnecessary long and tedious to go through when having to pick a font. Is there any way to prevent the disabled fonts from showing up in the listing ? And if not, could this be added to the feature requests ?? I'm sorry if this question has been asked before !
  11. Thank you, Gabriel. Wish you a very merry xmas and a best ever new year. C.L.
  12. Hello, I have tried the iPad demo-version in the Apple Store while using: An iPad 2018 in combination with an Apple pen version 1 . This was a normal iPad, not the iPad Pro. Unfortunately, the Apple pen v.1 did not react to either Pressure nor Velocity. My question therefore : does Aff Des for iPad require an iPad Pro + Apple pen v.2 to work properly ?
  13. @jeffers :Thanks for the info. Can't help you with the PSO files, I'm afraid, sorry. Just to make sure : did you use Particle shop Aff Photo on a Mac ? BTW : I DO wish. a developer would pick up this question !!
  14. Thanks, tinlt. Has anyone tried to run this plugin on AffPhoto (latest Beta) for Mac ? Thanks, C.L.