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    Hello, F.D. That's not quite what I meant. I would like to see the guides permanently extend to the rulers, right across the gap between the canvas and the ruler, like it was at the very beginning. As it is now, there is indeed a tine little line on the ruler indicating the position of a guide, but when you "touch" the guide in any way, it WILL move ever so slightly, unless it's locked. That slight move is unavoidable simply because we're human. Anyway, I'm quite happy with the way the guides are working now, altogether a huge improvement. Choosing the color would put the icing on the cake, because of the contrast with the picture/drawing being worked on. Blue on blue isn't always ideal. C.L.
  2. catlover


    My only remaining beefs about the guides are these two: 1. they should extend all the way to the rulers 2. the user should be able to choose the color Other than that, the devs did a cracking job with the guides.
  3. Thank you very much for all your trouble. In the mean time I've deleted the lot and started anew. There is again an asset that I've just created which isn't visible, but hovering proves it's there. I'm one of those people who likes to get to the bottom of a problem, but this has me stumped but I don't want to linger over it any longer : it is what it is.... Since I'm just an amateur and hobbyist it really isn't that important. Thanks again for all your trouble, best wishes, C.L.
  4. I'm on Mjave 10.14.5. AffDes v.1.6.1. (the same happens with the latest Beta, though.) Hovering over DOES turn up the (default) name (sorry my mistake earlier) , but not the pic of the asset.
  5. Thank you First Defence. But don't you think that an asset-should- be-an-asset-should -be-an-asset. Without prior conditions for size or name or orientation? Anyway, maybe I'm just being an old fuddyduddy here Thanks again. C.L.
  6. Here you go : please have at it, thanks !! BTW : There is an asset right below the last one, I put it in a minute ago to test it out. It's a rectangle,default name, red fill, no stroke. C.L. citylines.afassets
  7. @firstdefence and @R C-R : Thank you both for your input I tried out both your suggestions, here's what I found. Renaming the object in the layers panel prior to creating an asset gives the desired result : a correctly named asset. However, that still doesn't explain why sometimes the asset is visible with it's default name (curve,rectangle etc.see attached in previous post), while at other times it is not : neither visible, nor named. Unfortunately changing the UI to dark did not show the asset, nor did hovering over it turn up its name, Light or Dark UI. The asset was not light grey to begin with, but bright green. Should have been visible I think, together with its default name (rectangle). R_C_R : I tested with your file, on dark & light UI, on Dark UI it stood out (naturally....), but on light UI not, the name of the second item was indeed visible. RH-click & rename didn't work : no name appeared. Anyway, thanks again for the input, I suspect there might be a little beastie lurking in the code, also because it seems to happen at random. BTW : This also happens with the latest Beta. Maybe if the Devs read this post they are able to make sense of it. C.L.
  8. Hello, I've created some assets and noticed something strange: It seems that, without any obvious reason, some assets receive the default name from the layers panel when created and some don't. It's quite haphazard, without rhime or reason.I've attached two screenshots. The first 4 assets were created yesterday, on the same file. The names are according to the default object-names in the layer panel. Those layers have since been deleted, the file was saved. Then there is a gap, but acutally there is an asset there, not visible, no name : a rectangle 1mm wide, no stroke, also created yesterday: The very last one also is a rectangle 2mm wide, also created yesterday. This too took the default name of the object in the layer panel. That layer was also deleted, file saved. So, in short 2 things happened : 1. Created objects >Asset from selection>Object names according to default name in Layers panel>Asset visible in asset panel with name. 2. Created objects >Asset from selection>Object names according to default name in Layers panel>Asset not visible in asset panel, no name. 3. Layers deleted, file saved. I hope someone can shed some light on this behaviour; I'd surely appreciate it ! Thanks, C.L.
  9. I seem to have poked a hornet's nest here. Sorry, guys, it was only meant to be a simple question : why can I not paste an object created in one Aff app into another Aff app . Patrick's answer makes sense to me, thanks !
  10. Sequence of actions: >Open AffDes : File >Open >Edit >Select object>Copy >Quit AffDes, >Open AffPhoto >File New >Edit >Paste. BUT : Paste is not possible : =Greyed out, File "New from Clipboard" is greyed out as well. Both Paste methods are however available when both apps remain open. This also happens with the Beta Version of both Apps. Does this mean that upon quitting the app the clipboard contents are wiped ? I always thought that the clipboard contents remain always available, until overwritten by another copied item. Can someone shed some light on this please ? Thanks as always, C.L.
  11. Excellent tutorial, thank you very much indeed. Just wondering how to get the displacement effect when applied on a brick wall. I've been trying to do this, but as you say : I've not been able to achieve a realistic effect with the built-in AffPhoto displacement filter. The example in AffPhoto tutorials doesn't achieve a realistic effect either.... Might you have any ideas on how to do that ? Thanks
  12. AffPhoto 1.6.7. Try the mesh Warp tool . You can add warp points by double-clicking. Warp points cannot be deleted (I think). That might do what you want to achieve. Nothing wrong with your English ! ++++++++++++++++++ Probeer de Mesh Warp Tool, die kan misschien wat je wilt bereiken. Je kan extra warp punten invoeren door dubbel klikken. Je kan geen warp punten wegnemen (geloof ik). Niks mis met je Engels hoor !
  13. OK, thanks for your reply. BTW : new update feature : What's that and where can I find it ?