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  1. Good idea. Over the years I collected posts which - at the time - I thought could come in handy when facing a problem. I had to delete them because recovering anything from that collection turned out to be more trouble than it was worth, precisely because of indexing. So, good idea, go for it !
  2. If possible please add a Toolbar Button for the "Merge Curves" command such as it is listed in the Submenu Layers>Geometry> Thank you. C.L.
  3. Thanks, guys. Both methods work. I'll post a feature request for a "Merge Curves" button for the toolbar. Because up till now I hadn't found the command. C.L.
  4. I need to make the 2 black objects into one. The result must look the same, but as 1 object. The red object is the result after using the "Add". I've tried the "Add" boolean, but it gives the wrong result. Please see the attachment. I've tried various methods, also starting out with the two objects as "Lines", but the result is always the same. Thanks in advance for any suggestions on how to achieve this. C.L. Add-how.afdesign
  5. catlover

    Very simple dimensioning objects

    Very useful, thank you
  6. Sorted, thank you. Sorry for the late reply.....
  7. A couple of questions about creating vector/image brushes. See example : 1)This vector brush seems to "cut through" the earlier stroke when swooping back on itself. Stabilizer function is activated,tried also in combination with rope at 35 and lower. How come ? I've seen examples where the stroke crosses over the earlier stroke, how do I get that effect ? The example was made with an existing brush. 2) How exactly (step by step, sorry...) do I create 1)A new vector brush 2)How do I create a new image brush ? Haven't been able to find any step by step instructions. Many thanks in advance as always, C.L. Gradient Brush.afdesign Gradient Strokes Brush.afbrushes
  8. The cat looks very proud of himself after having had a go at the settee And thanks for the video !
  9. Sorry to post this here, but can't find proper place to post it: When canceling a new post in order to start anew, the contents of the cancelled post have not been deleted. Procedure followed : >New Post > Press "cancel" button > New post >>>>>>>The contents of the cancelled post are still there.
  10. Reason for request: When using power duplicate, it only works when placing the object to duplicate by : >select with mouse >move it by mouse (eg "placing") >power duplicate object It would be very handy also to be able to : >Select with mouse >move (nudge/place) with arrow keys to exact position >power duplicate object. Sometimes the object just needs that last little nudge, which means -as it stands now- you have to start all over again. Just a suggestion, mind. C.L.
  11. I need to create a checkerboard (vectors, back&white squares) which I then need to perspectively distort. I can't figure out how to do this the easiest way (which method to follow). Any help is very much appreciated, Thanks !! C.L.
  12. Don't thank me : please leave a thank you post on Mr. Sarikas' site !!
  13. Happy Birthday ! BTW: For precisely that reason I dumped Windows when, with the advent of Win10, they forced me to give up the applications I used to work with : they would no longer work with Win10. So I figured I'm done with Windows and made the switch to Apple. Now, it turns out that Apple is going the same road with their new OS "Catalina" : 32bit no longer supported, so dear customers, if you want to use your customary programs : go out and spend your money on new software. We, the users, can't win - ever ! Well, I'm a pensioner and I simply can't afford it. Which means I'm sticking with OS Mojave and see what happens - I've seen grumblings about Catalina already.

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