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  1. Tried to remove the double attachment through the edit button - didn't work, sorry.
  2. Pavlov, Here's a 5-point perspective tut & its link. https://orig00.deviantart.net/8934/f/2008/242/a/5/five_pt__perspective_tutorial_by_awlaux.jpg You can find more perspective grids here : https://www.drawinghowtodraw.com/drawing-lessons/Perspective-Drawing/2-Two-Point-Perspective.html Save the atachment to your computer & zoom in. You can set up a grid with the grid manager in AffDesigner & draw the circles on a separate layer, then lock the layer.
  3. As I was intrigued by the "Chiseled Text" posts, I tried to create a chiseled text style ready to use. Here's the result of my effort, feel free to comment. Chiseled_Text-Marble.zip
  4. Sorry for the lame joke. Can you upload the file, so that we can have a closer look ?
  5. Thanks RC_R. I guess it's just one of those quirks. Seems to me though, that OSX has a lot less of them than Windows ever did (and does ?).
  6. RC_R : Thanks & Sorry for the delay in replying. 1. I imported the Broken tails.abr file into Photo, brushes worked OK. 2. Then I checked out the propcol file you named, neither date, nor size had been updated. 3. Checked the icons in Finder, still Publisher icons. Now it gets really weird : 4. Set the default "open with" app for ALL abr files to Photo. 5. Checked whether this had been done : YES, all abr's to Photo. 6. Restarted. 7. Lo and Behold : the file that used to have the Photo icon (Autumn veins.abr see pic in original post) now has the Publisher Icon in Finder ((Autumn veins.abr see pic in this post).... It has me baffled. The files open default & work OK in Photo, but the icons still point to Publisher. BTW : I did NOT delete the Publisher propcol file - can I just do that without dire consequences ?? I have put this post in the bugs section, hoping that someone in dev reads it.
  7. Ever since using Publisher, the default brush file pictogram in Finder & its default "opening" app has changed from Photo to Publisher. I import the .abr brushes in Photo. This has happened for the majority of the .abr files, albeit not for all, as the pic shows... Not my doing & of course I can change it back to Photo, but : Just wondering why this has happened and has it happened to anyone else ?
  8. catlover

    Stone logo Designer

    Please have a look at this thread also. Once done, then playing with the light direction can also make a difference. https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/63431-mimic-chisel-hard-bevel-effect/&tab=comments#comment-328755
  9. Have you tried the "Luminance" brush in AffPhoto ? It is fully adjustable, and might do the trick. It needs a very steady hand though. You'll end up with a pixel object, not a vector. You can download it here. It's meant for Ipad, but it also works on iMac. https://affinity.serif.com/ipad-update EDIT : In the mean I tried Flame Painter, as per FirstDefence. Better by far. SVG export in demo mode.
  10. Can someone please (!!!) tell me why my attachments show up so HUGE ???!!?? They are very modest in size when I attach them, but in the forum they show up absolutely giant ???
  11. FIXED - Thank you, Patrick. As an (aside, not nitpicking !!) suggestion : Would you consider changing the Version number on the download page to read something like : 1.7.0.XXX Number : 1.7.0.XXX installed Your mail sends me to the forum, this tells me V-number is the latest When I follow the actual download link in the forum, I end up on the download webpage, which tells me the download V-number is 1.7.0. The V-number showing up in Finder is 1.7.0. In the end, the correct version number is downloaded, but it does get kind of confusing along the way... So, if at all practicable, XXX (or something else neutral) would be great. Thanks a lot for all the effort you guys put in !! C.L.
  12. I had this problem : copy styles I use often from one category into another. Here's what I did, a bit laborious maybe, but it worked. 1. Create a new empty category, & give it a name. 2. File >New >Create a small rectangle, no fill 3. Change over to the category FROM which you want to copy the style. 4. Select the rectangle >Fill the rectangle with the style you wish to copy 5. in the styles menu, go back to the empty category >click "Create style from selection". This way you can fill your own category, one style at a time. Another way : create of rectangles equal to the number of styles you want to copy, fill with the styles you want to copy & create style from selection into your empty category one by one.