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  1. I had this problem : copy styles I use often from one category into another. Here's what I did, a bit laborious maybe, but it worked. 1. Create a new empty category, & give it a name. 2. File >New >Create a small rectangle, no fill 3. Change over to the category FROM which you want to copy the style. 4. Select the rectangle >Fill the rectangle with the style you wish to copy 5. in the styles menu, go back to the empty category >click "Create style from selection". This way you can fill your own category, one style at a time. Another way : create of rectangles equal to the number of styles you want to copy, fill with the styles you want to copy & create style from selection into your empty category one by one.
  2. @Ben, thank you for answering, what with being so busy. I meant the little pointy crosshairs sticking out of the Ruler Origin Indicator that is now a new feature in APub. Please see attachment. And, if & when the other parts of the Affinity Suite are updated, it would be lovely to see that in those as well. You see, IMO it would greatly ease the lining up of Guides when placing or moving those. Thanks again for doing a great job. Best, C.L.
  3. Suggestion / question for @Ben. Would it be a lot of work to lengthen the X-hairs of the (future) ruler origin point in APub/AfDesigner and any other future updates of the Affinbity Range ? IOM it would greatly ease lining up the guidelines. Thank you !!
  4. Just as a matter of curiosity : Where can I find it on the Mac ? Thanks, C.L.
  5. catlover

    Tool Icons

    Go to: >Preferences > User Interface > If there's a checkmark in "Monochromatic iconography"....remove it. Might require a restart.
  6. Doesn't work when using the pencil tool. As far as I could see, it works while using all other tools Best, C.L.
  7. I have noticed that the Autocorrect Prefs are not saved upon closing the program. When starting it up again, the Autocorrect prefs that I had set are all back to default. Haven't checked whether this also happens with other prefs. You've done a great job so far, thank you C.L.
  8. Just found out: creating a guideline on the fly is now possible with any tool in use. Brilliant !
  9. see tut . You have to EXPORT the .pat file first, then import the resulting file into Aff. I think this link might help you along. Don't have PS myself, sorry. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8jzbjwAFUm8
  10. Re : Pen tool et al in Publisher: Massive improvements THANK YOU, BEN !
  11. Just a question : Does anyone know what the "Construction" tools are for ? When I try to make a 3-point circle, I indeed get a circle, but the stroke is purple and the colour can't be changed, nor is the stroke visible when switching to, say, the move tool. So : What does the construction tool actually do ? Any help is much appreciated, as ever.
  12. My guess is it has to do with the difference in the future update of both AFP & AFD : there the Ruler would "rule", hence RulerOrigin, whereas in Desktop Publishing the Page Origin is the usual nomenclature. At least it was that way with Pagemaker and its ilk. Mind you.... is there a difference ??