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  1. catlover

    Van Gogh's colour palette

  2. You might try CDR Viewer 2 from the App Store. It's free, you can view and export CDR files as Vector PDFs. Haven't tried it myself, but it could worth a look-see for you.
  3. You can also manipulate each individual swatch by : >Selecting the swatch >Right-click it. You will get a submenu with the possibilities. You can also copy an individual swatch and place it in a newly created, empty swatch panel. >Hamburger Menu >Add "XXX" Palette > You'll get an empty swatch panel named "Unnamed". Now go back to the desired color to copy : >Select the color, >Right-click Copy >Go to the "Unnamed" panel and choose the Little "+" sign next to the empty panel. The color will be placed in the panel. >Rename the panel to your liking.
  4. catlover

    Purples Palette

    Example pic added to original post. Thanks for your comment. C.L.
  5. catlover


    A-MAZING !!! And thank you so much for sharing !!!
  6. catlover

    Purples Palette

    A palette of shades of Purple. Hope you'll find a use for it. Enjoy. Example added, as requested. Purples.afpalette
  7. Thanks, Alfred, that worked. Kind of weird though when you think of it : create a gap in order to close it ???
  8. Problem : I've got a number of closed circles. I want the stroke to be a brush stroke. Once it is a brush stroke, the circle is no longer closed, there is a gap. I've tried to insert a tiny stroke with the same brush over the circle-stroke to close the gap: >Draw stroke >Place over circle-stroke >Select both, >Boolean >Add The result is that the gap doesn't close, it just moves. I don't think it's really possible, but does anyone know how to close the gap? I've also tried the same in Photo, but no joy there either. Gaptest.afdesign Example attached, all help greatly appreciated, thanks. C.L.
  9. Indeed it is so ! Fixed now, Thank you !
  10. Just stumbled upon this,thought I'd mention it: see attachment. Goes for both Designer & Photo (Mac). It might be by design, it might be a bug - that's for the experts to decide . The Grid & Axis Mngr Disappears completely when clicking its Orange Minimize Button and cannot be called back, no matter what. You have to quit & restart the application to get it back, then the Grid&Axis Mngr shows immediately on the screen. Please have a look at the mov file. I did not include the restart in the movie because then the file gets too large to upload, sorry. Grid_Axis_Mngr.mov.zip
  11. catlover


    Can you elaborate your quesion please. Your example does not contain Dutch hyphenation, only file names with underscore. Dus even iets meer uitleg graag
  12. I've had a similar challenge, albeit not on such a large scale. You don't mention whether you're using AFD or AFP, but I believe the method would be the same What I did : create a new document of sufficient size, select, copy & place the colour guide image(s) on that document. The size of the swatches on the original colour guide is not important, as long as the lot fits on your document. It does'nt matter if there are obsolete colours such as stroke colour amongst the selected lot, you can delete those obsolete swatches later. Choose create pallette from document. Delete obsolete swatches, if present.
  13. I have an example picture of an existing gradient, I've saved it as .Afphoto as well as .Afdesign file, .png & . jpg I want to use this gradient in an illustration, so I want to create an Affinity gradient, but I keep ending up with an Aff. Palette full of separate swatches of the colors used in the gradient. Can anyone help me how to create a gradient swatch directly from this example picture ? As always : all help enormously appreciated !