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  1. I've experienced repeated crashes when editing existing self-made brushes It happens when editing the sub-brush, at some point when after / or simultaneously with clicking the "close" button in order to return to testing out the brush with the paintbrush tool. It's very hard to pin down when exactly it happens. I'm sorry I can't provide a video, it just happens in a split second, totally unexpected. I've attached a crash report of today 28 0ct.2020, but it happened yesterday a few times in a row also, all in exactly the same manner. Can't find the crash reports of those crashes though. I can look for them if you can send me the path. Hope this helps, C.L. AffPhoto_crash.txt
  2. @StuartRc : Thank you so much Stuart , you've been extremely helpful. With your explanation I think I've got the basics now, will keep on experimenting. P.S. : Your latest set : awesome ! Cheers ! C.L.
  3. OK, I would love to know the process since I assume that's why I couldn't get it right. I've looked at the "edit brushes" tab of the various brushes and it looks to me as though the thing hinges around the sub-brushes being just so. But I'm not sure I'm correct .. Do you start out with a rectangle or a circle to make those sub-brushes and if a rectangle, does the basic brush also need to be a rectangle ? I won't be able to reply to this post immediately, but I'm back later this afternoon. But If you could give me some insight into the process I'd be very greatful. C.L.
  4. @Dan C ; @firstdefence ; @StuartRc : That's wonderful ! Thanks a million for all your trouble, guys Please stay safe !! Best, C.L.
  5. I've noticed that too. If you edit the brush by adding the dots as a sub-brush there is a choice within the "blend" option. One of them is "erase". Might that have something to do with it ? I do hope you'll be able to let me know where I went wrong, I just can't figure it out....
  6. That would be great, thank you so much. Here's the Zip with the dots. C.L. Dots.zip
  7. I'm trying to re-create a brush similar to the attached pic. It's a tube-like brush, with dots on it. I've got the tube done, but I can't get the "dots" to paint along the length of the tube. I've tried them as "nozzle", as painted right on the tube, but nothing seems to work. They end up at the end of the tube and not along the length. Could anyone help me with this, please ? Thanks in advance, C.L. DottedBrush.afphoto
  8. This isn't only caused by translation. It also concerns the English texts. Some of them could well be abbreviated without losing their meaning. Even on a 27" monitor I have to remove all the spaces to have the tools I want at my disposal in the top toolbar. I've posted feature request for a multiple-row toolbar years ago. Unfortunately nothing has come of it. Until now .....?????....
  9. I just posted a bug report concerning the Contour tool in the "Bugs" section of Aff.Designer Beta. Please have a look when & if. Thanks.
  10. In the "Light" User Interface Mode the Contour tool options in the Toolbar are invisible. they are visible in the Dark mode. White-On-White outlines?? Great tool though, thanks !!
  11. I think what you need is "Symbols". Perform a search of the forum to find out exactly how to do this.
  12. BTW : I wonder why that propcol file is so big ?
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