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  1. I switched from Photoshop to Affinity Designer about a year ago now, here's a brief summary of my experience and why I prefer it: Cheap one time price It's highly flexible (their artboards system kicks Adobe's one by a mile) The UI makes sense (having design personas keeps your workflow simple and easy to navigate) The keyboard shortcuts are similar to Photoshop so the transition was easy It saves my work in a lossless format (rather than rasterised!!) It easily allows import/export of popular formats (PNG,JPG,PSD,PDF,SVG etc) It's cross compatible LINK MODERATED Their community is lovely and very helpful (the devs also share their roadmaps and speak with you) I've got more points but I think that covers the main points for me. I use the software daily and sometimes in combination with Affinity Photo which is just as good (they can also work on the same file together - live editing).
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