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  1. It feels like they do not care much, that Arabic and Hebrew speakers do not have access to affinity.
  2. Its suitable for Adobe, but not for Affinity?... Do you have a better option?
  3. A lot of the features you listed are important, but without RTL I can not join the Affinity community. so sad
  4. You can't compare the new Affinity apps, to the old Serif Plus programs. Affinity is very popular in the ME, even before supporting RTL. once RTL is implemented, Affinity will be the standard in graphic design very fast. Can't wait to see Hebrew Support as part of the Affinity Feature set.
  5. Your right about Arabic, but Hebrew is not a "complex script" at all.
  6. You made a statement "nobody supports...", and I answered that it's false and untrue. Now we hope that Affinity will add it a little faster they said they would
  7. Absolutely not true! Most software companies nowadays supports RTL! Adobe, Microsoft, Corel, Apple, Inkscape, etc..... Its a shame.
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