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  1. I'm still using Affinity, still didn't buy RTL Fixer, still wondering if I should, and still hope the guys in Serif will add this feature ASAP
  2. In the last few weeks, every time I try to open my fonts list in Affinity Designer & Photo in order to choose a font, the app crashes - so that I can't change fonts. Can you help me fix that? thanks!
  3. Hi there, I'm using PC and want to buy a new Mac. Will I need to buy a new license for the macos versions of Affinity softwars or that I can use my current license? Thanks
  4. Anyway, let's hope they'll decide to put this request into practice this time! 🤞
  5. As I said before, I know there are many people around there who don't buy Affinity just because of this missed feature. Maybe if Affinity will add it - even with an additional cost - and will advertise it in Rtl-languages-speakers countries, they will all buy it 😁
  6. Well as a requests forum, I published my request. I would be happy if one of the developers will address the question
  7. Ok, but why wouldn't Affinity team work on this? Many other companies did. And I guess there's somewhere a rtl library they can use. Anyway, I understood that supporting rtl isn't in the planning for the near future, which is too bad. Why? There are so many users who would like to get this feature. Lately I designed kind of a school newspaper in Hebrew, and I head to save the background and add the text in PowerPoint, which really complicates the work process, and also causes a less good result.
  8. The question is, why doesn't Affinity add this feature to its softwares? It isn't supposed to be to complicated.
  9. Hi, Can you please consider supporting RTL languages like Hebrew and Arabic? As a Hebrew speaker, I have to write texts In my designs backwards, which makes me frustrated, and I know there are many other people who would like to get this feature. I use affinity design & photo for around 3 years, and that's the only con I found compared to Adobe's programs. I know that many rtl-languages speakers don't buy Affinity suit just because of this reason.
  10. So you don't recommend buying it? Is it better to keep writing backward?
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