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  1. Serif is making good steps in developing there products, I really love affinity collection and love the way that they work together in one environment, and I really want to get rid of the junk old monsters (Adobe, CorelDRAW) as they are (expensive, heavy, full of junk and annoying) so I started to check what is strongly recommended options that is missing from AD and I came out with this list (attached), I really hope that the developing team will consider it in next versions.
  2. I agree that if you switch to Mac you will never go back .. but 4 years is a very long time in the life of technology, every day you search the web you find something new, new software or new website. as an example; each year CD and AI deliver major update(s) and minor developments and fixes the way that makes you excited to update your version or order the new version, this is a marketing policy for the benefit of the user, but what AD offers me is the same I can find in any free software or online solution (check Gravit Designer), I like AD and I wish all good for the people working on it, that is why I'm sad that they don't deliver the best for their customers.
  3. I've been playing around with AD and I like the software and its interface, I use CorelDRAW for vector design and I really wish that you start real development to your software to make us ready and reliable to convert to it, I will put my notes below and I wish you consider them in the next updates: Support RTL languages (offcourse this is a deal breaker for me). Styles or effects (like perspective to match an image to a shape, blend to draw a shape along bath, contour, shadow, etc). Trace bitmap tool (it is available with options in Illustrator, CorelDRAW, Inkscape, and others). Tables and spiral shape. Fill with pattern (a specific method or tool to apply the pattern to a shape). 2 lines toolbar (to have more space for more tools).
  4. Thank you guys for the fast respond, for now I played arround with AD and learned how to deal with it, I can say I liked (actually loved) the appearance of the software and the way you deal with the objects (draw, resize, move, align, etc) the software gives you a very smart and easy way to control shapes, I still have some features that I wish it will be embedded: 1. Tools like (contour will give unlimited number of strokes, blend will enable you to duplicate shape on a specific path, distort, envelope, extrude,knife to cut objects, smart fill, etc) of course all these tools I use them in CorelDRAW and they are very usefull. 2. The ability to read .cdr files, this will help importing files from CorelDraw including layers, and also exporting the final design to CorelDRAW. 3. RTL (Right to Left) text support. 4. Dimensions (a tool that help drawing dimensions to each shape) 5. Convert raster to vector
  5. thank you for the respond, I'm new to AD and I liked it as I'm playing around with the software, those effects are very important to me so I will wait to see if they will be embedded in the new editions, one more thing, I used to duplicate an object or repeat it around a center in CorelDRAW, can I do this in AD? and can I copy the properties from a shape to another?
  6. thank you for this comparison what about effects like (contour, blend, distort, envelope, extrude,etc) can I find them in Affinity Design??
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