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  1. Instead of being forced to use HW acceleration by default, it would be better to implement a splash screen of sorts (like in many video games) which presents the option to users at the time of startup. I don't want to miss out on using the program just because I have (supposedly) obsolete hardware that is limited to DX11. For all I know, I may never even be using it to create very large, complex pieces of work that demand powerful GPUs. The software/processor based implementation would suffice for my use case 🙂.
  2. I really like the direction APub is going in with the new data tools. To make this tool even more useful, please add the functionality to make some common graphs (bar, pie, line, etc) using the imported data. It seems like a simple addition, but it would hugely speed up my workflow.
  3. Has this issue been resolved or should I downgrade to the previous beta version? I'm unable to apply any vector brush style to the stroke of shapes drawn in Windows AD beta. The document is incompatible with the regular (non-beta) version so I'm basically stuck. Please release a fix asap.
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